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Kiev’s Best Friends Discuss Worrisome Border Situation

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Kiev's Best Friends Discuss Worrisome Border Situation

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Acting US Undersecretary of Defense for Political Affairs Amanda Dory took part in a virtual meeting with counterparts from Canada, Lithuania, Poland and the United Kingdom, during which the parties discussed the growing Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine and the strengthening of Russian forces along the Ukrainian borders.

This was announced by the Pentagon’s press service.

The meeting participants reaffirmed their strong support for Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

It is noted that the parties are also concerned about the strengthening of Russia’s military activity in the region.

It is added that the organizer of the meeting was the British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace.

The leaders of the countries also reaffirmed their commitment to provide training and support to build the capacity of the Ukrainian forces to preserve the country’s territorial integrity and continue to move towards interoperability with NATO.

Earlier on April 7th, Georgia, Bulgaria and Slovakia came out in support of Ukraine.

Concern over the concentration of Russian forces near the borders of Ukraine was expressed by Germany and France.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau the day before also condemned the constant violation of the ceasefire by Russia in the Donbass during a telephone conversation with President Volodymyr Zelensky.

This topic was also on the agenda of Zelensky’s talks with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

The Czech Republic also expressed concern about the situation.

Against the backdrop of the ongoing escalation in eastern Ukraine and the build-up of Russian forces on the border, the Lithuanian Foreign Minister announced today, April 7, that the country would invite NATO allies to provide Ukraine with a Membership Action Plan.

Meanwhile, Russia is continuing with its military exercises throughout the federation.

As part of a control check of the combat readiness of units of the Taman motorized rifle division of the guards tank red banner army of the Western Military District, servicemen conducted live firing of 120-mm 2S12 Sani mortars in the Moscow region, at the Alabino training ground.

As part of the control check, a practical training was held with military personnel of the air defence troops of the Eastern Military District (EMD) to detect and destroy high-altitude targets of a mock enemy in the Transbaikal territory.

During the practical part, the S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) crews worked out actions for training alarm signals, bringing and receiving a signal about the detection of conditional violators in the airspace, as well as for operational relocation to a given area.

As part of the development of the naval elements of the course task K-2, the modernized frigate of the Pacific Fleet “Marshal Shaposhnikov” conducted a series of artillery fires at coastal targets.

In the area of Zheltukhin Island, where the coastal range is located, the ship performed artillery fire to suppress a visible coastal target and an invisible target hidden by the terrain. Shooting at targets simulating protected firing points and an accumulation of military equipment of a simulated enemy was carried out from a new universal 100-mm A-190 mount.

As part of the tactical exercise of the Ulyanovsk Guards Airborne Assault Formation, held from April 6 to April 9 of this year, during the control check of the Airborne Forces during the winter training period, the reinforced paratrooper battalion performed a practical landing of three BMD-2K units -AU to the landing site “Voskhod-1”.

Combat vehicles were delivered to the specified area by one Il-76md military transport aviation (VTA) aircraft. The landing was carried out from a height of 600 at an aircraft speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour on parachute strap-down systems PBS-916 and PBS-925.

Moscow has repeatedly said that these exercises are purely defensive, but they also serve as a show of force that it can defend its border from every direction.


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Ilya Grushevskiy

It’s just the images that show me Zelensky is playing ‘toy soldier’ rather than acting as a head of state.

Look for images of Putin in military clothes, and you get a few camo shots, but mostly it seems when he is privately doing things. In front of the military, he is in a suit, looking like the civilian leader that he is.

Zelensky can’t help but put on the whole costume for a meet ‘with the boys’. Great clown act really.

Supreme Blyat

That’s Kim Jong Un who doesn’t play toy soldier.
comment image

Ilya Grushevskiy

Notice I said mostly, but thank you for the excellent exception that proves the rule.


Putin qualifies his dressage,the zogz clown dont,needs a red nose.

Supreme Blyat

I didn’t say he doesn’t qualify.


Zelensky is a clown–it is his profession. Never forget that.


I 100% agree with you there.

johnny rotten

Napoleon, Invasion of Russia, 1812
Hitler, Barbarossa operation, 1941
Zelenski, Operation Unnamed, 2021?
Is there a bankruptcy scheme here, possible that the crazy zionists still can’t read it? This says everything about moral and material degradation in the falled West in Zionist leadership.


How about Operace Valzman for 2021?

Supreme Blyat

Russia fearing Ukraine will try to invade? Could be anything lower than that?


Ofc they will fear Ukraine its a failed state with nothing left to lose when you corner some one and they see they haven nothing left to lose they will lash out same applys to nations particularly nations like Ukraine.

Supreme Blyat

Ohh I got it. It’s too close to be nuked so Ukraine will conquer Russia.


