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Kiwi “Bumbling” Jihadi Surrendered To SDF Because Life As ISIS Member Had “Become Unbearable,” Couldn’t Afford Slave


Kiwi "Bumbling" Jihadi Surrendered To SDF Because Life As ISIS Member Had "Become Unbearable," Couldn't Afford Slave

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The New Zealand jihadist Mark Taylor, who reached infamy as the “bumbling jihadi,” was captured by US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and is held in a prison in northeastern Syria. He could potentially be deported to New Zealand and face trial.

Dubbed the Kiwi Jihadi, he became known as “bumbling” after he “used social media, including appearing in a 2015 Isis propaganda video, to encourage terrorist attacks in Australia and New Zealand”, according to the US State Department. He appeared in a YouTube video telling followers to “commence your operations, even if it means you have to stab a few police officers, soldiers on Anzac Day and so be it.”

He also angered his ISIS commanders after posting tweets with the location on, revealing the secret locations of the terrorist enclave he was in.

Kiwi "Bumbling" Jihadi Surrendered To SDF Because Life As ISIS Member Had "Become Unbearable," Couldn't Afford Slave

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In December 2018, he surrendered to SDF because life as a terrorist had become unbearable.

“There was no food, no money, basic services were pretty much collapsed. I was in a pickle myself and had to make a final decision, which was to leave,” Taylor said.

“That was a hard decision to call, because people were telling me ‘you can’t leave, you came here for the sake of Allah, you came here to die’.”

He lived with ISIS for 5 years, but only as a guard, not a fighter.

“I was helping to guard a border between the Syrian Government and the Islamic State,” he said. There’s a difference between fighting and guarding. Guarding you don’t need to plan anything; attacking you need to make preparations. Every two hours on a 24-hour basis, you have to guard a particular area.”

Taylor also complained that life with ISIS was not at all what he expected. He was jailed 3 times by ISIS’ secret police.

“I had [become] more resentful towards the security of the Islamic State more than anything else. I was threatened with torture and jailed on suspicion of being a spy,” he said. “The last time was quite ridiculous. I was accused of drinking and making alcohol and smoking hashish.”

When in October 2015 he revealed the secret location of the ISIS base by not turning off geotagging function on his device. He was jailed for 50 days following the incident.

“The Twitter account got suspended, and on the ninth of January 2015 I was given a letter by one of the officials and told to have a meeting,” he said. “They took me into a room, took my weapon off me and anything else, like my mobile phone, which I never see again, and say ‘you’re under suspicion for 12 GPS locations around the Islamic State’.”

He was also witness to numerous executions and beheadings in his time with ISIS:

“They had a lady they took out of a truck and shot her in the back of the head. There was a big crowd gathering around. I asked, ‘what’s going on?’ but no-one answered,” he said. “The other time I was living in Soussa, they had someone crucified with a sign around his neck, but I didn’t know [what it read]. I couldn’t understand the Arabic. Anyone that spoke openly against the oppression ends up going to jail or getting their head cut off.”

He also claimed to have come across several Australians, in addition to Neil Prakash who got stripped of his citizenship in late December.

“I come across him when I was in Raqqa. He was making a video with the head of Islamic [State] media and asked me to be a stand in, so I was just sitting there for 10 minutes, but I was only in it for about a second. He told me he had health problems, he had kidney stones.”

One of the biggest regrets Taylor had was that he was too poor to afford a female slave:

“I would have like to have one, but I never got to,” he said. “To buy a slave, you’re looking at least 4,000 American ($5,625) to buy an older woman, at least past 50 years old. And to buy a decent one, at least [US] $10,000 or $20,000. They range from prices from [US] $4,000 up to $50,000, and I didn’t have that kind of money just to throw around myself. I was too poor.”

According to him, owning a slave meant he could do whatever he pleased, and he didn’t really mind that the women were taken forcible as slaves.

“It’s not my concern because, as I said, to buy a lady it costs money,” he said. “I would go to the masjid (mosque) and someone would say, ‘I bought a slave for [US] $5,000, $10,000’, and I thought I’d like to have that kind of money myself, but I never had the chance, so I stuck to being married to a Syrian lady.”

