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JUNE 2023

Kosovo And Serbia Tensions Escalate While EU And NATO Throw Empty Claims

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Kosovo And Serbia Tensions Escalate While EU And NATO Throw Empty Claims

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Kosovo And Serbia Tensions Escalate While EU And NATO Throw Empty Claims
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NATO troops in Kosovo increased their patrols along the northern border with Serbia, in view of an escalation of tensions in recent days.

Serbia deployed armored vehicles by a border crossing and ethnic Serbs in Kosovo protested a decision by Kosovo’s government concerning license plates.

Serbia does not recognize Kosovo nor its license plates and has required drivers from Kosovo to remove them and purchase temporary ones while driving through Serbia.

Likewise, Kosovo opted to impose a similar measure, demanding that Serbian drivers in Kosovo pay €5 ($5.85) for a temporary license plate good in Kosovo for two months.

Ethnic Serbs in northern Kosovo reacted with fury, blocking roads and the two border crossings to Serbia while Serbia deployed armored vehicles and military aircraft flew over the border.

NATO said it was “closely monitoring the situation across Kosovo” and working “to ensure a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all communities.”

The alliance has also flown helicopters at the border over the last week to keep watch on developments.

The US Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia, said on Twitter that American and Canadian defense officials had visited the Jarinje and Brnjak border crossings “to gain a better understanding of the situation,” and expressed gratitude that the NATO mission known as “KFOR was on site as a stabilizing factor.”

They posted a cute selfie from the crossing.

Though the situation was calm at the border Monday, Peter Stano, the EU’s foreign affairs spokesman, said:

“There are a lot of diplomatic activities going on now both in Brussels and on the ground.”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is strongly leaning toward the West, even saying that if push comes to shove, he would call on help from KFOR and NATO.

Serbian President Aleksander Vucic has insisted that Serbia remains “committed to peace” but “won’t allow itself to be humiliated.”

In addition to military maneuvers on the border, Vucic has also vowed not to return to the negotiating table until Kosovo withdraws the forces it had sent to northern Kosovo to enforce the new license plate rules, which he has called a “criminal action.”

This is expected, in view of the anti-Russian hysteria campaign that’s been going on in Serbia’s information sphere in recent months, and it got even more severe after the Russian military attache visited the border as well.

Over the weekend, the Russian ambassador to Serbia toured two military bases near the border with Nebojsa Stefanovic, the Serbian defense minister.

Like Serbia, Russia does not recognize Kosovo.

Still, Vucic is looking towards NATO and KFOR for assistance, expecting to get it when NATO member Albania is sure to stand behind Kosovo and support it.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama visited Kosovo, where he criticized the “theatrical military maneuvers,” of Serbia and said the “only solution is a dialogue.”

Analysts point to the upcoming elections in both countries as a likely catalyst for the increase in tensions now.

Meanwhile, the escalation takes place as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is visiting Moscow on September 29th.

Turkey has quite a bit of influence in Albania-led Kosovo and it shows. As such, Erdogan could be using the escalation as a way to show to Russian President Vladimir Putin that Moscow may face issues outside of the Middle East.

This, however, provides a chance for Russia – when NATO and the EU show Serbia that all they get is empty claims and no tangible assistance, then Moscow can “swoop in” and be the savior that Vucic needs.


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Australia is under ZOG occupation

Does the soy faced fuck realise that it was NATO that stole “Kosovo” from the serbs in the first place


Not that I support Vučić, but as I see it, it’s political move, as we will prolly see Nato/EU won’t do shit, so we have an option to call Russians, which will prolly stay after Slavic Shield military exercise, anti air exercise, to protect us against Nato planes, while we clear Kosovo and Metohija…


Regardless of your opinions of Vucic it is the american pigs which must be cleaned out of “kosovo”. They represent the real psychopathic threat in the region.


Notice how you always avoid debate? Your username is ironic.


Anything that happens is “America’s doing”. Are they that powerful, really? Nor do you seem to realize there is an ongoing process of controlled demolition in Europe and North America will not put an end to the elites, they will hop over to your side and continue their wrongdoing there. Nothing will change for the better, it will only get worse from there on.

