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JUNE 2021

Korea Summit: Kim Jong Un Promises ‘A New Beginning’ In North And South Relations

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Korea Summit: Kim Jong Un Promises 'A New Beginning' In North And South Relations

Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un and the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, met face to face at the inter-Korean meeting in Panmunjom, the demilitarized zone of South Korea, on April 27, the Russian news agency TASS reported.

The historic meeting is aimed at bringing peace to the Korean peninsula. It is the first time a North Korean leader stepped foot on South Korean soil since the end of the Korean war in 1953.

“We should achieve good results by talking frankly about current issues … it’s a moment to write a new history of peace and prosperity,” North Korea’s leader stated at the beginning of the summit, South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported.

Moon supported the Kim’s intension to bring unity and peace between Koreas:

 “I hope we talk frankly to reach an agreement and present a big gift for Koreans and the people around the world who wish for peace.”

The summit came after Kim’s nuclear and missiles programme and a response by the US to it brought the peninsula to a dangerous military conflict.

The summit is focused on the denuclearization issue, South Korean Presidential Spokesperson Yoon Young-Chan said at a briefing:

“The leaders talked about denuclearization, peace on the Korean Peninsula and improvement of intra-Korean relations. They had a sincere exchange of opinions on these issues. The consultations will continue today, and a joint declaration will be signed based on their results.”

Yoon Young-Chan stated that a joint declaration would be signed after the summit.

After the morning meeting discussing denuclearization, the leaders planted a pine tree and unveiled a monument engraved with “planting peace and prosperity”.  Afterwards, the leaders did have a private discussion out of earshot. Now, Moon and Kim have headed back to Peace House for the final afternoon session of the summit.

The successfulness of the inter-Korean summit could pave the way for planned negotiations between Kim and US President Donald Trump, to be held in May or June.

Kim Jong Un’s car and body guards:

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Richard M

That’s nice. Let’s see what it looks like in a few months.


This is unbelievable, it was almost war conflict time, and suddenly Kim Jong want’s de-nucking and peace, hmmm wtf is going on here, did they brainwashed him somehow or is the real Kim dead and this is an imposter. I mean I can’t just believe how fast he turns to the US democracy this is so strange.LMAO, it’s very good news, but both parties were arming each other for the last 60-70 years for inevitable war, the US and South K., was parading exercises one after another I mean too strange you know, what are the real motives for Kim Jong to start doing this.

jerry hamilton

It was easy really, they just went for his soft spot. A container load of gummy bears.


read my comment above


There was never any threat of Going Nuclear between North Korea & the U.S….just Bullshit… Like All the Other threats….threats are just Threatsss


Another Failed False Flag…


It is either US/Nato will assimilate North Korea, or Koreans will kick NATO/US out of the Korean Peninsula.

For those who do not know; Kim Jong Un is not a mad man as Western MSM depict him to be. If you want to see mad check out Western leaders, Trump or May or Macron as examples…remember their threats towards such countries and leaders that are not coıoperating with their economical interests (not bowing to their Corporations) when this is none of their f*cking business. Check how many innocent civillians they killed, and then talk about Kim Jong Un who is just standing tall in defending his country and his people’s happy living there (yes North Koreans have a wonderful life compared to our miseable lives pressed under severe capitalism’s extremely competitive conditions).

jerry hamilton

Can you add anything as to the NK ghost ships?


they are so much ghosty, that nobody can see them, neither north korean admirals. :)))


Kim Jong Un is not a mad man

yes, he is. bloody mass murderer.


Dumb turkey! Shut up!



Stephan Williams

Every time you post you vomit nonsense.


option 2: Koreans will kick NATO/US out of the Korean Peninsula. This is what is happening now.

