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JULY 2020

Kurdish Forces Kill Turkish Soldier, Injure Another Near Tell Abyad


Kurdish Forces Kill Turkish Soldier, Injure Another Near Tell Abyad

Turkish forces are seen in a convoy on a main highway between Damascus and Aleppo on August 29, 2018. (AFP)

A Turkish service member was killed and another was injured in a missile attack by Kurdish forces near the border town of Tell Abyad in northern Raqqa, the Turkish Ministry of National Defence announced on October 20.

“During a reconnaissance and surveillance mission in Tel Abyad on October 20, 2019, a heroic comrade-in-arms of ours was martyred and a heroic comrade-in-arms of ours was wounded as a result of the anti-tank and light weapons fire by PKK / YPG terrorists,” a statement by the ministry reads.

The ministry added that “an immediate response based on self-defense” was carried out against Kurdish forces in the area.

The Turkish military and the so-called National Syrian Army (NSA) imposed control of Tell Abyad last week following heavy clashes with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The attack on the Turkish service members near the town is another violation of the U.S. sponsored ceasefire, that was announced three days ago.

According to Turkish Ministry of National Defence, Kurdish forces have violated the ceasefire at least 20 times, so far. This goes to show the fragility of the U.S. deal.

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  • jim crowland

    Assad will apply his gas magic to the ottomans..

    • Stop saying that. Only 45% of the Turks are voting for erDOGan. You are allienating the other majority by stupid sayings like that.

      • Kemal Büyük

        He is either British or American. Dont expect them to be smart. They are brainwashed pathethic people. Jews got them by the balls, but they still eating like a dog non stop, watching NFL and keep voting for sell out zionist shills.

  • Hide Behind

    Syrian conflict in US population has been covered by media and watched by millions of immature computer war gamers in much like entertainment to some and glorification of God Country and it military angels to others.
    Reality through fantasy.
    Kurds have been , much like Syrian Military, barely able to claim any forms of victory without direct leadership material supplies and tactical support of and by foreign military powers.
    And those they fought were largely no more than un and partially trained in rudimentary manner malitia styled units.
    Now Kurds will have to step up its war making capabilities of while being militarily well supplied by outside means, it will be their Malitias alone primarily against Turkish malitia but also Turkey’s well equipped and trained Sovereign military forces.
    While there is little doubt the Kurds can bloody Turk Malitia and some real military noses, it will be interesting to see what will happen after Turkey gains at minimum some form of permanent buffer zone.
    They now call on Syrian military, a military that has not defeated terrorist malitia groups and is fighting them on daily basis and only making small gains no matter fact they have Russian and Iranian aid.
    The Kurds now call upon Russia and Iran and Syrian military, but will the Russians and Iranians fight Turkish troops?
    Iran’s troops sit and let Israel blow them away and dare not retaliate, and Russia protects only its own troop ,in agreement between them and Israel, and watches Syrians and Iranians die.
    As an aside; where are the UN peacekeeper forces that in past were used to watch over borders, not that they were ever worth a fly’n pig to stop large powers and only effective in poor nations acting as US clean up crews.

    • Bill Wilson

      Erdogan had no problem taking over Idlib, Aleppo and Afrin since the militants were in control of the first two and the SAA was too weak to assist the Kurds in Afrin. He appears to be using caution invading Rojava since his proxies are facing a hostile population and a well trained experienced fighting force. I doubt if Erdogan will declare war on Syria since that would prompt the US and EU to cripple the Turkish economy with sanctions which would make him highly unpopular with Turkish voters. Now with the SAA positioned along the border, I expect to see the SDF retaking control of Syrian lands this Fall and Winter from the Turk proxies.