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Kurdish Democratic Union Party Call On International Community To Stop Turkey’s Shelling Of Afrin As Situation Escalates

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Kurdish Democratic Union Party Call On International Community To Stop Turkey's Shelling Of Afrin As Situation Escalates

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On January 17, the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) called on world powers to stop Turkey’s bombardment of Afrin city in the province of Aleppo in northern Syria. The PYD, that’s leading the political wing of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), also warned Turkey in the statement and stressed that “Afrin will not be alone “in case of a Turkish attack,” according to the Israeli Jerusalem Post newspaper.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Army deployed more armored units equipped with tanks and infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) to the border with Syria north of Afrin, according to Turkish sources. The Turkish Army even deployed I-Hawk medium-range surface-to-air missiles in the Kirikhan and Yayladagı provinces of Hatay in southern Turkey.

Kurdish Democratic Union Party Call On International Community To Stop Turkey's Shelling Of Afrin As Situation Escalates

Click to see the full-size image

Kurdish Democratic Union Party Call On International Community To Stop Turkey's Shelling Of Afrin As Situation Escalates

Click to see the full-size image

Kurdish Democratic Union Party Call On International Community To Stop Turkey's Shelling Of Afrin As Situation Escalates

Click to see the full-size image

The recent tension around the SDF-held Afrin city erupted on January 13, when Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the Turkish Army will launch a military operation against the US-backed Kurdish militants in Afrin, if they don’t withdraw.

Later on January 14, the tension increased when the US-led coalition announced that it is working with the SDF to form a Border Security Force (BSF) that will allow Kurdish fighters to control the Syrian border with Turkey, Iran and even the Euphrates Valley.

In response, the Turkish Foreign Ministry and the Turkish Presidency condemned the US-led coalition decision to establish the BSF and the Turkish Army began massing its troops along the border with Afrin area.

“In coming days, we will continue our operations in Afrin to clear our southern border,” Erdogan told a meeting of his party in Tokat province on January 14.

Many experts warned the SDF and the YPG that the US will not protect the small Kurdish-held cit that’s located away from the SDF’s heartland in eastern Syria. These warning become a reality on January 16, when the spokesman of the US-led coalition Col. Ryan Dillon said that the US does not support the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syria’s Afrin and the area was not a part of US-led coalition operations against ISIS.

The US-led coalition statement apparently encouraged the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu, who announced on the same day that the expected Turkish military operation against Kurdish militias in northern Syria will not be limited to Afrin city and may be expanded to other areas.

Observers now believe that a Turkish military operation against Kurdish militias in Afrin is highly possible. While many Kurdish activists claim that Afrin will not be an easy battle for the Turkish Army, the YPG/SDF is in a very compliacted situation. Kurdish forces are already besieged by the Turkish Army from east, west and north. They also have complicated relations with the Damascus government that controls the southern flank because of the increased tensions between the US-backed SDF and Damascus.

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Screaming HELP!! wait where’s the American?


Erdocunt terrorist

leon mc pilibin

More organised chaos by the Jew americunts,this is what they want as an excuse to attack Syria proper.Total demonic scumbags. Die mother fuckers.

Promitheas Apollonious

unless the amerikkkans are stupider than what already shown, must know a trap is set for them and they walking right into it. Their jerking off in Iran backfire same in Yemen now is Syria. And the Russians set the trap using their ally and long time loved child of the anglozionists, turkey.

So one must wonder how stupid are they? Hopefully, more than what already shown, to be.

Axis of Resistance

Just keep in mind that not all of us are stupid. The elites feign stupidity but their intent is pure evil.

Promitheas Apollonious

I am not referring to the exception of the rule, but the rule. And specifically the ones who rule you. And I don’t agree with you that they feign stupidity. You can not hide stupid and brainless who blindly follows orders, from an even more brainless master.




These bastards are starting to cry with fear before the party. That’s why I can say they are already defeated


I really love this side of PKK. They bark and scream then just beg all sides for help. Just man up and say “Don’t help us. We WILL fight the TAF, no problem”. Fucking slaves.

Mase fah

Turkish army will destroy them, they need to give the land back to SAA at least they can keep their family safe


What’s taking Turkey so long? They keep making statements but seem hesitant to take action.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Like I said Erdogan is just talk and is waiting for Idlib to fall and clear the way for the retreating Al Qaeda forces to enter Afrin and guess who gets to come running to the rescue. There are always plans and moves being made in preparation for this, recently PKK ala YPG were allowed to enter from Manbij. The US has always got a plan in the works , the US made a secret deal to arm the PKK with manpads to effect the takeover of Turkey with the help of Feto Gulen, let the good times roll in Syria as this will ultimately backfire.


…that will allow Kurdish fighters to control the Syrian border with Turkey, Iran and even the Euphrates…

I know that Iran’s influence is increased and stuff, but there’s no way that a border between Syria and Iran exists. Unless you think Iraq is now part of Iran. I’m looking at you, South Front editor!

So far we saw a lot bark from Kurds, be it in Iraq or Syria, but when the action starts they either turn around and flee or asking for help. Either don’t talk big or be as big as your words.

I think the US is throwing Afrin in front of Erdogan so he remains quiet about eastern Syria.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They should be like Syrian Government talk slow and swing high.