Pave Way IV

“…It is either US/Nato will assimilate North Korea, or Koreans will kick NATO/US out of the Korean Peninsula…”

This is about twenty steps ahead of what is actually happening, though. Never under-estimate the power of the US war-mongering psychopaths to screw things up here. Think: Bolton. They didn’t bring him back to scheme for ‘peace’ – anywhere. The US is never going to leave it’s forward bases on China’s doorstep, and China isn’t going to allow US/NATO assimilation (via South Korea) of the North.

Denuclearization of the North and demilitarization of the South by removing US troops? Call me skeptical, but there’s zero chance of that happening. Even if the US agrees on paper, it will insist the denuclearization part must happen first before it lifts sanctions and well before it removes any troops or equipment from the South. Then it will scheme to ensure the first condition is never met.

At best, we’re going to see a one-sided denuclearization deal that requires UN inspectors crawling all over North Korea and eventually demanding to inspect a number of the North’s classified military sites. The effort will quickly fall apart, like it has in the past, when the North refuses access to sites that have nothing to do with nukes. The US will declare the North in breach, re-impose sanctions and renew its efforts to intimidate them from the South. It’s not going to be different this time, and the South has little say in the matter.

Of course it’s not right, but in reality South Korea is a vassal of the US and occupied by US troops. It has no real sovereignty, just the appearance of it. South Koreans cannot vote to demand removal of US troops, nor can they vote for their own laws/resolutions regarding the North without explicit approval by the US. It would be something like a small neighborhood voting that it’s no longer part the city territory under mafia control. It just doesn’t matter to the mob – that’s not the way it works.

You can call me Al

I do agree, but you no have two serious regional players in Russia and China, both fighting the evil…..I also believe that the US empire, may have overextended themselves now ……as the Greeks, Roman, Ottoman, Dutch and unfortunately the British empires did in the past ……. “If you don’t learn about history you might repeat the past mistakes in history”.


hahaha, the primitive northkorean technology is at the end. most of their rockets failed, he has only truck+soze a-bomb and the test polygon mountain collapsed, because they are so stupid, that they are not either to make tests normalyy.

without test possibility kimchi can not cointinue in the development of bombs. he has maybe 2-3 10 meters long bombs, unable to deliver them on target. his technology has finished. now is pleasing for bread and butter.

kimchi also told, their delegation was fascinated by south korean fast trains during olympic games. zeah, they jumpd from 60ties into 21st century. :DDD

where is communism, there is decades long fallback.





Guilherme Faccin

In my opinion we have been lied to at some point of the history.. it just doesnt fit in my mind why Kim Jong Un agreed to submit his nation to the Western power. Maybe the economic situation of NK was so bad that they couldnt keep going but still i honestly dont think that was the case


– sanctions, problem to get oil, gas ; no agriculture = starving
– sanctions, no emportant metals, raw material; no way to produce nuclear weapons, missiles
– china, russia dont want yankee rockets in japan and south korea; geat on balls of kim. last month, when kimchi was in beijing.
– the test polygon for nuclear weapons is cillapsing. giant problem, because the radiactive waste coming out. north korea has only soft mountains, not good for nuclear weapon testing. so, he has no chance to provide new test. he will be happy, IF west helps him to manage the problems with radioactive polygon. like chernobyl. also west paid and soved the problem, ruskies and ukrainians were too little boys for this problem.

these togethor are the reasons, why kimch, the bludy mass murderer had to give up. he knows exactly, that his army with 60-70 years old techology belongs to museum, not battlefield. :))

Guilherme Faccin

wow good information there. Still i dont think it was the reason why they submited.. they were in that situation for years.. i dont know much but i think there are a bunch of shit happening behind the scenes


you know, 3 things are new:
last, really hard sabctions. neither russia, nor china buys korean cal, therefore lim has no more dollars. he can not buy wanything, he has no fuel. without oil you can not have ameliorators. kimh can not risk second hangering and dying of millions. there would be revolt.
second, the collaps of test field. this is really big problem for him. and if the water (it is mountain) will leave that field and comes in sea, will be also our problem. this will be not tolerateb by russians and chines, too.
and last, but not least, americans clearly showed, they will destroy korean facilities. kim is like gang boss. makes boobooboo, but je is full of fear (his anxious problems try to treat with eating). he would never let attack south korea, because he do not want dinish like gaddafi or saddam. he knows exactly, that chines would also attack the country and let kill his whole family.

he made a decision. he has chosen to be little dictator in forgotten country.


