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Kosovo Forces Raids In Serb-majority Areas Spark New Round Of Tensions In Balkans

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On May 28, Kosovo Police’s Regional Operational Support Unit (ROSU) carried out mass raids in areas of compact settlement of ethnic Serbs in the northwestern part of the breakaway region. ROSU units, reportedly supported by over 70 vehicles, detained more than a dozen ethnic Serbs, mostly persons influential in the local community. Besides this, the ROSU briefly detained and beat a Russian member of the UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo.

The targeted area is 90 percent populated by Serbs, who refuse to be part of the self-proclaimed Republic of Kosovo.

ROSU actions faced resistance from the local population. According to the Kosovo side, at least two police officers were injured. Several media outlets also reported gunfire, but no details of the supposed live fire usage have appeared so far.

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj justified the raids by claiming that they were a part of an “anti-smuggling and organized crime operation”. Serbia reacted to the escalation by putting its troops on full alert and publicly denouncing Pristina’s actions. On May 29, reports appeared that several units of the Serbian Army started deployment on the contact line.

During the Kosovo War in 1998-1999, NATO-backed Albanian forces, then known as the Kosovo Liberation Army, became known for mass crimes against the non-Albanian population. Ethnic Serbs, the majority of the population historically living in the area were forcefully displaced. The biggest remaining Serb community is located near the contact line between Kosovo and the area controlled by the Serbian government.

The Russian Foreign Ministry denounced the May 28 raids as provocation and said that Pristina’s main aim is “to intimidate and force out the non-Albanian population and forcibly establish control of the area.” The Russian side also pointed out that “perennial indulgence” given by the EU and the US is instigating Pristina’s aggressive actions.

The actions of the NATO-backed Kosovo administration and its forces consistently undermine de-escalation efforts and lead to the growth of tensions in the Balkans. For example, in December 2018, Kosovo’s Parliament overwhelmingly approved a decision to turn the Kosovo Security Force into fully-fledged armed forces. This decision was a flagrant violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1244 which allows only for multinational contingents under international control to be present on this territory. There is no guarantee that this force would not be used against the Serbian population. Another serious concern is that Kosovo remains a convenient area to recruit radicals returning from Syria and Iraq. According to reports, some of these radicals, even former ISIS members, are joining Kosovo forces.

The ongoing round of tensions put the Serbian government in a difficult situation. On the one hand, Serbia cannot ignore the actions of the NATO-backed Kosovo administration and needs to react at least symmetrically. On the other hand, the Serbian leadership understands that the US and NATO could use any direct actions by Serbia as a pretext for a new round of aggression against the country and its further dismantlement.

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Here go the Nazis again

Neo Onh

albanian nazis…


NATO in Kosovo is a Nazi run attitude by the US alike in the Petro Porochenko Ukraine Ashkenazi oligarchs Banderist Gang In Syria it isn’t much different with AL Qaida, ISIS, Daesh the NATO/US/Israel Proxies !

Warmongers and Mass Murders No1 is UK/US since Centuries ! Gulags run by Bolshevik Ashkenazi’s, today in Israel excepted !


albianian jihadis* the SAA has eliminated and captured dozens of them in Syria

Abdelrahman Ali Garehb

here we go again


Hard to keep a straight face when the Prime Minister of Kosovo claims they’re conducting an “anti-smuggling and organized crime operation”. My understanding is that the government there is a smuggling and organized crime operation.

Carmen V

Kosovans are islamics, and Serbians are Christians. Of course, the tensions since the Serbian War in the 1990s is still on going. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, it has been the islamics that start conflicts. It’s from the teachings of the korans, that islamics consider themselves bound to conquer others, in the name of “allah.”

THe Serbian War was started by the islams, harrassing and killing and raping non-islamics. And it was blamed, WRONGLY, on the Serbs…by outsiders. THe black psyops against christians was so strong, and all explanations were so tangled, that it’s only lately, reading over and over and going back to the history and causes, that I’m able to see the truth of what happened. And this is from a Latino, in S. America.

