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Kiev’s Warmongering to Russia Plumbs Hysteria


Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

This week the head of Ukrainian armed forces Viktor Muzhenko claimed that Russia was prepping a massive invasion of his country with up to 80,000 troops. Such incendiary claims have been made before by Kiev, only to be proven false over and over.

How is that such a reckless regime is not hauled before an international court for incitement against peace owing to its crazed claims? Of course, because it is patronized by Washington and European allies who are not exactly averse to incitement against peace as can be seen with regard to Venezuela, Syria and countless other countries.

Another twist this week in the tortuous “Russians are coming” scaremongering fable were Ukrainian media claims that eight Russian submarines were spotted in the Azov Sea. Presumably that lurid vignette was intended to amplify public fears of a naval offensive in conjunction with the alleged mass troop invasion from “north, east and south”.

Kiev’s Warmongering to Russia Plumbs Hysteria

However, by way of illustrating the absurdity of the submarine armada story, several observers pointed out that the Azov Sea only has a maximum depth of 13 meters. How such a shallow body of water is supposed to accommodate eight subs would be a feat that defies physics. The only realm that could contain such a number is that of a fevered imagination.

All the latest warmongering hysteria comes as presidential elections loom in Ukraine where the incumbent Petro Poroshenko is staring at the prospect of a drubbing defeat. Poroshenko, who came to power following the 2014 CIA-backed coup d’état in Kiev, is trailing in the polls behind two other candidates.

Significantly, those candidates, TV personality Vladimir Zelensky and former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, are indicating that they are open to negotiations with Russia to resolve the ongoing crisis that Ukraine was plunged into following the 2014 coup.

Neither Zelensky nor Tymoshenko are friendly towards Russia. They both espouse continuing a political direction of closer association with the European Union and NATO. Nevertheless, both candidates seem savvy enough to realize that the policy of irrational hostility towards Russia must be at least tamped down for the sake of Ukrainian national well-being.

By contrast, Poroshenko, an oligarchic figure who gained his wealth from chocolate manufacture, has shored up his presidency by shamelessly playing up Russophobia and baseless fears of military invasion of Ukraine by Russia. But during his office, Ukraine has descended into economic chaos as well as being racked by a frozen conflict with breakaway self-declared republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Poroshenko has also become tainted with the stench of financial corruption. It is claimed that some of his close associates made huge monetary fortunes through illegal graft and smuggling of weapons parts – ironically, from Russia – a country which Poroshenko has relentlessly sought to demonize as an enemy of Ukraine.

All in all, the hard-pressed Ukrainian populace seems to have grown extremely weary and contemptuous of President Poroshenko.

It is this context that would account for the latest scaremongering by the Kiev regime. In a bid to rally people around the flag in the “defense of the fatherland”, the wild claims about a Russian invasion obviously serve to bolster Poroshenko’s tarnished image and faltering re-election chances.

The truly shameful thing is that this warmongering hysteria has been going on for the past five years. Time and again, Poroshenko and the Kiev regime have sounded sensational alarms to the EU and the US over an alleged imminent Russian invasion.

In November, following the Kerch Incident in which three Ukrainian naval vessels were apprehended by Russia for a provocative incursion, Poroshenko was demanding that NATO forces should be deployed immediately because his country was coming under attack from Russia. If he had been heeded, the result could have been World War III erupting.

Petro and his ilk in Kiev are like the little boy in Aesop’s fable who continually cried wolf. They have told so many lies concerning Russia and alleged aggression, no-one can possibly find any credence in anything they utter.

This week’s unhinged warmongering towards Russia was more classic ropey routine from the bankrupt Kiev regime and its futile president.

The mess that Ukraine finds itself in will not be easily fixed even if its citizens vote for a new face. That’s because Russophobia has become a staple of Kiev politics under the patronage of Washington and the EU. Billions of dollars of IMF loans and military support from NATO have recklessly encouraged a reactionary, rightwing, anti-Russia political mindset.

Instead of continually indulging the Kiev regime, the EU and NATO should be censuring its provocations against peace and stability in Europe – if, that is, those Atlanticist organizations were genuinely concerned to uphold peace and security.

Poroshenko’s political downfall may bring some respite in relations between Ukraine and Russia. But there is little sign for a full-fledged normalization under the present Western-indulged politics of that blighted country. That is a matter of poignant regret for most ordinary Russians and Ukrainians who share so much common historical and cultural heritage.



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  • Pave Way IV

    “…The truly shameful thing is that this warmongering hysteria has been going on for the past five years. Time and again, Poroshenko and the Kiev regime have sounded sensational alarms to the EU and the US over an alleged imminent Russian invasion…”

    The IMF (US and western banks) dictated austerity measures for Ukraine in 2013, which included raising domestic subsidized natural gas prices by 50%. By that time, the IMF debt parasite was draining Ukraine’s money so fast that it could only remain solvent by constantly borrowing more IMF money. Yanukovich was stuck between potential riots over implementing IMF austerity dictates and riots over delaying EUization and Russian hating. Ukraine ended up with the latter, and only delayed the IMF austerity demanded by its creditors.

