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Kurdish Forces Kill Turkish Soldiers, Syrian Militants In New Wave Of Attacks In Occupied Afrin (Videos)


The Afrin Liberation Forces (ALF) claimed on June 7 that its cells had killed two Turkish service members and seven Syrian militants in a series of attacks inside the occupied area of Afrin in northern Aleppo between June 5 and 6.

“Our forces continue to carry out military operations against the soldiers of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Afrin and its surroundings, killing and injuring more mercenaries,” the ALF said in an official statement.

The Turkish service members, one of them an officer, were allegedly killed when Kurdish fighters targeted their position with an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) in the district of Sherawa. The NFL released a video of the operation.

The Kurdish group also released videos showing two other attacks on Turkish-backed militants with improvised-explosive devices (IEDs) and mortars.

In the last few months, the Turkish military and its proxies made several attempts to secure southern Afrin. However, the ALF and other similar Kurdish guerrilla groups are still active in the occupied region.

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  • You can call me Al

    Not sure what to say here.

    Good on you Kurdish-Israeli scum (traitors to Syria) by killing dirty, filthy, Terrorists.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      The Turkeys have suffered between 3000-4000 dead and wounded in Syria and Iraq so far and the Anatolian peasant villagers who supply the cannon fodder are not happy as many of the bodies are never returned from Syria. There was a censored report on TRT about a family who complained about their son’s body disappearing and then the whole family disappeared in Erdogan’s fascist police state hell.

      • Mustafa Mehmet

        , make your mind up give us exact number miss clever

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      A bit harsh language from scumbag now you supporting traitor you don’t know which way to turn Cockroaches

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Here’s an old article that puts the Kurdish factor in better perspective, it’s no longer totally relevant as the SDF [politically at least] has since moved back towards the US sphere of influence, and now tries to appease Erdogan’s demands and is way less confrontational to either the US or Turkey. But on the ground the average Kurd is still as motivated to evict Erdogan’s troops from Syria as their political leadership once was.
    The Kurds are the only fighting force in Syria [or the world], who can attack regular Turkish forces without any NATO or US retaliation, they’re still an invaluable asset for Assad.

    Aggrieved Kurdish fighters quietly join Syrian regime side in battle for Idlib


    • Astrid Watanabe

      Interesting article on en.farsnews.com ‘Moscow, Ankara Stop Talks amid Turkeys Suport for terrorists…’ The report says Russia gave clear warning to Turks, and even threatened to give military support to the kurds. This is news to me and indicates that the Russians actually expected a genuine de-escalation and will not put up with the terrorist attacks.
      The report also says that “Ankara” is furious that their terrorists are losing despite their support, and that many are defecting.

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        LOL, I read the article and don’t blame Erdogan for being furious, I would be too if I was him, but I’m not him and I’m not furious, I’m :] LOL LOL LOL.
        In northern Hama where Assad is now attacking, many rebels and their family members wanted to reconcile with the Government way back early last year, Al Nusra which is an affiliate of HTS, stopped the reconciliation process by killing several members of the reconciliation group.
        And even though the reconciliation process failed, the rebels that did want reconciliation have moved their families out of the areas the SAA is now attacking, thereby not allowing their families to be used as human shields.
        In other words there must be some ongoing collusion between some of the rebel/militia groups that do want reconciliation and Assad’s government, because the SAA attacks so far have only been in towns and areas they know the local residents do want reconciliation, so the SAA already have one foot in the door so as to speak, they’ve been INVITED IN by the locals.
        Erdogan must be furious with the people who/ve decided to reconcile with Assad’s government, it’s totally legitimizing what the SAA are doing now in the eyes of the world. Now the local residents in Hama want Assad/SAA to get rid of the anti reconciliatory rebels, and allow the locals to enter the peace process, they don’t want to keep fighting, so the very same people Erdogan keeps saying his forces are there to protect, are doing the exact opposite of what he wants them to do, he really must be furious, LOL lOL LOL.
        I’m not sure what Russia expects anymore, before the start of this year Putin’s statements and other official Russian government statements were both saying the rebels should be eliminated and the Idlib territory returned to the Syrian government, since the start of this year the Russian officials have been saying the same thing they did last year, but Putin’s been saying reconciliation over and over again. So I’m not sure at all what the Russians are telling the Turks, but if I was a Turk I’d be thinking there were 2 different messages coming from Russia, one message from Putin and another from everybody else in the Russian government, that’s never good for anybody.

        • Astrid Watanabe

          Thank you, very interesting goings-on there. I did not see your comment till now,
          2/20, in my long neglected emails.