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Kiev’s Forces Are Primed For Attack If They Can Overcome Their Own Minefields

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Open and wide-scale hostilities appear unavoidable in Eastern Ukraine.

Kiev is on the war path, with the “unwavering” support of the US and NATO.

Over April 5th, and going into April 6th, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) continued their usual activities of deploying more troops to the demarcation line.

Russia is also transferring forces to the border with Ukraine and in the Crimea.

In total, over the last 24 hours 7 separate ceasefire violations were recorded, each including a high number of shots and shells.

Two UAF soldiers were killed.

Near the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR), the UAF has several armored personnel carriers deployed at the village of Schstastye.

Still, the LPR said its militia was fully prepared to deal with any Ukrainian provocation, as according to them 60% of Kiev’s military hardware was entirely non-operational.

The Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) reported that its militia had thwarted an attempt by a Ukrainian sabotage group to conduct reconnaissance near the borders of the Republic in the area of the village of Shumy near Horlivka.

Incidents of Ukrainian servicemen being blown up by their own mines continue.

Russia, for its part, is making further deployments, as footage showed that Nona-S self-propelled howitzers were being delivered towards the potential frontline.

It is also deploying the units of the 76th Guards Air Assault Division, commonly known as the Pskov paratroopers.

Ukraine is continually blaming Russia for the concentration of forces, while it keeps shelling both the DPR and LPR.

It is negotiating with its allies, speaking with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and others.

NATO’s military attaché and its advisers are expected to arrive on the front line in Ukraine and provide their military expertise in the potential upcoming hostilities.

The active movement of military transport aircraft between NATO countries and the Ukraine continues.

The United States and its allies continue to saturate the Ukrainian army with military equipment, including UAVs, electronic warfare systems, anti-tank systems, MANPADS and other modern high-precision systems.

Meanwhile, the US carried out a typical diplomatic maneuver when a war may break out.

It said it would hold discussions with Moscow, as that is the precise form of support Kiev is likely to receive in the case that open hostilities take place.

The toolkit includes a willingness to partake in the discussion, and sending Washington’s hopes and prayers.

War between Russia and Ukraine seems to be highly likely.

Many military-political experts claim that the current situation can only be resolved by a military conflict.

Some of them declare a war now is preferable to a war later for Russia.

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Looks like the US/UK terrorist Ziocorporate globalists will be deploying whatever missiles they want in Europe thanks to EUkraine’s well-timed warmongering spree.

Putin’s getting more chances to negotiate his response to this move thru EU Zioterrorists it seems. More chances to pitch the wonderful benefits of selling cheap gas to German Zioterrorists for the EU-friendly Russian Jewligarchy and partners that own 50% of Gazprom to rake in those billions of dollars and euros.

And all because creating global networks free from having to trade and do business with US/NATO/EU Ziocorporate terrorists would be “WW3 and nuclear armaggedon”.

Whatever, no need to tell the people of Donbass to brace for impact, they haven’t stopped being shelled, sniped and bombed by EUkrainian terrorists for 7 years anyway.

Steve Standley

Gentlemen, in the event of war, does Ukraine even have a chance? Russia has moved fast-deployment units into place on the borders. I have heard almost nothing but bad things about the UAF. How long would it take for decisive action here, and why?

Ricky Miller

Ukraine would have next to no chance in a major conflict. Russia has command of the air and of the sea. Russian surface to air missile defenses are top notch and able to deal with the drone and loitering munition incursion. In armor and heavy guns Ukraine is far outmatched. In terms of money enough to keep an Army in the field waiting forever for orders to march Ukraine is at a disadvantage as well. The only upside for them right now is that Russia is clearly not trying to lure them into combat.
During Georgia-Russia conflict in 2008 there were or are some accusations that Russia postured and hid forces and baited Georgia to attack. I don’t think that’s true but here it’s clearly not the case. Russia has moved heavy forces into positions and provided ample warning, openly. They are clearly signaling to Ukraine and everyone else that they’ll intervene in case of large scale assaults. If Russia wanted to spring a trap on them we’d be seeing no or little military movements on Russia’s part. The way out is clear and Russia doesn’t have it in for them or anything. Ukraine still has the option to choose a better path.
In terms of how long, the first few days would be slow. Russian forces would demonstrate superiority but also would restrain themselves, giving Ukraine a way back out. But if Ukraine tries to escalate after the first days of reverses and limited bad news the Russian commanders could bring the heat down hard. It would take 48-72 hours of intense bombardment and precision strikes to degrade Ukraine’s air defenses and Air Force. Another half a week after that the attrition in artillery and armor among Ukrainian forces at the front lines would begin to show. At that point it would all depend on how far Russia wants to go in terms of punitive military actions, and that would probably be determined in large measure by how much of a fit the West throws. If they are wrecking what’s left of Russia’s relationships with the EU and the USA than Russia might choose to take all of Ukraine and “build back better.”

Steve Standley

Zelensky is now begging for NATO membership; since the US is probably behind the UAF buildup pushing it, I would imagine NATO membership will be a possibility. It seems like the only way for the UAF to “win”.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

If the Ukies think that NATO are coming to their rescue, then they will be obliterated.
Russia will strike any NATO movements into Ukraine, and why not. We’ve seen the prequel, German troops in West Poland, then straight to the attack of Russian soil in WW2, and that is worth ending humanity for in a nuclear exchange, in Russian eyes.

No way will NATO get so near an angry Russia. This is all about sacrificing the cannon fodder of Ukraine, so the Yanks can scream Russian aggression and force their EU vassals into buying US products.

Jens Holm

The Molotov – Rippentrop solution also gave Stalin direct borders to west and Germany.

Why is that censured away.

Several million Russian troops actually left the safer and very modern Stalin line for that and into improvised positions.

Thats where You find the reasons for the many dead Russians.

And not all was straight Russian soil at all as well.

I hope You soon will get internet and by that free information included maps and youtubes about it. I dont see the relevancy as well.

When Poles are liberated form the USSR collapse and by thta also becomes memebers of Nato as well as EU, should they by that have no own military forces as well as support with the new friends.

