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Kurdish Asayish Security Forces Apologize For ‘Unfortunate Incident’ With Petrol Bombs Attack On Russian Patrol

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On November 19, Asayish, a security force, of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), apologized for the ‘unfortunate incident’ with a Russian patrol in northeastern Syria. To be clear, this ‘unfortunate incident’ was an attempt by SDF supporters to burn a Russian vehicle with petrol bombs.

According to the Asayish statement, the group will work to prevent further attacks on Russian personnel in the region from Kurdish ‘activists’.



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Rafik Chauhan

Ashayis is the real thugs and they are behind the killing of SAA. Qamishly and other places. they are porn of US . Russia has to be carefull with this thugs.

George King

In 2009 Amnesty International accused Asayesh of abusing human rights, including torture and other ill-treatment, and claimed that the agency was “above the law” in Iraqi Kurdistan

Pave Way IV

That’s the beauty of usurping a required public security service. The ONLY function that Asayish should be providing is coordinating law enforcement and security for the locals – like regular police. The PYD party and SDF have leeched on to Asayish as cover to build out an oppressive state security, just like the US taught them.

Chunky Asayish like the ones pictured above? Nobody local cops that specialize in drinking tea, eating snacks and taking bribes. They’re otherwise unrelated to the hundreds of Asayish paramilitary ‘special units’ (Kurdish Stazi) that do nothing but enforce the will of the party. YOU know… to protect the revolution or Israeli interests or whatever.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Qamishly has its own exclusively Christian Sutoro police force, they’re the group that patrols this area of Syria, and there are no Kurds in the Sutoro force at all, just Syriacs.
You might already be aware of that but I mentioned it just in case you didn’t.


Every one in the picture of SDF commanders looked obese.

To many US rations and good living I suppose.

I was given a new UK 24 hour ration pack a couple of months ago. It was rather like opening a Fast Food restaurant meal. It had the ‘gobble it all down now’ taste.

The old style packs had the ‘eat it when you actually need it ‘ taste with all the nutrition needed.

Lelouch Vi Britannia

Russia should respons and burn them all

Jim Bim

Russia should let the Turks destroy the SDF.


It looks like Kurds are still obeying in secret USA-Israel commands. This will be clarify later at Syria oil field east Euphrates.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

If this happens again, RuAF should unleash some RBK-500 ZAB on SDF positions. Let the fear burn into them


And they also should use Semen’s forehead to smash them!

Jacob Wohl's Nose



Just imagine that impact xD

Jacob Wohl's Nose

it would put the MOAB and FOAB to shame. it would be on the Tsar bomba levels


Yeah his forehead is an ultimate super power weapon. Whoever uses it first, will win this war.
I’m sure it’s not the guy on the profile pic, but maybe Wohl’s 3rd account? xD

Jacob Wohl's Nose

I swear you’re probably right. it is wohl’s 3rd account most likely XD
I’d bet 100 dollars ahaha

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Asayish is a SDF police unit that operates in ethnic minority areas the SDF controls, but Asayish also has another subdivision called the Assyrian Sutoro, and it’s the Sutoro division responsible for the security of Christian areas. And even though Kobani doesn’t have a large Christian presence, which wouldn’t warrant a Sutoro presence either, looking at the photo and having an idea of how the different ethnic populations appear, I think none of them really look Kurdish or Arab, more like Syriacs, so are the SDF in the photo Kurds or Christian Syriacs, I’ll bet they’re Syriac and not Kurdish at all.
So why is a picture of what appears to be Syriac Sutoro members, used for a story about Kobani, are they now responsible for security of the Kurdish town, or is this photo totally unrelated to the story were reading, mmm.
And it’s obvious they have an easy job and don’t do much, look at how fat all of them are, not one of them could catch a protester if they had to.
Which is good, I don’t want them to catch any of the protesters, I want them to keep protesting, hopefully they’ll still keep throwing molotov cocktails at the Turks vehicles, but now switch to just throwing stones at the Russians, that way the message will still get across to both parties.
Get the Turks out of Syria, don’t help them stay there.

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