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JUNE 2023

Kremlin Expects Syria’s Idlib To Be Liberated From Terrorists

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Kremlin Expects Syria's Idlib To Be Liberated From Terrorists

HTS fighters in northern Lattakia

Russia expects that Syria’s Idlib will be soon liberated from terrorism, which would insure the safety of Russian and Syrian service members, Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Kremlin said on December 15.

In an interview with Russia’s Channel One, Peskov said that Moscow is worried that the “terrorist threat” in Idlib is yet to be addressed.

“The process of separating terrorists in Idlib [from moderate forces] has not been carried out yet … Terrorists are still active there, and they pose a threat to the Syrian military and our soldiers,” RT quoted Peskov as saying.

Peskov added that Russia sees no alternative to cooperation with Turkey on this serious issue, stressing that Ankara is responsible for removing terrorists from Idlib.

Last year, Russia and Turkey reached a breakthrough agreement on Idlib. However, Ankara is yet to fulfill its part of the agreement, which was meant to help neutralize all terrorist groups in the governorate without a military operation.

Most of Idlib and opposition-held areas around it are now under the control of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and other terrorist groups. These groups are launching more and more attacks at nearby military positions and civilian areas.

This situation may soon force the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) to launch a large anti-terrorist operation in the area with support from the Russian Aerospace Forces.

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idlib will be cleaned out of all jihadist forces, it’s a matter of time only and after that the north east kurdish itch will be solved, turkey back in turkey and kurds can hope that assad is benevolent enough to accept them in their previous role – as tenants.

Jens Holm

There is no Kurdish itch at all. The others living there has not been able to clean themselves in a sober way and whole countries are infected by them as long as they are Leaders in infected primitive old systems of the worst kind.

The same goes for Turkey, Iran and partly Lebanon.

The solutions are easy to see: Remove and destriy the reasons for, what USA, West and Israel is blamed for. It also would help a lot Iranians and Turks would save aq lot of money for production staying at home.

Not including all living i a Coutry makes contrasts and not a country at all. Its very strane local cant see, why some neocolnialistic border making artificial countries based on oil from Kirkus has be to defended in stead of being corrected.

There are several good and normal alredy with succes tryed solutions for that, but people are not even allowed to know. When things finally is a kind of succes as in Iraq, You elect the same bad kind of peple and remain drowned in exact the same as in the old structures.

Stones in bread is same thing whatever kind of bread You make. The solution is not more greedy dentists but no stones in the bread. That goes for drinking water as well as for any production.

I cannot compare with tennants. Tennants here and even in USA has more right then most Syrians.

Azriel Herskowitz

That is complete nonsense. The butcher regime has failed attack after attack against a small rebel force in the southeast of Idlib. Where’s that ‘big offensive’ that is supposed to come? SAA troops are low on morale because of all the failed attacks and casualties. While moderate rebels are motivated to defeat the evil regime! Don’t forget the IAF is always on standby to strike Assad forces whenever Assad commits more war crimes.


idiots from tel aviv -what can you expect but pure gibberish




One of us is telling the Truth! And it AIN’T you! NOBODY and i mean NOBODY trusts FILTHY, DIRTY, FUCKIN JEWS! NOBODY!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d756882be16eca8cca1cc999a7f23b2c77bd113fddc6cd76d704aa410b3614b0.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b1a223e47abc1a60dee8c1e046dd10346b19be245f428892716d83998055c7a7.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e605b960942b80805308fd4f3b40aa4fde752a18d8862f744ce96d73b35de2d5.jpg https://youtu.be/R6-gUqNPi4I https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e5ab69dbe990c30a594524e5c12191d16ca98be7721f1dcb42581e183b3b2dec.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f4de14c5267cf04b35203bad317f9fa8df95b1a5dab6024ec56f60fd2ab8eb64.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2a0955ab7a1202ceb50ca38c37a5c47f4f88a46fd6e5223dfee79e95cf5fe9e9.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/21f862aa77dddbc85cf184dd8b9b485f4b48c3ce8f7511baed300b9d22253fbb.jpg


PEDOFILES are NOT welcome on this website! Fuck off Jew Rat! Anyone who’s surname ends in: Witz Stein Berg is a filthy fuckin Jew rat, PEDOFILE! FACT!


