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Kurdish Cells Use Snippers Equipped With Thermal Sights To Hunt Turkish-Backed Militants (Video)

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On October 18, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) revealed that its cells in the area of Afrin killed four fighters of the Hamza Division during a hit and run attack on a position of the Turkish-backed group in the district of Sherawa two days ago. A video of the attack shows that YPG elements used a sniper rifle equipped with a thermal sight.

YGP cells also destroyed a pickup truck of the Turkish-backed Suleyman Shah Brigade in the district of Maabatli with an IED on October 17. As a result of the attack, two fighters of Suleyman Shah were killed.

Last March, the Turkish military and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) imposed control of Afrin following a rapid military operation. Since then, YPG cells have launched dozens of hit and run attacks inside the occupied area.

In an attempt to put end to the YPG attacks, the Turkish military and its Syrian proxies launched several security operations in Afrin during the last few months. However, the vast majority of these operations failed and Kurdish forces are still able to infiltrate the area and to carry out attacks inside it.

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Hunting and being hunted.


I want one :)
I saw a TV programme today about a new thermal camera thay can identify a mouse over a mile away.


Hmm, in the snow, yeah maybe, on a hot sunny day?


It was featured today . It is quite large, about 1m long in an oblong shape. It was used in the TV programme to demonstrate wildlife photography.

I agree that the colder the climate , the better the definition.


Pity that the guys in Malaysia, after the WWII, didn’t had.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Kurds and Turks killing each other… pass the popcorn.

Mustafa Mehmet

yeah pas the popcorn ?Stupid moron you are pissed off

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The only fighting force in Syria able to attack the Turks and their proxies without US or NATO retaliation, and also the only group in Syria that could ask the US to pack up and leave Syria altogether, leaving absolutely no justification for the US to remain there.
If Assad had the Kurds on his side, this war in Syria would be over in just a matter of months, no more problems from the US and it’s coalition, which would then only leave the cash strippen Erdogan and Saudi prince to deal with [and both have imploding economies], but it seems self autonomy is too high a price to pay. Maybe Assad will change his mind when both Turkey and the US start building more and more infrastructure on what was once his sovereign territory.
Limited self autonomy doesn’t mean the Kurds get to keep all the resources they control and do what they like, it only means more political freedom to make decisions about things that concern themselves, much like the different states of my home country of Australia do, one size doesn’t fit all here and it shouldn’t anywhere else either.
The Kurdish citizens of Syria have ‘most’ of the same rights as all the other different groups of Syrians do, but they also lack a few freedoms that the other Syrians have, laws concerning language, naming rights and business opportunities have to be dealt with before they have truly equal citizenship. Also the fact that between 20 and 25% of the Kurdish population aren’t even considered to be citizens, even though some of them have lived in Syria for 2, 3 or more generations, that’s another problem that has to be resolved.
But Assad has proven to be a master negotiator and willing to reconcile with all but the most evil of the murderers, reconciling with the Kurds and coming to a mutually beneficial arrangement with them should be the easiest thing he has to do now, but it seems like it’s proving to be the most difficult.
The deep state of the US [TQI] wants to stay in Syria but Trump wants out, he thinks it’s just a waste of US tax dollars and wants to plug the hole, but he can’t just pack up his troops and leave, that would mean leaving the Kurds to Erdogan’s mercy, so what can he do. He has to keep Iraq on side, because they won’t tolerate an independent Kurdish state any more than Erdogan will [they have enough trouble with their own Kurdish populations], so from what I can see he only has one choice if he wants out.
What he has been doing but no one seems to have noticed, is playing the situation in such a way that it’s going to force Assad into giving the Kurds exactly what they want, self autonomy. I don’t think it’ll be too long before we hear the words “Kurdish self autonomy” coming from Trump’s lips, not the deep states lips, just Donalds. Give it another month or two and I think we will hear the words self autonomy come from Trump himself, if it does it’ll mean that everything that’s happened since the Daraa/Quneitra campaign, has just been part of a grand strategy by Trump to bring it about. That doesn’t mean Assad will accept it even if Trump does propose it, but if things go from bad to worse, as they appear to be doing, Assad may have to accept the proposal like a lifeline.
And if you’re wondering how the hell I could even think what I am, it’s only because you haven’t been paying enough attention to what’s really going on. I won’t elaborate except to point out two things. Firstly the fact the green light was given by Jordan, Israel and the US to go ahead with the Daraa/Quneitra campaign [not Erdogan though], and in conjunction with the new statement of “Assad may remain in control” [Erdogan also RELUCTANTLY agreed for a few weeks], that was like a thunderbolt from the heavens and totally unexpected, a new page.
And secondly the remarkable ability of the Kurds to kill NATO members [Turks] and get away with it, if that’s not an appealing advertisement to Assad and just what he could do with those Kurdish fighters, I don’t know what would be.
All the numerous delegations [at least 40] the Kurds have been sending to Assad offering to help fight the Turks and also offering to help diplomatically force the US to leave Syria, and all in return for the low bargain price of limited self autonomy. That isn’t something they’ve thought of themselves or really want for that matter, they’d much prefer an independent state run by themselves with all it’s natural resources they’d have available, that’d be the reality if that’s what Trump also wanted, but he doesn’t, hence all the delegations and offers they’ve already made to Assad. Trump is a genius, this is what he wants but not what the Kurds want. This would be his free pass out of Syria and both he and Putin are doing everything they can right now to make it happen. As much as most of you would hate to see this happen, I think it’s becoming inevitable now.