    Ukranians are now being crushed by over $80 billion in public debt, and need to make payments of $27 billion THIS YEAR to foreign creditors. They still haven’t implemented IMF-mandated gas hikes or anti-corruption measures. They just got yet another IMF loan to stay afloat, which will only cover this year’s government salaries and pensions.

    Porky was reluctant to sell off every last asset of the Ukrainian people (unless he gets a cut) just to make IMF payments, and he knew that hiking gas prices would be the end of him. So he did neither, and threw billions at the military instead. U

    Ukraine is totally f’ked now, and in PERFECT shape for some old timey Khazar Mafia bank asset stripping of major proportions from the Ukraine people. Not that it’s not already happening, but it’s going ballistic this year. And the new president will STILL have to implement gas hikes on the little people to please the IMF. What a pleasant time to live in Ukraine. This all might be sorted out by Maidan IV, but it will take Maidan V to see any improvement.

    • Pave Way IV

      And then there’s this [link].
      h/t Xymphora

      Deputized As Election Monitors, Ukrainian Ultranationalists ‘Ready To Punch’ Violators

      “If we need to punch someone in the face in the name of justice, we will do this without hesitation.”
      — Ihor Mikhailenko, commander of the National Militia

      Seriously, I’m thinking they should have the Ukraine elections on a Pay-Per-View cable special. Not that the outcome really matters. I hear IMF Agent Juan Guaido is looking for work.

      Guaido: “Since Ukraine elections were not fair and legal (US ‘pick’ didn’t win), I hearby declare myself president of all Ukraine! Slava Ukrayini!”
      Ukranians: [sigh…] “Heroyam slava!”


    • Tudor Miron

      “They still haven’t implemented IMF-mandated gas hikes” Are you sure? The actual fact is that gas price (home heating) rised 10! times compated to 2013.

      • Pave Way IV

        My hazy understanding of the issue was that the IMF didn’t like $2 billion or so in the Ukraine state budget that they thought was going to subsidize gas (through a variety of subsidies, kickbacks, tax breaks and usual corruption schemes). That all didn’t go to subsidize the final price of heating gas to consumers by any means. I think Khazar oligarchs pocketed a big chunk of that. And they go full retard whenever anyone demands more transparency into their secret gas empire.

        While consumer gas prices have continued to climb, the corrupt officials siphoned off whatever extra was coming in instead of appying it towards the subsidy. That $2 billion every year towads gas ‘subsidies’ remained in the state budget since 2014 and the IMF wasn’t buying Ukraine’s excuses any more. Some accounting trickery was used to try and hide it in the budget, but the IMF are bankers – they’re experts at stealing money and know all the tricks.

        To get the last loan tranche in November, the Ukraine government agreed to raise consumer prices by 23.5% and apply that towards the $2 billion the IMF wanted cut from their budget. Don’t ask me why the 10x increase in gas prices haven’t more than covered the supposed $2 billion subsidy and eliminated it from the Ukraine budget. I’m sure Firtash just continued to steal it and move it offshore. Which is pretty much what all the Ukraine oligarchs do with ALL IMF loans.

        As big as it was, that Nov. increase only reduced the gas part of the budget by $1 billion, so – theoretically – another 22% hike or whatever is needed and will be applied in the spring. Nobody seems to know the exact figures, and that’s by design of the gas mafia there.

        If there are spring hikes, they will push consumer prices OVER regional market prices in Ukraine because the previous claimed ‘subsidy’ was actually hiding a lot of theft upstream from consumers. I suppose it depends on how insistent the IMF is about Ukraine directly reducing the remaining $1 billion they consider a subsidy. There are still a couple of IMF loan tranches scheduled for this year, so they could just withhold them if Ukraine doesn’t ‘obey’ like it agreed to do in November for the $1.4 billion tranche in December. The remaineder of the $4B IMF standby loan will be doled out by the IMF in May and November, IF they’re happy with whatever their Ukraine debt slaves have done by then.

        One thing for sure: if/when the Ukraine citizen’s gas prices go HIGHER than east European market prices just to cover the upstream theft AND satisfy the IMF loan sharks, the Ukranians are going to be pissed. I would be, too.

        • Wolfgang Wolf

          be sure that a MINIMUM of 50% of all that money flowing into UA is being directed into some assholes´pockets. this is a pirate state, everyone just cares about himself, before the ship is sinking completely.
          since the split of UA from the USSR, you can see the “development” of UA, steered by the western zio-globalists… UA had most of the heavy industry (machinery, enginieering, aviation (= Antonov planes), rocket motors, engines for the russian fleet, etc) – and now take a look what happened:
          compare UA state and RU state… who made it better?
          .. and dont come up with “RU has oil, etc…” – is just a matter of bad western influence

          • Pave Way IV

            Agree. Not that the Yanokovych administration was any less corrupt. The IMF skim (theft) just went to different Khazar Mafia oligarchs back then. Today: only difference is skim going to more western-friendly Khazar Mafia oligarchs, but hurts Ukraine people way more than Yanokobych times when Ukraine had some kind of legitimate economy.

