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Kiev Wants Foreign Troops Aiding Its War on Donbass

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  • “Kiev’s junta is an illegitimate US-installed putschist regime infested with extremist Nazi lunatics”
  • Kiev systematically breaches ceasefire agreements
  • Ukraine’s parliament passed legislation calling for international peacekeepers (foreign troops from countries)

This article originally appeared at Globalresearch.ca

Kiev’s junta is an illegitimate US-installed putschist regime infested with extremist Nazi lunatics.

Last April, it launched naked aggression on Donbass – with full US support and encouragement.Kiev Wants Foreign Troops Aiding Its War on Donbass

Dirty war without mercy continues. Kiev systematically breached three ceasefire agreements unilaterally.

Western leaders able to intervene responsibly turn a blind eye to its worst atrocities. In March, Ukraine’s parliament passed legislation calling for international peacekeepers (foreign troops from countries it OKs) deployed in Donbass – to aid its lawless aggression.

The measure breached Minsk II. It called for OSCE monitoring, not foreign troops likely from countries allied with Kiev, if authorized.

Ahead of the G-7 June 7 and 8 summit in Germany, Ukraine’s parliament adopted a number of controversial amendments to its March law authorizing foreign troops on its territory (from countries it approves) intended for Donbass – masquerading as peacekeepers.

Deploying them assures preventing peace. Kiev’s law prohibits troops from countries it designates “aggressor states” – nations opposing its dirty war on its own people.

Normandy four leaders discussed possible peacekeepers. Putin said authorizing them requires approval by both parties to the conflict.

Donbass militia leaders reject what’s not authorized by Minsk II – especially with Kiev and Washington maneuvering to have forces from Kiev allies, none from nations opposing its regime.

Russian lower house State Duma CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Ties with Compatriots Leonid Slutsky said:

“Minsk-2 did not provide for the participation of even peacekeepers in the settlement of the Ukrainian internal conflict. The law can only provoke an increase in the number of foreign mercenaries of the Kiev regime for suppressing the resistance of militias and further conflict escalation.”

Kiev systematically breached Minsk II legislatively and by its continued “shelling of the civilian population of Donbass,” Slutsky added.

He blasted Poroshenko saying his hostile statements and uncompromising positions “are a front for a military solution to the” conflict.

He repeated what he said earlier. “Kiev authorities are more afraid of peace than war, on which both corruption and the current chaos in Ukraine are blamed” on victims.

State Duma Defense Committee member Frants Kintsevich said “(t)he bill passed by (Kiev’s parliament) is a dummy, sheer spin and propaganda. It is doomed to fail as a legal document.”

He can’t “imagine a situation in which the United Nations would support the deployment of foreign troops in Ukraine.”

Russia will veto a Security Council resolution. Its “fundamental position is that (so-called peacekeepers in Donbass) would further split the country and is contrary to the Minsk agreements.”

The measure’s provision saying EU authorization alone is needed is “meaningless,” Klintsevich stressed.

“Western leaders will never take this step as they realize their countries (may) become directly involved in the conflict on the side of Kiev with all the ensuing consequences” – another possible European war at least most EU nations want no part of.

Washington is very comfortable letting forces from other countries do its fighting and dying. Don’t expect EU countries to let their young men and women die for America on the battlefields of Ukraine.

Expect possible resistance from their officers and rank-and-file soldiers if they’re asked to do so.

Washington overstepped in Ukraine. Its imperial strategy is foundering on the rocks of its hubris. What’s ahead remains to be seen. What’s sure is continued conflict.

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