Cheryl Brandon

OCCUPIED kOSOVO is an illegal entity funded and armed by USA/NATO. KOSOVO is a KleptocraCy run by criminals.


The Americans are running amok, the crash must be very close.


Not that sure


Why War With Iran is Not a Rational Strategy for Saudi Arabia

by MICHAEL DOLINER FacebookTwitterRedditEmail

Image Source: Turkish Flame – Public Domain

The navy of the Former United States has a base in Bahrain, a majority-Shi’ite, Sunni-ruled, state. It is a base first controlled by the British in 1936 when Britain still had an empire. Just above the base is the oil port, Ras Tanura, a facility the United States built during the second World War and through which most of Saudi Arabian oil flows. That is why the naval base is where it is. By locating a fleet in Bahrain, the Former US grips Saudi Arabia by the throat. It controls whether or not oil flows from Ras Tanura. And since the world needs this oil to maintain breakneck industrialism, it has the world by the throat as well.

Ostensibly, this fleet protects Ras Tanura from whatever. But technology has made the fleet obsolete. In all out war with Iran the ships could not stand a barrage of land to sea missiles. Deadly drones and cavitating torpedoes in large numbers would overwhelm any defenses. Within the first few hours it would be a smoking pile of metal filled with the corpses of American sailors. Although the fleet could close Ras Tanura if there were no war, it could not protect it in war.

The fleet, like much of the rest of the Former United States military, is a tripwire. If Iran attacks it, the story goes, that will be a New Pearl Harbor and the American population will suddenly throw off its apathy and redevelop a taste for war. So the fleet, with the sailors, is actually offered up as a sacrifice in the hopes of producing yet another “New Pearl Harbor.”

After Roosevelt maneuvered to create the first Pearl Harbor, Pearl Harbors became a habit-forming drug. The Entity, always looking for war, needed a spanking-new Pearl Harbor to whip the population into war frenzy. Like in a gunfight in a western, the bad guy has to shoot first. Gulf of Tonkin? Heigh de ho! 9/11? Whoop de do! The idea is to pretend that the enemy launched a surprise attack while you were innocently going about your business. Will it work again? I’m dubious. Drugs tend to have less effect the more you use them. And once you have seen a few false flags you develop a jaundiced view. Just the willingness to maneuver to sacrifice some of your citizens to concoct a New Pearl Harbor is a sign of cultural bankruptcy.

But this time, there is Ras Tanura. The water is very shallow near Ras Tanura and the Saudis have created sand islands in deeper water to service the huge VLCC tankers. These islands are covered by oil storage facilities, row after row of large cylindrical oil storage tanks on artificial islands impossible to protect. And then there are the pipelines that feed them. Ras Tanura is at least as vulnerable as the fleet in Bahrain. No doubt an attack on Ras Tanura would also be a trip wire, but if you attack one you might as well attack the other. There can only be one trip wire.

If such a war began, even before the first shot was fired, oil flow through the Straits of Hormuz would cease. No one would insure the sitting-duck VLCC tankers and their hundred-plus million dollar cargoes in a war zone. But the destruction of Ras Tanura would mean that even when the war ended Saudi Arabia’s oil revenue would be diminished radically, possibly forever.

Back in the day the Saudi man in the street had it pretty good. In the seventies the dole provided somewhere in the neighborhood of $25,000. But that is long gone, except in memory. Saudi Arabia has one of the fastest growing populations in the world. Since then the Saudi man in the street has fallen into poverty. If Saudi oil revenue stopped, immiseration of the Saudi population would increase dramatically. “Instability” would be the descriptive euphemism.

Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, affectionately known as MbS in the families of those he has butchered, is the Saudi Crown Prince and de facto ruler of the country. He has kidnapped and extorted billions of dollars from other members of the royal family. I have no idea what these other members think about this high-handed lightening of their pockets, but it is hard to imagine that they liked it. MbS must fear that the royal family will not remain unified behind him if the country is destabilized and power potentially in the streets. I don’t think chopping up Kashoggi made him too many friends among journalists, other than the capons masquerading as such. How uneasy would MsB’s head rest if he lost Ras Tanura? With turmoil in the street and disgruntled royal Sheikhs to whom some relatives in the military might be loyal, the Saudi crown would lie “uneasy” on MbS’s head.

