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Kurdish ‘Autonomous Administration’ Released List Of Demands To Assad Government

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Kurdish 'Autonomous Administration' Released List Of Demands To Assad Government

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On January 19, the Hawar News Agency (ANHA) released a list of demands that the Kurdish-dominated Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) will propose during upcoming talks with the Damascus government.

According to the news agency, which is known for its ties to the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the demands are:

1.Unity of the Syrian land;

2 The system in Syria is a democratic republic, and Autonomous Administration is part of this system;

3 Autonomous Administrations have representatives in parliament in the center of Damascus, through their representatives;

4 Along with the Syrian flag, there should be flags representing Autonomous Administrations;

Diplomacy in the areas of Autonomous Administrations does not go contrary to the interests of the Syrian people and constitution;

6 Syrian Democratic Forces are part of the Syrian army, which is responsible for protecting the Syrian border;

7-The Internal Security Forces in the areas of Autonomous Administration operate according to the local councils in a manner that does not contradict with the Syrian constitution;

8-Learning in the mother tongue is the basis of education in the areas of Autonomous Administration, and Arabic is the official language throughout Syria;

9-In Autonomous Administration areas, education in local languages is taught in faculties of history, culture, languages, literature and the like;

10-Distributing the Syrian wealth to the Syrian regions in a fair manner.

The DFNS and the Damascus government resumed their talks last month. The step was a direct result of the U.S. decision to withdraw its troops from the war-torn country.

According to a recent report of the Asharq al-Awsat newspaper, the DFNS presented its list of demands to Russia, which is overseeing the ongoing negotiations between the DFNS and the Damascus government, whose stand on the matter is still not clear.

The U.S. is currently working to pressure the DFNS into accepting another deal that would involve establishing a safe-zone on the Syrian-Turkish border east of the Euphrates River. The plan would allow Turkey to have authority over the zone, where a majority of Kurds live.

Despite this, local observers believe that the Kurdish-dominated administration may end up accepting the U.S. plan, especially that it has already welcomed any cooperation with Turkey.

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Mustafa Mehmet



Some Russian wifes also, a nice car and a villa.

Pommy Pie

None of these requests are unreasonable by any stretch at this point


Kurds demand :

“1.Unity of the Syrian land;” :-)))))))))))))) Now that’s good one !

That’s probably only joke to make Assad laugh …

Pommy Pie

It’s more a advantage to grant these mostly symbolic concessions to a few cantons than leave 1/3rd of the country in the American orbit of influence


Basically we agree, still… Autonomy is not “symbolic” and constitution can’t be a protection for the indivisibility of the country. Constitution can be changed or even ignored with foreign support. Examples are endless just one recent: In the combination of military aggression and MSM propaganda autonomy of the Kosovo was used as pretext to rip of integral part of Serbia and create 2nd Albania.

No attributes of the state should be given to the Kurds not even symbolic if possible. Simply because US, UK, France, NATO etc. do not respect international laws


Never listen to ANYTHING Jako says! He is as dumb as dog shit! Below are examples! If you want the whole posts he sends let me know, im thinking to publish them!


lol, PAK-DA is a strategic Stealth bomber! And he thinks it replaces the SU-24! hahaha. All i said was that it replaces the Tu-95 and Tu-160 even though they will continue to upgrade and make both! What a MORON!


lol! again i told him it was a Tactical fighter because stealth means “first strike weapon”! Example, the USA used Stealth F-117 aircraft when bombing Iraq in 1990 Gulf War to take out anti-air weapons! They followed on after that with non-stealth aircraft!


lol, he thinks he knows more than me hahaha!

I told him that the Su-34 is the upgrade of the su-24. It will eventually replace it! He then said it was the upgrade of the su-27! I told him “NO” its design is based on the SU -27 but it will be the replacement of the Su-24! The Moron continues to then say that i am wrong and that the SU-34 replaces the Su-24 and the Su-35 together!

Look at how he contradicts himself! 1.


2. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/09bb09a5d7eaf6e92dbb1ebcee45c83006650d5fbf91943dd76d89628633178c.png

I mean, how can he say both of these statements and keep any self respect?

i told him that the SU-57 was a tactical fighter. He kept calling me a fucking idiot and that i shouldnt read “western websites”!