Poles should rearrange their military forces to Holland or Spain:)

Ricky Miller

It’s not censured away, Jens. A proper criticism of Stalin’s leadership is an open subject in Soviet and Russian history and was openly if respectfully discussed after Stalin’s death and the execution of Beria.

Stalin purged the Army leadership. Stalin made the M-R agreement after the Western Allies refused the USSR appeals for a deterrent alliance, and after Western promises to Prague proved to be a sad joke. Stalin believed in the ten year non-aggression clause, even despite reports of German overflights, troop movements, etc. And Stalin doubted intelligence sources from Richard Sorge and from Switzerland which predicted Barbarossa down to one day off.

Most of all Stalin insisted that territorial buffers in Poland, the Baltic States and Finland were necessary for more security space despite the fact that Soviet fortifications farther East were formidable. Stalin insisted that these fortifications be moved forward to the treaty line believing he had ten years to be ready. This information isn’t censured at all and has been covered by Glantz and others, including Russian historians in the Yeltsin Era.

What is censured, or hidden in the West, is an accurate telling of what the USSR did to win the war, an accurate understanding among most Westerners regarding the costs to the Soviet people and certainly no accurate discussion regarding the burdens and sorrows they had to bear. Not everyone could surrender within one weekend, like Copenhagen.

Jens Holm

Again You lie and are highly incorrect.

It was USSR which did not join the rest having made deescalation, which mainly Chamerlain was blamed for. France was a part of that treaty.

It also was to punish France.

Your version for Poles is far out too. USSR as the only one lost WW1 three times and for very good reasons.

You ignore USSR from 1930 was in warmode producing weapons as well as soldiers and millions of them.

You even ignore USSR from about 1935 was in extra warmode producing and develloping the Red Army and the rest, so people hardly had something to eat, roofs and healt care.

You also – OF COURSE – ignore Russia by the Tzars was the ones – which was showed again in 1991 – was the expoansive Neocolonialists.

If any needed some buffers, it was the many smal ones. You are an idiot.

Nothing is hidden here. It was hiden by systematic manipulation for the whole Comecon/Warzaw pact, so people there after a few generations didnt know their own past. Thats how it is and was.

Iyts exact the same for Ukraine, Belarus and Poland. Those Countries and their populations systematicly has been moved west and has been repopulated by Russians.

So when people there – some of them fx west of Minsk use the red and white Pilsuski flag its because it was Pokand and the majority was Poles. If You say no, I allow me to add the millions of killed Jews there, which also not was accepted as Russians-.

Here You of course ignore Ukraine dor very good reasons didnt like the Bolsjevics and the civile war as well as what happend next.

I dont blame people even being nazis there. You blame them for being not lovers to the rest of the slaves there as well as not supporting the Sovjet declining and collapse.You show no respect for people has to choose.

If any need buffers and fence it the people kept as prisoners by fence and wall all the way to west of Berlin.

Ricky Miller

Nonsensical drivel, Jens. The USSR sent representatives to London and Paris, and they were left cooling their heels. The representatives that the UK sent to Moscow were low ranking and not even authorized to make a deal. The Western Powers had read Mein Kampf and knew that the USSR was the ultimate Reich target, and hoped the USSR would fight Germany first, so they did nothing. They didn’t even honor their treaty obligations to the Czechs and the Slovaks. That’s when Stalin switched to a pro-German Foreign Minister and cut a deal to try and keep the USSR out of the war. And he was right to; the British and French didn’t even honor their treaty obligations to assist Poland, Western newsprint of the era themselves calling it “a phony war.”
Of course the USSR armed during the 1920’s and 1930’s. The USSR had already been invaded by the Western powers after the First World War. Japan was arming up and the USSR had to fight them off before anything happened in Europe. Sovereign states have the right to develop defenses, Jens. It’s not an evil act.
Your claim was that these events were censured in the USSR and Russia. That’s a lie. After Stalin, his leadership was open to criticism as the USSR de-Stalinized. And these events, pro and con, are openly discussed there today.


Watch Soviet Storm. It tells the story. By June 6, 1944, the Soviet forces were proceeding west and the final result was inevitable and only the delusional madman running Germany could believe otherwise.


Didn’t the Stalin admin get “that territorial buffer” in Finland by hitting their own people with artillery fire, framing Finland for it, and justifying the Winter War? Khrushchev copped to the Shelling of Mainila being a false flag attack.

As the saying goes, Ricky, “The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.” Maybe Stalin “believed in the ten year non-aggression clause,” but why would anyone else believe when his admin already showed a history of lying people into wars…?

Ricky Miller

My reading of the Winter War is different than your interpretation. The Finns sent a delegation to Moscow and were openly given an ultimatum. Stalin even joked with them that they’d get 100% approval in the Finnish legislature, laughing loudly. The Russians wanted Finnish withdrawals in certain areas and wanted a base farther West along the Gulf of Finland. It was open selfishness designed to make the USSR more secure while taking from Finland and causing war, which Finland lost, then lost again after joining an alliance with Germany. Today’s border between the Russian Federation and Finland exists along the parameters of Stalin’s 1940 demands.
People can believe whatever they want. But factually, Germany violated the agreement and the USSR kept every detail of it. That’s historical fact.

Ricky Miller

A link to a sex site? Here I thought I was clicking on something with a narrative about the Winter War. But, smut. Like so much of western civilization these days.


OK, so if the Stalin admin’s “open selfishness” led to them attacking their own people and lying everyone into a war with Finland, when Germans argued that the Stalin admin was preparing to do the same to them and struck first, isn’t that somewhat reasonable…?

Ricky Miller

I don’t think so. The level of force brought at the frontier line on launch off night was overwhelming. It was predator and prey. Given the goals to absorb Russia’s resources, destroy Saint Petersburg (I see no need for a metropolis at this location) and turn the Moscow region into a massive reservoir, it would be difficult to understate the aggressive and long term planning for the attack. And reading in Hitler’s long term ideas for settling the problems in the East, it’s hard to see it for anything other than what it was: a brutal war for conquest.