He also had two wives while he lived with ISIS. Both of them Syrian, and they apparently wanted to rid themselves of him.

“I was married to one Syrian lady from Deir Ezzor. Her name is Umm Mohammed. She begged me to leave and go to Idlib, then onto Turkey,” he said. “One month after that I married another Syrian woman who was pro-Islamic State — much younger lady — but I divorced her. She didn’t want to stay in my house; she wanted to move to another area and be close to her friends, not her husband. I had to explain to her on several occasions that she had to stay home and obey her husband.”

Taylor also said that he would be surprised if New Zealand did not take him back.

If they do take me back, most probably I’ll be spending a couple of years in jail,” he said.

He also wanted to apologize to his country:

“I’m sorry for causing too much trouble and being a bit hot-headed and flamboyant in my approach… I don’t know if I can go back to New Zealand, but at the end of the day it’s really something I have to live with for the rest of my life.”

New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern said of the case that New Zealand “has an obligation not to make people stateless,” however she also added, “He would need to make his own way to a country where New Zealand has consular representation — something that, in his current situation, will be difficult to do.”

“All New Zealand citizens have rights under international and domestic law. Mr Taylor only holds New Zealand citizenship. As I’ve said before, any New Zealander suspected of association with terrorist groups should expect to be investigated under New Zealand law should they return.”



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  • Nowruz

    So the US switched rapist bumbling dumbass from terrorist group to another.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    ISIS is the biggest collection of complete morons and fuckwits the CIA and Mossad could recruit.

    • Barba_Papa

      I disagree, as a collection of morons and fuckwits could not have created a country that spanned most of the territory of Syria and a large part of Iraq out of nothing. And which took a lot of time, man- and firepower to defeat, as ISIS put up one hell of a fight. Sure, they drew in their fair share of morons and fuckwits via their internet propaganda machine, but any army, hell, any organization has its fair share of morons and fuckwits. I’m sure anyone can name a couple in the place they work at.

      As for this moron, no mercy for anyone who has been willingly part of ISIS. A bullet in the back of their head and an unmarked grave in the desert. And that’s still infinitely more merciful then how they treated their victims. This guy is yet another example of ISIS guys and gals who keep on saying it wasn’t quite what I expected. And yet still don’t denounce how terrible ISIS was. Just that it didn’t work out as planned. The British Jihadi Bride still seems quite apologetic about ISIS. This Kiwi laments that he couldn’t afford a sex slave. Does he think sex slaves grow on trees? That they aren’t real persons? Die you piece of shit! The only thing they are sad about is that ISIS lost. Yet again another remarkable similarity to Nazi Germany. Yeah, Hitler was bad, and that thing about the Jews and Russia was stupid. But he made the trains run on time. And have you seen the Autobahns?

      And New Zealand wants to take this human piece of waste back?

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        why deprive the desert life from a free meal?

        Agree with the bullet on the head.

      • jako

        ” it wasn’t quite what I expected ”

        I was expecting sex slave girls in my personal harem and chopped heads trophies in my freezer so that I can brag about over the Internet !!

      • gustavo

        Wrong, the intention of ISrael-USA-NATO with the help of Qatar-Saudis-Jordan-Turkey(NATO) was to destroy Siria, later Iran and then Russia. So far, the were successful destroying Syria. The creation of an Islamic State was just the hook to catch stupid Muslims.

        • Barba_Papa

          Again, we only have to look at the performance of the Saudis in Yemen to see that all the Western support does not magically transform an army of chimps into an elite fighting force. And ISIS was a VERY successful fighting force. Where all the other headchopper groups only had a tiny enclave of Syria, it occupied most of Syria and a 3rd of Iraq. IT INVADED ANOTHER COUNTRY for godsakes!