You always assume the jews have no part to play, not realizing people are being led into sideshows like this by the Hidden Hand. This is in spite of both sides being controlled opposition; they are in control of Europe, the United States, Russia and most other nations.

They do not have as much control over the Arabs, and this is why they play war with them. They will let things slide with Arabs and other races they would never want to see reoccur among Whites, who jews fear more than anyone. If Whites become sovereign once more, there will be a reckoning; the jew-run world order will be toast.

Last edited 1 year ago by Marco

A well-sourced book: https://archive.org/details/JewishSupremacism_203

All you commentators can do is slander and impersonate me, associating me with the idiot who types childish remarks under my username.


[Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms or supports one’s prior beliefs or values.[1] People display this bias when they select information that supports their views, ignoring contrary information, or when they interpret ambiguous evidence as supporting their existing attitudes. The effect is strongest for desired outcomes, for emotionally charged issues, and for deeply entrenched beliefs. Confirmation bias cannot be eliminated entirely, but it can be managed, for example, by education and training in critical thinking skills.

Confirmation bias is a broad construct covering a number of explanations. Biased search for information, biased interpretation of this information, and biased memory recall, have been invoked to explain four specific effects:

1) attitude polarization (when a disagreement becomes more extreme even though the different parties are exposed to the same evidence);

2) belief perseverance (when beliefs persist after the evidence for them is shown to be false);

3) the irrational primacy effect (a greater reliance on information encountered early in a series);

and 4) illusory correlation (when people falsely perceive an association between two events or situations).]


Last edited 1 year ago by Marco

Serbs and Albanians are practically brothers. #NoMoreBrotherWars!


It is a matter of time and will have a new balkan war.


Sad but true.

Šefçet Haljimi

Samo u srbiju.


Right, because Kosovo is a part of Serbia.

Srbija je Kosovë

Ne, serebija je part of kosovë.


Samo u “kosovo”. Clean out the american and albania backed garbage who have forcibly taken your territory.


Hello from Serbia! It is incredible how superficially this report about events in Serbia was written. It is almost stupid. Do you guys have anyone following situation down here and competent enough to write a decant report? The point of report can be summarized in two sentences: 1. “Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is strongly leaning toward the West, even saying that if push comes to shove, he would call on help from KFOR and NATO.” 2. “This, however, provides a chance for Russia – when NATO and the EU show Serbia that all they get is empty claims and no tangible assistance, then Moscow can “swoop in” and be the savior that Vucic needs.” Neither of above sentences is correct. First is a shameless lie, and obvious disrespect toward Serbian people, government and the struggle we’re passing through, ever since ’90s and later war against complete NATO alliance, that we fought on our own, without anyone “swooping in” The second statement, about a chance for Russia to “swoop in” as a savior – I think there were so many chances during past 25 years for Russia to “save us” and were missed, so it is quite reasonable for our government to be a bit more pragmatic when calculating Russia’s capacity as a savior. Actually at one short point even Russian army was present in Kosovo – https://youtu.be/4E1s5YZPrE4 What a pity Russian forces left very quick upon arrival. Did not stay long enough to stop later destruction of our people and goods that was operated by Albanians and monitored by NATO/KFOR forces. If there was any non-NATO force present, it would be much easier for Serbs to survive that time. The same is valid at this very moment. So, you can help us, but please do not save us :) any more. Russian government lead by Mr. Putin has very pragmatic stand towards Serbia, and I believe our government appreciate that fact. We’re the only country in Europe I believe, that did not impose any sanctions toward Russia, and have strong military cooperation. It would be unfair not mentioning that Russia is actively helping Serbia in many ways, but it is also true that Serbia is important ally for Russia in current situation. The fact that we did not impose sanctions is not an achievement by itself, but it might be if we consider that Russia did vote for sanctions towards Serbia in same situation few decades ago.