Ricky, have you considered a conquer-or-be-conquered scenario? Please compare old Hitler to “new Hitler” Putin: The Maidanites and the “international clique” oligarchs are preparing to lie everyone into a “new” war around Ukraine, but if Russia struck first, wouldn’t that appear like “overwhelming” force? Today, we have the advantage of the Internet and alternative media to make more objective sense of these things; people 80 years ago, not so much…

Ricky Miller

What you describe makes sense, it just didn’t happen that way. Germany delayed Barbarossa to go down to the Balkans and aid Italy. If they really expected a huge attack from the massive Red Army, they would have told Italy no way. Got a four alarm fire expected any day up here. Handle your business. But, they knew they had time. So, South they went.

Also, I have a problem with anyone who describes Vladimir Putin as a new “Hitler.” Mr. Putin lost family to the Nazi invasion and is about the farthest thing from a fascist that one could find.


Ahh, but how much time did they have? An indefinite amount because the Soviets were never going to attack? Or enough time to help Italy before the Soviets attacked? Back to Ex-Soviet Russia, something similar happened with Russian troops being sent to help Syria in 2015 despite the inevitability of the Maidanites escalating over Ukraine. Turns out the escalation might happen years later, but what reason does anyone have to deny it was going to happen eventually…?

As for “new Hitler” Putin, please bear with me here:

”We are opposing to those people… that ‘world elite’ which plans to establish technogenic based neo-slavery system seriously and forever. Under such world disorder, there will simply be no place for majority of people. Every ordinary fighter realizes it here… After Russia disintegrates, we will get world structure ruled literally by the devil.”
~ Donbass militia member Gennadiy Dubovoi, 2014

“The present Republic is a colony of slaves at the service of the stranger. At best it has subjects, but not citizens… For by enforcing a policy of financial blackmail, to squeeze the last ounce of substance out of its people, it is forced also to take their last rights away from them, lest the general discontent may one day flame up into open rebellion.”
~ “Mein Kampf”

See the similarities, Ricky? As Dubovoi implied, the Putin administration’s policies are aligned against neo-slavery and financial blackmail, so as far as the “international clique” elites are concerned, Putin is “new Hitler.”

cechas vodobenikov

poles as racist and incompetent as Danes—although they could easily occupy your nazi nation, as did the Germans in WWII
you racist idiot…M-R created only after fascist Western Europe/USA refused to ally w USSR vs nazi Germany…jens so stupid she does not realize almost as many Ukrainians died in WWII as Russians, many Uzbeks, etc
USSR defeated both nazis and Japan—if not for the USSr u would be part of Germany—racist cowardly Danes always submissively ask their US master for lube w dildo

Jens Holm

Poles compared to You are very normal ones, which dont invade other contries.

You totally ignore USA as many other in the world tryed to deescalate things and by that also dint care half a camel about things, You say they should.

In 1938 they by those good reasons only had 400.000 soldiers and as in WW1 tryed hard to be out of Europe apart from trading with anyone there. The 180.000 of those were the National FGueard, which was not allowed to leave the country.

In 1938 they went up to 1 million soldiers, but it was because of a maybee comming trade war against the Jappanse. Here USA had no weapons for it. They could not transport themself as well as they had no supply or even logistics for it.

Your version for what I know and dont know seemes very visible. I do know much more then You ever will.

Your version for the russians against the Japenese is totally againt the treaty with Rosewelt, Stalin and Churchill. USA and partly Brittts defeated Japan. That was a writtenagrement. You talk abourt bfore that and the Manchoko expansion Here You are right but also wrong.

Bit USSR and Russia should have left China as well as the areas around them alone. They didnt. Here Russia did beat Japan.

We dont have the same good realations to dildos as You have.Maybee Russia should have more minaretes:)


Cannot tell if serious… No, Jens, the USA was active in sanctions and provocations years before WW2, much like some of the other Allies. Ever heard of the book, “War is a Racket”? US Major General Smedley Butler sarcastically warned, “The Japanese, a proud people, of course will be pleased beyond expression to see the United States fleet so close to Nippon’s shores. Even as pleased as would be the residents of California were they to dimly discern through the morning mist, the Japanese fleet playing at war games off Los Angeles.” And he said this in 1935.

Butler also said, “In China in 1927 I helped see to it that the Standard Oil went its way unmolested.” He was referring to his Marine Expeditionary Force, but the US military was active in China at least since the Boxer Rebellion almost 30 years before that. Does the US moving more and more of its forces around Japan sound like trying “to deescalate things”…?


“USSR defeated both nazis and Japan:” And now here you are complaining about how “Western Europe/USA,” which were providing the USSR with billions of dollars worth of logistical support and military aid, are now running Germany and Japan…

“Great Patriotic War” propaganda aside, the world oligarchs are still causing trouble in large part due to the Soviets.


The players’ roles were different in WW2. Back then, Germany was with the “axis of evil” countries, Danzig in Poland had the shared ethnic population which was annexed to protect them, and Soviet Russia was receiving American military aid.

Ex-Soviet, Christian Russia’s role is now that of Nationalist Socialist Germany’s. Why do you think Putin is the “new Hitler,” his ally, “butcher Assad” is “gassing people for no reason,” and his other ally, “dictator Xi” is “putting innocent minorities in camps”?

The goal of all these provocations, sacrificing Ukrainian and NATO forces, etc. is not just for “buying US products.” The world oligarchs want to justify shutting down the Internet and alternative media (like South Front), ramp up the “Make America Great Again” / “Build Back Better” infrastructure creation, feed all those jobs and production into their military-industrial complexes, and build their vassals up to a point where they can get regime change against the “axis of evil.” It is what the Project for a New American Century called a “new Pearl Harbor.”

rightiswrong rightiswrong

US aid?
Wasn’t that a loan, paid back by war materials and reparations. And it was a tiny percentage of what the Soviets themselves paid in with financial and physical cost.
Hitler couldn’t have built squat without the backing of the wealthy elites and international financiers.
Russia does it in spite of them.
No one applied economic sanctions against Adolf or Germany, Japan yes, but not the Germans.


Strategically speaking, RIW, the Lend-Lease Act was not “a tiny percentage” in relation to the Soviets’ military needs. According to Weeks’s “Russia’s Life-Saver: Lend-Lease Aid to the U.S.S.R. in World War II,” the US provided around 93% of the Soviets’ produced railroad equipment, about 33% of their trucks, and 30% of their cargo aircraft. That kind of logistical support mattered; I mean, the Soviets were not going to walk everything to Berlin, right?