So i sent him a screen shot of the Sukhoi website (sukhoi have an english version, i did not have google translate it) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7241e4de838af13acd00097c6c40826835697de60bd559cf074436504134f761.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a9b7f5afae2e2ab5828be13313f144bfafc5a8a2480c27c0ddc841136ee8c395.png

Because he was proven wrong again his response was this:



Is this enough proof that we should NEVER listen to ANYTHING Jako says? I think it’s enough! This guy is very dumb and cannot admit when he is wrong!

He even said this comment below hahahahaha


lol! this guy is seriously dumb! i just had to troll him! If we dont troll these people, they end up poisoning these forums with really stupid statements!

Jens Holm

You basic is wrong. Very new to me those there has any american support before this.

Did You invent hot water Yourself too ?

Jens Holm

Of course You are for majority rule, where 51% can do anything to the 49 total in a total protected enviroment.


To my Kurd friends Liv 3- C.Pal 2


Are you sure you’re giving your Turd friends the right score? Always watch till the end. Otherwise, you get ahead of yourself and chat shit! (4-3).

Rafik Chauhan


Jens Holm

US are not kicking them. Only the usual ones are.


The first obstacle for the most important of these demands is the current Syrian constitution which does not foresee autonomous regions, so in order to accept those demands, president Assad has to break the constitution and he has no right to do so. There goes numbers 2, 3 and 4.

for (assuming) number 5 if by “diplomacy” they mean foreign relations, heck no! Even if autonomous regions were part of the country, no where in the world they have a right to have relations with foreigners outside of the Foreign Ministry frame. What Syrian constitution recognizes are local councils and with the current law they are more than welcome to form their own councils in villages, towns and cities where they decide for local matters. Apparently they want more than that.

Number 6 is also a no go in any country. Again based on the constitution, all armed groups must disband and integrate into the country’s official army, the SAA, where a single command decides for the army. If they mean they keep the SDF, it’s a deal breaker.

For number 7 there’s an old invention named “Police”. What more do they need? Their local councils can choose the police commander and the forces will be from the respective areas, do they want to have something Peshmerga and Asayish? That’s a recipe for future disaster.

Number 8 is their right, but for number 9, again the curriculum should be prepared by the ministry of education, while considering the needs of various minorities. It’s not wise to let locals choose the educational material.

Number 10 is also fair and I have no doubt the Syrian government has nothing else in mind. “equal distribution”.

So, are those demands a wrench thrown into the wheels? Because without changes in constitution, there’s no way the government can accept them. We’ll find out if they compromise or not.

alejandro casalegno

The kurds will not get all….they know it, but are not a delirious as the Iraqui “Kurdistan”

Jens Holm

Thats not comparable at all. SDFs are not only Kurds. In facts the majority is not at all even YPG+J has main influence.


They will be lucky if Assad forgives them, they still think an ‘autonomous Rojava’ is their due. Climb down from that dream mountain, survive.


“president Assad has to break the constitution and he has no right to do so.”

There is no problem to write new contitution. The ayatollahs also did this :P

“Number 6 is also a no go in any country. Again based on the constitution, all armed groups must disband and integrate into the country’s official army,”

like IRGC into iranian???

You are foreign in Syria, do not try to tell to syrians, what they should do!


feel free to read the constitution of Syria and get back to me You know that Iran and Syria are two different countries with two different constitutions, any change to that needs a referendum, etc, etc, right? Solomon, long time no see? It’s your fifth account, isn’t it? Tell me, did you learn the rebranding from HTS or it was you who taught them the merits of rebranding?


You are not an expert for syrian law. And shut up about fate of syrian people!

Promitheas Apollonious

and you are ? You do sound like a retard who think he has an opinion or a say into the future of syrian people.


I am not. And i am not telling Assad what he has to do. :)

As european i see some realistic and interesting pointsin this list. These demands are totally different from rethorics 1-2 years ago. These demands are very close to suggestions of Lavrov.

Promitheas Apollonious

well lavrov can make suggestions for russia. syria belongs to the syrians and kurds have absolutely no right to make demands especially in a country where they live as guests and have betrayed in every possible way.

kurds are nothing but dogs they bite the hand that feed them.


Some kurds are guests, most of them are originally syrians. Lavrov can make suggestions, because russians kepp Assad alive!!!

Promitheas Apollonious

no russians keep russian national interest alive, Assad is the side effect of their interest since it was the only true friend ever had in ME and always been a good friend to russia. I dont think russia can say the same.

