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Kiev’s Desperate Attempts To Provoke New War In Ukraine: 4 DPR Soldiers Killed Near Donetsk

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Kiev's Desperate Attempts To Provoke New War In Ukraine: 4 DPR Soldiers Killed Near Donetsk

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According to the reports of the People’s Militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), on June 21, in the north-western suburbs of the city of Donetsk, four DPR soldiers were killed and five more were injured as a result of shelling by Ukrainian troops.

“Today, at 10.10 a.m., as a result of mortar fire on the positions of the People’s Militia units near the Lozove settlement, three of our servicemen were killed by the 28th separate motorized infantry brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and another was seriously wounded,” the report reads.

According to the reports of the local Ministry, after the shelling, at 1.30 p.m. an ambulance with the evacuation group that transported the wounded and the bodies of the dead was fired from the UAF positions in the settlement of Krasnogorovka. As a result, one DPR soldier was killed and four others were injured.

The UAF opened fire despite the ceasefire proclaimed in coordination with the Ukrainian representative office in the Joint Control and Coordination Commission.

Apparently, the Ukrainian command is desperate to provoke a response from its enemies in order to attract once again the fading attention of its NATO allies.

However, the recent events on the frontlines in Eastern Ukraine, as well as the updated format of the international discussion between the US and Russia, led to the fact that the perception of those considered as allies by the Ukrainian Nazis has changed.

There is an obvious explanation: the Ukrainian regime has played too long with its neo-Nazi ideology. Western puppet masters permit a lot for their clients, including lies, massacres, military provocations etc.  But a red line remains: everything that the client does should be done the way that it could be easily wrapped in beautiful packaging and offered at its best to the Western internal audience.

Official Kiev is currently crossing this red line, particularly, carrying out the campaign of glorification of Nazi criminals; attempting to push on its ‘international allies’, providing blatant disinformation; covering incredible corruption, including the embezzlement of Western financial aid and, finally, obviously ignoring interests of their Western allies, whether Poland, Germany or the USA.


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Teddy Bass

Have a nice day my dear children 😀
Heart-warming news from Ukraine-front.Keep up the good work folks…4 Russian terrorists died,Heavy Rain in Crimea leads to flood which bring extra burden to Mafiatic Russian economy and mean while Denmark is raping Russians in Football.😁

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Teddy Bass

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jens holm

Putin right now is trying to learn “Old man river” and propose more swimming lessons.

The campaign is named “When Jesus can, we can too…”

He also try to transform Navalnew into a fish and water to wine…

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Shimon Bar Kokhba

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jens holm

I also heard the Russian players will be punished by knowing the West as exchange students in Denmark.

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Angus McAngus

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jens holm

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Stephan Williams

Mr. Bass, I earnestly hope you are able to find a cure for your all-consuming hatred.

Teddy Bass

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jens holm

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jens holm

Those nazis are what there are. The alternative is outdated communisme. Most people here always forget this many, which are not nazis og nationalists of the worst kind.

You know nothing about west. None and not even USA support Ukrainien nazisme. It semes they are no learners as what they came from. We just try to let them decide themself – so far the change to the better seemes worse too.


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jens holm

Russia cant even support itself with their sputnik selling it to anyone else for rubels. It seemes to be a part of the reforms over there. When the old dies – the living age is already low – they save a lot og pension and medical care.

Less vodka is a kind better. Dometic violence and other kinds of violence has lowered. By that there are less crime but also less jobs for the police and the employed in jails.

Only kind of better is, that they for strange reasons dont create new jobs, because none can handle advanced production and logistics for it.

The tax system is same thing. You pay none or is plundered to less then one shirt and no more. Very hard to pay tax in the wintertime…


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