Secondly, we could make the same argument that Putin’s Russia or Xi’s China “couldn’t have built squat without the backing of the wealthy elites and international financiers.” Even now, for example, “Western” countries are continuing to import Russian oil, Chinese manufactured goods, etc. Does that mean Putin and Xi’s policies are mostly in-line with the banker gangsters and there will not be major regime change wars against them…?

“When compared to workers in America, the UK, Sweden and France, workers in Nazi Germany were paid the least. However, in the area of imports/exports, Nazi Germany did quite well. In 1933, 1935, 1936 and 1937 there was a trade surplus while the annual trade deficit of 1934 and 1937 were relatively small.”
~ “Nazi Germany and the Economic Miracle,” C.N. Trueman

Low worker wages compared to foreigners but having so much domestic production there are trade surpluses is exactly what China is doing now to reduce poverty and grow the middle class. Do you really believe the corrupt elites and financiers are happy China is doing that with the money? Then why would they be happy with Germany doing the same thing?

The Soviets’ policies were a different story: They enacted similar false flag wars (see: the Shelling of Mainila), waste, fraud, abuse socioeconomics (see: the Holodomor, Chernobyl May Day cover-up), supporting of other dubious administrations (see: Afghanistan’s Saur coup), etc. that we see in “Western” bankster-run countries.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

But it was still a loan, and the amount of supplies shipped to Russia was nowhere near the rates you quote.
Russia and China both sell goods to the world, the Nazis built weapons for their army. No comparison with the Germans being fed money so as to start a war against Russia/SU, and the normal everyday commerce Russia does today.


Sorry, RIW, but what is with this fixation on the Soviets paying back the loan? Their American Studebaker trucks are eerily similar to, say, the Wahhabists’ American pick-up trucks, but just because oil, gold, factory infrastructure, etc. is being used to pay for the materiel, does that make it legit…?
comment image
comment image

If you are going to claim “the amount of supplies shipped to Russia was nowhere near the rates you quote,” you will need evidence to counter it. Historians, even Russian ones like Evgeniy Spitsyn admit the nonlethal military aid was significant, but then try to hand wave it by saying that Americans like Rockefeller and Ford continued oil and automotive business deals with Germany. However, he presents another similarity with today’s continued “Western” business with Russia and China in spite of the real, regime change warmongering.

If you were not aware from South Front’s reporting on Russia’s hypersonic missiles and drones, “Russia and China… [like] the Nazis [also] built weapons for their army.” Obviously, Russia and China are not only producing weapons, but neither did Germany, hence the years of trade surpluses and middle class growth. Arguing that Germany’s industry was only about weapons is similar to today’s propaganda that Russia’s industry is only about weapons.

Face facts: The world elites were fine with the Soviets and their Bolshevik-brand Communism, just like the elites showed they were fine with China’s Bolshevik-brand Communism when they began normalizing “Western” relations with China and outsourcing corporate production in the 1970s. It is only now that the Soviets are gone and Christian Russia has returned that we are seeing world war levels of propaganda and provocations against Russia. Without today’s quick access to counter-propaganda, like through South Front, why wouldn’t you believe the “new Hitler” narrative against Putin like you believe the old Hitler narrative…?

rightiswrong rightiswrong

They got a loan from the USA, Britain. They paid it back. The Russians say 4% of the war effort was by loans. The Russians appreciated the equipment, but don’t be naive in over stating its importance. I couldn’t give a bollox what proof you want, stop reading Mein Kampf and look elsewhere.
Russia and China both sell products to the world, the Nazis did not. People like you say Russia only sells weapons, I didn’t. The Nazis got their money as they were puppets for the bankers, who needed a martial nation to attack Russia.

You can post all day, I hate Nazis and no amount of bollox at all will change my mind about the gay Austrian rent boy.


Not enough people cared about seeing proof that “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction:” How well did that turn out? Sorry, RIW, but your thinking, hating things regardless of facts and evidence is exactly the kind of opening the banksters have always exploited and will keep exploiting if we continue to smooth-brain this.

Let’s assume you want to do better and lead by example. My guess is that you do not support people falsely believing the banksters’s warmongering narratives, yeah? Well, World War 2 is not a magical oasis where the warmongering was legit.

1.) Lend-Lease’s loan nature is irrelevant and devaluing its importance, particularly of the nonlethal aid, requires stronger evidence.

2.) Germany’s trade surpluses are a fact and this was achieved by exporting mostly manufactured goods. If you want to argue that Germany’s exports were all weapons, again, that requires stronger evidence.

3.) The banksters using Germany as “a martial nation to attack Russia” is not supported by the actual war. Most military aid was shipped to the Soviets in 1944 when it was clear they would defeat Germany. Then there is the 1945 Lend-Lease aid: It was still about half of what the Soviets received the year before, and that’s with the aid finally stopping in September. The banksters obviously wanted the Soviets to win.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

The banksters paid the Germans to do their fighting for them, and the Germans went along with it.

If the banks wanted the SU to win, then they would have been the ones supplying all the money to bankrupted nations, not the US. The USA loaned to all sides, like how they sent Venezuelan oil to German forces right up until 1945. The banks tried their best to help the US to advance through Europe, and the Germans helped them by keeping the vast majority of their forces in the East.

Germany sold nothing, no VWs, no BMWs, these companies became world leaders after the war, again, with US/UK aid. Payback for German sacrifices for big finance.


Thanks, that’s much better. Spitsyn’s article also explains why the US was the “dominant” puppet country “supplying all the money to bankrupted nations.” He quotes Terkel’s “The Good War” as saying, “While the rest of the world came out bruised and scarred and nearly destroyed, we [Americans] came out with the most unbelievable machinery, tools, manpower, money.” The US took less damage than the SU, so the US took the lead with the banksters. That’s it.

Next, what do you mean the banksters wanted “to help the US to advance through Europe”? What would be the point of that? So the US forces could save Germany? Fight the Soviets? That makes zero sense. If the Soviets were the banksters’ true enemy, why split the US’s war effort by fighting Japan? Germany’s ally? Why weren’t the US, Germany, Japan, etc. all framed as “allies” or “frenemies” from years before the war when the propaganda and provocations began? After the war, why didn’t the US fight the SU? US General George Patton planned to finish off the Soviets, yet he got into a minor car “accident” and died, various excuses were made for why “the West” could not do what Patton was ready to do, and when the Soviets developed “their own” nukes, those were used as the excuse.