And I am not talking of the russians who went there and fight but for their policy makers and their partnerships. What the russians keep alive it is their interest using syria like is theirs to divide and sell as they see fit with out the syrians have a saying in what they decide and impose on them.

If in doubt instead of reading only SF maybe is good to also listen to the speeches and the wants Assad and many syrians say as to what they want to happen in their country and why they die by the 10s of thousands defending their mother land.

by the way what russia keeps alive is not Assad who is the only leader of a country that I seen going to visit its people driving his own car with out escorts and an army protecting him. russia keeps alive her port in syria and her air bases as well stopping the western pipe line from been build.

They bring turkey into syria saved all her mercenaries and send them in idlip under turkeys protection and now they giving turkey the right to have a saying and a veto to the point to warn syrians not to go and free their own lands. I used to be a very big supporter of russian policy in ME when I believed they was honest in what they been doing I no longer believe that base on facts and I truly wish I am wrong about this but I am not.

The russian people I know they are good people but I guess at the top the politicians they are no much different than any other politician.

Jens Holm

Ayatollah Assad is commander of the Russian army and ruler of the Baathis Polit Bureua as well.

Assads hardly was anything and Emir of the Russan bases near Latakia, if he was not given a well armed russian wheelchair. He also were helped by SDFs fighting ISIS well. And of course Hesbollah and Iran counts for nothing too.

Such a Great Leader.

Jens Holm

Yes, and now Turks has Afrin. Are You happy for Al bab and Jarablus as well ?

How many hip-hips is that ?

Jens Holm

He is no retard.


the usual hasbara troll with changed names.. just block him lol


The least you could do is to have a look at the text of the Syrian constitution and then point me what is wrong with the interpretation I wrote, innit?

An HTML version if you can’t open PDF files.

And if I wanted to tell president Assad what to do for “the fate of Syrian people”, I wouldn’t comment under a South Front article now would I? I went directly to him. Yes, I would do that without deluding myself but whether he listens to me or tells me to mind my own business will be an entirely different matter. I hereby neither confirm nor deny having access to the president’s ear.


Garga, do not make a stupid guy from yourself!

1st I wrote, the constitution can be chaned. All your text is your shit, not my comment. Moreover, you did not tell anything about changes of iranian constitution. Nothing is unchangable. You will be surprized, how easy will be to chage the syrian constitution.

2nd You have a big debt with answer to IRGC/iranian army. IRGC is not army, and despite of this fact exists. Why is painful for you if in syria would be similar situation? Why do you lie, that in no country is such situation, when your ayatollahs, the terrorists pay PMU in iraq, hezbollaj in lebanon??

You are liar, manipulatero, islamic shit.


Why would I talk about the Iranian constitution under an article such as this one without anybody asking me to do so?

I guess you missed the part where I wrote changing a constitution requires a referendum (a la Syria, 2012) and as you are obsessed with Iran, yes. (after 1979) Iranians voted for the constitution (which was vaguely based on the Frenchs’ and Belgians’, so sorry if it wasn’t based on Shari’a, I feel your pain) and again for it’s amendments, so I’m familiar how a country changes it’s constitution. If the Syrians choose have a referendum to change their law and appoint a monarch or go federal, it’s not my business but I repeat: it is within my rights to point out that based on their current law, some of the demands which Kurds made cannot happen.

And regarding IRGC, it’s one of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran and it’s roles and responsibilities are defined in the constitution. You are also welcomed to read the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran so you’re better armed for the related discussions.

What I wrote about Syria is based on the current constitution and amendments made in 2012, enforced by the referendum.

And lastly, here on these boards it doesn’t matter how many times you repeat the Hezbollah or PMU are terror groups because the readers know the truth.

I’d be happy if you showed me where I lied and why is that, just point me the the text. But something tells me it’s not going to happen, not in my lifetime. You are what you are, just a Solomon. Prove me wrong, I dare you! or don’t, be Solomon, be happy!


because you are iranian agent (also accourding our secret service) and you lied, that there is no example for change of the contitutuion. even your country changed.

be sure, terrorist, assad will, too. and you iranian sperms will leave syria,, lebanon. not because of issrael, but menkind.

Jens Holm

I agree in most of that.

Jens Holm

We all can read the Syrian constitution. How low do You think he is and me too.

But You forget how its used and the many pages of “we do as we wish”.

So Your socalled Const. is either crap or misguided in the worst possible ways. I say both.