I hope you are wrong and i also hope the kurds will kill a lot of turks when they attack


Kurds have vastly over played their hand in Syria – they are small minority of Syrian population with territorial claims limited to northern-most strip of the country. The SDF could have simply made some significant long term political gains for themselves in their own region, and assisted securing the overall end to the war in Syria. But rather, they chose to throw the dice and become a US proxy force, occupying Syrian lands far beyond their remit and actually extending the war, as part of a US attempt to use occupied Syrian territory as a tool to politically blackmail Damascus into political changes. In doing so the Syrian Kurds have pitched themselves against Iran, Syria, Turkey and Russia. Not the wisest long term choice for a non-state, landlocked and completely surrounded, minority group.

Garry Compton

I believe Russia will try to stay out this arena and see how far the Turks will go. Maybe the Turks will use mostly artillery etc. in order to form a large buffer zone but they have to beware of the US backstabbers.

John Mason

Believe you are right, it is in Syria’s and Russian best interest to have the Turks either bluff the Kurds or force them to retreat, once they do then the US will lose face and quite possible the other Kurds will reconsider there prospects and work in with Assad who happens to be there President also, where Trump is not.

Garry Compton

Ya, I hear ya – should be interesting – while the sabotaged Fukushima kills of North America the USG and their proxies will continue the M E slaughter.


You’re right.. these ungratef00l bastards gypsy nomads are the pariah of ME.. and they really are looked like one..!


Under one government and under one flag Kurds were safe but if Kurds want to divide Syria and establish their own weak government that will totally depend upon America then Kurds should not complain.


Trust me, I agree with the latter part of your statement, but don’t forget the Kurds were anything but safe “under one government” a few years ago. They were some of the first to effectively fight back against ISIS because SAA was nowhere in sight for them. The suffering for them is as immense as any others. Those guys are tough as shit and I hope it works out where they’re prosperous and free and, as far as I’m concerned, it’s possible under a Syrian flag. I hope that’s how this story ends, but unfortunately, as long as they allow PKK to exist, this becomes more and more unlikely.


Then now we know that while helping to eliminates isis they had their agendas of having own country in the first place..and not for Syria/syrians. Now lets see how the turks deals with these gypsis nomads..! The yanks had just thrown them under the bus.. and that is why they’re barking their lungs out loud asking for help..!


You carry a lot of anger. Are you Turkish? If so I can understand. That or an ISIS sympathizer, which I doubt.


Hahaha.. nope my friend.. I’m always in a good mood while commenting.. if you care to look for all of my comments.. it always comes with “lol” @ “hahaha” @ Aha..! hehehe..! Are u kurds..? lol..! I’m Asean.. tx

Garry Compton

If America wants Kurds – Give them one their states – Hell you got 50 of them. Let’s not forget who helped murder all those Christian Armenians – the Turks had plenty of help.

Mase fah

They should let SAA come and take the land that belongs to Syria, otherwise they are mad to think anyone going to support them and should let the SAA in and than turkey will have big problems attacking SAA


What the f-king Kurds thought that they are ? Shell them more. Kill them all.


Two pro-terrorists fighting each other….sound good. Both of them must leave Syria territory.

Solomon Krupacek

This should do the syrian government.


Kurds don’t understand that borders are federal .

Solomon Krupacek

but the syrian government IS responsible for its territory. btw., assad dont want turkish moufflonfuckers:


only the traitor russians push turks in syria


Looks more a game by the US than the Russians as they are not happy with this, reminds me of the dancing Jews in the van all MOSSAD operatives watching the Trade center fall down on itself. Looks like they are dancing again and yet the game hasn’t even finished.

Solomon Krupacek

i agree with you


Any fool could have predicted this. I’m amazed the Kurds are still allowing the US to lead them into hell.


You lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.


Oh so now you want help against the Turkish invasion on your occupied city of Afrin. Before you were fucking off everyone and you were garbing the tail of your US buddies. And that made you feel strong and do what you want, hah poor mother fuckers you should immediately leave Afrin before you be massacred, this time will be different this is not Daesh, you american coalition friend will not deliver air payload and above all your american buddies loudly said that they have nothing to do with Afrin so they are using you for what they want and on end they will let Turkey to buried you alive. You are so stupid and blind Kurd’s, open your fucking eyes you are been used as proxies for US wars. But i guess you like to be fuc** in ass. I guess the pleasure is good after all.


What can one expect from an ungratef00l gypsis nomad bastards..? The pariah of ME.. stupid enough to think few steps ahead and had no stretegies in any thing except being slaves.. ever wonder why since ancient time till now they are being slaughtered..? LOL..! Slaves are meant to be cannon fodders & cant have a land of their own.. coz theyre nomads afterall..!

Langaniso Mhlobo

Hi terrorist stop crying Erdogan is only busy loading his fire arms and mobilizing.His going to kill you maybe today or tomorrow. Please don’t run away wait.

John Mason

If the Kurds can’t stand the heat then get out, they were not invited to be there and when you consider the two, the Turks and the Kurds are just as bad as each other.


stop whining and run to your masters for help…US-Israel…..nobody cares about you…you chose which side you wanted to join……run now run…..


These ungrateful gypsies bastards nomads should ask the world communities to stop their f****ng master to stops all wars and the genocides of humans all over the world. These ungratef00ls are getting better by day with their master’s skill of propagandas of fake news..!

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