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Kurdish Forces Claim Two Turkish Soldiers, Three Militants Killed In ATGM Strikes Around Afrin (Video)

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The Afrin Liberation Forces (ALF) announced on May 10 that it had targeted positions and vehicles of the Turkish military and its proxies around the occupied area of Afrin over the last few days.

“Our forces continue to carry out military operations against the soldiers of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Afrin and its surroundings, killing and injuring more mercenaries,” the ALF’s statement reads.

The Kurdish group said that its fighters targeted an artillery position of the Turkish military in the district Sherawa with an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) on May 9. The attack killed two Turkish service members and injured four others, according to the group’s claims.

Kurdish fighters also targeted a vehicle and a bulldozer of the Turkish-backed al-Shamiya Front and Hamza Division near Sherawa and the town of Azaz. Three militants were reportedly killed and three others were injured in the attacks, which occurred on May 7 and 9.

Last week, Turkish-backed groups launched a surprise attack on the town of Ma’arnaz, south of Afrin in order to put an end to the ALF’s attacks. The operation turned out to be a complete failure as Kurdish forces were able to recapture the town and kill over 40 militants, according to pro-Kurdish sources, within a few hours.

These new attacks will likely further escalate the tension around Afrin. Turkish-backed group may attempt to launch a new military operation south of the occupied area soon.

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You can call me Al

Hey, Kurds, you should have joined the rest of Syria don’t you think and fought together ?.

Promitheas Apollonious

explain me why syria need to accept the backstabbing kurds after all they did and doing against the arab population, that them and their zio masters have enslaved and killed many of them to fight along side with them when they are also the enemy.

Astrid Watanabe

Assad keeps inviting them back and “return to their rationality”. He must be getting tired of it by now. It is too bad, he surely could use their help. They did liberate Arab tribes from ISIS, and some of them side with the Kurds because of that. They also liberated Yasidis and helped them to go home.
I liked the Kurds when when I first started to study them, learning what their ideas are and what inspires them, but then suddenly got disgusted.

Bill Wilson

Where have you been? The Kurds and Damascus have been working together ever since the fighting had started!

Mustafa Mehmet

with Yankees carpet bombing poor innocent Arap population. they liberate? My foot kurdi

You can call me Al

Because they will attack the double, crossing forked tongue Turks. Simple.

Promitheas Apollonious

that they can do all by themselves and to my opinion the kurds are just like the turks are if not worst, in that area.

You can call me Al

Fair point.


Would his majesty, Napoleon expect an official letter as response or just desperate screaming inside the American cage named Internet?

Mustafa Mehmet

Hey so you want to join force with traitor.. what can I say. this shows how low you can go you have no moral

Jongle Wongle

But these Kurds, the ” ALF “, might not be anything to do with the Zionist, pro-ISIS, YPG and SDF. How do we know that this ALF is not Assad-affiiated, or something to that effect ? I’ve never heard of them before. And also don’t forget – this is Southfront. The ALF might be genuine. These reports might be other than bogus and maybe authentic. Maybe they are fortunately killing Turks and Jihadists.


This Kurdish people are playing whit fire
If Turkey will unleash army power on Kurdish Army they don’t stand a chance
Message to Kurdish… don’t underestimate Turkish military power because if you do nothing will help you
USA Can’t do nothing to protect Kurdish military or militants
USA will neve attack Turkey for yous
And will never put themselves in the face of NATO’s
If you attempt to attack Turkey
NATO’s is more powerful than American Army and coalition even if it doesn’t seems that is…
Peace be on the world


kid, ww3 is not coming soon so better do your homework

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