          The West didn’t need ISIS to destroy Syria, all the other headchopper groups could and did that already for them. They were also drawing in wannabe Jihadis by the bucketload before the rise of ISIS. They were also perfect for the West and Gulf States because they were fragmented with only Assad being their common enemy. Perfect to control via divide and conquer, both during the war and after. Al Nusra is the only group that comes close to ISIS in success, and that’s mostly because it knew how to create successful coalitions with other groups. ISIS on the other hand stood for not coalitions. It gobbled everyone up. Be it rival Jihadis, Kurds or the SAA.

          ISIS is what happens when you open Pandora’s box of headchopper terrorism. You think you can control this collection of wild animals, play the divide and conquer game to make them do what you want, but eventually something will emerge which you can’t control, and it will grow out of hand. Play with Jihadi matches and eventually you will get an out of control wildfire.

      • Real Anti-Racist Action

        That’s true, i notice that about them. He did not complain that ISIS had no morality.
        He complained about lack of nice living towards the end, his wives leaving him. And not being able to afford slaves.
        Really he is still not against ISIS, he is against being with ISIS only hen times are hard lol.

        • Omega

          He did not complain that ISIS had no morality.

          Are you serious or trolling?

          Did you expect an immoral vermin joining the immoral ISIS to know what morality is?

        • Barba_Papa

          Which is why he should never be allowed to return to New Zealand if the country had any smarts. Sadly enough PC culture has taken over that country.

      • Omega

        Please be serious.

        The likes of ISIS were/are virtually all made of poor/jobless, dumb and horny cretins without military background.

        They could not have captured and held a territory that spanned between Iraq and Syria (what you call “created a country”) without the limitless financing, arming, training, intelligence and military support of the Anglo-Americans and their puppets (Gulf states, Israel et al.).

        • Barba_Papa

          Except that Western arming and training and providing support is NOT the force multiplier that you seem to think that it is. By that logic the war in Yemen would have been over years ago, considering how much arming, training and logistical support the Saudis are getting. You field an army of chimps, no amount of Western support will turn it into winners. ISIS achieved in 2014 in a single year more then Saudi Arabia managed to do in its entire war in Yemen, US backed Ukraine in its war against the separatists, US backed Georgia against South Ossetia and the US backed and trained Afghan national army in its entire history did combined!

          Clearly that support is NOT a war winner, and you really need some clever well motivated people to form the backbone of your army in order for it to fight and fight well. ISIS did fight, and it fought well. Therefore they are not morons and fuckwits. You don’t have to like them, but underestimate them at your own peril.

          • Omega

            I don’t know the details of Ukraine and Georgia (they are unlikely different i.e. instigated to serve Anglo-American interests) but you’re comparing apples to oranges with Afghanistan and especially, Yemen. Houthis aren’t paid to fight for their land/autonomy. ISIS (composed of men from dozens of different countries), on the other end, was strictly dependent on such remuneration. They came to fight in Iraq/Syria and followed orders given to them to reach (knowingly or not) specific objectives serving the interests of their recruiters.

            Did they fight hard? Sure; never said otherwise nor was it my point. My argument is that there would be no ISIS without monetary incentive, that ISIS never had a mind of its own and that “their” success was the result of foreign countries (several of them) coordinating their ISIS’ mouvement on the ground. Take the case of the invasion of Mosul for instance:

            On 1 June 2014, the secret services of Saudia Arabia, the United States, Israël, Jordan, the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan, Qatar, the United Kingdom and Turkey organised, in Amman, (Jordan) a preparatory meeting for the invasion of Iraq by Daesh. We know of the existence of this meeting by the Turkish document that Özgür Gündem published immediately. This daily newspaper – with whom I collaborated – has since been shut down by the « sultan » Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

            According to this document, it was agreed to coordinate Daesh and the region of Iraqi Kurdistan. The former launched a lightning offensive to capture Mosul, while the latter grabbed Kirkuk. Four days earlier, President Massoud Barzani had travelled to Jordan to talk to the participants of this meeting. He was careful not to take part in the meeting himself, but was represented by his son Masrour, the head of his own Intelligence services.