It wont suprise me if you really do think that but no not even close the reason why they fear ukraine will do smth stupid is if they start shelling the towns on the border with Ukraine.
Ukraine cant resist a head on attack from Russia a full scale invasion will break them.

Supreme Blyat

Do you mean Russia is afraud that Ukraine will shell the towns from Russia? Which ones btw? :) I’m really having fun tonight. Thanks :))


*facepalm* no i mean Russian is conserned that Ukraine will shell towns in the terretory of the Russian Federation form its own terretory if that happens you can bet the Russian will retaliate with a full invasion force if that happens the UAF are doomed.
Also well gee i wonder what towns its not like Ukraine as a boured with Russian spaning about 2000km…ok its more like 1600km since 400km is controlled by the separatists.

Supreme Blyat

So you are speculating that Russians would shell their own towns as pretext to invade Ukraine? Kinda hard to set that up but not impossible.


Acting like a retard wont save you from a debate you know exactly what i am stateing ;)

Supreme Blyat

Yes, you are stating that Russia fears Ukraine. We are not in a debate here :)


Ofc it does it fears for its own citezens sake any nation that dosent protect its own citezens is persived as weak.

Supreme Blyat

And Russia, is one of the countries like China and Cambodia, that cares of its citizens the most as hystory teaches us. Unlike Nordics, or Switzerland who always use them as cannon foder.


I love how you only mention the Nords (even tho you foregt about the napoleonic era in that area) and the Swiss that had been known as the best merks around for century’s for how much war that region experianced,oohhh but muh cIViLizEd wEsT.
Get your head out of your ass all nations have been to war and all have used their ppl as cannon fodder issue is this is the 21’s century not the 20th or 19th or earilyer stay in the now not in the past.

Also are you claiming the Ukranians can actually defeat a full Russian invasion?

Supreme Blyat

No, but it can make it hell. Worse than Iraq for Americans. And just because Napoleon and Swiss had wars doesn’t mean anyone can match Russia and China brutality on its own Civilians.


yeaaaaaaa so not only is military technology not your strong suit (still dosent know the differance between a CVN and LHD kek) but also history is not your strong suit ether i see.
Ether way point is if ukraine does smth stupid they are on their own no matter what political figure heads say.

Supreme Blyat

Ok, I got your point.


Zelensky and his US handlers probably have millions of dollars bet on the Ukraine military being routed :)

Panthera Pardus

Southfront can you make an economical analysis of the Baltics? I was doing business there in the past and in my opinion the fact that Lithuania stars in every anti Russian policy is because they do not have a real economy, therefore their only chance for funding is to be the most faithful vassal.
in Lettland and Estonia I remember having visited factories but Lithuania.. I don’t recall anything.
but maybe it is changed.

interesting would be also to know real population, I have seen hints that they are cooking the numbers to hide the massive emigration of the young to UK.

Supreme Blyat

Why don’t you right an article yourself. If it’s as objective and doccumented as your comments are, I’m sure they will publish it.

Panthera Pardus

I have changed job and customer base, plus I am getting old now that I think😭, so my first hand experience would be dated five years ago. indeed i was there really a lot for +10 years but again, I am old.

Supreme Blyat

And that’s why you should start writing :)

John Tosh

YAHOO NEWS: Russia is testing a nuclear torpedo in the Arctic that has the power to trigger radioactive tsunamis off the US coast Thomas Colson Wed, April 7, 2021, 7:54 AM

Unfortunately, the USA does not listen, especially with the childish morons running the Central Intelligence Agency. The USA will be nuked. I have written about this for years.

The solution is DROP ALL SANCTIONS ON RUSSIA…. BECOME FRIENDS WITH RUSSIA if only for the survival of the USA. There is no other way. The more the CIA behaves like it has any kind of power or can do anything else to Russia, the end remains the same. DESTRUCTION OF THE USA.

Why don’t you morons in the Central Intelligence Agency listen? You still think I am fake dont you?? Well watch and see how the USA is destroyed, then wait for your global sentencing. You agents at the CIA will be publicly executed on high definition TV. CIA agents will cry and beg like little girls. Some will relieve themselves on TV, the world will laugh and imagine the COWARDS who have killed and maimed millions of people globally for the last half century. This is the future of the CIA.

I provide a solution you cannot find anywhere else. This is your only hope.


Are you American?

John Tosh



What I find alarming, nay, terrifying, are these reports of Russian military activity in America’s backyard in the Trans baikal against all international freedom of navigation agreements!

Supreme Blyat

Russia should move 100k tanks around Baikal to protect it.

Jihadi Colin

If Russia is compelled to invade Ukranazistan, it will be the perfect excuse for Amerikastan to

1. Abandon the dystopic looted hellhole that seven years of “freedom” has made of Ukraine, and palm it off to Russia with a statement equivalent to “you broke it, you own it.”*

2. Make the EU close off trade with Russia, including but not limited to NordStream II, and buy overpriced Amerikastani LNG instead.

