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Krasnopol Artillery Weapon System | Explained


Krasnopol Artillery Weapon System | Explained

2K25 Krasnopol

This is a Russian cannon-launched, fin-stabilized, base bleed-assisted, semi-automatic laser-guided, artillery weapon system. It is designed to engage both moving and stationary ground targets by the first shot.

The guided projectile automatically homes in on an illuminated point using to the optical seeker head and four folding canards.

A booster gas generator and an improved aerodynamic configuration increase the firing range and allow employing the weapon system in complex weather conditions and at night. It can be fired by both 152mm and 155mm towed guns and self-propelled howitzers.

The Krasnopol system can also fire a salvo of multiple projectiles on a target using a single laser designator, which is typically operated by a ground-based artillery observer or an unmanned aerial vehicle.

The warhead is a high explosive fragmentation type. This allows it to be used against heavily armored vehicles such as tanks owing to the steep trajectory of the projectile which allows it to defeat the relatively thin roof armor on most vehicles.

Krasnopol is capable of hitting targets moving at speeds up to 36 km/h. The maximum firing range is 25 km.

Russian forces actively use the system in their military campaign in Syria.



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