Azriel Herskowitz

get out of here ya antisemitic chump


Globalists are MOSTLY Jews! Your former PM and former Special Forces soldier and Head of MOSSAD created pedofile honey traps to control foreign policy of other nations!

its OK to hate Jews! Just like its OK to hate ISIS and Al-Queida! If people hate the USA, do the US get the same protection u get? Do Armenians get the same protections from their genocide?

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And your response to this is either: 1. Nothing 2. Anti-semitic

Do u have any idea what the world is going to do when the majority of the worlds population finds out? Its not just about pedophilia and human trafficking! Its about entrapment, bribery etc all to fund israel and to use other nations militaries to go to war on behalf of israel’s projects!

Do u understand how big this is? Wars, economic collapses and many big events can be explained by this! You should be very worried! if u are not then u are not one of the “smart Jews”!

Coming here to troll people is a bad move! u are more worried about ur own skin and reinforcing your “Virtual Anti-Semitism shield” that u dont realise that what u SHOULD be doing is “Damage Control”!

Yet here u are throwing fuel on the fire!

U dont get it do u! u just dont get it! and thats why your history is so scared! Because u cant help yourselves! U think ure book that states to “use gentiles as if they are animals while u sit and drink” is your moral escape route? Do u?

U are going to find out how mistaken u are! The world is done with u! Choose the Righteous path or perish the same way ur ancestors did!

YOUR FAULT! What comes around goes around x 100 never forget that!


Holy shit. Look at this jackass!


Wonderful example how to derail a legit discussion. So here we have it. Everybody opposing jihadists in Syria is anti-Semitic. Stop your shadow boxing! It’s boring and all too transparent.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Hows Erdogan going to solve the terrorist problem, send them back to their countries of origin, but they won’t accept them, will Erdogan let them live in Turkey, I don’t think so, so how’s he going to solve the problem, here’s an idea, how about we just let the SAA kill them all. I keep pointing out the flaw to your argument, there are no Kurds in Idlib, Hama, or Latakia, so why has Turkey remained there for more than 3 years, that excuse is just BS, even the Russians said the Turks were just using the Kurds as an excuse, did you miss the article on SF a few weeks ago.


as usual you’re myopic to the n’th degree and can’t obviously think outside the box and, come to think of it, inside the box either. be a good servant to the clergy of idiocy, take your meds and a cold towel over your face and the truth will be visible for you s well. have faith and you’ll be saved.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

As usual all you have is troll talk to make your argument, not one iota of intelligence or explanation, your assertion the Turks are doing a good job in Syria is the myopic view, so I’ll say again in hope of an intelligent answer, “Hows Erdogan going to solve the terrorist problem”, and “why is Turkey still in Latakia, Hama, and Idlib when there isn’t a Kurdish problem there and never has been”. And your mate Azriel and his friends can’t help you, I can already see what you’re all trying to do, let’s party Turkish trolls.

Jens Holm

Tempting to turn that around. Now the revenge can continue and revenge be even more possible. We are – if it happens – back in the socalled “good old days” of Hafes.

We have just seen in by the Al Tanf refugees comming having no food and looning like matches – being detained. Those people dont like Assads but now will be the cheep revenge and more revenge by Bashir and his dirty friends.

We see exact the same thing in Northern Rojava, Russians say one thing, but they cant keep things like that down or dont care at all.

Much to me as those JIhas´dist even being terible people with their refugees should be left alone in their own selfmade dark and not be replaced by another one.

Syria is so dirty. “The Russian and Turkish way” – well assisted by Iran and Hesbollah, and there we go.

Maybee I should not have seen on a media before the Idlibreflexians, that Lebanon, where Assads themselves invadedm seemes to be in the same kind of very bad or non solutions all the way from Northern Syri, by Iraq and into vital parts of Iran.