3. Interrupt China’s Belt And Road Initiative, which intends to stretch from the French coast to Beijing and points east.

*I have said this before, but in 2014 Russia could have invaded, overthrown the Nazi coup regime with relative ease (no NATO in Ukraine then and the Ukrainian army was in no shape to fight), reinstated Yanukovych, and withdrawn. Now if Russia invades, it will be much harder going. And if Russia wants to do the job properly, the Nazi coup regime and its puppet Zelensky will need to be destroyed. And then the resulting wreck will have to be taken over by Russia at least in the interim.


Imagine that, the “US” – with its effectively open borders as long as you are from the 3rd-world – is concerned about the territorial integrity of the Ukraine. Does that mean they are concerned about Ukraine’s ability to control who and what comes across their borders? Explain this apparent lack of integrity.


The 2008 Georgia War happened for a complex of reasons; but in part, it was Russia saying “No means No” about their NATO aspirations. If Moscow thought that Georgia’s crushing defeat settled the question, it only shows how they misunderstand the Dark Throne. Washington in fact went ahead anyway drawing Tbilisi ever closer into its orbit, sanctioned the crap out of Russia–and the Russki’s mostly backed down.

So the question what the true limit is remained unresolved. The “patriotic military experts” continue to call the West “stupid” and tick off Russia’s wonder weapons (usually from an overseas location), but this mostly misses the point. The West doesn’t contemplate defeating Russia on the battlefield; it thinks the Russki’s won’t ever show up there to fight them, seeing how Russian elites are deeply invested in London real estate etc, and protect those investments by donating to the Tory party.

As far as I can tell, Russia indeed is militarily strong. But it has weak spots of another nature, and both sides know it.

Robert Ferrin

Hmm are you in some vague way insinuating that Russia is the only one with some problems and indeed yes Russia’s might is feared in all the westing corridors of power, the U.S. is a basket case economically with debts it can’t ever ever pay off, and it knows it with a looming depression on the horizon and the making of a civil war waiting in the wings meanwhile Russia is very well off debt free it seems its population is contented, so I think you should lay it out in chapter and verse why you think that Russia has so many problems, and yes the “west” is stupid always getting into wars that they can’t win while at home the infrastructure is crumbling down around their heads.


I blocked you some years ago for being disingenuous and some how you are back in my sight.

Goodbye again.

Dick Von Dast'Ard
thomas malthaus

Amidst a possible confrontation with NATO that might see nuclear missiles deployed, you might think Ukraine would be lacking in “best friends.”

The ultimate decision to engage NATO seems to fall to NATO’s Jens Stoltenburg or US President Joe Biden, particularly if the latter seeks US military engagement. The latter isn’t necessarily of sound mind and body and I have my doubts about the former.

Stoltenburg could resign his position and few would publicly questions his reasons. I can reasonably assume NATO headquarters and a building in Oslo are among the initial targets chose by the Fatherland.

Who would’ve thought humanity’s survival pivoted around a small, corrupt nation with a comedian heading its government? I’m not sure I’m exaggerating.

Tommy Jensen

This is not about a border conflict. This is about the survival of the free and civilised world and our planets survival as civilisation.
Do you want your children to grow up to a future with discrimination of minorities, pollution, plastic bags thrown EVERYWHERE, no rights to say YOUR opinion about how Putin should do his job, and no freedom?
Therefore the American government today is represented on the borderline between the free and democratic Ukraine, and the dictatorship International criminal Russia regime who robbed Crimea at gunpoint under our nose after Pentagon invested $5 billion in poor civilians with children on the Island.
Dont let our freedom slip away as sand through our fingers. Americans will stand when nobody else are doing it!

Robert Ferrin

The U.S, government is represented by the money class and no one else. In a recent poll 53% and probably higher now stated this government no long works for them and that says it all, and you know what Ben Franklin said about a democracy that it is rule by rabble, and he was right..


Americans will indeed be left ‘standing’ in this game of Musical Chair’s :)

The winner though is the last one left SITTING :)


Strike the uk off that list,canada are cpommonwealth traitors under the fascist gimp(period)
raab like blair the lair is deepstate,infact a bad omen not only to the uk but also chechia too!
georgia is anything but anti russian considering implications and al;onf with turkey russia may fk’em! which leaves only the 3 stooges and a p00f and possibly headfucked feminazi interperetation of christianity run by phaedophile churchys leading poland,simply put the nazis of todays are a detriment to the commonwealth,simply not worth it,the Commonwealth will bury usa in their own wake,if usa ain’t carefull,this is brexit means a lot,more than any foolwho assumes one makes acxhess move just to lose again? Not gonna happen,brexits means brexit,fk the eu too!

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