Yes, RIW, the USA, or rather, the banksters “loaned to all sides,” including sides they wanted real regime change against. They still do that. But considering Germany got real regime change while the SU did not, even though the banksters could have made that happen, why is it so unbelievable the banksters wanted regime change against Germany, not the SU…?

Slight correction on this one: “These companies became world leaders after the war, again, with US/UK indefinite military occupation.” The banksters treated and continue to treat Germany like they conquered it because they did. Then there is the nature of some of Germany’s current trade, like the Dolphin nuclear-capable submarines being shipped to “Israel.” Do you think Iraq and Iran would have sympathized with Nationalist Socialist Germany, and got invaded by the Allies because of it, if the country were a Zionist vassal like it is now?

Speaking of Zionists, please note that the Soviets were supporting the Zionists’ weird chemical weapon claims with “Nazi gas chambers” long before the White Helmets were doing it with “Assad gassed people.”

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Good to know the Soviets were warning us about Nazi gas chambers.

So the US are now supporting the Nazis again, in Idlib, Libya,Nigeria, Mozambique etc.
They never change.


Cannot tell if serious…
You mean the MacGyver-esque “shower rooms” turned delousing pesticide “Nazi gas chambers” which were eventually retconned to all be on the Soviets’ side of Berlin? Where camp detainees’ hair was cut, not to protect the detainees from head lice (hence all the Zyklon-B), but for “hair-yarn booties for submarine crews and hair-felt-socks for the Reich’s railway workers”? Three years’ worth of human hair footwear is nowhere to be found, but the Soviets have always been a trustworthy source… Maybe the hair socks are where Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction are hiding… [/sarcasm]

Come on, RIW: If people had the Internet and alternative media back then, a way to investigate and analyze these claims without waiting years or decades, we would be treating it like the Wahhabists’ claims “Assad gassed people for no reason.”
comment image

Let’s do the math: The banksters were supporting and pretending to fight the Soviets for almost 70 years, longer when one considers that the banksters hated the Christian, anti-serfdom tsars and had every reason to back the Marxist-Leninist Atheists to murder the tsars along with millions of other Christians. The banksters were doing the same with the Wahhabists and Al-CIA-da spin-offs for almost 40 years and counting. That’s how controlled opposition works, being kept around indefinitely.

Considering the banksters crushed the Nationalist Socialists after only 12 years in power, what logical conclusion can be reached besides “the US are now supporting the Soviets again, in Idlib, Libya,Nigeria, Mozambique etc.”?

Jens Holm

Typical eastern propagada comment. None in the rest of the world knows about it and never will.

Steve Standley

It’s all over the internet print news, Jens, and if the US wants to provoke war, it will be all over the MSM news. Do you read?


“… if the US wants to provoke war, it will be all over the alternative media news.”

Fix’d that for you, Steve. In the MSM, there will be news the US’s “beautiful” bombs protecting “freedom and democracy” from the hands of “Russian aggression.”

We have been through this already with the previous world wars. In fact, about one month before years of American sanctions and provocations led to Japan attacking Pearl Harbor, US Congressman Wright Patman criticized the Great Depression and the banker gangsters’ “idiotic system” of “the Federal Government borrowing the use of its own money.” He said, “I believe the time will come when people will demand that this be changed.” After FDR and the MSM pretended Japan attacked for no reason, Americans kept the banksters and fought Japan instead.

Today, the Internet and alternative media have been doing good work to defuse the warmongering and shift people attention to the real enemy, the idiotic money system, but what will happen when the censorship and media repression against the alt media really ramp up is anyone’s guess.

Steve Standley

Thoughtful response. We both agree that MSM is a propaganda tool, and it is true that they lie by omission just as often, if not more, than by commission.

cechas vodobenikov

LSD Jens knows zero believe his LGBT hallucinations to be reality


I agree but it seems to me that there’s no time for that anymore. Unless all this build-up is a rehearsal, like it happened in Armenia-Azerbaiyan border months before the actual confrontation


they still wouldn’t win,if it came to a showdown many of those Nato Countries wouldn’t have the stomach for a war and some would cease to exist,also Ukraine in Nato is a red line for Russia.

Assad must stay

all of HATO is no match for rossiya, rossiya is destined to overtake the world at this point, and nuclear war will most likely not happen due to concept of MAD (mutually assured destruction)

Ricky Miller

The last thing that Russian leadership can allow is for a fully fledged NATO force more than 100,000 strong to join up with an intact Ukrainian Armed Forces. If NATO (really, America and her hostages at this point) begins to move significant forces into Ukraine than Russia must act fast to follow a “fight them in two separate waves” strategy. Beat Ukraine in total as fast as militarily possible, leaving an intruding NATO force without a serious indigenous ally. Anything else is military malpractice and courting a Syria style slugfest right on Russia’s border.

Assad must stay

i hope russia takes over the world after the war hahahahaha they deserve it after the millions they lost in ww2

Diana Cornwell

Then why did Russian air defense assets failed so miserably in the recent Caucasus war, netting their Armenian ally 5000 killed and catastrophic land losses?


Because Armenia’s leadership didn’t want to win that war

Oliver Eitel

giving a man a gun or rifle does’t turn him into a soldier! How well trained and prepared were they?

Diana Cornwell

As far as I understand, the Armenians’ Russian SAMs couldn’t track slow-flying drones nor engage them above an altitude of 5000 meters. What S-300s they had failed to even fire and hit anything before they were destroyed by Turkish drones.

cechas vodobenikov

cornhole understands very far—all the way to fake news guardian

Ricky Miller

You keep repeating that lie. The best way for me to respond to it would be to ask you to use a search engine and research the equipment difference of the air defense units of Armenia and Russia, in modernized systems and in terms of numbers. There’s about 25 light years difference between the two, but if you don’t read it elsewhere I doubt me detailing it for you here will help deter or inform you from repeating these falsehoods again.
Advice: search S-350, TorM2, Sosna, Buk, Pantsir S2, and any number of armored vehicle borne auto-cannons like the Terminator.


