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Kurdish Cells Use Snippers Equipped With Thermal Sights To Hunt Turkish-Backed Militants (Video)


On October 18, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) revealed that its cells in the area of Afrin killed four fighters of the Hamza Division during a hit and run attack on a position of the Turkish-backed group in the district of Sherawa two days ago. A video of the attack shows that YPG elements used a sniper rifle equipped with a thermal sight.

YGP cells also destroyed a pickup truck of the Turkish-backed Suleyman Shah Brigade in the district of Maabatli with an IED on October 17. As a result of the attack, two fighters of Suleyman Shah were killed.

Last March, the Turkish military and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) imposed control of Afrin following a rapid military operation. Since then, YPG cells have launched dozens of hit and run attacks inside the occupied area.

In an attempt to put end to the YPG attacks, the Turkish military and its Syrian proxies launched several security operations in Afrin during the last few months. However, the vast majority of these operations failed and Kurdish forces are still able to infiltrate the area and to carry out attacks inside it.



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