And the worst is the long line off excuses for doing nothing Yourself. Yours with the guns and political powers: SHAME ON YOU.

The main problems are very visible. You hardly produce anything by producing no jobs. You fight using all oil money and by gifts for even more weapons by oil – if Ypu have.

Looking in Northern Syria in the old SDF is same thing. People there are not asked at all. Its so chaotic that people up there hardly know who and what they fight for or agaist what.

I am not for us being there at all. But as I read it again and again modern warfare should be begin by shooting bad Leaders away, when You cant find any worse and insist.

The only ones having peace in Syria are the Leaders of Asads and the dead one. Thats a no go for me.


fly kurdi fly… no place safe for kurdi now..

Azriel Herskowitz

Putin is still dreaming. Idlib moderate rebels are repelling attack after attack by butcher regime!


With a name like yours, it is pretty obvious that you represent the terror state of Israel. I hope you have, like so many other Israelis, more than one passport. You will need them before too long. “Next year in New York” :-)


Only in a deluded mind are HTS aka Al Queda regarded as moderates

Azriel Herskowitz

Really? HTS and Al Qaeda are a scapegoat created by Assad to diminish the Syrian revolution! the moderate rebels are the ones fighting Assad. HTS and Al Qaeda are funded by Assad to cause infighting!

John Wallace

The building janitor spending his days shit stirring because it is the only excitement he gets in life. Let’s face it the only reason you are here is your grandparents didn’t know what a shower was so volunteered to clean the oven. Is Harry Weinstein your twin brother , remarkable likeness.

Jimi Thompson 2


At first I thought you were just some dumb shill, but, it’s more than obvious now that this is a parody account… unless of course you are somehow under the impression that “Assad” is Newspeak for “CIA” – “State Department” / “SIS” – MI6″ / “House of Saud” / “Qatar”.

I’m going to have to go with this being a parody account… there is absolutely no way you can honestly be this dumb.


So Israel closes ALL of its embassies a few days after Bagdaddi was killed and documents captured? Adam Schiff wasnt informed of the impending assault? DO THE MATH!

Luke Hemmming

You sir…are an idiot. Do the world a favor please…go hide in a gas oven and I will turn it on for you

Azriel Herskowitz

blah blah blah antisemitic nazi boy.

Luke Hemmming

Blah blah blah child killer, holocaust liar, satanic worshipper


ANTI ISIS AND ANTI JEW! Same same! Both of u can get the fuck off this planet!

Jimi Thompson 2

“Moderate Genocidal Islamic Mercenaries For Hire”

There you go Slick… fixed it for you.


This is all BS. The terrorists will magically transform into pro Turkish rebels. Once more Erdogan is pulling Putin’s leg.

Raptar Driver

The Russians are delusional if they believe Turkey is a solution rather than the problem. Listen to one of your Great leaders, Peter who nailed it on the head.

chris chuba

I hate to say it but maybe Obama’s wish fulfillment of Russia being ‘bogged down’ has finally come to pass. Russia and the SAA are stuck facing off against the permanent cesspool in Idlib while the evil Neocons are able to bleed Syria by depriving them of their limited oil resources in the N.E.

The only thing the U.S. has is infinite will to do evil and persistence in seeing others suffer.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

hopefully 2020 is the year idlib will be completely rat-free, and there are no moderate rebels in idlib mr. peskov, just rats and more rats

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“Peskov added that Russia sees no alternative to cooperation with Turkey on this serious issue, stressing that Ankara is responsible for removing terrorists from Idlib”.

That’s exactly what the Astana agreement number one said, and now we’re up to version number fourteen, and now after nearly three years of repeated Astana agreements has anything at all changed, no not a damned thing has. Making agreements with Turkey means nothing changes, it’s been proven 14 times it doesn’t, so this will be no different, just more of the same old thing again.


You mean to be occupied by Asad terror-militias? As of now, it’s only full of freedom fighters.


This contradict the fact that Russia has stopped the SAA full offensive on Idlib twice.

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