Exactly, I’m not even gonna bother with his constant repeating of that lie. He doesn’t learn, he just keeps spouting the same BS.

Ricky Miller

For example (posts out of order) Armenia imported two Tor M1’s in 2019, reported by Jane’s on April 8, 2020. Russia has 8 battalions (2019) of TORm2’s and more than 170 battalions of TORm1. Big difference. Similiar figures exist for Pantsir and Armenia has 0 S-350’s, the most potent short to medium range system in existence. Russia itself has only several battalions as of 2019, perhaps four battalions now but against dozens of Turkish drones they’ll only need one group.

Diana Cornwell

You are denying the facts below:

As far as I understand, the Armenians’ Russian SAMs couldn’t track slow-flying drones nor engage them above an altitude of 5000 meters. What S-300s they had failed to even fire and hit anything before they were destroyed by Turkish drones.

cechas vodobenikov

cornhole understands fake anglo news…no s-300s in arts
even s-200 have shot down amerikan planes over syria
cornhole=military expert

Jihadi Colin

They couldn’t because the Armenian S 300 version was designed in a pre drone era and not meant to engage very small targets moving very slowly.

Diana Cornwell

Neither could the other Russian systems they had except for the Tor with limited success only.

Ricky Miller

The S-300’s Armenia has are older models, and not even as useful as the S-300PMU2 owned and operated by the Azeri. Russian Radars are better than the export models and way better than the older export models, and can illuminate larger drones just fine. Loitering munitions, made from mostly plastics and composites like Israel’s Harop (exported to the Azeri) are hard to track on most radars. But Russia doesn’t have to track them, they have newer auto-cannons mounted on armored vehicle chassis with 360 degree optical and infrared sensor coverage. Some Russian BMP’s are also equipped with an anti-drone optical option. And Russia’s forces have way better EW equipment and expertise, just keeping a remote drone under control anywhere near their forces is going to be difficult.
We will see some Russian units destroyed by drones and loitering munitions. There will be camera footage. These strikes will be militarily impotent. They won’t occur in numbers enough to effect the outcome of major combat operations. And the bases these drones operate from will experience something that hasn’t happened in NK or in Syria, and only twice in Libya: long range precision fire against the bases that operate and control these units.

Diana Cornwell

So you’re saying the Russians have the technology to track the signals controlling the drones all the way back to the base they’re emanating from and destroy it?
If so, do the Americans also have this ability to isolate and home in on the signal source?
Have the Russians struck the base whence the drone swarms were directed at them? With success?

Ricky Miller

The Russians have not done so in combat. Iran demonstrated combat capability by blocking the signal to a top of the line U.S. drone and acquiring partial control of it, causing it to crash land. They recovered the drone.
Russia has specialized battlefield EW equipment able to determine direction and intensity of distant signals. They could jam these signals or use anti-radiation guided missiles to destroy the emitters. In an American strike on Syria in 2018 Russian EW defenses interfered with cruise missile re-targeting guidance causing some Tomahawks to strike the same building that had already been destroyed.
I’m not certain about American capabilities but I’d suspect them to be similiar in both EW warfare and anti-radiation suppression.

Diana Cornwell

Thanks for the information. Another rude person mentioned that the cannon in your pictures is a 57mm piece. How effective is that going to be against loitering munitions or drones flying at an altitude of 5000 meters?

Ricky Miller

Well they are slightly more powerful with a longer range than naval units I’m familiar with that are effective at 3000 meter ranges to 5000 meter ranges. But if loitering munitions or drone fired missiles attack from the top axis position the range would drop slightly. But a positive feature of autocannon defenses, especially when operating together to provide team fire support ( something not seen with surface to air missiles in Nagorno- Karabak) is the range of motion provided by the gun and it’s optical sensors. Meaning it can target directly above, or near to it while it’s networked neighbor opens up from an oblique angle as well. Only a drone swarm is going to beat enough of these things to get around them and get at the equipment and personnel they’re protecting. The best defense against that would be decoys and or destruction of launching sites, vehicles, or aircraft.

Diana Cornwell

Thanks again.
The surest way to defeat the drones is to destroy the launching site then. Good reconnaissance assets would be crucial for the job.

Ricky Miller

comment image comment image comment image

Diana Cornwell

A single-barrel light cannon? What’s the rate of fire/effective range on this piece? Do you know what the Russians supposedly used against the drone swarms attacking their base in Syria?


Its a 57mm autocannon. Just shows how little you know….

Dumb slapper.

Rhodium 10

Armenia only used one TOR M2…it was in Martuni region….and that system shot down 2 TB2 and 10 Harop&Orbiter drones….AZ couldnt destroy it….and only when was spotted by special forces using an small Cuadracopter drone…that TOR M2 was destroyed when was hided in a grain…

cechas vodobenikov

dimwit cornhole—air defense not employed in artahsk….Russia not ally of artahsk–has always recognized as Azeri territory
cornhole believes 2200 reported deaths =5000..arithmetic not taught to dimwit anglos

Jihadi Colin

Russia won’t take over Ukraine. It would be a financial haemorrhage with no positives at all.

Kenny Jones ™

Russia will turn the lights off, then take over the country in 2 days, but this is good because there will be no inter-Slavic bloodshed, this is what the k!kes want against the white race, but Putin won’t please them, the problem is simply the Ukrainian Maidan coup regime, they will get rid off

Assad must stay

yea that nazi thing has to go lol

Diana Cornwell

Putin is Jewish.

Steve Standley

That’s a verifiable lie.


STFU troll.

cechas vodobenikov

cornhole a racist atheist

Diana Cornwell

Oh my God, please rescue us from this Nazis!

Diana Cornwell

Why, you’re ashamed of being Jewish?


What? I think you are 100 % nuts.

Diana Cornwell
Jihadi Colin

No he isn’t. Nazinyahu’s desperate attempts to woo Russia and Putin’s tacit laissez-faire attitude towards Zionistani crimes in Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine don’t make him Jewish.

Diana Cornwell
Joe Birch

Ukraine has had 2 elections since Maidan so your description of the government as a “regime” is nonsensical and very childish.