65 Kilometers from Ras Tanura is the city of Qatif. Qatif is an ancient city with a rich history. It was once the main port in the Persian Gulf and is home to a large hostile Shi’ite population that has a long and bloody history with the Saudi rulers. It also supplies more than half the work force in the oil industry in the neighborhood, especially at Ras Tanura. In more or less constant rebellion since 2010, the Shi’a are not likely to flock to the aid of MbS. “After the Iraqi government crackdown in 1973, several Shi’ites fled to Qom, Iran, among them Sheikh Hassan al-Saffar, the most prominent Saudi Shi’ite political figure and the architect of Shi’ite political activism in Saudi Arabia.” Having fled from Qatif to Iraq to escape the Saudis he had to flee again. Iran gave him refuge, educated him and protected him from Saudi and Iraqi malevolence. . He now lives in Qatif again. Israa al-Ghomgham, the nearly-beheaded female protester is also from Qatif.

Saudi Arabia needs the Shi’ites in Qatif, who are hostile to them, to produce its oil. They can’t just wipe out the rebellion. But as soon as war breaks out, Iran can attack Ras Tanura. What will this population do? Iraq shows that the Former United States is unrestrained in its barbarism in victory. Why wouldn’t Iran attack Ras Tanura? Once you are in a war with the Entity nothing can be gained by restraint. What will this population that runs the Saudi oil industry do? I don’t know and I suspect, neither does MbS. Does he imagine the war will leave Ras Tanura untouched? Will the Shi’ite workers, lead by a man who spent most of his childhood and young adulthood in Iran, which gave him sanctuary when he fled Sunni persecution, remaining as they are now? Does MbS count on the dazzle of a New Pearl Harbor to galvanize inhabitants of the Former United States into saving them by forcing this Shi’a population to remain loyal and run their gas station in the midst of a war with Iran? Good luck. What macabre joke could be a better recipe for disaster? Given the vulnerability of Ras Tanura and the fragile political situation, Saudi support for a war with Iran is irrational to the point of being imbecilic.

Saudi Arabia is the jewel of dollar hegemony-– the restriction of the sale of oil to dollar contracts that allows the Former United States to borrow without repaying. Dollar hegemony is now disintegrating, and even Saudi Arabia is looking to escape it. Given Ras Tanura’s vulnerability and Saudi Arabia’s instability, war with Iran is an irrational choice for Saudi Arabia. MbS might be acting irrationally, but on the other hand, the fleet in Bahrain, useless in a war with Iran, controls Ras Tanura. Is it possible that the Former United States now threatens Ras Tanura with the fleet and thus forces Saudi Arabia to support dollar hegemony, buy tons of American weapons, and claim to want war with Iran? To speculate wildly, is the threat of a war with Iran a pretext to reassert The Entity’s control over Saudi Arabia?

Of course the most plausible explanation is that all these tools-of-fools are out of their collective gourd.


Maybe I miss understood, if it’s the US running to crash aground, it’s look alike and I am waiting for it since decades … !