Jens Holm

He only know the well feeded in the Assad possesion and the rest are nothing.

Jens Holm

Your way of making patents for this and that is totally random and not needed for needed changes.


If you are a real Syrian, it is surpising to see you defending a bunch of traitors. Or you forgot that some Syrian soldiers and officers were killed courtesy of the Kurds, when after the battle for the Mineq airbase in 2013 retreating Syrian soldiers made it to Kurdish held territory only to be handed over to the Islamists by the Kurds in exchange for Kurdish prisoners? The soldiers were then executed. That is treachery at its utmost. Weren’t you Kurds the one who sided with Americans and by extension Israel also? Or you forgot that at a meeting in the town of Rmeilan in Hasakah Province the Kurds and their allies unilaterally declared a northern autonomous federation? A declaration which the Syrian government immediately refused to accept or recognize. Accept what Assad gives you since Erdogan wouldn’t be so generous. Actually, if I were Assad, I would treat you like dogs witrh rabies.


I do not defend kurds. As i read, this list was not only about them, but all other minorities. Some issues will be fullfiled, some not. But such demands, that the children could learn in mother tongue, are absolutely normal. Look at Russia! 187 nations and ethnic groups. Most of them can learn in their language. Russian is common language. The kurds want only such privilegies.

Look, you are fascist, so yyou will never accept another, second class nations, races. SO, your opinion is nothing…


Why am I a fascist? I never said I don’t accept another nation. Weren’t the Kurds living in Syria before the war? Why cannot they accept a return to the situation ex-ante? What happens is that these Kurds, treacherous as they are, play one against the other. What this evidences is that they do not feel Syrian.


Yes, you are fascist. You are against rights of minorities. Also in Russia you would go in prison with such agenda.


What an idiocy! I only oppose traitors. If that is being a fascist, then so be it. I don’t care what the laws are in Russia. Their laws don’t apply to me. The way you articulate your ideas seem those of a child.

Jens Holm

You should put the word “traitors” out of Your vocabulary. Assads are by treating their own country and especially the poor that bad.

Countries unite people by being fairt to all helping all, which cant do it themselves. We see none of that.

We see feudals as it was under Ottomans just new ones. Well maybee more like Gremlins in USSR or Putins like now.


A traitor is a traitor regardless of language and culture. Something that really surprises me is why you blame all on Assad and say nothing about the criminal terrorists supported by the west and their vassals. That speaks volumes about you and your “friend” vladput more than anything else.

Jens Holm

They wish for a modern state. All Syria is a primitive on string state, which harsly is devellopped at all because of many good reasons by the Baathistas.

Writing like that You cant see the difference between a camel and a car as well.

When Assads deny or cant devellop, they will themselves in the same way already seen with succes in many other countries.


So their wish for a modern state makes them to be treacherous? What a logic! I may not be able to see the difference between a camel and a car, but for sure I can see the difference between a traitor and a loyal Syrian. Kurds belong to the former group. I can also see that your English is hardly comprehensible: “When Assads deny or cant devellop, they will themselves in the same way already seen with succes in many other countries.” Very cryptic LOL.

Jens Holm

I dont see them as traitors. I see they cant use Assadisme as well as Jihadisme for any possible progress.

But they see other possibilities by dividing the power.

By better inbcome they also would be better taxpayers for Assads, for thats what its all about – making the cake bigger.

Jens Holm

Thats an important point.

Many here should learn that explaining things by examples make light for their world, where they are learned, that only Assads and Jihadisme are options.

They are not even allowed to know the good parts of the world


Either you and Vladput are the very same person -you even have the same mistakes in sentence structure, grammar and spelling-.or he is your husband.


please do not engage with this hasbara troll who use multiple Disqus ID to pretend there’s people supporting his lies here ? just block him and be done with it.. it is classic hasbara 101 to flood you with senseless post and tire you out , then engage in classic sock puppetry using multiple accounts to play make beliee..

Jens Holm

I dont see him as Hasbara but I am nort censured to believed like that. More like You have written i the Holy Choran that You have to lie all the time instead of – its allowed whwn needed in 2 categories.

You lie for all readers here. I am sure most of them are muslims. Think about that.

Jens Holm

I am sorry someone´is as bad as me. I dont feel I am 2 persons.

It semes Vladput is a fine fellow knowing, what he is writing about, fine with me if You get same thing twice. Some need that.