            “…but anyways, no mercy with stupid UA people, who elected those idiots in charge…”

            Sorry, but I’m sympathetic. I have to be. I’m from the US where the entire voting process is rigged. I’m only ‘allowed’ to vote for oligarch-approved psychopathic politicians (‘those idiots’) shilled by mainstream media. Everything important they do after being elected is too secret for me to know. They are further protected by a broken system of laws, guaranteeing their immunity from justice and being held resposible for any harm they inflict on the people. Voting and the law in Ukraine were both corrupted for the exact same reasons. Neither is capable of fixing anything.

            “…one day people UA will do the neccessary things to remove this zioCon puppets in Kiev…”

            Yeah… and one day I might win $100M in the lottery. I’m not entirely hopeless – I have just come to realize the psychopath’s incredibly powerful and self-protecting mechanisms used to usurp a government. A simple wood chipper would take care of the current crop of psychopaths, but new ones would just replace them.

            “It’s a bigger job than I thought… I might have to ask this guy for help.”


  • TomWonacott

    To the editors of Strategic Culture – or is that the editors of RT?

    By contrast, Poroshenko, an oligarchic figure who gained his wealth from chocolate manufacture, has shored up his presidency by shamelessly playing up Russophobia and baseless fears of military invasion of Ukraine by Russia. But during his office, Ukraine has descended into economic chaos as well as being racked by a frozen conflict with breakaway self-declared republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

    There have been three separate invasions by Russia into Ukraine. The first was simply to force a referendum at the point of gun in Crimea. The invasion was denied by Russia, but later exposed in a documentary meant for home consumption where Putin took credit for overseeing the invasion. Russia illegally annexed the Crimea Peninsula in 2014 after the invasion. Two other invasions occurred in Eastern Ukraine to ensure that the separatists were not defeated by the Ukrainian military in late 2014 and early 2015. Russia has denied these invasions, but according to the murdered journalist Boris Nemtsov in “Putyin. War”, the war in Eastern Ukraine is run from Moscow.

    The war in Eastern Ukraine is meant to undermine the Kiev government and the economy of Ukraine since the Donetsk and Luhansk regions are the industrial heart of Ukraine. The ICC determined that Russia is illegally occupying Crimea. This is no civil conflict. In addition, the ICC determined that the war in Donbas is an international conflict between Russia and Ukraine putting a lie to Putin’s propaganda (Forbes, “International Criminal Court: Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine Is A ‘Crime,’ Not A Civil War”; 11-20-2016 ).

    During April and May 2014 antigovernment demonstrators seized government buildings in eastern Ukraine and thwarted government efforts to regain control. The situation deteriorated rapidly into mass violence, and the Ukrainian government deployed its armed forces against the “militias” of the self-proclaimed People’s Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. The intensity of hostilities increased in April and July 2014 with artillery shelling, shooting down Ukrainian helicopters and transport planes, a fierce battle for Donetsk airport, and the downing of MH17 by a missile launched by antigovernment forces on July 17, 2014. Two periods of particularly intense battles in late August 2014 and from January to February 2015 have been attributed to alleged influxes of troops, vehicles, and weaponry from the Russian Federation

    Russia has been the aggressor from the get-go. The editorial at Strategic Culture is pure propaganda.

    • Sinbad2

      Your ignorance is of truly biblical proportions.

      • TomWonacott

        Sorry, I don’t read the bible. Otherwise excellent rebuttal!

    • Pave Way IV

      Well, the original transfer of Crimea to Ukraine was illegal at the time, according to the Soviet constitution. Even those evil bastards recognized that a country probably shouldn’t be allowed to give away a million of its citizens and all their property without their consent.

      I don’t think they even bothered warning the Russians in Crimea that it was going to happen. They simply woke up one day an read in the newspaper that they were now Ukraine SSR citizens.

      Hell, even Russia later (reluctantly) acknowledged that Crimea was part of Ukraine – 1994? And it would still be today if it wasn’t for those meddling US kids!

      Fuck the ICC – where’s the ‘illegal regime change’ convictions for my psychopathic leaders the US?

    • Wolfgang Wolf

      AND? better russian “invasion”, than a stupid oligarch NAZI regime from Kiev )))))) go to Crimea and ask the local people… they will tell you about “invasion” and kick your ass back home!

  • Wolfgang Wolf

    some Kalibrs into Rada and SBU buildings; catching the other oligarch idiots with spetsnats forces, disable the ukrainian army command and then – done. peace.