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Kurdish Forces Kill Turkish Soldier In Northern Syria Provoking Response From Turkish Artillery

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Kurdish Forces Kill Turkish Soldier In Northern Syria Provoking Response From Turkish Artillery

Image: aa.com.tr

A Turkish service member was killed, while another was injured, in an attack in the northern Syrian area of Afrin on March 31, according to the Ministry of National Defense of Turkey.

The ministry said in an official statement that the Turkish soldier was killed in a mortar attack by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK). Despite these accusations, the two groups have not claimed responsibility for the attack so far.

In early 2018, the Turkish military and its Syrian proxies occupied the area of Afrin following a short battle with Kurdish forces. Despite losing the battel, the YPG and the PKK managed to hold onto few positions south of the area, mainly inside the town of Tell Rifaat and its outskirt.

After the deadly attack, the Turkish military artillery fired more than 100 shells at Kurdish forces’ positions in the towns of Tatmrsh and Shuargha south of Afrin. Initial reports indicate that no one was killed or injured in the artillery strike.

The situation will not likely escalate any further, as the Turkish-occupied areas in northern Syria witness such incidents on a regular basis.

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Noone was killed or injured, yeah right.

Mustafa Mehmet

they are invisible


time to send the kurds back to the border areas as tenants. turkey can do it and moronistan ain’t gonna support the kurds in preference of nato-member turkey, unless of course turkey hasn’t already left nato. after all moronistan was the likely instigator behind the coup against turkey and erdogan in 2017, a regime change operation that the white house/cia is so fond of – and I suspect erdogan has a long memory and russia might be a better long range option – turkey, iran, syria, iraq and so on against moronistan’s squatters.


the only moronistan in the area is Turkey.

Mustafa Mehmet

yes re gitakis you tell them . maggot you


hahahahahhah mustafa! :) i like you


Son of kerdoganistan the only moron are you and all your sister and brothers sheeps and goats.

Len Zegelink

het word tijd ,dat israel turkije plat gooit ,en als eerste erdogans paleis graag .daarna istanbul en ankara.bomb the hell out of them


Hopefully Kerdogan will go in the hell as soon as possible for a god call. The only terrorist organization is the kerdog government and only ignorant as you, TRT, Anadolu, and simil rubbish reading can misrepresent the truth tinking to be right.

Astrid Watanabe

No he seems to be saying that Erdogan is sponsoring and facilitating the terrorists.
Most terrorists come to Syria through Turkey. I thought everybody knows that.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Up until the 27 of March 2018 there have been 78 Turkish soldiers killed in Syria, the Kurds killed 45, Isis 30, and the Russians accidentally killed 3 during airstrikes, but what I want to know is this, why haven’t the Turks released any casualty figures since that March 27 2018 date, is it because the casualty figures have gone through the roof lately, and they don’t want us to know the terrible truth, that’s the usual reason casualty figures aren’t released.
I suspect things are a lot worse than the Turks are letting on.

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