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Kosovo’s ISIS Camps – Creche for Young Terrorists

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There are at least five ISIS military training camps in Kosovo, where ISIS trains future terrorists for the war and suicide bombing.

Kosovo’s ISIS Camps - Creche for Young Terrorists

There are at least five ISIS military training camps in Kosovo, located in remote areas near the self-proclaimed republic’s border with Albania and Macedonia, Sputnik reported Friday, citing a source close to the intelligence services.

According to the source, the largest camps are situated in areas adjacent to the towns on the Urosevac and Djakovica line as well as the Decani district, while the smaller camps are located in the Prizren and Pec regions.

The source said that about 314 Kosovo Albanians, including 38 women, are members of the ISIS terrorist group, and are fighting with government troops in Syria and Iraq now.

The recruitment of future terrorists takes in two stages; non-governmental organizations that operate in Kosovo and at numerous private schools conduct the first one, the source told Sputnik.

“The future Daesh terrorists are ‘brainwashed’ there and they also learn Arabic and study the Koran, something that is followed by so-called ‘combat practice’ training, headed by former members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). They typically teach the rookies to wage guerrilla warfare and handle guns, among other things,” the source said.

“In addition, each camp has several Daesh terrorists who decide on sending the rookies to the war or preparing them for the role of suicide bombers,” he added pointing to 70 Kosovo Albanian families who decided to join ISIS.

According to the source, there is a real opportunity of the spread of such camps to Macedonia and Bosnia, where about 800 jihadists arrived during the wars in the 1990s. Macedonia is just starting to grapple with the problem, the source noted, reminding about KLA centers in Macedonian villages, which have already been turned into ISIS training camps.

Earlier this week, the director of the Center for Balkan Studies in Pristina, Fadil Lepaja, said that Kosovo’s borders with Albania and Macedonia exist only on paper that makes tracking of Islamists’ training camps almost impossible.

According to Fadil Lepaja, struggle with ISIS supporters is a global problem. However, he also noted that it is hard to foresee everything, even though NATO’s mission in Kosovo (KFOR) and all relevant services closely monitor those who have returned from the war in Syria.

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Kosovo Liberation Army has nothing to do with those terrorrists, and this article is a lie with no facts whatsoever. Isis might be present in Kosovo as in any other country but its not a hideout for isis terrorrists.


You don’t say? Are you an Albanian if I may ask? Or are you a supporter of Albania? And if you deny this, then prove it with YOUR FACTS…

That is not a lie, it is a FACT, you have such camps around Bosnia, in Albania etc. that are used to recruit young muslims. Just check their numbers in Syria and it is all clear… Lets just HOPE that there isn’t any IS camps on Kosovo.


Yes I am Albanian, Kosovo Albanian, my country is a very small one and the influence that come from vahabi ideology after the war is quite big. Those criminals that joined ISIS did this through Turkey, there should be camps in Turkey but not here in Kosovo. I’m a Muslim but let me tell you something, we Muslims have more problems with those criminals than you do, believe me. They are a cancer that should be eliminated, I’m glad that Russia is helping Syrian army to defeat them.


KLA is terrorist group. Those bastards can kiss Clinton’s ass he helped their radical asses. Otherwise, they would be in hell with their ISIL brothers and sisters.


I see that you say this because you might be a Serb but the independence of our country was a right thing. KLA had nothing to do with those radicals, eventhough we are muslims 97 percent KLA fought for freedom because we deserved it. 97 percent of Kosovo are Albanians. We have deviated from the main topic of this story anyway


Freedom fighters https://www.theguardian.com/world/1999/aug/04/balkans1




We will “revoke” your independence for you, pretty soon…

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

Wou wou. Hold on bro, let’s regain our own independence first – then we’ll ask Albanian population on Kosovo what they really think, what they really want – after having real-life experience of Made-by-NATO “independence&freedom”. Just give them some time to think, feel and see what is what and not who but what is real enemy here and around the globe.

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

Come on man, you got Freedom? Do you actually live on Kosovo or you live in Zurich and visit your relatives once per year? Where is Freedom on Kosovo? Where? I have many friends there, both Albanian and Serbs: I see no Freedom there, only foreign occupation forces and domestic mafia pseudo-politicians. That is Kosovo’s reality, my southern bro. So many of yours told me in confidence and very – very whispering: “f**k this, I beg for Serbian military to come back”. I was shocked first. But, spending some time down there I realized it wasn’t joke nor provocation. No good. No good man, really.