            Kurdistan – what the referendum is hiding https://www.voltairenet.org/article198066.html

            Among other aims, ISIS also gave the US the perfect pretex to bomb hundreds of millions worth of Chinese investments in Iraq’s oil industry.

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        Well said.

  • jako

    Kiwi “BUMBLING” GPS Jihadi who “accidentally tweets secret locations”
    And does that 12 TIMES !!

    Lucky for them that ISIS was U.S.,MI-6, Mossad terrorist organization if not they would be bombed into dust long time ago !

  • jako

    We are soon to discover that all those Western Jihadi’s were there by mistake.
    And that they hardly had anything to do with ISIS in last 5 years while staying there.

  • Albert Pike

    So nice of them: ‘New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern said of the case that New Zealand “has an obligation not to make people stateless,”’ and she is even worried about that ass: ‘“He would need to make his own way to a country where New Zealand has consular representation…”‘

    • Steven Howard

      She is merely stating an obvious fact under New Zealand and international law and pointing out that this cretin has to make his own way to get whatever help he may be entitled to. Showing concern would entail actually offering assistance or at least sympathy for his plight. Neither of which she did. She is nice and has said that kindness is a positive thing we could all use more of https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/politics/107442623/kindness-not-hate—jacinda-arderns-message-to-donald-trump-and-the-world She seems to be a person of values and dignity and I’m proud she represents my country.

      • Albert Pike

        You take a moral position. But does that guy deserve your kindness and did he show any kindness as an ISis soldier of fortune?

        • Steven Howard

          The question is not so much kindness in this case as rule of law.

          • Albert Pike

            There are many laws – not just those of New Zealand. But anyway – is it a good law, or shouldn’t soldiers of fortune -if fighting for terrorist organisations, which have been breaking the geneva conventions- not rather automatically forfeit all their rights as citizen?

            Shouldn’t they not been rather shot on sight, as the Hague Land Warfare Convention of 1907 requires, to enforce in future, that organisations like ISis aren’t burning, or beheading – or over roll their prisoners of war with tanks? Wouldn’t that not also be a ‘moral’ position, to enforce the 1907 Hague Land Warfare Convention?

          • Steven Howard

            Yes, lots of laws about conduct in war—most of which the USA has exempted itself from and also the moronic flag saluting gun toting thugs wearing US uniforms it sends overseas to terrorise people in poor nations all over the world. This guy is too stupid to know he has actually been been fighting a war in Syria for the USA. If he is to be shot on sight under the 1907 Hague Land Warfare Convention
            then so should they. In the end, the US has killed millions more people than ISIS could even dream of.

          • Albert Pike

            They do any way. I am just writing this to make clear it wasn’t just wrong parking what he did there in Syria. Many nations behave like their soldier of fortune citizen were on a sight seeing trip and have just lost their wallet far from home… Have a nice day.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Apparently the funny, harmless side of ISIS for the intended audience (liberal, progressive millennial’s) to feel sorry for.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Can’t afford to have a female sex slave hey, so unfair isn’t it, it’s only the rich Isis fighters who get to enjoy the perks of privilege.
    There should be no mercy for him at all, just crucify him, wanting to keep a women as a slave means he’s already way past any redemption.
    Mercy for the wicked is pointless in cases like this, it actually causes more harm than good, but some namby pamby will say we should show him mercy and put him in a jail, but I say just hand him over to the mothers and fathers who’ve lost their daughters to men like this, let them crucify him, or whatever else they wanted to do, even mercy if they thought it was just, but I doubt they’d do anything but exact their revenge on him.

  • Christina Friedman

    This freak, as all the other freaks from ISIS shall be sentenced to death. US and SDF released thounsands of terrorists. All those freaks soon will start again terrorizing Europe, Syria and Iraq. All this comes from the US.

  • Davy de Verteuil

    He revealed their location or the internet provider -s GCHQ or Langley? that’s the main reason he lost his Citizenship.the way, how does one lost their citizenship without renouncing it. Even the beneficiaries of the UNSC violates the universal charta when it comes to them – West