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Kurdish Forces Expect New Round Of Neogiations With Damascus Soon: Report

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Kurdish Forces Expect New Round Of Neogiations With Damascus Soon: Report

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The head of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) believes talks with the government over the future of the northeast region will begin in days after a “positive” reaction from the government, according to a report by Reuters.

“There are attempts to carry out negotiations … the Syrian government stance was positive,” the YPG commander Sipan Hemo told Reuters. “We believe they will start in the coming days.”

Commenting on the expected withdrawal of US troops, Hemo said that the decision to withdraw “practically is not possible in the near term”.

It’s interesting to note how Reuters represents this situation:

“In a voice recording sent from his representatives late on Wednesday, Hemo said U.S. moves to withdraw were over-hasty and could not happen while the battle against Islamic State militants still rages.

Syrian Kurdish leaders have sought Russian mediation for talks with Assad’s state, hoping to safeguard their autonomous region when U.S. troops currently backing them pull out.

They fear an attack by neighboring Turkey, which has threatened to crush the YPG.

On a recent visit, U.S. envoy James Jeffrey talked to him and other officials about both satisfying Turkey and protecting northern Syria, Hemo said.

The Kurdish-led authority that runs much of north and east Syria presented a road map for an agreement with Assad in recent meetings with his key ally Russia.

Hemo said there had been no direct talks with the state since, but Damascus had received the proposal, which focused on preserving Kurdish and minority rights, including education, as well as self-rule.

Kurdish forces and Damascus have mostly avoided combat during the war. Assad, who has vowed to recover the entire country, has long opposed Kurdish ambitions for a federal Syria.

Short-lived talks between the two sides last summer went nowhere.”


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An interesting news, https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/breaking-arab-tribes-reject-turkeys-safe-zone-and-military-incursion-in-northern-syria/

And the big question is: the arab tribes want an autonomous region of all the East Euphrates ruled by the YPG?! All the idea of an autonomous entity of North and East Syria looks like a rough absurd!

Jens Holm

As too often, You are a liar and totally misinformed. Both Raqqa/Tabqa and DEZ already is decided to vote for their status according to rest.

I hope You are no liar and under- or misinformed. That agreement had been decided in Ain Isa at least a year.

To take sprutnik as cource for that is worse then higly risky. Its autoimaticly connecte to the last days of riots, which again seemes connected to FSA.

But FSA there is nothing and should not take over because they are armed. The people living there should be a Counsil and decide themselves by voting.

Splutnik manipulate You to accept, that Assads should take over is better then FSA Jihadisme, but apart from half of the citicen is not even there, the FSA certainly not even are a majority there.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It’s inevitable, the Kurds only have one safe path to follow, there is no other path, only the path home, the one Trump told them to take back in January last year.



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