By the records of Macedonian Police there are more then 200 Albanians from Macedonia are fighting for Liberation of Syria https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsmHup_V_yk @southfront translate the video, interview with the father of the martyr.


I’m not denying it I’m just saying that we cant blame the whole nation for a tiny minority, and as I said this is a global issue but we muslims are suffering the most from those criminals. May God unite us all against them. They have nothing to do with Islam. I pray for peace all over the world. I hope that one day we will surpass all our national and religious differences and live in peace.


“I’m just saying that we cant blame the whole nation for a tiny minority”

exactly that did you with serbs.

i am not serbm but i tell you your nation is primitive. each kosovian i met, was a criminal. you wanted own country and after that 80% of you left the country. you do not deserve own country. barbarians deserve only shackless.

Oli Gulliver

Please, please, please, stop using the term “ISIS” for a horde of genetically spoiled fucktards!!! In ancient times Isis was a highly revered goddess in Egypt and Greece. “Isis was worshipped as the ideal mother and wife as well as the patroness of nature and magic.” (Wikipedia)

CIA dumbasses have deliberately chosen this name. By using the name “ISIS” for the terrorist organization you are actually supporting them energetically, because it is the name they have chosen to strengthen themselves. If you use other names (ISIL, Islamic State, IS, Daesh) instead, you are weakening their position:





Thank you in advance.

Петар Вуковић

Well said brother !


Should be – U.S.IS instead


Okay, I read it. This is interesting. If it is true, it is insightful into the mind that IS has towards achieving theirs goals and of conquest, expansion. My general take on Islamic State, Daesh or whatever da crew calls itself, the labels are just part of a larger game of dragging western security organizations around by the nose. The Islamists, as I refer to them, understand what to do and are proceeding to dismantle the west. So far, even though he has passed from this life, Bin Laden is winning.


Macedonian police can prevent some, but it can’t inside Uncle Sam protectorate -Kosovo. Capturing ISIS fighters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QDXLaTsxX0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCqo7mIouf0 Western world have heard about Paris,Nica…attacks and almost noone(cos of Uncle Sam and allies media censorship) for the attack in Kumanovo when above 50 trained terrorist with heavy weapons were neutralized, before they spread and make chaos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FZu_DEPqxw


terrorist training camps in europe- what is any country going to do about it? probably nothing.

Jens Holm

Well, You have to find well hidden things first like in other kinds of crime.

You must be in a totally other part of the world in an totally other system saying that our countries are doing nothing about it.

Terrorrist a la DAESH kill mostly Muslims in Muslim Countries. What about that.

An we are also spending billions and billions in war against that(I reeally dont agree how, when and sometime why). We really do.

We also take many refugees comming from Your own 1400 Y.O. disagreement because they are prefaring to live in sekular states populated by more or less Christians in a culture they many of the – after generations – still cant understand – or disagree.

If thats nothing You cant see elefants comming.


the article tells pretty precisely where the camps are- certainly enough to get a start on finding them. i doubt any nation will bomb them because kosovo is an american outpost. the only countries i see doing anything about terrorists are russia, syria, iran, iraq, lebanon. others just hold vigils and do occasional random bombings of mostly civilian targets.

Jens Holm

You must be very blind if You cant see the west does a lot to reduce the number of terrorists.

Kosovo is also helped up by millions anfd millions of dollars and euroes, so one of the poorest parts of Balkan is helped some up.

According to that MIlosovic throw all Kosovo-albanias to Albania – more than 1 million, there are good reason for others than serbs are there to protect.

Shame on You – If You can.

Its not a new thing with terrorcells in the area, but difficult to elimiate. Kaida and som groups of the Saudies were the only one helping the Bosniaks against Serbs and Croats.

About 1000 Kaidas came in and made the Bosniak self defence groups to a real infanteri and guerilla army. Many of them are today in famlily relations – many Bosnniak men died. Most of them therefore are non combattants and live normal live. But they are also protected even if they were bad people.