I have had 44851 smaller and bigger comment here. Perhaps he is my little brother comming fast and well. I like that. A cousin is fine too.

Jens Holm

I am sure he remember a lot more, then You think. So far 550.000 are dead and 12 millions are not at home.

Who did that and what was and are the reasons for that. Who uprised against Assads. Who did not uprise against Assads.

Who left the whole northern Syria and more to it leaving people to fx ISIS. So who took those parts back thjemselves. Assads ? Mo, they are still fighting the uprisers and Turks.

Assads donrt represent Syria as well as the Syrians anymore, if he and his father ever did.


That you -some foreigner- say that Assad does not represent Syria is quite ignorant, to say the least. Let them decide for themselves. If you are so sure he remembers, then he should probably STFU or be more humble. If more than half a million are dead and half the population of Syria is displaced and you blame Assad for that, then you must be either a member of ISIS or a supporter of the western criminal cabal, which is basically the same. Exactly. Who did that? I suppose that you know the Gulf countries abd Saudi Arabia financed many of these original protestors. Turkey and the west plus Israel algo stepped in. Instead of asking your rethorical questions, you shoud provide facts, as I do. Finally, if Syrians thought that Assad does not represent them, he would have lost the elections -according to the Carter Center it was a clean process- and he would have lost the war too.

Jens Holm

Assads could have improved or resigned. It semes You have no calender and have no notes about happend under Hafez and continiue right now.

Of course anuy can win elections like that maikng conditions like that. You can make the bones of the head of horse into one alive and the opposite way as well.

Do You want Jihadisme or me – look at the gun and I also have a bajonet and all systems in the whole world are bad and 110 votes for Assads as well as 50,0000001 for Erdogan as well as for the Ayatollahs in Iran.

Reforms are like Saudi women can see football matches prtected by theur Grandfather, Father and Brother and that needed because those belowed fathers know how they are virele themselves.


If you “… can make the bones of the head of horse into one alive”, -whatever that means- then by all means, do it. When you say “…anuy can win elections like that maikng conditions like that.”, exactly what are you talking about? Can you be more specific and above all more comprehensible? “Do You want Jihadisme or me – look at the gun and I also have a bajonet and all systems in the whole world are bad and 110 votes for Assads as well as 50,0000001 for Erdogan as well as for the Ayatollahs in Iran.” With all due respect, it is hard to follow you.

Bill Wilson

The original protesters were displaced farm workers from Eastern and Northern Syria that lost their livelihoods due to a prolonged drought and were protesting about being ignored by the government in Damascus.

Jens Holm

Thats right. We have a President which even declare, he cant even resign, because of the constitution.

Of course thats not like stonewritings by Moses …

Bigaess Wangmane

Here’s a list of demands for the SDF 1. Go back to Turkey and fight Erdogan for your goddamn Kurdistan THERE, not in Syria. 2. See above…

s Slippy

So after the treasonous kurds stabbed Assad in the back, they should go to Turkey and fight Erdogan for another kurdistan?

Ill humour you, so what happens after Erdogan massacres them… oh sry the brave PKK kurds liberate Istanbul from those pesky turks, will the Kurds simply forget about Assad? since you know they are all buddy buddy with Assad?

Remember Assad protected and fed the beast (PKK) till it eventually conquered 30% of Syria, this is his legacy


no one cares about syrian people when kurds allow ISIS to massacre them.. so why the tears then these kurdish terrorists got massacred by erdogan ?

and please , the lie about assad feeding the PKK is just another slight of hand of western propaganda.. assad is to be blamed for all while the obvious sponsors of syrian massacre (France , UK , US) got away scot free and be labelled as the saviour and the good guys..

just how stupid are you ?

Jens Holm

Well, move Syria back to were it came from. Syria nver was any kind of country since 1158 and inclluded Jordan, most of Israel and the westbank as well as it had no coastline.

Thats where the borders should be spreadinbg Yourself out as an infection.

Aleppo and Raqqa provinces should like fx Diabykir be own countries, have selfrule or be kind of emirates again. The same goes for the Turkish parts.

You came to them. They didnt come to You. If You are like thet, they are not in Syria at all too.

All maps and history books from the past show that. You are a new artificials neocolonial state from 1946 and it should be an option to include people in it if You insist in those borders.


Why should less than 10% of the population as an ethnic group have the right to demand anything. All Syrians should expect equal treatment no special favours to one group or the other.

