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Kurdish Forces Attack Turkish-Backed Militants In Afrin With Guided Missiles & IEDs (Videos)

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The Afrin Liberation Forces (ALF) carried out a series of operations against Turkish-backed militants in the occupied area of Afrin in northern Syria on April 5.

“Our forces continue to carry out military operations against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Afrin and its surroundings … Within this framework the occupation was targeted with several special operations on April 5,” the ALF said in a statement released on April 6.

In the first operation, ALF cells targeted a mini bus that was transporting militants of the Hamza Division between the villages of Kima and Bardah in Afrin’s Shirawa district with a heavy improvised-explosive device (IED) then with an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM). Four militants were reportedly killed in the attack and two others were injured.

Later, Kurdish forces targeted a position of the same Turkish-backed group in Shirawa with an ATGM killing two militants and injuring three others.

A sniper of the ALF also killed a militant of the Turkish-led Euphrates Shield (ES) force in the village of Tell Malid, near the town of Mare’ in the northern Aleppo countryside.

The ALF, which was established earlier this year, is carrying out attacks against Turkish-backed groups in northern Syria on a regular basis. Earlier this week, the Kurdish group announced that its units killed one militant and injured three other in a series of attacks in Afrin’s outskirt.

Turkish-backed groups carried out a series of security operations throughout Afrin during the last few months, in an attempt to put an end to the activities of the ALF and other similar Kurdish groups. However, these operations were apparently a complete failure.

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hey pres erdogan you wanna be a wimp a an ataturk, in case of the latter, you better start wiping turkey’s feet on the kurds, moronistan or no moronistan. no two things aout it. elections are over and the kurds are waiting.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Afrin Liberation force LOL, they couldn’t even hold onto the territory they have left if Erdogan decided to invade, leave alone take back Afrin, double LOL.
Assad told them the truth a while ago in a televised message, the US won’t kick the Turks out of Syria or even protect the Kurds, but Assad will do both, but that’s only if they decide to fully re embrace and abide by Syrian sovereignty, instead of taking on the role of disposable US pawns that can be used and abused whenever needed, leaving the Kurds with absolutely no guarantees of a secure future.
As a bonus the Kurds under Assad’s authority, would be able to help liberate all of the Syrian territories under Turkish control, and then finally get their homes back, but they’ll never be able to do that under a US administration, EVER.


Russia opened the airspace over afrin for turkish jets. Turkeys jihadis would have no chance without support from air.

Why did Asad leave the kurdish areas for international Jihadis to save his skin in damascus and latakia? Isnt it the “syrian arab armys” job to protect all of the country?

The Kurds had to defend theirselves against jihadi rapers and headchoppers, while the syrian army fled to save their homes.

Asad couldnt protect the kurdish areas, he couldnt protect all of Syria. But now want to rule over it again? (Double LOL)

If you want to rule over them, you have to be able and willing to protect them. Not able to protect, not able to rule. Is that easy.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It was and still is Assad’s job to protect all of Syria’s citizens, and yes Assad did fail to protect the Kurds when Isis invaded the country, but Assad’s still a better option for the Kurds politically, unlike the US Assad won’t sell them out to the highest bidder when things go bad, and things are already really bad concerning Erdogan.

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