You would like war in Yougoslavia again. Of course the worst of them are not going around, but You cant go around killing muslim ex soldiers having saving many muslim lives and having medals hanging around their necks.


And of course You can find something bad in the region. Im sure some of them are not peacefull and certainly could support terror well paid as teachers for terror.

But dont propaganda it. There are other ways to keep the of terror down than bombing. Terror in Europe is no military matter, its a police matter and keeping every fine, so there will less recruits.


unbelievable that you are not only defending daesh, but you are doing it in a public forum. go sign up if you think they are so great. dont you have something better to do than argue with me- like cutting a kids head off?

Jens Holm

What – Defendig Daesh.

Im telling You and others, we are doing a lot to reduce terror at the Balkans too and how and and why, and we also are paying a lot of money to it and also give trillions to help to keep people a living there.

Your brain must be very expensive – never used. Born yesterday ? If so, Your words are understandeble. .

You are telling in a public forum, that Westerns do nothing and Assad in Syria is a nice guy. Without Us there were already Khalifs in Bagdad and Damaskus too.


Then why did “you” finance, train and arm the kosovo terrorists or the bosnian wahhabis? Why does Germany train syrian “rebels” today in Hammelburg and in Berlin?

You’re talking to people in the know here or as in this case with first-hand witnesses, so what makes you think that you can sell such crappy bull**it propaganda to us here? That’s just ridiculous.

Your “trillions” went straight into the pockets of those very terrorists and their warlords, or into boosting the albanian weapons/prostitutes/drugs/organs smuggling industry (which is now stronger than ever and biggest in Europe, since the mafia now owns a country as their sanctioned private playground).

Seriously, if the lines above are not paid propaganda but your real thinking, you need some professional help.

Jens Holm

1) I could ask back. adsfarfrasgt. It wouold be much easyer if there was only good and bad guys/females.

We(I play West and is something like that) first helped the Croates, because in the full scale war the Serbs had alle the weapons. When they decided there was no winner, they decided to divede Bosnia among them(40% musilms). There we didnt help the muslims many were killed and many more were send out of the countries. Croats and especially Sebs dont like Muslims. ¨

The only help the Bosniaks could get was from Al Kaida and Money+mission from Saudi-Arabia. Those Kaidas settled in Bosnia, got married and almost all became peacefull normal citicens. Almost.

But Milosovic didnt accept Kosovo would declaired they didnt want to be changed totally ruled by the Serbes(serbes took away university, teachers, police – everything driven by the Josovians themselves(80-90% was muslims speking Albanian dialect too).

Therefore Milosovic invaded Kosovo with big army with tanks a.s.o. and also threw all Kosovo-albanians out of Kosovo(to Albania over high mountains without good roads.

The only figthing resistence was a small group not afraid to die only getting 5% of the votes to the local elections. I wouldnt call them real extremists – more like nationalist. THEY helped the rest of the Kosovians back by helping especielly the US army with pinpointing targets to their gunships and jet-bombers.

There were no Kaidas, but the people in Kosovo became more religios and gave the small party much more voters. So Kosovo today still is very poor but are given much help but still xtra religios. They have a Staty of Bill Clinton in Pristina and at least 2 Hillary Clinton bóutiqes and are very gratefull to the helpers and especialy US.

But parts of Kosovo and Bosnia are possible hideplaces for anything.

Jens Holm

2) As a taxpayer I dont want to support the bad things You mention at all. I know and believe some of it is true. That kind of korrupions of well meant money or other things is well known.

Im just reffering, what I know by many recognized medias through many Years inclding all the wars and refuges in the past Yoguslavia, Afghanistan, Saddam and the wars of today.

My own oppinion is very clear. We should only send food and kondoms to a lot of figting areas such as the socalled Middle east. No weapons – not even a knife.

Dont think we have any friends there and are becomming any. If we dont send or use weapons they will kill each other more slowly and even have time for talking in stead.

By trillions I mean giving and using weapons, extra control, more police, more surveillence and Im not narrow needing professionel help at all.

I have the same well oriented level for sevaral wars incl. WW1 & 2 like a gunslinger and with most of the details correct almost always incl. being updated from stoneage until today around Russia/Ukraine missery too.


And thanks for the good laugh – Syria and Iraq were both secular, only after “you” helped them, there is a revival of Khalifs.