Who told you they did that? They’d rather eat grass than give up nuclear capability. Contrary to what the “experts” told you, Kim already has nukes and rockets. No more need for testing. US can’t do anything but accept this theater meant only to let them save face while removing all sanctions one by one. Kim accelerated the nuclear and ballistic program because he knew the prize at the end of the road. Same story happened with China: you heard a lot of stories about how “baaaaaaad” China was, until they achieved full nuclear capability. Since then, they are democratic business partners.


Well done Russia and China, N and S Korea. You outsmarted again the war mongering terrorists’ state.

Ivan Freely

China pressured North Korea to wise up. What is interesting is what was said from the numerous people visiting Kim such as Eric Schimdt from Google and Pompeo of the CIA.


Agreed, Kims face of fear and unsmiling in China showed he got his arse kicked by someone who doesn’t want US on their doorstep.


China just lied to the stipdus americanus. Remember when they cut the maximum oil export to North to say 50mln barrels and exported 5mln instead of 3bln like previous year. US was happy that China “pressured” North and North was happy they got more oil. I don’t remember precise numbers, but this is the story. So Pompeo and Schimdt got fooled again: Kim already has nuclear capable rockets and now he gets rid of economic sanctions. He is a professional.

You can call me Al

Remember it borders Russia and China – oil, gas, wheat, other food, machinery, you name it….bam in a week all filled up + of course part of the new silk road and slowly but surely South Korea moves into the Chinese sector of play.

Cyriak Papasissis

South Korea has very ambitious commercial ties with Russia , and looks to common investment projects in the Russian Far East , which for Russia is economic development priority region , North Korean labor force is also very welcome by Russia in the region. What may happen is that a slowly unifying Korea becomes member of the EAEU. Korea is looking to import Russian natural gas via pipeline, Russia wants Korean participation in shipbuilding .

You can call me Al

Chinese led but Russian backed – New Silk Road ……so we agree ?

Cyriak Papasissis

Exactly , they outsmarted them. I am afraid , the warmongers are going to be unpleasantly surprised by the speed of the Koreans , their eagerness to live in peace and prosperity , and they are going to contrive numerous clauses , in order for them to remain in occupation of the peninsula. If the two Koreas come to terms in peace , the whole map changes in NE Asia , and Japan is also liberated from the warmongers’s yoke. You will see many ”angry citizens” in Seoul protesting against the rapprochment and talks leading to unification.


Great, hope the best for korea, long road to reunification, not a single neighbour want it, the country would be the 8th world power, with industry leaders, nukes, a real competitor to china and japan.

You can call me Al

No problem for China if the US bases are kicked out, but I must admit that Japan are probably sh1tting bricks now, which of course means the Yanks will do everything they can to ruin this.


This is a big American success.

I wonder what did they do to convince Kim Jong Un to give up his nukes.

jade villaceran

american success? Lol they are not even invited in the summit


That makes Trump redundant. Wait… the peed-on orange buffoon will claim credit for it.

paul ( original )

These declarations remind me of the Pope’s Christmas message, containing as
they always do a plea for peace. We got one last year and we will get
on next year and so on into the future. Or may be they should remind
me of Chamberlain saying something about ‘peace in our time’.


Who is surrendering to who, that is the question.

You can call me Al

Give it up – no one is surrendering, they were one nation, they are one nation.


One nation with one dictator?


I wouldn’t call them one nation any more, just like Germany and Austria share similar culture and language. 70 years of separate history, economics and politics have basically created two separate nations.

You can call me Al

Maybe, but they have millions of separated families in Korea.



yudha bdg

Big step for future korean unification

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