Yanukovich ran away to Russia with billions of dollars that he stole and free and fair elections have taken place since then.

Jim Allen

No, not really.

Steve Standley

Hmm. Explain if you like. Or perhaps it’s obvious to us all….

Jim Allen

You asked if “Ukraine even had a chance”…

Steve Standley

right. See that i updated my comment to say, “or perhaps it’s obvious to us all”. If you have any specifics, I wouldn’t mind reading them.

Rhodium 10

Russia needs this war for 3 reasons:
1º To defeat an enemy army.
2º To protect Donbass and not leave them alone like in 2014
3º To Retake Novorossiya lands…it would be a great counterweight in all Russia federation especially when pro western liberals infects the large cities of the west part of Russia….it will be( Novorossiya) a patriotic part of Russia free of pro western Liberals like Donbass and Crimea.

Jim Allen

Donbass was not left alone in 2014.
Far from it. How do you think they manage to keep kicking Ukropnazi ass if/when they even move ?

Assad must stay

overcome their own minefields HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! TOO FUNNY

Jihadi Colin

You know what, more Indian soldiers died in their own minefields in the India Pakistan standoff in 2001, when not a shot was fired, than died in the India Pakistan war in 1999.

Assad must stay


Jihadi Colin

Also the mine fuzes were made by a company better known for children’s toys.

AM Hants

Reminds me of 2014. Stilettos and cauldrons, so comes to mind. With Merkel rushing to the Kremlin, begging them to let NATO out of the cauldrons. Which led to Minsk II, which Ukraine have just violated, with Germany and France Guarantors. Old Boris Johnson, appears to be Bill Browders colonic irrigation tube, but, not sure why Browder is running things over in the UK and also a member of Integrity Initiative. Boris, Foreign Secretary, which funded Integrity Initiatiave and Russia Media Disinformation Trolls, via the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, during Skripal false flag and now Prime Minister, working for the globes. However, Boris is not the sharpest tool in the box and although the UK spends the same amount on defence as Russia, give or take a $billion, the toys and active serving military personnel, do not go as far.


Boris is half kjew

AM Hants

MK Ultra child with a wide range of DNA, including Great Nan, from the Nomadic Turkic Tribes, that were living over in Eastern Europe at the time and not forgetting his Turkish Great Grandfather, who had a dodgy past. Boris has stayed loyal to their ambitions and not forgetting he was born in New York, educated in Brussels, before winning a scholarship to Eton and then onto Oxford University, before ending up a journalist. Now how many Times and Telegraph (Boris and Gives) journalists also have links to the Cambridge Spy Ring/Bolshevik-Nanzi elite?

jabirujoe .

Did someone mention stillettoscomment image

AM Hants

Ha-ha and hello stranger. I hope all is well with you and do enjoy the postcards from your travels. Take care and look after yourself. NATO stilettos, are something completely different, and normally come in UK Size 13 with hair growth attached haha.

Ryan Glantz

Russia, you know what to do. USA patriots got your back.

Jihadi Colin

Unfortunately, American patriots have no say in the affairs of their country.

Jihadi Colin

The first rule of how not to get your head handed to you on a platter in a war: Don’t underestimate your enemy. It’s happened over and over and over that an enemy was underestimated and handily defeated the allegedly superior force. A few instances: Ethiopia beat Italy at Adwa, the USSR beat Germany in WWII, “a bunch of” Chinese.”laundrymen” (in the charming words of an Amerikastani general) fought the so called United Nations to a standstill in Korea, Vietnamese “g o o k s” and Afghan “turban heads” whacked Amerikastan in Vietnam and Afghanistan. The lesson is vital: underestimating your opponent is an invitation to being beaten hollow.

I keep seeing people act as though the Ukranazis are a pushover. They are not a pushover. They’ve had years to be trained by NATO and they’re getting 300 tons of weapons a day from Amerikastan. Even if 50% of their troops are useless, the remainder still outnumber the Donbass armies by more than 3 to 1, in the absence of Russian intervention they have total control of the air, and you can be sure they have NATOstani “advisors” as their officers, and even Brutish and/or Amerikastani special forces in disguise among them.

Obviously Russia is not confident of the ability of the Donbass Republics to hold on in the face of an Ukranazi offensive, which is why it’s reinforcing its military forces on the border. Obviously Russia does not underestimate the Ukranazis, no matter what armchair “strategists” have to say.

I’m glad Russian generals are not like some of you.


The Russian troops deployment means that they are not relying on Donbass military alone to map the floor with the Ukis.
Secondly, Western especially American military advisors are a curse for any military. Tell me an American-trained military, which has not failed in a short order. I saw the training level of American soldiers in Afghanistan through an American documentary. It was laughable. Their training was; practicing to change magazines of their rifles. When they’ve been sent out to patrol, they did not even know that they have to duck under enemy fire. Meeting 4 Taliban fighters, required to ask for air strike. But after returning to base, trying their best to avoid any enemy contact, all of them received a medal and a framed “diploma”. Typical everyone deserves a trophy idiotic American concept.

Jihadi Colin

True enough, but Amerikastan is depending on being able to draw Russia into the Donbass war and will do whatever it takes to do that.

And the Ukranazis are a lot of things, but when en masse they are not cowards. The conscripts may run but the Ukranazis will fight. They will only run when their armour, artillery and air are obliterated, and only Russia can do that, not the Donbass armies.

Also, training Afghans whose first inclination is to desert or defect before being killed in a guerrilla war is a bit different from a planned Blitzkrieg.

cechas vodobenikov

ukrop special forces and nazi militias were humilited at debaltsevo by Sparta, essence of time, varya

Jihadi Colin

2021 is not 2014.


Correct, Colin. The “international clique” oligarchs backing the Maidanites are not a pushover either. Otherwise, they would not have won the previous world wars.

Situations like this are when the “Great Patriotic War” propaganda does more harm than good: It puffs up Soviet Russia’s formidability while ignoring that the Soviets were on the side of the world elites.

Joe Birch

Why do you refer to Ukrainians as Nazis? The President is Jewish … do you believe he is a Jewish Nazi and that what you describe as Nazi Ukraine voted a Jew into the Presidency?