Jens Holm

They dont

Lazy Gamer

Ahahaha. 90% of those demands were given and implemented in my own country to the minorities. So absurd! They even rationated so that the kids will learn better. Guess who funds it. lol

Jens Holm

Hard even to guess anything from Your country or autonome.

As I recall it UN is paying for the schoolbooks for SDF sekularisme.


Scrap #4, #7 and you can negotiate on the rest. SAA should give the Kurds something so they don’t feel completely empty handed, then integrate them within the Syrian military. Also keep all the weapons the US gave them.

Jens Holm

Its not a question of miliatry units but about develloping the poor parts of the country, where many kurds but alos other lives.

That includes the poor parts of towns and cities as well, where the uprise support came from by jihadisme.

This is nor about military domination but about making progress in peace, which is impossible in the system Assads have.

Those also dont seem to care much fx just telling Turkish steal water. But they forget most water actually evaporates and areas becomes salty by ineffective farming, where people like kurds and others in stead urbanize into hard ly no new created jobs.


I will stand at number 3. “Autonomous Administrations” … It smells Yugoslavia where NATO forces in 1991 divided it into Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, where these states constituted the federal system of Yugoslavia with central administration and representatives of the constituent states. If Syria decides to become “the Federation of Syrian states” then the first to break up Syria is the Kurds. ” That they want to cooperate with Turkey, this shows that the project they are proposing is given by the US and NATO and will not be accepted by the Syrian regime.


yugoslavia was an artificial country. all nations always hated each other. Through centuries the were fighting within themseves. Always was only uestion of time, when will split this country. Similar situation was in Czechoslovakia. Fortunately, both czechs and slovaks were more intelligent than serbs and accepted the reality.


It is simplistic explanation on the border of total caricature And can not be directly compared to Czechoslovakia for many different reasons.

Some basic differences: Creator of Yugoslavia was Serbia (apart from Montenegro others were NOT independent countries, some never EVER existed as countries) Yugoslavia had 2 civil wars Czechs and Slovaks were not “more intelligent” they had totally different history. 2nd communist Yugoslavia was created out of civil war during WW2 in which mass genocide was committed against Serb population. Later on Croat dictator Tito has covered that up with communist propaganda and the conflict has continued in 1991 with huge “help” from Germany taking advantage of USSR collapse Yugoslavia was not only multi-ethnic but also multi-religious community so that civil war was religious war there also.


Creator of Yugoslavia was Serbia

No, boy! Only serbs usurped this historical moment. Croatia existed for centuries, also in time when Serbia did not. That menas they had different history like slovaks and czechs, different religion, different alphabet! these last two factors were not present in case of czechs, slovaks. So do not tell about different history, if you argue against yugoslavia.

in ww2 all sides in yugoslavia organized massacres, genocie. Tito was a glue, he was accepted by all nations in yugoslavia. after his death this glue was gone. and serbs were not able to understand, that their dream, the serbian kingdom is irrealistic and yugoslavia will be split. this was natural development, like in czechoslovakia and not NATO pushing.


Yes creator of Yugoslavia was Kingdom of Serbia ! You come back when you know BASICS of both Yugoslav histories.. You have no CLUE when they were created how and by whom and in what historic context.

All you know is Tito’s name and you talk same Western MSM propaganda bullshit but you haven’t red single true historic book on Yugoslavia for sure.

I don’t even want comment nonsense you write Right now you sound like agitated clown who reads his bullshit and thinks he is super smart yet you know ZERO on Yugoslavia.

Jens Holm

We including me know the history books about the area much better then You, and we are not infected by Serbian propaganda.

There are different perspectives, but Yours has fatal errors. In 1913 You even took Macedonia not even havingv a single slave in it. Thats how You maily has behaved since some son of Your king killed his father 150 years ago.

Jens Holm

Much of that is very incorrect.

I only see most of that is Serbish propaganda of the worst kind.

When You put in Germany, You forget it was those which develloped most of the area before those world wars. They did that in many countries, so its correct they have/had big influence.

But by that You also steal the mainly big positive thing they did. You hardly had any industrial sector without them, main parts of modern agriculture as well as forrests giving money wasnt there.

They might even were the ones, which made Zenite in Zenica.

But that seemes notr to be in Your books.

I am in the middle about the Tjekkoslovakia disputes of Yours. It was made to make a strong state between enemies like Austra, Germany and Russia.

