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JUNE 2021

Kremlin: Russian Volunteers May Be Deployed In Syria

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Kremlin: Russian Volunteers May Be Deployed In Syria


Russia’s Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday that Russian nationals may be deployed in Syria as volunteers or with other purposes, but they have nothing to do with the official Russian military grouping operating in the war-torn country.

Earlier Reurers reported that that the number of casualties among Russians in Syria was much higher than the Russian Defense Ministry reports. According to Reuters’s sources, 40 Russian nationals have been killed in Syria since the beginning of the year and some of them were private military contractors.

“There may be Russian nationals in Syria staying there as volunteers or for some other purposes, but they have nothing to do with the government and the Defense Ministry,” Peskov commented on the issue. “In this case one should inquire with Reuters about where they obtained this information and who the source was.”

Peskov added that the Russian Defense Ministry are the only source of the official reports on the casualties among the Russian military personnel involved in the conflict.

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So, Whats the problem, that’s Russian businessnot reuters, reuters should first answer how many US military died in Siria, how many CIA, how many contractors, lately i noticed US Special OPS, Military, CIA or Xe departting from Pantalleria Islant Italy, probebly not for playing golf or petanques <?


USA leitmotiv is “Do what I say not what I do”.

Jan Tjarks

In the end, it’s a proxy war fought by proxies, to make sure that the direct involvement of the main powers can be sold to the public as “helping” only.

It’s the only way to make sure that states like USA, Russia, China or India (etc.) do not have to declare war against each other, while still pushing forward their own interests.

To cite von Clausewitz: War is politics by other means.

With other words, mercenaries are there to push politics by other means, without having to declare all out war. It’s the shady grey something to circumvent international law.


Exactly. That’s why never be a proxy.


Already several thousand russian volonteers went to Syria. Not to fight along the SAA but to fight as part of IS. A large part of those thousands have already been killed.

One can only hope more will be killed.


Isn’t about 40 dead (military & PMU) the number that’s already publicly known? Why all the denial when this is common knowledge anyway?

Justin Ryan

And many US Black water mercs fighting With ISIS and Al-nusra have been killed!
Lets be honest here, we know those cease fires in Aleppo city were to get the CIA operatives out!
We know that the CIA was supplying ISIS weapons from Jordan until the SAA closed it off!


Hopefully they will all be killed


Is spetznaz in Syria too?I wonder how good they are, compared to other spec forces, and how many have died so far, if any, I’m hoping none

John Mason

Spetznaz may be responsible for those mysterious assassinations of terrorist leaders by unknown assailants.

Wahid Algiers

If yes, not fighting in combats but conducting special ops against ISIS commanders and structures.


Thanks :))

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