Hide Behind

Is anyone here old enough to remember a Nation know as Yugoslavia? It was European NATO and US that invaded Yugoslavia, and yes they did it a lot like they tried in Syria, organized and funded Islamic mercenaries to disrupt Yugolavia, and give “reason to NATO Invasion. Sorry but the only authority of UN was after the fact, it was never an approved by UN invasion. After shooting and mass bombing was over UN entered with “observers and Peacekeepers and were paid from tariffs of all import and exported goods. Name of NATO operation was called “The Greater Albania Project. Britain, who later was granted Viceroy powers, upon all but Albania political governments, while German, French, Austrians and Wells Fargo and another US Bank became the only recognized Controllers over all the Sovereign Banks. As for where financing for training, arming, siupply infrastrucure toIslamic mercenaries in Yugoslavia, Black Eagles was one of two majors, originated, it was through one of US largest Charities in Yemen, that charity religious roots began with CIA funding and is today worldwide and going like gangbusters on African Continent. Propaganda in US/Israel, Brit and all Euro NATO SAID SERBS KILLING, Serbs by way are almost solely Christian, and had mass graves with over two hundred dead, then it dropped to 100,000, then 10,000 and after war it was at most 1000 dead buried al.ost exclusively in individual graves. Massive carpet and clusterbombs of Depleted Uranium which at that time was internationally outlawed, of 1500 tons polluted three seas, Black, Agean, and Adriatic causing the Balkans to be of highest Cancer rates Center for all of Europe. JUST A COUPLE MORE TID-BITS TO QUELL THE ANTI JEW, ANTI ISLAMIC NUTCASES. It was the fall of Soviet Union that was partially but mainly the reason to NATO invasion. Before fall of Soviets Yugoslavia was an “Independent Nation NATO needed to Keep Soviets from reaching those three d seas clear to Medeteranian and Caspian oil/gas and already planned Afghan pipelines, Hense US Camp Bonsteel. Damn all this repeat of old known facts not fully researched by so called independent Journalist of today leads one to wonder just how well NATO disinformation campaign was successful. Here is last fact: When Soviets fell Yugoslavia had largest best armed military in Europe. US NATO killed hundreds of thousands civilians and about 1500, yes 15 hundred Various Yugo military all most exclusively by bombing. Damn, getting old and tired of more than 50 years of correcting US bull crap lies. Who ruled Kosovo when IN made it independent? How about Albright and Associates, Shultz, Shultz and Shultzs that represented Central Asian oil firms above Afghanistan. and one other old hardline US State Department Ahole. Talk of Mafia, Kosovo had long been transhipping point of Afghan opium trade. Kissinger and Associates, Brezinski and Associates.


“Without disinformation, NATO would crumble”

by Manlio Dinucci




Q: What is the result of the Symposium in Florence?

Michel Chossudovsky: The event was a great success, with the participation of speakers from the United States, Europe and Russia. We presented the history of NATO. We identified and carefully documented its crimes against humanity. And at the end of the Symposium, we presented the “Declaration of Florence,” a way of exiting the war system.

Q: In your introduction, you affirmed that the Atlantic Alliance is not a true alliance…

Michel Chossudovsky: On the contrary, under the appearance of a multinational military alliance, it is the Pentagon which dominates the decision-making mechanisms of NATO. The USA controls the command structures of NATO, which are incorporated with those of the United States. The Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (SACEUR) is always a US General nominated by Washington. The Secretary General, currently Jens Stoltenberg, is essentially a bureaucrat who handles public relations. He has no decision-making role.

Q: Another theme you raised was that of the US military bases in Italy and other European countries, including in the East, despite the fact that the Warsaw Pact has not existed since 1991, and despite the promise made to Gorbachev that no extension of NATO towards the East would ever occur. What is the purpose of these bases?

Michel Chossudovsky: NATO’s tacit objective – an important theme in our debate in Florence – is to implement, under a different denomination, the de facto “military occupation” of Western Europe. The United States not only continue to “occupy” the ex-members of the Second World War “Axis countries” (Italy, Germany), but have used the badge of NATO to set up US military bases in all of Western Europe, and, thereafter, in Eastern Europe in the wake of the Cold War, and in the Balkans in the wake of the NATO war against Yugoslavia (Serbia-Montenegro).

Q: What has changed in terms of the possible use of nuclear weapons?

Michel Chossudovsky: Immediately after the Cold War, a new nuclear doctrine was formulated, focused on the preventive use of nuclear weapons, in other words, on a nuclear first strike as a means of self-defence. Within the framework of USA-NATO interventions, presented as peace-keeping measures, a new generation of “low power” and “non-usable” nuclear weapons was created, described as “inoffensive for civilians”. US political leaders consider them to be “bombs for pacification.” The Cold War agreements, which established certain safety measures, have now been abandoned. The concept of “Mutually Assured Destruction,” relative to the use of nuclear weapons, has been replaced by the doctrine of preventive nuclear war.