Peppe il Sicario

Serbia has been doing just fine the last few years rebuilding its military with help from Russia, Belarus and China. However, one must point out that 2021 is certainly not 1999 and Russia is no longer run by a drunken CIA installed asset surrounded by dual citizen Zionist thieves. Let me point out that China is supplying Serbia with the FK-3 SAM system this year and this should make NATO warbirds think twice before launching possible air raids. I don’t think the Chinese have forgotten how NATO bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade in 1999 when the Americans accused them of supplying intel to the Serbian government on the US-allied bombing campaign. Not to forget also the battery of new Russian Pantsir S-1s Serbia has in operation in addition to others to be supplied in the near future. Most military equipment is store in underground bunkers in the mountains anyways and the NATO alliance destroyed very little war materiel during the conflict focusing on killing innocent civilians instead. Since my partner is from Krusevac, I know a bit about things there in addition to her godfather being the richest man in Serbia.

остани јак!


The writing was on the wall when traitors in Serbia started turning their own people over to that Nato Kangeroo court in the Hague,remember that bastard Zoran Dinjic ? i remember that rat hiding in Montenegro giving interviews with the BBC while Belgrade was bombed for 78 days slagging Milosovic off,and Russia didn’t help Serbs at the time because a drunken court jester Yeltsin was in charge,i think it would be different now Putin is in power,and why the hell would Serbia want to be in the EU and some even want it to be in Nato?

Last edited 1 year ago by Cromwell

Zoran the Black got what he fucking deserved. I celebrated into the wee small hours when that fvcking cvnt was gunned down :-P


He was scum,thats how quislings end up.

Peter Wallace

Thanks . All we got during that war was NATO’s version and it was all so confusing as to what was really happening . I hope you don’t end up shooting at each other again . I wonder if southfront might print an article from your point of view as they seem to print articles from outsiders.. Would be interesting to read.


Well i am British so i lived through all that anti Serb Propaganda,but i saw through it and did my own research to get at the facts,but many of the herd are not like that,they accept everything they are told by the Government,its not just lazy its dangerous.

Peter Wallace

Trouble was that I was working with limited time and access for coverage of news so I saw very little and it wasn’t until a few years later I had time to have a basic look and came to the conclusion all was not as it seemed. Being Kiwi we basically got the BBC version which as you will know was highly credible around the time of the 2ndWW but is now anything but.


Good information from within Serbia.

Chris Gr

Kosovo is fake state.


Kosovo is Serbia!

Srbija je Kosovë

Nije, serebijë je kosovë!


There is a quisling government in Serbia thats the problem,the Serbs in Kosovo should have started a war aginst Nato occupation forces years ago and patriotic Serbs should be on the streets of Belgrade.

Icarus Tanović

Vucic is awarded aa “Zion of the year” last year.

Chris Gr

Civil war still hurts eh Bosniak?

Icarus Tanović

Suffering of all people hurts all normal people, except you, Zionistic Wahhabi pigs. And how did you get the idea that I’m from Bosnia? So this way you did just this: Revealed your self as Islamophobic pig, and moreover supporter of coward vucic. Guess defeat from Lebanon still really hurts, so you are out of your stupid mind talking nonsences. You do that clown, it’s amusing.

Last edited 1 year ago by Icarus Tanović
Chris Gr

You told me in the past (in 2017) that you are Bosniak. What defeat from Lebanon? You are happy that you killed Gemayel?

Icarus Tanović

Wtf you are talking about? Who told you so? Some fake guy who put my name instead of his. Who is gmayel? And you told me, back in 1870 that you’re a fag. Are you drugged or something? Oh yeah, say that defeat in 2006. Zionistic Wahhabi pig.

Chris Gr

What defeat in 2006? It was stalemate. And Wahhabis helped you Bosniaks. I remember you from 2017 when we were talking together with an Iranian called Garga.

Icarus Tanović

I remember you in 1870 talking with saudi faggot clown named al-fuckheadi. It was bloody good hiding. Maybe you can’t see it for what it is, but atmosphere in Lebanon was one of the winners.

Last edited 1 year ago by Icarus Tanović
Chris Gr

Serbians and Israelis drive you crazy that’s why you act like that.


I.T. don’t waste your time with this imbecile. He is paid to distract attention from the real facts. Next time he replies, ignore it and move on.

Chris Gr

You have exactly no proof about that. You don’t even show your own name. Anonymous and troll. Back to your basement.


“back in 1870 that you’re a fag. Are you drugged or something?”

1870? Were you alive 151 years ago?


