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Kurdish Forces Commemorate Invasion Of Afrin With Series Of Attacks On Turkish-Backed Militants (Videos)

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Kurdish forces carried out a series of attacks on Free Syrian Army (FSA) militants in northern Syria to commemorate the first anniversary of the Turkish-led invasion of the area of Afrin.

“In the first anniversary of the invasion of the Turkish occupier and its mercenaries of the area of Afrin, our forces carried out a series of military operations on positions, which were bombarded by the Turkish occupiers on January 20 of 2018,” an official statement by the Afrin Liberation Forces (ALF) reads.

The biggest operation targeted several positions of the Turkish-backed FSA in the village of Khaltah on January 18. Kurdish forces stormed the positions and ambushed a group of militants that arrived to repel the attack.

In three others operations, Kurdish fighters targeted several fortified positions and vehicles of the FSA with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

“During the operations, our fighters killed more than 16 mercenaries,” the ALF claimed.

Most of the casualties were members of the Sultan Murad Division, the al-Shamiya Front, the Hamza Division, Faylaq al-Rahman and the Turkish-led Military Police.

Earlier, an IED attack on a civilian bus in the city center of Afrin killed and injured more than 12 civilians. The Turkish media accused Kurdish forces of carrying out the attack. However, this has not been proven yet.

Kurdish forces stepped up their attacks inside Afrin during the last few weeks. This led to a surge of casualties among members of the Turkish-backed groups, which appear to be incapable of securing the occupied region.

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Terrorists killing traitors … traitors killing terrorists … it all sounds good to me.


The Turks would be getting out if the US was. But it increasingly looks like the US withdrawal is being cancelled and the partition project is back on track in the face of the Russian’s failure to stop the Jew airstrikes on Syria after the recent SADF upgrade designed to strengthen Syria’s ability to get the airstrikes stopped. Now the war is back to the Yinon plan mess that it was prior to the SADF upgrade. Or possibly worse. Because Russia’s reputation is being damaged, which wouldn’t be happening if the Jew airstrikes were stopped by the SADF upgrade. And the balance of world power would shift away from the Jews to Russia. And make it much easier to get the Jew’s campaign against Russia shut down.

Rodney Loder

If it wasn’t the terrorist Kurds using an IED device against civilians in Afrin then it was someone supporting the idea of a commemorative murder spree to express vengeance on my Turkish Brothers and heroes of Afrin, may Allah raise their status in Paradise, speaking of vengeance the Kurds should expect plenty.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If the Kurds can’t kick the Turks out they’ll have to find homes for over 300,000 displaced Kurds that Erdogan forcibly removed from their homes. Erdogan’s now in the process of selling the Kurds homes to the refugees that he’s had living in Turkey, you know the ones he helped to create in the first place, so now he’s just solving his own refugee problem and creating another one, but passing it on to someone else this time.
I think instead of finding new homes for the Kurds Assad should just take back their old ones, kick Erdogan’s refugees out and send them back to Turkey.

Mustafa Mehmet

Breanless terrorist propaganda nothing else

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