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Kurdish Forces Attack Turkish Army Base In Northern Aleppo

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Kurdish Forces Attack Turkish Army Base In Northern Aleppo

Aftermath of Kurdish shelling

In the morning of April 19, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) shelled a Turkish military base near the town of al-Malikia in the northern Aleppo countryside. The Kurdish-led group also destroyed a battle tank of Turkish-backed forces with an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM).

“The SDF targeted the Turkish bases in al-Malikia with mortar shells while Turkish vehicles were returning from the area of Kafr Khasher,” Yusuf Hammoud, a spokesman for the Turkish-backed National Syrian Army (NSA), told the Enab Baladi news outlet.

According to the pro-opposition outlet, the Kurdish attack provoked a fierce response from the Turkish military artillery, which shelled several positions of the SDF near al-Malikia.

Later, the artillery exchange developed into heavy clashes, which lasted for several hours. Despite this, both sides have not acknowledged any loses, so far.

Such escalations between Kurdish and Turkish forces have become a common occurrence in northern Aleppo. The area is witnessing much tension as Ankara demands the establishment of a “safe zone” along the border with Syria.

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Xoli Xoli

Erdogan has no legal right to present in Syria.

Mustafa Mehmet

why re oli oli… what about Yankees. Russian.. hesbolla. Israel. pkk. Iran. and lots more foreign nationalities. RE at least Turkish army there to protect our borders. nothing else re oli oli

Astrid Watanabe

Afrin is OUTSIDE your borders!

Mustafa Mehmet

We lost lots of Turkish people, because of the fire from the Syrian side, assad lost control in that areas.. we have to come and get rid of the terrorists ypg. pkk. and isis I sure you know the reason why the Turkish army’s in Syria. our borders save now

Jens Holm

You say You WANT WAR – And then You get it, the best they can QED even if You put firtinas and leopards up as a wall or open fullspeed fire.

You and others here dont get much, do they.

You just have expelled 100.000 Afrins as well as at least many 10.000 others to Your own country.

What do You expect ?? Do they have to bow their heads or behinds 5 times towards Ankara every day.

Hardly none of those bow and say thank You. None see that even the Turkish propganda only now and then see 3 to 5.

And the minority fight, so You pay too. 10% pay is fine. Its much better then fx the Hespolla makes in Lebanon. Soon they will be the etnic group known for the highest % in having only one leg too, and maybee aspire as the OL winners at the next paralympics in seeveral diciplines with Syrians.

So there are different ways to see succs and fiasco. If You do anything very well, its recruiting as a minium more YPG+Js in bunches again.

They are not as You think they are feeling You are high above them, where they hardly can see how dirty You feet as well as politic and warfare is.

Mustafa Mehmet

Who said I want war I never said that. I always against any war. but if you insist you want war that’s different you can have 1.

Xoli Xoli

Illegal foreign forces must leave Syria.ICC must prope all illegal invaders on ground of producing fire arms and explosives in sovereign Syrian territory.

Bill Wilson

Live fire exercise.

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