King of Spain Accuses Catalonian Leaders Of Placing Themselves Outside Law


King of Spain Accuses Catalonian Leaders Of Placing Themselves Outside Law

Spain’s King Felipe delivers a speech at the Palace of Westminster in London, Britain July 12, 2017. Hannah McKay/Reuters

King Felipe of Spain has accused the Catalan authorities of attempting to break “the unity of Spain” and warned that their push for independence could risk the country’s social and economic stability, says the Guardian.

In a rare and strongly worded television address on October 3 evening, he said the Catalan government’s behaviour had “eroded the harmony and coexistence within Catalan society itself, managing, unfortunately, to divide it”.

In his speech, the king described the regional government actions as “an unacceptable attempt” to take over Catalan institutions, adding that they had placed themselves outside both democracy and the law.

He ended the speech by saying the crown was firmly committed to the constitution and to democracy, and that he, as king, was committed “to the unity and permanence of Spain”.

Meanwhile human rights groups are investigating claims that Spanish police used excessive force to crack down on participants in Catalonia’s referendum on secession.

Reportedly the police used truncheons and rubber bullets when they weren’t facing imminent danger or physical threat.

Human Rights Watch, a New York-based NGO, told Al Jazeera on October 3 that it has sent a representative to Barcelona to examine allegations it has received of police brutality.

“There are some serious allegations of excessive use of force by police against people who were assembling peacefully to express their views on the referendum,” said Kartik Raj, a researcher with HRW.

Reports said force was used under orders from Madrid to shut down polling stations and seize ballot boxes.

Firefighters in Catalonia supported the independence referendum in the region by forming a human barrier between riot police and voters

At least 893 civilians and 431 police officers were injured in October 1 clashes, according to regional and national authorities. .

More than two million people, or 90 percent of those who cast a ballot, voted “Yes” to Catalonia breaking away from Spain.

The Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont, declared that Catalonia had “won the right to an independent state”, to which Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy replied by denying that the referendum took place.



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  • Vuk Marko

    King of Spain should have addressed almost 900 injured people (supposedly his subjects) and apologize to them. He should have said that he doesn’t accept separation of Catalonia from Spain but also that he doesn’t accept police brutality and to ask for proper investigation.But he didn’t and he can’t avoid responsibility for police brutality since he is head of state. All people in Catalonia who were against independence before referendum now are either for it or at least neutral. Putting aside the reason for intervention of Spanish police brought to Catalonia from other parts of Spain, nobody can’t deny that there were obvious hate in their actions. Published videos are more than clear.
    If there were any chance for reconciliation and support for Spanish kingdom in Catalonia, after this speech of Spanish king, I’m sure, it doesn’t exists anymore.

    • Barba_Papa

      I agree, he had a chance to show himself the king of all Spaniards, instead he showed himself as an overlord addressing a subjugated people, who should shut the fuck up. Not smart. It’s like they’re holding the idiot ball in Madrid and actually want Catalonia to break away. They’re giving what was a minority in Catalonia both a moral victory and credibility. They’re making the pro independence camp look good and just, rather then the idiots that they are.

  • Dod Grile

    Who elected him?

  • Harry Smith

    Looks like this is the beginning of the end of Spain. Hope I am wrong.

    • Barba_Papa

      Too soon to tell yet, but so far its Catalan separatists 3, Madrid morons zero. The separatists got and won their referendum, the government acted foolishly and violently, and the king has basically given that his blessing. As in football you can come back from behind with 0-3, but it means stepping up your game, and probably get your team in order again. Little sign of that happening so far. Quite the contrary.

      • Harry Smith

        Yep! It is very quickly! Please, anyone in Spain, read USA army handbook TC 18-01 Special Forces Unconventional Warfare!
        Spain passed phase 1 in several days. In Ukraine it was a couple of months. Now they are entering phase 2: coordinating US agencies with resistance leadership. And what we see now? USA send Transparency international to Catalonia!
        Just remember what they did with Saddam! They authorized him to invade Kuwait and then they destroyed him.

  • Petrus Levelleri

    At this point it’s easy to say all you’re saying (that the Spanish govt are idiots that fell in the trap of the separatists). In Spain they say “it’s easy to fight the bull after it walked away”. Well, the bull is still here and bigger than ever. Felipe VI did what he had to do, but he could’ve been a bit more empathic with the injured, that’s true. The next steps will consist in detaining the separatist leaders and replace them until new elections are held in Catalonia. I hope new elections are held also in Spain. Rajoy and the morons around him did so many mistakes it’s almost high treason.

    • Harry Smith

      Petrus, just think who and how will detain the separatist leaders? You just can not send 2 cops there to show the decision and arrest the leaders. It should be a kinda special operation. But you have not support of locals, so you can not send a army unit there with all their equipment.

      • Petrus Levelleri

        They’re not protected all the time by the hordes of separatists. A quick coordinated operation whould be enough, with competent police forces. No need to send the army or to display police force publicly (as the Spanish govt wrongly did on Oct 1), that would be the dream of the separatists (they love to represent themselves as eternal victims).

        • Harry Smith

          Common Petrus, use your logic and do not underestimate your enemies. Do you really think that separatists leaders are so stupid and not organized any security for themselves?
          Maybe some SF unit can arrest them, but it will not resolve the situation. In contrary, it will escalate the situation more and more. You will make them martyrs. Look how Putin handles Navalniy. He must be in the prison a long time ago, but he is free and Kremlin just working on his image. 60% of Russia’s citizens hate Navalniy.
          If I am right and USA implements an unconventional war in your country, right now is the 2nd phase and Catalonian separatist are building secret network for future fight. You think it will be like it was with the Basques, but look at the map. Catalonia is on the Mediterranean coast and there is a direct maritime route to the Libya. If the separatists will get some RPGs and AKs, your govt is screwed up and your economy will be ruined.
          I think, the best way to de-escalate the situation is to try to establish some contacts with the moderate separatist and try to direct the independence movement to the wide autonomy concept. It is better to lose some state incomes, than to start a civil war.

  • A man that was not elected by anyone is talking about democracy. Seems legit to me.

  • TxemiFriday

    Precisely he was elected by referendum when spaniards and catalans voted yes to the Constitution because monarchy was included as one of the most important parts of it. I´m republican but we should accept the truth as it is.

  • Igor Dano

    A relict from 19-th century, typical NWO Globalist moron.
    He and his corrupt family have to go.
    I hope, that Catalonia will accelerate breakup of EU