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Kurdish Forces Carry Out New Attacks On Turkish-Backed Militants In Afrin (Video)

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The Afrin Liberation Forces (ALF) announced on April 4 that their units had carried out a series of attacks on Turkish-backed militants around the occupied Syrian area of Afrin.

“Our forces continue to carry out military operations against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Afrin and its surroundings,” a statement by the Kurdish group reads.

In the first operation, which occurred on April 2, Kurdish fighters destroyed a bulldozer of Turkish-backed militants with an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) while it was building fortifications in the outskirt of the town of Mare’ near Afrin. At least one militant was killed in the attack.

A day later, the ALF’s cells attacked a base of the Turkish-backed 55th Brigade near the city of Azaz, east of Afrin. The attack injured at least three militants, two of whom are reportedly in a critical condition.

The Turkish military and its proxies occupied Afrin in early 2018 following a quick battle with Kurdish forces. Despite losing the battle, Kurdish fighters continued to operate in the area and around it as active resistance cells.

Last month, General Commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Ferhat Abdi Sahin, said that Kurdish forces will liberate Afrin from Turkey in the right time. However, the remarks were seen as a mere propaganda stunt, because the SDF’s main backer, the U.S, would never allow them to launch any large-scale attack on Ankara forces.

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Astrid Watanabe

Very interesting article today, April 4, on sana.sy/Al-Moallem: Syria’s right to……
There is also mention of the Kurds: “Re. the situation in al-Jazira region, there are Arab tribes and a group of Kurdish citizens in Northern Syria, and we hope to return to their rationality and learn from the lessons from the past and History and trust nothing but the Syrian homeland”
I really don’t know how to send links, but it shouldn’t be hard to find. It reports on a press conference with the Syrian prime minister and his Venezuelan counterpart.
Anyway, i read here an invitation from Assad to the kurds to “return to their rationality”. I do hope they do that soon. They are excellent fighters and could be indispensable to Syria, and together with the Syrian Army could beat the Turkish mercenaries out of Afrin, instead of making hit and run attacks ,as they do now.

Mustafa Mehmet

So you want to join force with your treator country man against turks ,,? make sure you won’t lose what you got left

Astrid Watanabe

You can call the Kurds traitors, but Assad would take them back if they “return to their rationality” as he says. I have nothing against Turkish people. I worked in a hospital with a Turkish nurse, very honest worker, and did beautiful dance too.

Mustafa Mehmet

what you think they will? you dreaming dreams


erdogan said he would deal with the menace once the election was over and oh la la, it is over with so ffs deal with them kurds – kick them into shape or with other words to the cowering untrustworthy creeps they are and show them the way to the border where they can reside as tenants. no two thing about it. moronistan can’t do anything about it and won’t do anything about it – fatso’s bluster s just that bluster. (see moronistan’s failure in venezuela and in syria and ukraine and recognize the empty threats and bluster from assh***les like fatso).

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