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JUNE 2023

Kurdish Forces Destroy Another Turkish Armored Vehicle In Northern Syria (Videos)

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Kurdish Forces Destroy Another Turkish Armored Vehicle In Northern Syria (Videos)

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On April 22 afternoon, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces destroyed another MRAP [Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected] vehicle of the Turkish military in the Turkish-occupied part of the northern Aleppo countryside.

The vehicle, a BMC Kirpi, was targeted with a projectile, likely an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM), while it was passing on a road near the town of Marea.

According to the Syrian opposition sources, a number of Turkish service members were wounded as a result of the attack.

In the morning, the SDF shelled a checkpoint of Turkish-backed militants in Marea and struck a Turkish BMC Kirpi II MRAP vehicle near the town with an ATGM. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that that the attacks claimed the life of a Turkish service member.

The SDF’s attacks were a response to recent Turkish drone strikes on the group’s areas of influence in northern and northeastern Syria.

Turkish drone strikes have killed or wounded some two dozen fighters and commanders of the SDF since the start of April.

The Turkish military and its proxies will likely escalate their operations in northern and northeastern Syria in response to the SDF’s attacks on Marea. Ankara may even use the attacks as a pretext to launch a limited or a large-scale operation against the Kurdish-led group.



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The Russians and the Kurds have been on fire all day today. Glorious!

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