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JULY 2020

King With No Clothes: Salman Of Saudi Arabia Publicly Violates Islamic Doctrine Of His Country


King With No Clothes: Salman Of Saudi Arabia Publicly Violates Islamic Doctrine Of His Country

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The online G-20 summit, which was held on March 26, once again demonstrated the doubleness of the Saudi leadership.

During the video call the country’s king, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, demonstrated that he has a portrait, which is directly banned under the official form of Islam of Saudi Arabia – the Hanbali school.

In Saudi Arabia, the official form of Islam is Sunni of the Hanbali school, in its Salafi version. The Hanbali school derives sharia predominantly from the Quran, the Hadiths (sayings and customs of Muhammad), and the views of Sahabah (Muhammad’s companions). In cases where there is no clear answer in sacred texts of Islam, the Hanbali school does not accept jurist discretion or customs of a community as a sound basis to derive Islamic law, a method that Hanafi and Maliki Sunni fiqhs accept. The Hanbali school is the strict traditionalist school of jurisprudence in Sunni Islam. The Hanbali school experienced a reformation in the Wahhabi-Salafist movement.

Therefore, the head of the state, which claims to be the leader of the Muslim world and the strict adherent of the doctrine of pure Islam, is violating this doctrine.




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  • Ilya

    The Hanbali derive their laws from the hadith, *and the the Quran*.

    Sorry, but the opressions of the legal schools of Islam are directly correlated with how many hadith they accept. Hanbali goes all out, and has 27,000 of them!

    Find a Quranist, one that does not accept hadith as law, but only as guidance, and you will find more measured people.

    • Vitex

      Just like the Torah and the Talmud. I wonder where they got the idea from?

  • Garga

    Saudi Arabia is full of pictures of royal ar$e#oles. On almost every vertical surface you can see their pictures gazing the horizon with mind boggling slogans.

    That is not exactly how Saudis show they are against Islam. There are other ways and did plenty of them, from overt actions like stealing the wealth of a nation for their own pleasure, supporting cannibal terrorists, by bombing water infrastructure, grain silos, hospitals and schools. By deliberately killing children and defending this crime, pretending it was a viable military target, bombing weddings and funerals, creating Cholera outbreak and starving a whole country to more subtle ways which non-Muslims may not recognize or understand, from protecting the symbol of devil (3 obelisks) with a curved wall (which from above looks like an eye) from the stones thrown by pilgrims in one of Hajj ceremonies, to building a giant obelisk (complete with one eye and horns) over the holiest place in Islam and sacrificing hundreds of people for it in “accidents” (artificially creating a stampede) and to building a palace right in a place where it has been foretold that Dajjal will build a palace there (a hill top near Madinah).

    Did you hear health experts advise people to wash their hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds? Well Yemenis have neither, thanks to these “leaders of Muslim world”.
    Whatever this is, it is not Islam.

    • Jaime Galarza

      It is not Islam the same way those western “leaders” do not practice Christianism. There is something they all have in common: they worship demons because they lust for blood, for plunder, for destruction.

    • Icarus Tanović

      That is very true. Thanks brother.

    • Vitex

      Didn’t that joker have a giant bronze sculpture of his thumb?

      • Garga

        I’m afraid I don’t know.

  • Liberal guy

    Go to hell u bastard

  • StafJustice

    Saudi Arabia doesn’t follow Hanbali school of thought in Islam….
    Pls spare us the nonsense….
    Saudis are mostly Wahabbi….a heretics sect outlawed by Sunni Islam…
    They follow the thoughts of Ibn Abdul Wahab…who received His thoughts from a British spy called Hempher.
    We very well know our history…
    They’re called La Madhahib (no school of thought)

  • JustPassingThrough

    religion = a tool to manipulate the great unwashed.
    always was, always will be.

  • Anna24

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    • Garga

      Under another article there was one of these “invitations”, recognized as spam and waiting for moderation. I counted 5 downvotes and assumed at least 5 people reported the comment as spam.

      So, at least 5 reports is needed to get rid of them. Please cooperate!

      • Jonathan Cohen


        • Ronald

          You again, thought we had lost you, at least the hooker has a pretty face.

  • Icarus Tanović

    First of all, spare us nonsense, in the first place Wahhabis are NOT Muslims.
    So it is with Saudis…

  • jm74

    Good, now chop his head off. Problem solved.

  • goingbrokes

    Naturally, he forgot the law, as a sabbatean frankist he doesn’t observe it, only pretends.