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Kim’s New ‘Nuclear-Capable Submarine’ About To Be Deployed: South Korea

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

A day after Kim Jong Un oversaw a meeting of his top generals which resolved to continue to advance North Korea’s “nuclear war deterrence”, South Korea’s Yonhap news service reports that Pyongyang’s new ballistic missile-capable submarine is ready to imminently enter service.

Kim's New 'Nuclear-Capable Submarine' About To Be Deployed: South Korea

Images released last July via KCTV broadcast.

“South Korean intelligence authorities said they have been closely monitoring the North’s activities regarding preparations for the launching of a new submarine it first unveiled in July 2019,” Yonhap underscores, citing military and intelligence sources.

“The submarine, believed to be a 3,000-ton one, is capable of carrying three SLBMs and to have been under construction at its naval base in Sinpo on its east coast,” the report continues.

“It seems almost ready to be deployed,” a South Korean military source told Yonhap. “We are closely watching when the North will hold a launching ceremony.”

Kim's New 'Nuclear-Capable Submarine' About To Be Deployed: South Korea

Crucially the new submarine has been touted as capable of launching intercontinental ballistic missiles with greater ranges, or submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), which would significantly add to Pyongyang’s strategic nuclear launch capabilities.

In July of last year North Korean state media published photos of what was then dubbed Kim’s new “powerful submarine” – which appeared indeed more massive than anything seen out of the country before.

Pyongyang is currently believed to have a fleet of aging, low-tech submarines numbering at about 70, but they are considered loud (and thus can easily be detected) and most importantly incapable of firing nuclear-armed ballistic missiles. However, in 2016 the north successfully test-fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) in a bid to establish faster deterrence capabilities.

It’s believed that the Sunday meeting of the Workers’ Party of Korea Central Military Commission (CMC) was in preparation of a potential major announcement that the new submarine could be ready to enter service.

Specifically the Sunday meeting chaired by Kim set forthnew policies for further increasing the nuclear war deterrence of the country and putting the strategic armed forces on a high alert operation,” according to state media.

The state-run outlet noted that officials also took “crucial measures for considerably increasing the firepower strike ability of the artillery pieces.”

Seoul officials worry precisely that this could mean the soon roll-out of the new SLBM-capable large submarine. If not a game-changer altogether, then it would at least provide serious leverage in the north’s stalled talks with Washington, which is likely precisely the point.

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Ashok Varma

Very impressive achievement, even India had to lease one from Russia. I believe Iran is next with a nuclear submarine.

Swift Laggard II

not impressive at all. waste of scarce resources, time and energy. no way nk has the technology to ensure this sub will survive long enough to do it’s job in a confrontation. they should have gone for a more realistic concept like the Russian Status 6 intercontinental nuc armed torpedo which would be deployed from any point on the NK Coast and still reach anywhere in the world. that is a much more survivable kind of weapon


sure they an sneak into the pacific and launch their three icbm on los angeles or washington dc and loo and behold the morons in the white house will be more than dumbfounded when they arrive.

Jaime Galarza

Why should they rely on foreigners? They know better than anyone that in the world of realpolitik, everybody is left to their own devices. NK cannot expect anybody to defend it except themselves. What happened to Iran when the west decided that they had to be sanctioned? Nobody sold them weapons. No doubt the North Koreans have taken good note of this.

Swift Laggard II

you failed English Comprehension section of your high school exam. Read what I wrote again. It has nothing to do with relying on foreigners

Peter Bozich

Wasn’t so long ago, CNN was reporting that the North Korean leader as being gravely ill and near death, now a month later he is overseeing a nuclear capable submarine. Goes to show how pathetic and unreliable the U.S government and media platforms have become.


US has zero credibility.

Peter Moy

In the US it’s usually someone called “anonymous source” or unnamed source” who has no idea of what the hell they are talking about that starts the rumor chain. Most of the US media is just downright pathetic and dumb. It is all about the number of viewers (more naive ignoramus”) and image. No wonder that much of the world views Americans as superficial idiots more concerned about image than intelligence or substance.


Along with the pathedic soros/troll army of no good events,all the assfloggeds have proven it!


It’s rather amazing what this beleaguered and not-very large country manages to produce.


well they are of the same breed as their southern brethren and have lots of ingenuity and wit and craft and will surprise the washington dc maggots no end if push comes to shove, which is good to know.

Swift Laggard II

waste of time money and effort. they should clone a Status 6/Poseidon kind of weapon. they do not have the means to keep this boomer safe from the us navy submarines


Like the 105 kills back in 53 against usa jets,well the truth is usa can’t ever defeat north korea!

Swift Laggard II

you still live in 1953?

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