Mustafa Mehmet

dreaming dreams again nice 1. Keep dreaming

I see no reason why just the Kurdish Syrians should have sole ownership of all Syria’s oilfields.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Limited self autonomy doesn’t mean the Kurds get control of the oil at all, that remains the property of the central executive government and would be controlled by the legislative branch of government.
What would be different is they’d have to come up with a 2 tiered legislative system of government, that would retain the system they already have as the upper tier, but also include a second lower tier for the self autonomous region. This way the rest of Syria would only vote for the upper tier, but the Kurds would have to vote for 2 seperate tiers of government. The lower tier would only be concerned with the Kurdish autonomous region and only be able to pass laws for that region alone. The second upper tier would remain the same, but now also have to adjudicate on the laws passed by the lower tier before they were passed into law. But the Kurds would also have their own members on this council as well so they still have some say there too. This would be an extra burden for syria though, as not only does it costs more money to run, it also slows down the whole lawmaking process, even when things are going perfectly, when they don’t there’s long deadlocks and lots of frustration.
The Judicial system wouldn’t necessarily have to be modified either depending on what sort of Legislative system they finally come up, most likely it probably won’t have to change at all.
The only problem I see with the Kurds having limited self autonomy is this, they can’t have an independant military as well as self autonomy, that’s something I don’t think Assad would allow no matter how bad things got, and I wouldn’t either.
Apart from that I don’t see any problem with the Kurds getting limited self autonomy. Wouldn’t you like even more freedom of choice than you already have now, isn’t that what everyone wants, I know I do and I live in Australia, one of the freest countries in the world, but I’m greedy, I want even more freedom of choice, so I can’t blame the Kurds for wanting the same thing too.
I haven’t heard even once they want the oilfields as part of the deal, which article did you see that in, I may of missed it.

Autonomy, limited or not, is what they get to negotiate once the country is whole and all foreigners and their insurgents are out.
Damascus is likely to look more kindly on “what Syrian Kurds want” IF they help rather than hinder Damascus reaching that goal.

If Damascus has to fight them for the region east of the Euphrates – they should expect nothing.


Trump will remain in Syria as long as his masters order this to get the oil, keep the occupied Golan, divide Syria, etc.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Trump’s only master is his own ego, and the Zionists you think control him, are just a sub branch of the LGBTQI organization, formally known of as Pharisees. A 2000 year old organization that’s stood the test of time, they’re the real reason there’s a war in Syria at all, they didn’t like Putin stopping them spreading their crap to kids under the age or 15 and went to war over it. No Neocons or Zionists needed for this war, Saudi oil sent to the EU via Syria was just a means to an end [the economic destruction of Russia], and the LGBTQI organization and their MSM and alternate media stooges are the ones behind it all.
Aren’t I a mad conspiracy theorist.


SF Eds, “Snipers”, not snippers.


Terrorists killing each other – great!


Snippers? So I guess these guys offer free haircuts with a perfectly aimed bullet – to your hair.

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