Q: NATO was “obsolete” at the beginning of the Trump presidency, but now it has been rebooted by the White House. What relation is there between the arms race and the economic crisis?

Michel Chossudovsky: War and globalisation go hand in hand. Militarisation relies on the imposition of macro-economic restructuration in the target countries. It imposes military spending in order to support the war economy to the detriment of civil economy. It leads to economic destabilisation and the loss of the power of national institutions. An example – recently President Trump proposed huge budget cuts in the health and teaching sectors, and in social infrastructures, although he has asked for a massive increase in the budget of the Pentagon. At the beginning of his administration, President Trump confirmed the increase of expenditure in the military nuclear programme, launched by Obama, from 1,000 to 1,200 billions of dollars, claiming that this would serve to make the world safer. All over the European Union, the increase in military spending, coupled with austerity measures, is leading to the demise of what used to be called “the Welfare State.” Now, under US pressure, NATO is engaged in increasing military spending, and Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg declares that this is the correct decision to “guarantee the safety of our population.” The military interventions are coupled with concomitant acts of economic sabotage and financial manipulation. The final objective is the conquest of both human and material resources and of political institutions. The acts of war support a process of total economic conquest. The hegemonic project of the United States is to transform countries and international sovereign institutions into territories which are open for their penetration. One of their instruments is the imposition of heavy penalties on debt-ridden countries. The imposition of lethal macro-economic reforms serves to impoverish vast sectors of the world population.

Q: What is now, and what will become the role of the medias?

Michel Chossudovsky: Without the disinformation broadcast, in general, by almost all the medias, the military programme of the USA-NATO would collapse like a house of cards. The imminent dangers of a new war with the most modern weapons and the atomic peril are not the sort of news that makes the headlines. War is presented as an act of pacification. War criminals are depicted as pacifiers. War becomes peace. Reality is reversed. When lies become truth, there is no going back.

If interested by more infos about NATO and Europe, there is many you wouldn’t found in the Medias


Hide Behind

Thank you for posting this info. I still aggregate a ton of news sources and connect dots from past unto today, nothing just snaps from the ether into being, there are histories and histories of the histories. I have article you just presented, and like I said I go back to draw lines from past to todays events. Let others please take note of this presentation, we are not alone, only few in number.


You are welcome

Astrid Watanabe

This is why I keep reading people’s comments. There are jewels among the chaff. Thank you.


yes it was another destruction done by both Islamic mercenaries and NATO. Al Qaeda playing a critical role in the wars in Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

at the time i was fooled by propaganda, (i had a full time job it was around 2000 and thought BBC was still credible) . Have not looked into the history of the conflict but am pretty sure your information given here is more than accurate.

Have kept an eye on the syrian war since just before Russia entered. And people look at me like i have tinfoil hat on when i tell them USA is ISIS and was the authour of its inception


Finally an excellent post. Thanks for explaining this. I was always wondering why Bill Clinton sent our planes in, painted in NATO colors killings thousands.


Enough is enough. Serbia should launch a massive blitzkreig against the terror state of Kosovo and crush them. Russian Airforce should assist Serbian Army just like in Syria :)

Len Zegelink

russia must open a airebase and defensbase in serbia .the eu ,and the usa want war in the eu .let,s go the .this war i the we dream of erdogan .but ho is erdogan.a fake ottoman gangster haha .

Alessio Simonato

just for information before Yugoslavia was divided into so many regions, its president was a former employee of kgb, then he wanted independence from u.r.s.s. and went into crisis, and after many years the corrupt politicians of all the regions of ex-Yugoslavia began to heat up because there was no more money and many of them did not want to enter the European community. the war started like this! by political and racist proclamations and sick minds of government officials who refused to help each other and preferred to kill each other. those are the real criminals. not the Kosovars who even today do not even have a valid ID card to circulate outside their region without permission. Kosovo remains a border area at the highest rate of arms and drug trafficking that enters Europe.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x