Jens Holm

Yes, it was meant as being united in a looose way. What else could be done. The WW1 actually wa 2 very different states.

Mnay examples, where the rest would not be under Serbia. Muslims in Bosnia also was loyla to Vienna in the same way they were to Konstantinopel in 1878. It was no go to Beograd at all.


All countries are artificial


no, boy


Yes girl

Bigaess Wangmane

The Kurds simply do not deserve special treatment, they don’t deserve an autonomous anything, be Syrian or go back to Turkey, simple choice.


They do not deserve is one thing and reality and needs of present situation is totally another.. Some concessions that would block any kind of road to independence should be considered

Jens Holm

They dont need do be deserved by any lowlife like You.

All in the whole world deserve same elementary human rights, and those certainly are not fullfilled kindly assistedd by someone like You thinking You are above them.

By writing like that, You are low.

Bigaess Wangmane

So Kurds deserve special treatment by the Syrian people, because…? Are they Chosen by “God”, like their Fake-Semite bretherin to the south? What rights do they deserve above the Druze, Alawites, Shiites, Arabs & other ethnic kin that make up the Citizenry of Syria? So according to you, the Kurds deserve to take 1/3 of Syrian land as an autonomous region all to themselves, for the sake of “elementary human rights“? You, and the idiot that upvoted for you, are the lowlifes, get that much straight.

Jens Holm

You say SDFs do. They dont.


That too.


NATO didn’t “divide” Yugoslavia Yugoslavia was federation already formally “divided” into the “Socialist Republics” ( very similar like USSR ) Unity of the Yougoslavia was protected by the constitution that was not respected. By German recognition of the separatists civil war has started.

The communist federal concept was used against the nation that was creator of Yugoslavia – Serbs like it was used against Russians with the fall of USSR to create PRECEDENT by creating countries that NEVER existed and create Russia (Serbia) smaller, weaker through that historic process…. Yugoslavia was “divided” pushed in civil war by interventions of Germany and U.S. and to the extent Vatican…

Kosovo is Autonomous Region ( I hope Assad for his own good knows that fact !!!) that was torn apart from Serbia through NATO aggression and DESPITE UN Resolution 1244. Again same countries were the main political force behind that U.S. and Germany

I agree with you that possibility of future brake up is big if only Syria delegates ANY prerogatives of the power to the Autonomous Region. No their police forces, no independent administration, no any kind of army units, flag or anything that is prerogative of the state should be given to the Kurds or anybody else !


clinton took it upon himself to break up the last of the soviet era dominions so do not spread crap like the one in the foregoing comment – in very much the same way that the destitute states of a started the war in syria and which so far has seen a couple of millions dead, maimed or on the run.

Jens Holm

Thats not crap at all. I can see most of it is 100% and we certainly are very different persons.

Jens Holm

Actually it was Serbs and Croations, which divided Yugoslavia.

The rest is repair and not nice. Beograd of today is more and more like a Mafiosa driven by high ranked supported by police and intelligense. I dont know about Croatia.

Nato forces didnt divide. You did. Impressing have a memory lacck that big and still being able to write here.


These are honorable, democratic and reasonable demands, far more humane andcorrect then the koran .


come on kurds, be realistic and crawl back into your corner and be the nice tenant you’re allowed to be. after having hanky pankied with the enemy (the almost destitute states of A) it’s rather a lot you ask for and won’t get. in fact you should be happy if you’re allowed to hang on to your old haunts along the borders of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Jens Holm

Just evil infame enemy talk form You. You might ask Russia for pillows in Your wheelchair or is it parambulator for feeling better for free plunderingh the rest of Syria as ususal.

No wonder they prefare to be less with You.

Jim Bim

For the Syrian government there is nothing to talk with the kurdish traitors about.

The U.S. is currently working to pressure the DFNS into accepting another deal that would involve establishing a safe-zone on the Syrian-Turkish border east of the Euphrates River. The plan would allow Turkey to have authority over the zone, where a majority of Kurds live. Despite this, local observers believe that the Kurdish-dominated administration may end up accepting the U.S. plan, especially that it has already welcomed any cooperation with Turkey. SDF: We Hope To Reach Understanding With Turkey

Jens Holm

Kurds and SDFs are very new in that. Before Konai, they were nothing in those matters at all. Farout to ¨blame kurds for that. They have not attacked and uprised against Assads as well.