Time you have your computer back to Mummy it’s bed time

Jihadi Colin

Even if we believed that Jews can’t be Nazis, Zelensky is a figurehead. Do you even had be the slightest idea what’s going on in Ukranazistan beyond the Amerikastani Empire propaganda?

cechas vodobenikov

Does anyone need such a “war”? Russian teenage pioneers could occupy all of Ukraine to the Dnieper with 18th century muskets and bottles of homemade vodka …the ukrop military will drive their tanks into ditches drunk, then ask for Russian passports. since 2014 3.5 million Ukrainians have sought asylum in Ukraine
if war, Ukraine can request to be colony of Moldova having permanently ceded the most productive parts of the ukraine to Russia
never underestimate the people of donbass (tube dahk daughters, “Donbas”. even Trotsky remarked when goes to the Donbass a gas mask is recommended ….USA anglo cowards humiliated since they will do zero…impotent germans/French can beg for Russian gas/oil at increased prices…even UK/USA now purchase Russian gas/oil, now at nearly 70$ per barrel….nice for Russia where production costs are less than 20$…USA costs are 50$
the bewildered anglo herd may be frightened; their ruling class is not so stupid—hopefully

Joe Birch

How on earth can Ukrainians seek asylum in Ukraine?

Are you thick?


Bear will get to play with US and NATO’s toys soon and after capturing them, reverse engineer them.


GK, isn’t much of the US and NATO’s current equipment cost-inflated, over-engineered, get-rich-quick schemes? “Bear” is more likely to learn about how to squander more taxpayer money instead of effective peer-adversary technology.

However, whatever the world elites are spending their secret, black budgets on, the “toys” being deployed when their next major war “officially” begins, might a different story…


I’m still favouring that Plan A is to provoke Russia into striking first so that the Ziocorporatists can scream Russian aggression and turn EU against NS2. Of course, Ukrainian lives do not matter to the Ziocorporatists sociopaths, only their own perverted interests. So loss of life is not even a factor except for how it can be used to spin the propaganda. But Russians already know this punch line and are too disciplined to be provoked by a bad joke.

Plan B is all out attack by Ukraine. It is clearly blood drenched insanity and any success rests on the “unwavering” support of its “US” Ziocorporate puppeteers. Remember Hungary, Afghanistan, South Vietnam, Bay of Pigs in Cuba, Venezuela? The perpetrators were all promised unwavering US support. As the history shows, Ukraine may be better served waiting for a Divine Wind to come to its rescue. There will be neither “US” nor NATO foot soldiers in any case. Remember they will not take casualties. There will only be the special forces thugs to advise them on using the electronic weapons. That is until the tide quickly turns against them.

Plan C is the most likely. And that is return to status quo with Ukrainian humiliation in Donbass and Crimea continuing unabated and relentless Ziocorporate media attacks in the West on “evil” Russia aggression.

Jens Holm

comment image


“They will not take casualties”? Like how American troops in Iraq were not supposed to take casualties after Soleimani was murdered? You are correct, Andreas, that the world elites want “to provoke Russia into striking first” (and “first” needs to be in massive sarcasm quotes), but that is for the purpose of a Project for a New American Century “new Pearl Harbor.”

This is bigger than just NS2. Think of the old Pearl Harbor: Many Americans did not support a major regime change war and were getting angrier at the elites’ economic depressions, but after years of using sanctions and military provocations against the “axis of evil” countries, the US was attacked “first” and that was used to justify keeping the elites in place, then putting more people to work fighting the elites’ enemies.

Garry Compton

Russia’s mistake – as soon as Zelinsky mentioned USA and Nato help – Russia should have struck – destroyed Everything along the Donbas and Crimea borders and asked Kyiv for a surrender. If the jew said no – I would surround Kyiv and destroy the main government buildings. If Russia doesn’t destroy Ukraine’s military , the West will keep sending weapons, mercenaries and anything else – like mini nukes. Personally, i’d kill Ukraine the American way – Napalm, Willy Peter. BeeHive rounds and use Agent orange , every inch of Monsanto’s farms in Ukraine. Spacibo

Jens Holm

comment image

Garry Compton

Yep, I agree – the Nazis are on Russian borders again – and they need to be run back to Europe.

Joe Birch

The Nazis are on the the other side of Ukraine’s border getting ready to attack.

Garry Compton

Go back to Haifa Joseph – you babylonian talmud rabbi is calling you. You’re the dumbest troll I’ve seen on the internet – so far.

Joe Birch

I am not Jewish, just a long time resident of Kyiv.

Your anti-semitism is loud and clear though!

Just out of interest were you always a racist bigot or did you have to work at it?

Garry Compton

Dobre – I’m a long time resident of Crimea – and worked for a Kyiv/Moscow company in 08 . I hope your tanks and your Zionist Jew leaders – do the Unthinkable. And you, as an educated man, should now understand about the Zionist Jews their Pecheneg/ Khazarian history. And who backs the Wars going on. Of course it’s not all jews – I have friends in Israel – no offense. oo dah chee – I hope your Neo nazi’s don’t track you down and beat you , for conversing in Russian. lol

Joe Birch

I don’t speak Russian but most business in Ukraine is discussed in Russian as you are well aware.

The wars in our area are not started by Ukraine. Defending one’s country against invaders is al that is happening here after all it wasn’t Ukraine who attacked Russia it was Russia who attacked Ukraine when not shooting down passenger jets.

Strange how Putin said on many occasions that Ukraine and Russia are the same people we are brothers. Then we rejected Russia in favour of Europe and suddenly we are Neo Nazis.

Ask yourself why the children of all the Russian leaders live in the West … maybe because it is better.

That must be why Lavrov’s daughter is an American and why Putin’s kids live in The Neherlands.

You seem to be very anti-semitic, are your friends in Israel arabs?

Garry Compton

You are really programed — us Alaskans never got programed. Paka

Joe Birch

How long have you been an anti-semitic racist pig?

Garry Compton

Go back to Haifa – Jew Boy


Just shut off the gas

mike hutchings

this is why the presidential election that was stolen from Trump and 80 million real voters and given to a bumbling mouthpiece was so important…. it makes me sick to think that they destroyed our Republic for this. the US and Russia should be allies… what lunacy is this….MAGA

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