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Kurdish Fighters Fired ched 82 Rockets At Southern Turkey In 12 Days – Prime Minister

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Kurdish Fighters Fired ched 82 Rockets At Southern Turkey In 12 Days - Prime Minister

A Turkish battle tank involved in Operation Olive Branch. AP Photo/ Lefteris Pitarakis

Kurdish fighters have fired 82 rockets at the southern Turkish provinces of Reyhanli, Hatay, Kilis and Binali Yildirim since the start of Ankara’s Operation Olive Brach in the Syrian area of Afrin on January 20, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said on February 2.

“Due to these rockets, five of our citizens have lost their lives and we have had over 100 of our citizens injured. This does not include the demolished buildings and mosques,” the prime minister said.

Commenting on the Ankara attitude towars Kurdish militias [Ankara describes them as “terrorists”] opeating in the Afrin area, Yildirim said that Turkish forces “will destroy them all.”

Meawnhile, Turkey’s presidential aide Ibrahim Kalin accused the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its military wing, the People’s Protection Units, of using human shields in the area.

The use of human shields to stop Turkey’s lawful steps in the region should ring alarm bells in the White House, which has been told by policymakers that the YPG was a reliable ally in Syria,” the official wrote in a guest column for CNN International online.

Kalin rejected an opinion that Operation Olive Branch is a distraction from the war on ISIS.

“Eliminating all terrorist threats from Syria should be welcome as a right step to ensure peace and security and protect Syria’s territorial integrity,” he said.

The Turkish authorities say that the PYD/YPG is a Syrian branch of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is recognized as a terorrist group in Turkey, the US and many other states. The problem is that the YPG is a core of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces.

On February 2, the Turkish General Staff claimed that 823 ‘terrorists’ had been ‘neutralized’ by Turkish forces since the start of Operation Olive Branch.

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when you are an idiot prime minister and you dont evacuate the 2 villages you had to evacuate before you even stated the operation…


“2 villages”. Cool. We have a retard here thinking Reyhan and Kilis are villages.


the only retard here is you…probably way too but-hurt right?


Yeah, i am too butthurt because PKK is targeting civilians with rockets. Funny thing is, these civilians are Kurds too lol.


PKK are freedom fighters…the only one targeting civilians are the Turks!

Real Anti-Racist Action

Kurd’s claim they were the suicide bombers who struck a football stadium a few years ago filled with fans, hundreds killed and wounded.


You know the difference between PKK and TAK?
Btw. targeting Besiktas smells hell a lot like MIT.



There you go. Diyarbakir, a PKK supporter Kurd almost gets killed by other Kurds.


Kurds rallying in Diyarbakir/Van against PKK.


Kurds rallying in Batman against PKK.

Kurds rallying in Dicle against PKK.

I know Kurds better than you do. I spent 6 years in college and master’s degree, side by side with the Kurds. I know what they think, i know their problems, you, on the other hand, living in EU and supporting PKK because… what? Somebody pays you? You are a fucking communist? A marxist shitface?

Regardless of what disgusting ideology you have, reality on the ground won’t change by your lies and propagandas on the internet.


So what? In WWII a lot of frensh, nederland, belgian, ukrainian, polish etc. fashists kollaborated with the Germans against their own people. Nothing new… Same old scum…


first go get a life dude…i see you all that you do is commenting on different sites and spreading anti Kurdish propaganda…..they are freedom fighters and they will free Kurdistan from turkey no matter how much you cry.


Can you give me the name of the websites i spread “anti-kurdish” propaganda?


Who fires these rockets? MIT with his al-rubbish or al-bullshit dschihadists, noone else. But feel free to belive this sultan-Führer, 700 fired the last year? LOL! And the children are beiing brought by the Pope…


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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

I think Turkey forgets, Kurdish can also attack Turkish territory


Or better yet, attack the Azaz colony. Has more strategic value for SDF

nadeera witharanage

ypg or sdf with usa ,but they stand with russian and saa they can protect but lately now ,USA IS SNAKE THIS ALL WAR THEY CREATE ,BUT INCONET PEOPLE DIE ,THEY EARN MONEY SALE WEAPONS


Turkey has been shelling and bombing Afrin for over a year now, even more so as of januari 20, 2018.

And than having problems with those bombed react?

What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

So either Turkey is more terrorist than the SDF of SDF is fully right in exercising its right for selfdefense or both.


They have never fired a single missile over this border.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Indiscriminate killing of civilians, another sign of Kurdish terrorism against humans.
Along side the car bombings and terror camps, the world must unite to defeat the Kurd/Dash killing machines.


Ever thought of changing your nick in “Real Stupid Moron”?
To follow this propaganda of the turkish Führer, that the Afrin resistance would waste just 1 missile on stupid indiscriminate shootings on some villiges, is not a sign of an intelligent mind.

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