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JUNE 2021

Kurdish Forces Claim Killing Of 12 Turkish Fighters In Afrin During Last Week

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Kurdish Forces Claim Killing Of 12 Turkish Fighters In Afrin During Last Week

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On April 25, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) announced in an official statement that its forces had killed 12 Turkish Army soldiers and Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters in a series of hit and run attack in the Afrin area during the last week.

The YPG mainly used IEDs and sniper rifles in its operations against the Turkish Army and its proxies. Most of these hit and run operations took place in the districts of Jandaris, Rajor, Shiyah and even in the Afrin city center, according to the YPG official statement.

Previously, Kurdish sources reported that the Turkish Army and its proxies had carried out several security operations against the remaining cells of the YPG in Afrin. However, the Turkish Army avoid confirming that YPG cells still operate in Afrin.

The Kurdish the Kurdish self-administration in the Afrin area announced on March 18, following the fall of Afrin, that its forces will shift its strategy against the Turkish Army and its proxies from a direct confrontation to guerrilla warfare.

The YPG claims that 2,420 Turkish Army soldiers and FSA fighters have been killed by its fighters since the beginning of the Turkish operation in the Afrin area on January 20. However, local observers believe that this number is highly exaggerated for propaganda purposes.

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Michał Hunicz

Can’t wait for dutchnational’s communique :D


He disappeared around the time the Kurds stopped releasing triumphant tweets of their battlefield ‘successes’.


Israel’s revenge on the Turks.


Turkistan and proxies must piss off outa Syria

Ice Icegold

They mast leave Cyprus also…

Promitheas Apollonious

along with the english bases

Mustafa Mehmet

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Promitheas Apollonious

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Mustafa Mehmet

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Promitheas Apollonious

My land never been conquered and every one come in it never left it alive , mongoloid retard.

Mustafa Mehmet

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Mustafa Mehmet

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Hanny Benny

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Mustafa Mehmet

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Mustafa Mehmet

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I agree with South Front on this one, both sides exaggerate their exploits which altogether give the impression of a much larger battle than is actually being fought. I’m sure there’s been a lot of guerrilla activity with casualties mounting on both sides, but if people were being killed at the rate claimed then this wouldn’t be a guerrilla war.

Feudalism Victory

So why cant there be a kurdistan again? Why is existing states territory sancrosanct…oh wait Turkey has no problem grabbing territory.
Fucking hypocrites.


Pot Kettle Black. The notion that ‘only’ Kurds were victims is dead. Hell in every kinds of such violent dispute Kurds were always participants in it with them armed by either sides.

klove and light

the kurds are traitors and drug pushers…kurdistan???fuck kurdistan and fuck the kurds..the iraq kurds sold off the iraq oil to zionist israel with 75% off world market price……kurds are the heroin drug pushers to europe—….so fuck the kurds…..kurds betrayed their only friends..syrians…for decades the syrians protected the kurds from the turks…now they are traitors just as assad said…may all kurds including their kurdish whores and kids die.

Feudalism Victory

Umm they sold that oil thru turkey.
Turkey = israel. And really I cant blame them for grabbing when opportunity presents itself when others have such a murderous attitude.

I will remind you its called the syrian arab republic. Seems inherently exclusionary to kurds.

Think about it.

Tomás Balaguer Lira

Despite Russian traitors and western silence, YPG wiil win and Afrin become the grave of fascist turkey army and its gangs. Biji YPG YPJ.


Talk is cheap Tomas but I am not buying it. Had these Kurds not tried to double cross the Syrian Government they would not now be in this position. While the Russians are looking primarily to their own interests those interests coincide with those of Syria and they have not double crossed the YPG because the YPG was fighting for the Americans and their allies. It was the double cross by the Kurds who were back stabbing and stupid enough to trust the Americans and that meant they had no protection against Turkey because it is against Russia’s and Syria’s interest to hand over Syrian territory to be used as an American war base to create perpetual terror and anti Syrian destabilization programs while gaining control of important oil fields.
To put it bluntly, Russia did not want to start WW3 to protect those disloyal opportunistic Kurds who were acting as an enemy within.

viktor ziv

Tumb up.

Mustafa Mehmet


Hanny Benny

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Hanny Benny

solong the kurds don’t hold alltogether they will lose..


We have an invader in one side and a traitor on the other side. The problem is that the invader is afraid of the intentions of the traitor and for a good reason, who can trust a traitor to his country?


Kurds (USA-puppets) can claim whatever they want. They learned how to lie from their master (USA).

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