Last edited 1 year ago by Zarathustra

Zionism is jewish, faggot. Is that too hard to understand you vulgar fuck? You idiots will regret your underhanded nonsense, you aren’t man enough to engage in direct confrontation, and fail to understand cause and effect. Face to face you would refrain from such behaviour, such cowardice.

Stop being a cunt and show some manners little man. Anyone nonsense from you losers and there will be a heavy price to pay, since you lack a conscience you will not care since it will not affect you directly. Goes to show how shitty you really are.


Last edited 1 year ago by Zarathustra

Most things do not remain the same forever, it will get worse before it gets better. When things change for the better, you don’t have to stick to your prejudices as much when they are no longer useful. Yes the west sucks right now, it has it’s upsides too. Things do not remain the same forever, I dislike North America especially and prefer Europe much more. Then again you have to consider geography, then again I think the bad admixture is being culled from the gene pool.

They are useful instincts to maintain, WWII wasn’t that long ago and you do not yet see the broader picture. This is taken advantage of by the jews who assume they can keep their nonsense going on forever, their death wish will be their final undoing.

Why Putin Didn’t Help Gaddafi & Libya https://odysee.com/@ZionistReport:6/why-putin-didn-t-help-gaddafi-libya:5

“Who is gmayel?” https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Gemayel&t=opera&ia=web


Last edited 1 year ago by Zarathustra

You continue to ignore their crass behavior and the fact they are disproportionately responsible for crime in white countries, 68% of all violent crime in Sweden. This easily accessible for analysis online. If you were honest you would have no reason to ignore reality.

When you live in a country almost entirely white, you are in no position to judge those you have limited contact with.


See this video: https://odysee.com/@NordLuxBellator:6/Doom-Guard–Wotan,-Indra,vedic-astrology:9

“Suffering of all people hurts all normal people”

I’m sure you have racist views towards “westerners”, only if they’re White. I recognize all the problems over there and do not appreciate your hypocritical commentary of being a “humanitarian” on one hand and your false “manly” bravado on the other. You poison the well and “cannot be wrong”.

8/10ths of humanitarians are mislead, 1/10th are sociopathic backstabbers and less than one tenth are genuine, but most rare. Humanitarianism is only useful when you think it benefits you and harms your kin, who you have been brainwashed to believe are your enemies as a result of the jews scapegoating the society they infiltrated, subverted and milk for all its worth.

You think television is a 100% accurate portrayal of reality and cannot comprehend the freaks are a minuscule percentage of the overall population, then again their corrosive influence trickles down and poisons the society.

All you can do is make childish insults that would otherwise result in knocking your teeth out and a broken collar bone, that is the consequence of being a mindless follower with a chip on its shoulder.

Like most people, you lack sentient consciousness. You are bugmen essentially, imagine society as a beehive and you are a drone. You fall for the deception and encourage endless demoralization.

Last edited 1 year ago by Zarathustra

Jewish influence made upper-class Anglos the “jews” of Europe, more degraded Chinese culture has made them the jews of Asia.

Races of Britain: https://ostarapublications.com/?s=britain&post_type=product


Last edited 1 year ago by Zarathustra

Then again you believe in BS about WW2 and cannot understand otherwise, so your instincts are useless in that you are mentally imprisoned and a blind, shallow hypocrite.

Please hellp. It seemes I cant fit my messages ...

jens holm

Icarus Tanović

What about him? Bastard.

peter mcloughlin

We must not forget the Balkans as a flash-point to trigger nuclear Armageddon. https://www.ghostsofhistory.wordpress.com/


Serbs did that, no else, but savage wolochs serbs.

Alban Ljuljaj


Šefçet Haljimi

Trçi srbin ljivadicom, goni ga šiptar sikiricom.

Džej Ar Haljimi.

Ta çhivsha tljotka! Dobar su kazao sa serebinë. Pişta mater, chivsha tljotka.

Last edited 1 year ago by Džej Ar Haljimi.
Džemilji dragulji

Rokam mandoljin, rokam skasofon, mesham meshaljic, bacam shljak beton. Ja sam iz prishtin vozim ljimuzin dizhe se prashin do chika sljobo materin.

