Kurdish Forces Develop Offensive North Of Raqqa, Repel ISIS Counter-Attacks


The so-called “Syrian Democratic Forces”, led by Kurdish YPG units, have seized the villages of At Tuwayhinah, Bir az Zabad and Karawan from ISIS terrorist group in the Syrian province of Raaqah.

Kurdish forces have also repelled ISIS attempts to counter-attack in the areas of Marufa,  Majban and Wasta.

Earlier this week, YPG-led forces reached the Tabqa dam reservoir and encircled ISIS units northwest of it.

Kurdish Forces Develop Offensive North Of Raqqa, Repel ISIS Counter-Attacks

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  • RGtz98

    They are all (ISIS) somehow launching offensives in Palmirya yet cant defend their ‘capital’ región.

    • Ironfan

      Nothing but desert and small villages hard to hold I guess with airstrike power. Some reason they work better in Homs area.

      • AladeenTheGreatDictator

        More mountainous area, think of Taliban in Afghanistan where they were able to use the mountains as shields against airstrikes.

  • mark123456

    Very impressed by SDF!

  • mark123456

    This is impressive. Imagine SDF pushing north to south from raqqa, while tigers desert hawks and SAA NDF HZB push from palmyra and sukhnah north to kawm and tiybah. Then if the timing is right with PMU hopefully finishing off tal afar operations, they can clear the desert west of anbar into al qaim and albukamal, see what I am getting to? Imagine PMU, SDF, SAA/HZB/NDF all coordinating and pushing into one massive pincer movement into Mayadin/Mohassan/DEZ, meeting up with Zahreddine and counter besieging thousands of ISIS terrorists and killing them all. Ending the syrian ISIS chapter, at least the one that isnt in the south. But in the south there is only a small presence of isis in yarmouk / hajar aswad and some parts of golan and sweida/daraa