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Kurdish And Turkish-Backed Forces Fighting For Control Over Northern Manbij Countryside (Video)

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Kurdish And Turkish-Backed Forces Fighting For Control Over Northern Manbij Countryside (Video)

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Late on December 27, new round of clashes broke out between forces of the Manbij Military Council and the Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (TFSA) northwest of Manbij.

Battle continued for several hours without any advance by the sides of the conflict. No casualties have been reported so far.

According to local reports, the Manbij Military Council, affiliated with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), foiled an infiltration attempt by the Turkish-backed armed factions.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, on December 27th, some clashes were recorded in Sayad, Arab Hassan, and Tukhar villages northwest of Manbij in the eastern Aleppo countryside.

On December 28, the North Press news agency reported that Turkish forces bombed several villages in the countryside of Manbij city. The targets included the villages of Sheikh al-Nasir, Jamousiya, al-Sayyada, al-Yalanli and al-Fawaris farm in the northwestern countryside of Manbij.

Manbij is held by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), while Turkish-backed militants occupy large areas to the north and west of the town.

Some reports revealed that Turkey and its proxies were preparing to launch a large-scale operation against the SDF in northern and northeastern Syria. Manbij would supposedly be one of the operation’s main targets. The Turkish threat seems to be decreased, after Syrian government forces and their allies reinforced their positions around the town.


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Peter Wallace

Let them fight each other. The SDF shit on the SAA and the Turkish proxies are certainly no friends to Assad so let them bleed together.


and what is left over will be an easy target for the Syrian army. Problem solved.

Chris Gr

Totally wrong. If Turkey takes SDF areas then these areas will be incorporated into Turkey.

jens holm

I dont see that. Its more likely it will be Turkish.

The Assad soldiers(as sevearal others) are very exhausted and hardly can get forced recruits.

bUt many things can happen. None of the leadersfor this and that wil live forever and none allow any replacers ti be educated for it.

jens holm

SDFs by YPG took those parts Manbij City from ISIS. They were not helped by a single shot from the Assads even they name it as Syria and theirs.

Assads never reached Al Bab as well even they almost was full in cover by the YPG shield behind their frontline.

It seemes You dont understand SDFs fight for where they live and Assads dont.


Finally an honest thinking! Let’s complete saying ISIL and hts ARE turkSHIT puppets / MERDolfgan CHIHUAHUAS and Syrians should realize who (better: WHAT) is the very unhuman enemy!

jens holm

I look in the calender. It was a clever Turkish move to make big mainly passive support to ISIS. By that they as the last part of the Region to be attacked by ISIS themself. too many forget Turkey is a big sountry and by that also has extreme Sunnies.

That stopped when ISIS became too big and started killing Turks/Kurds in Turkey. The first ones was 22 kurds killed at a wediing. A well known is from the Ankara Airport.

The Turkish hopes was to remove or reduce Assads into an ISIS country and porbatly take the Kurdish areas as they try to now.

Its wrong to name them as Turkish puppets byu that. Their ISIL story partly started by Assad support gicing Leaders of ISIL free, if they left for IRAQ.

When FSA was a too weak and almost collapsed force USA by Obama and Hillary took over and made ten to last card ato make Assads collapse. Thye armed and trained them well. Several gave them very good weapons. Here the Saudis paid a lot to them.

But next ISIS got out of hand from them(mainly USA) too. By that the only second structure was the Marxist one by PYD, which was joined with others and named SDF.

Chris Gr

There are many parameters. Ethnic, religious, economic. For example, Turkey and Iran have different religious sects but they respect each other in religious things and they have common enemies.

Look at for example the Iraqi-Iranian war. Who supported Iraq and who supported Iran. Turkey supported Iran because they dislike Arabs. Pakistan supported Iran because Iraq was allies with India. Kurds supported Iran because Saddam attacked them. Syrians supported Iran because they have ethnic conflicts with Iraq.

On the other hand, Saudis supported Iraq because they dislike Persians. Egypt, Sudan, UAE and other countries supported Iraq because they are all Arabs and Semites.

jens holm

I dont see that ISIS connection to Turkey anymore even threy are very good spoilers for them. I dont think they are armed by them as wel or only very symbolic.

ISIL was very good opportunists and very lucky as well. They catched the wind and made us storm. They took a lot of weapons in Syria as well as Iraq. The shiits in Iraq treated the old Saddam supporters very bad fx giving them no oil money. By that they could handle very good american weapons.

Finance was same thing. None here in west saw they were able to make that much money as donations and by crime. The same was for joiners. So many european joiners now are killed – and even more from muslim countries.

Now its true what someone once said. When all (the real ones) go to there its easier to eliminate them. Thats hat we see. They hardly are in Europe anymore and mainly a normal police matter. We control money flow much better too.

I finally see a lot of human mail neanderthat humanity there and not only from ISIS.

Thats my version. Nice to see Yours.

jens holm

he main problems there are the same as they was.

USA, Assads and Russia did not support and let the SDFs take Al bab and the keep the roads to Jarablus before there was a single Turk and thier Jihadist there.

Its the same for Afrin. It was sold for nothing by Assads. It might be a part of their culture doing nothing having the right to grab all money from there as some patent.

Azaz is same thing. But in those days I didnt know so many Kurds were there but escaped to areas with no ISIS.

Lone Ranger

They are still at tribal level.

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