Last edited 1 year ago by Džemilji dragulji
Hazimi Haljeti

Pa ja onda uzmem pishtoll pa bunga-guda do beograda

Last edited 1 year ago by Hazimi Haljeti
Generalj Ademi

Ja sam sljastichar iz suva rekë. Za srba samo imam koljachi, bombice.


Didn’t expected this many Albos commenting on broken Serbian…

Srbija je Kosovë

Pa ti neznash ni neki taj svoj jezik gljupi. Peri guz. Smerdish na svinju. Tunga teta.


This is not fair written text, Vučić gave Nato 24 hours to react in a case om emergency, if not Serbian army would enter Kosovo to protect people. Russia can support us in UN, and give some discount when buying weapons, that is all we need, and that is all Russia can do…to be honest. Within next 5 years it is going to be clear what will happen with Kosovo. My opinion…new war is inevitable.

Srbija je Kosovë

Pa chemo da bijemo serebé, sve po red. Nije kosovë serebija, nego je serebijë kosovë.


Oh, our beautiful Russian “brothers” that want to be helpful (finally)? In the last 30 years Russia proved to be an ally and friend of NATO and its favorite apprentice the Croatian fascists. The love affair lasted all the way in to 2020 when we have seen the shameful Russian ambassador to Croatian capital to bow on the grave of F. Tudjman, the late president of Croatia whose fascist ustasha forces, using Russian supplied weapons during 1990s, killed many Serbs and in the end expelled the surviving ones with full Russian complicity and acquiescence. The territorial “integrity” as delineated by former communists was of paramount importance for the Ruskies in Yugoslavia, but then why they are not respectful of the territorial integrity of Ukraine? Both, Yeltsin and Putin decorated Croatian fascist leaders with highest Russian state medals. Russians along with their western “partners” imposed on us the worst ever UN sanctions just to be first to break them arming Serbian enemies, established Hague tribunal in order to try Serbian patriots, Putin plotted removal of S. Milosevic with his friend B. Clinton, Putin and his oligarch protege Deripaska dismembered the last viable Serbian state etc. etc.


Are we supposed to trust Putin and the immoral and treasonous Russians and hate everyone else just because “everyone else” has turned anti-Russian. Did our false brothers really expected that they will be rewarded and trusted after such a betrayal. That’s where all the perceived anti-Russian sentiment in Serbia comes from. As Slavic and orthodox people we feel deeply betrayed by Russia for we had expected it to be at least neutral instead it acted as our open enemy. For me personally as well as for many Serbs the Russians have become worthless whether as brothers, friends or allies. No sane Serb, despite his public pro-Russian declarations, sincerely trusts Russians any more.


The one problem, you are likely not Serbian.

So who gives a fck what you think or type.


NATO-EU occupied Kosovo is long term unsustainable. It has no real economy – it exists on EU welfare.


A puppet state supported by amero, british, roman interests. Maybe the bloated argentinian pays a visit one day as a propaganda stunt?


I would close Serbian border to Kosovo, sell them nothing , buy nothing. No one enter Serbia from Kosovo. Would like to see how long would they last, not very long


Precisely, and well said. Someone should start a boycott “kosovo” movement, like BDS. Accelerate the decline of the albania squatters who occupy others territory.

Chris Gr

Serbia-Israel relations, Russia-Israel relations, Belarus-Israel relations, Romania-Israel relations, Greece-Israel relations, Bulgaria-Israel relations, Georgia-Israel relations, look all of them at wikipedia. Yes that’s right, Orthodox are against Israel. hahahahaha

Chris Gr

Albanians are Epirotan Greeks, if we give Albanians a part of Vardaska then they will be happy and will leave our Orthodox brothers alone.


All in article is sound but the closing sentence: “then Moscow can “swoop in” and be the savior that Vucic needs.” How exactly could Russia help us and/or be Vučić’s savior? I’m asking in practical terms.

What we could, realistically, expect from Russia to do? To send troops? We already have enough military power to beat both Kosovo and Albania in meters of weeks. Why we don’t do it? Because it would mean another war with NATO. Does author really thinks that Russia would start a (proxy or not) war with NATO over Kosovo? Come on. I know many commentators here tend to be naïve, but don’t expect that from authors.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x