Kurdish Cells Kill Five Militants In Southern Idlib (18+ Video)

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Kurdish Cells Kill Five Militants In Southern Idlib (18+ Video) 5 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. 8 user reviews.

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On July 12, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG)-affiliated “Ghadab al-Zaytun” operations room announced that it cells carried out two operations against fighters of the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the northern governorate of Idlib.

During the first operation, a fighter of the Sham Legion was shot and killed by Ghadab al-Zaytun cells in the southern Idlib countryside on July 9. A day later, the YPG-affiliated cells killed four other fighters of the Sham Legion after targeting their vehicle with an IED.

Ghadab al-Zayton said that its operations are a response to the “occupation” of the area of Afrin. Furthermore, the operations room claimed that all the fighters, who were killed in its attacks, had participated in the Turkish-led attack on the Kudish area earlier this year.

These operations confirm that the YPG is capable of reaching the strongholds of the Syrian opposition in northern Syria. Facing this new threat, the FSA and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) will likely take additional security measures against anyone with relations to the Kurdish-held areas in eastern Syria.

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Some may wonder about the origin of these reports on SF. Well a time back, the king of the Turks – the monster who has dimwitted zionist appeaser Putin fully fooled- created a death squad to operate in kurdish areas assasinating kurdish leaders. Videos of these turkish crimes against Humanity were spread on Reddit and elsewhere with jewish led gloating congratulating the assassins.

Needless to say, months later and the kurds have learned to do the same thing. But all this means is that in the American sector of Syria (gifted to America by the zionist appeaser Putin) life becomes more horrific for all peoples living there- rather like Putin’s hell that is East Ukraine.

The jews and the yanks and the saudis want chaos. And Putin will do whatever Trump and the saudis and jews demand. And morons here will cheer the accelerating violence.

Once Syria was a safe and peaceful land, with only the occasional jew car bombing disrupting the peace. Today the best of Syria is a gangster’s paradise, and the worst a literal hell. When the West began the process to break Syria, Putin stood down- and kept out until the jew filth had their goal of a Syria utterly ruined for decades. Only then did Putin step in.

Southfront once fed on the violence in Ukraine. You’ll notice while good ordinary people are murdered in Novorussia every day, under Kremlin orders SF no longer covers Ukraine. Now SF feeds on the violence in Syria and Yemen. But at no time does SF try to do any greater good. Instead SF tries to turn you into cheerleaders for violence.

If this violence was a serious attempt to put out fires and ultimately make the planet a better place, this would be fine. But Putin is busy pouring petrol on every fire seen useful by Saudi Arabia or Israel. Everyone now has enough proof that Putin the zionist appeaser is not working for Greater Humanity.

Christos MK

Putin is a clever guy. He will strike when the time is ready.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

What a loud of hogwash you spout keep it up we watch every hasbara troll comment out of your brain all seem laden with anti Putin sentiment and you only come out when Israel is told to mind it’s P’ Q’s ,very fishy indeed.

Brother Ma

Not happy Sf!!! CLICKBAIT ,i could not see any dead means faces . Your image says 18+ so i expected to see adult content not the back of a corpse’s head!

Icarus Tanović

Set up. Shame.

Mustafa Mehmet

nice ? 1


The video includes 18+ content.

Icarus Tanović

So fake.

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