Khalif is a religion-based islamic rank, but you don’t even know the difference as it seems. You just outed yourself as a bull**itter.


Dude’s been living under the rock in la-la land obviously… or never watched anything but CNN and co.

The Yugoslav “terror” was created by the west, to begin with. All well known and documented, if you look for it that is. The weapons were provided mostly via Germany, later flown directly to Bosnia via the US “afghan-express” as we called it.

Milosevic threw noone to Albania, rather the opposite – many of the so-called Kosovo-Albanians are actual Albanians who came over the more or less open border from Albania. Illegal settlers if you so wish, just like the Syrians coming to Europe nowadays or like Mexicans pouring into US.

As for jihadists in Bosnia, when I was still there during the war there were at least 20000 of them there, mostly of Afghan origin. Many of they stayed there and are now training jihadists, or acquiring land for the wahhabis to make training camps there.

There never was such a thing as “Bosnian self-defence groups”, unless you refer to muslim terrorists who were just that, terrrorists. They keep the tradition of the Mufti of Jerusalem, who made his huge SS-Brigade “Handjar” in the WW2 Bosnia. It was the biggest division in the nazi german army with over 50000 soldiers.

FYI, there is no such thing as a “bosniak”. That is a Newspeak fantasy term that the bosnian muslims coined for themselves so they can become “something different”. They are of Serb origin but can’t accept that, so the new word kinda lets them feel special and makes them blind to their duplicity.

Also your reasoning regarding IS and muslims is wrong – they view all other muslims as apostates, thus they are allowed to kill them in their twisted reasoning.

But then I guess you know all this already, seeing that all your “facts” are just copy-paste propaganda from the usual suspects. ‘Nuff said.

Jens Holm

There has never been more than 20% serbs in Kosovo and the Albaniens are the eldest population in the Balkan according being there and old language groups. Slaves have come by foot from the north slaves(Sorbes, poles & tjekkoslovakians).

Many Kosovians er send well documented by number by the Serbian army just after WW1 because they lived in the Morava river vallys and there should be serbs there in stead of none(especially railway Nice). Before that Serbs took Makedonia(Balkan war 2 in 1913) without a single serb.

The raise of the % of Albaniens at the Milosowith time is very simple. Its a poor country and many serbs therefore left and the albanians make many children and keep them alive too.

No illegal settlers.

And Yes when there was 2000 when the bosniaks with hunting riffels and pumpguns were against tanks and artillery, but most of the violents went to other wars, when the muslims were secures by a very well traines infantery and guerrila army – and finally outsiders from the west keeping fx Serb aeroplanes on the ground.

Whats “many”.

And what else have You written in Your Serbish cencurded history book. Did the Bosniaks killed themselves or just needed a vacation abroad too…

Had a kollega at that time comming from Bozansky Brod. They left after 2000 granates comming in over 3 days. They were all stripped for money, good clothe and wedding rings by laughing serb nationalist pointing with guns on them and were send by waiting busses to Austria – or anywhere else away. And dont come back.

Igmann mountain and snipers alley was a fake too. I dont think so.

Jens Holm

Without better sources than these it looks more, than some locale Balkan nationalists want to set fire to the area again.

Has always seen the moderated version of a little europeanized Byzants-Islam in the Balkans as very peacefull too and a contrast to Serbs and Greeks to be their own by taking in a lttle “Osmann stuff”.

Of course there are space in Kosovo, macedonia and Albania to do very secret things. Many other border are wide open too – if You insist.

So its very possible to make training camps for these murders, robbers, rapers, killers and whatever they flashing, where they can.

Every country in Europe has delievered terrorists. Kosovo is very poor although given much money from EU and private donors. But it could be possible some just want a job. You have that all over and get a life … As I see it, Its not impossible.


Just don’t forget that Killary Clingon owns a tele-communication Company there, so she must protect her interests there… The USA Gov. has turned into a racketeer of a worst kind, they even operate like Cosa Nostra…

Jens Holm

You dirt Youselv. Dont send a picture.

And dont forget they have a statue of Bill Clinton and shops named Hillary 1 and Hillary 2 in Capitol Priestina.

And why: Because it was mostly american gunships and aeroplaines, that liberated the 90% muslims in Kosovo from Milosovic and the Serbs.

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