You are just the same f….g good old days, where You need hard to unite Yourself creating enemy pictures to cover Your own big mistakes by bad excuses. 1001 arabic noghts of bad excuses sould win the next Nobel price.


Not, Autonomous administration is what ISral-USA wants for kurds (USA-Israel puppets). I think what finally will happen is that kurds will face destruction and humiliation before Syria army.

Jens Holm

Well, USA has tryed to retraet as well and as soon as they could. Even Obama said so, but You off course by propganda tell thats not true.

USA and we also were called back to Syria to start most things from their kind of Ground Zero.

You totally ignore a lot local politics mainly the old disputes having Saudis and longbeards in Qaum as the worst representatives. Before that You also had Egypt pretending they were some chaiman Mao by Gamel Abdel Nasser.

Xoli Xoli

No special treat for bloody traitor ethnic group.Equal rights for al Syrians.

Jens Holm

All Syria should be like that and not in a simplified Feudal one string system of the most primitive kind.


The trap: this is only a kurd group, so, all the generalities are b..sht, or taking the tree by the forest.

Lazy Gamer

This is just the first round. The trap will be apparent in later rounds.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Neither Syria nor Turkey want a kurdish pseudo State inside Syria land!..of course they should be protected..but like all Syrian citizens!..therefore they must to join to Syrian National Defense Force…

Jens Holm

Thats not even the point. People there and maybee mainly in Syria and Iraq are not allowed to decide anything themselves making any progress by themselves.

Keep it Real

Just bomb the traitors!

Jens Holm

Yes, Damskus should be a lake and Ankara for goats having 6 legs only

Carol Davidek-Waller

Cornered and militarily inferior. That’s not a position from which to make demands. Who wrote the list, the militant fantacist John Bolton?

Jens Holm

Thats not correct. If so they had given up long time ago in Kobani or something.


Sounds reasonable, and it will go a long way to stopping bloodshed in Syria. Also, if the Kurds are willing to be loyal, and adhere to the Syrian constitution, the Syrian government will pick up some very brave, and professional fighters. I think the Kurds know that there’s no way they can trust the U$.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

1 Yes all parties agree 2 Until now Assad’s said NO 3 No 4 No 5 No 6 Yes already agreed 7 No, but a possible deal can be done concerning security and more localized authority. 8 9 and 10 all agreed upon already, just without political autonomy. I don’t think Assad will concede, he hasn’t in over 12 months of negotiations so far, and since the Kurds are at their most vulnerable right now, I can’t think of a reason why he would. There are a few more concessions Assad’s made the Kurds apart from these we’re shown, but the one thing he has never done, is given them any hope at all that they could ever have self autonomy.

Zionism = EVIL

This idiotic Americunt and Zionist plan is to partition Syria forever. Not going to happen.

Bill Wilson

Sounds reasonable to me. The Druze probably like it, too.

alejandro casalegno

he Kurds and the SAA were not all, but most of the time allies, the US support was at the time the only option for the SDF, and now with a reborn SAA they have the same quest…..expel the Erdogan´s Jihadists from Syria…………

A agreement is the ONLY way for the two……and for all Syria.


There are 4 candidates to sponsor Kurdistan as a state under a federation model in which the Kurdish state enjoys substantial autonomy but not nationhood: Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Turkey is the natural front runner given the extent of its Kurdish population but is hampered. by the long enduring animosity between the Kurds and the Turkish state. Iraq has to a certain extent already cut such a deal but on a minor scale. Syria is toying with such a deal. Turkey should immediately embrace the concept and propose such a deal because the potential of a Kurdish federal state within a Turkey with expanded borders incorporating “Kurdistan” is the surest way toward an expanding Turkish influence throughout the historical Ottoman Empire.

As to Syrian territorial integrity, Russia’s sponsorship carries the price of Syrian independence. Turkey’s presence is with tacit Russian approval. Russia wants its Levant seaport and airport and that is a reality for the foreseeable future. Turkey wants to absorb not only what it has in NW Syria but what it can get in NE Syria. That will become the new reality. And Iran and Hezbollah want the Shia crescent from Lebanon through Syria and Iraq, and that will be a third force taking part of Syria’s independence. Arab Syrians have no natural ally amongst the three competing forces but a Sunni connection to Turkey.

The fundamental forces dictate hostile borders between Turkey, Iran and Arabia. Those borders are being decided but will remain contested.

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