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Kremlin Denies Reports That Netanyahu Gave Putin Israeli Plan For Syria Settlement

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Kremlin Denies Reports That Netanyahu Gave Putin Israeli Plan For Syria Settlement

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a meeting in Sochi, Russia August 23, 2017. (photo credit:SPUTNIK/ALEXEI NIKOLSKY/KREMLIN VIA REUTERS)

Russian Presidential Spokesman denied on March 27 media reports that Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had handed over to President Vladimir Putin a plan regarding the resolution of the ongoing conflict in Syria.

“I cannot confirm this information … In this case details must be apparently clarified to establish what plan we are talking about here and what [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu meant when he spoke about it,” the Russian news agency, TASS, quoted Dmitry Peskov as saying.

The Russian official added that Netanyahu did not hand over to Moscow any documents of this kind during his official visit to Russia on February 27. This was the first such visit since the downing of the Russian intelligence plane over Syria last September.

A senior Israeli official had told the Times of Israel that an Israeli plan on the Syrian conflict settlement was handed over to not only President Putin, but also U.S. President Donald Trump.

According to the official, Putin expressed great interest in the plan, that would force Iran to withdraw its forces from Syria. The unnamed official went on to claim that the plan could be discussed soon at a trilateral meeting of the Israeli, US and Russian leaders.

These false claims were likely meant to magnify Netanyahu’s influence in the U.S. and Russia. The Israeli PM is facing heavy internal pressure ahead of a critical elections.

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Concrete Mike

Dream on shlomo…we know an idiotic projection when we see one!


Take down trump also, and all of nato. And then pown everything the west owns.

Astrid Watanabe

Make sure you notify Santa Claus


^You, and thanks for confirming. Are you like a nato rape baby, because diqus is natos rb also.

Pave Way IV

Netanyahu: This is Israel’s detailed plan regarding the final solution for the Syrian conflict. Our terms are non-negotiable. I trust all parties will implement this as soon as possible to assure the security and stability of the Middle East. That is, unless you’re anti-Semetic…

Trump: This plan is beautiful, Bibi! BEST plan ever – look at all the words! The US will stand side-by-side with our greatest ally and friend in the whole universe. By the way, can Israel use some more US taxpayers’ money? Of course it can – I’ll have it wired over this afternoon.

comment image

Putin, Assad: [whispering to each other] F’king crackhead… Is he serious? heh heh…

comment image

Saddam Hussein

I honestly dont trust Putin in this, he is too close to Netanyahu and the Zionist regime. Hopefully Russia will slowly go back to their pro-Arab roots with the Israelis firmly controling the burger camp.


Yes, of course they exchange plans, that’s completely normal. Any attempt to deny that is ludicrous.

Zionism = EVIL

Zionist scum are full of crap and are running scared. They are given free Americunt weaponry and then they paint a shitty start of David on it and claim it to be some sort of “super weapon”. The liars tried to copy an F-16 into a defunct Lavi and we all know how that turned out. Zionist scum are weaker than a spiders web. The Paki terror haven that was created by the British faggots also use the same bluster by painting a Chinese donated weapon green and giving it a Persian name like Ghauri, Ghaznavi etc, all Afghan warlords and then calling it a domestic weapon. The JF-17 “Thunder” is 100% made in China but painted green, just like Zionists and their propaganda. This is quite pathetic really, bunker buster my ass :)


And what Assad thinks about it ???


The Syria future is designed by Israel-USA-NATO-Russia.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Is this referring to the first agreement or is it a new one they’re talking about.
Most if us are unaware of it but an agreement must have been reached at some time before at least June last year, and possibly even before January or even some time close to the end of 2017 in November or December.
Back in January last year Trump told the Kurds to begin reconciliation negotiations with Assad [50 delegations sent in the first 6 months], then they all gave Assad the green light to attack Daraa and Quneitra, and all of them said Assad could now stay in power [except Erdogan], Trump then sacked the FSA and cut their funding, the Arab league stated they wanted both Syria and Iran to rejoin the league, and king Abdullah of Jordan not only brokered the reconciliation process in southern Syria, he also threatened to end all support for the southern front Alliance if they participated in the fighting, leaving the FSA and HTS to face Assad and the SAA alone.
That must have been when the first agreement was supposed to be implemented, but due to the fact Erdogan couldn’t be convinced to leave Syria, the Iranians have remained there as well, and the Israelis aren’t happy anymore.
Everyone’s forgotten about the Iranians passing themselves off as SAA soldiers during the fighting in Quneitra, but that was a very significant event which was very enlightening. The Israelis as a part of the green light for Assad’s Daraa/Quneitra campaign, forbid the Iranians from taking part in the campaign, and they also stipulated that no Iranian forces could be operating anywhere within a 60 or possibly it may have been a 30 km exclusion zone all along the border of Jordan and the Golan heights. But after just a few day weeks of fighting the Israelis busted the Iranians passing themselves off as SAA soldiers, wearing SAA uniforms and hoisting their flags, and trying to participate in the fighting despite the Israeli objections, and what did the Israelis do about it, nothing. Well actually Nuttyyahoo just cracked a few funny jokes about it on the Israeli media, he didn’t go off his nut at all, he didn’t start blowing up Iranian assets in Syria, he didn’t end the green light for Assad’s Daraa/Quneitra campaign, and he didn’t spoil the reconciliation process with the Southern Front Alliance, he just cracked a few jokes.
We all know just how trigger happy the Israelis are with the Iranians normally, but all we got that time was a few jokes from Benji, for me that was very telling, something very important was being kept secret from the rest of us, something like a deal concerning Israel, Syria and Iran, and the Israelis must have really liked it at that time, because totally out of their normal character, they used jokes instead of bombs to diffuse that particular situation, instead of escalating it as they normally do with even the slightest provocation or excuse.
We all know what the Israelis would normally do, they’d say ‘no deal’ and ‘bombs away’, not crack funny jokes for the Israeli media, so it must have been a very good deal whatever it was.
Erdogan keeping his troops in Syria spoilt that deal, and the Israelis owe him big time for it too, I wonder just how much they’re spending on funding for all the Turkish opposition parties now, not as much as the Saudis and the Arab league are spending I’ll bet.

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