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Kiev To Fight Disinformation With Fake Claims On Russian PMCs

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Kiev To Fight Disinformation With Fake Claims On Russian PMCs

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The Ukrainian International Center for Countering Disinformation that was established on the initiative of the President Volodymir Zelensky was launched on March 11th. Kiev invited its international partners to join the effort of combating disinformation and propaganda in hopes that the Center could ever become the international hub of the fight against dissemination of false information all over the world.

While Zelensky announced his “commitment to fight disinformation” a large fake information campaign of pro-Ukrainian forces was detected in social media.

“We believe that our German friends and colleagues will be among the first to join this idea, because today, unfortunately, Ukraine is indeed a foothold, where counter-information, primarily from the Russian Federation, is constantly used. Therefore, we have extensive experience of counteraction and we hope that we will be able to coordinate our efforts with international partners, ” – head of the Ukrainian President’s office Andrey Yermak said on March 9 during an online discussion “ Conflict in the East of Ukraine: Prospects for 2021 ”.

As there were still no comments from any European country on the desire to take part in the development of this center, it is hard to imagine that Germany or any leading Western European country that follows democratic principle of freedom of speech could openly support such an effort. Highly likely Kiev could rather count on some help from of Baltic States or Poland.

In addition to the Center, Kiev plans to open an “online-museum of Russian propaganda” as the first platform of a wider infrastructure that would be aimed at explaining people the “reality” they are living in. Thus, the counteraction to Russia in any form is implemented as the core ideology and religion of the Ukrainian people.

Kiev’s methods to counter the spread of any kind of information that could somehow damage declining approval ratings of Zelensky are already well known. Under the pretext of fighting the alleged pro-Russian propaganda he started political persecution of Ukrainian opposition. For example, recently opposition party leader and blogger Anatoly Shariy faced criminal proceeding regarding alleged high treason, he has also been accused of false representation while registration of his party.

Moreover, Zelensky prohibited broadcasting of three large Ukrainian channels “112 Ukraine”, Zik and NewsOne, implementing sanctions to their owner opposition deputy Taras Kozak.

Kiev To Fight Disinformation With Fake Claims On Russian PMCs

Click to see full-size image

The new Center was launched at a time, when the Ukrainians, as well as the citizens of Donbass, are waiting for a coming escalation on the front line. Kiev’s preparations for a new large-scaled attack were evidenced by numerous videos showing heavy weapons carried towards Donetsk, claims by witnesses, analytics and officials. However, large military reinforcement is not the only way of Ukrainian forces’ preparations, in order to justify the coming assault they are artificially creating a pretext via fake informational campaign.

In recent days, all information resources under Kiev’s control are spreading fake news that Russia is preparing a provocation in Donbass with the aim to deploy its peacekeepers there.

Hereupon, First Deputy Minister of Information of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov shared in his Telegram the information that the Ministry of Information of the DPR had detected massive publication of fake claims allegedly made by the DPR citizens in social media. The posts said that locals allegedly spotted Russian mercenaries in different villages in the region.

The provided screenshots:

Kiev To Fight Disinformation With Fake Claims On Russian PMCs

Click to see full-size image

Kiev To Fight Disinformation With Fake Claims On Russian PMCs

Click to see full-size image

All the posts were made at the same time and provided the same text where only the names of the towns were changed:

“Today in Shakhtyorsk I saw a group of strong guys in military style clothes. They were actively buying food. Highly likely they are representatives of a Russian PMC. Probably, something is being prepared. “

Among other fake claims, there were some allegedly made by pro-Russian citizens. However, all the texts were written in one style, with same claims using the same words:

Kiev To Fight Disinformation With Fake Claims On Russian PMCs

Click to see full-size image

There is no more room for peace there. One day, I saw such strong guys, all dressed in military style, neat, in the Republican (village). I have not seen such guys here before.

There is 100% truthful information that our Russian brothers are already in the rear + new equipment has been noticed.

In Debaltsevo (town), a buildup has already been seen, so it may be true. Strong guys appeared in a new uniform. Thus, ours are also ready.

(Godmother of my child) from Gorlovka told that there were new forces deployed. Those guys are well trained, significant reinforcement in general

On the basis of such fake claims, Ukrainian media publish numerous articles on the Russian PMCs in Donbass. Such claims are ridiculous, as even despite the fact that the alleged reports by locals are absolutely fake, incompetent Ukrainian journalists add more details to make the article look a little truer. For example, one of details that disclose Russian mercenaries is their accent. Meanwhile, DPR and LNR citizens who speaks mainly Russian have no specific accent that could differ a lot from Russian western regions or other part of Eastern Ukraine.

Kiev To Fight Disinformation With Fake Claims On Russian PMCs

People in uniform without chevrons appeared, movement began on the border: how do the DPR and LPR are preparing for war. “At the city market last Sunday, a platoon of Russian soldiers bought provision. Locals report that the distinctive marks included new pressed uniform, the absence of chevrons on the sleeves, an accent, etc.”

All the methods that are actively implemented in the sphere of information are aimed at justifying Kiev’s offensive measures in Eastern Ukraine. Proofs of Russian forces’ presence are yet yo be provided.

There are less and less doubts that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are preparing to launch a major attack in the nearest future. According to the Ukrainian media, “ the 15th of March is going to become a landmark for Ukraine”. This intrigue was created by a famous Ukrainian journalist Gordon in one of his interviews. His words were actively spread in social media and turned into suggestion on the up-coming UAF’s attack, that were also actively shared during the information campaign described below. Time will show, if these suggestions were right and the escalation in Eastern Ukraine will start on March 15th, or if it was another fake news spread by MSM.

Today, the one thing is evident: There is no chance that the newly-created Ukrainian Center for Countering Disinformation could ever gain worldwide recognition while it is based on the Ukrainian experience of managing the information sphere.


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johnny rotten

In Ukraine there must be a strange light, when Western politicians go to Ukraine and are greeted by hundreds of Nazi flags they can’t get it, the same in the Baltic villages, while it catches his eye to see a bunch of Russian invaders, including the mythical mercenaries, who, however, only Westerners and Ukrainians can see, the proofs? they are not needed today.


Something tells me that Russian “Wagner group” PMC’s loaded with Putin’s Novichok and Assad’s chlorine gas will try to kill Zelinsky…because they hate American freedom !

cechas vodobenikov

if Ukrainian lips are moving they are lying

Icarus Tanović

There are only two countries in Europe that fascism is widely supported and propagated. One of them is in Balkans, member of EU, with all that facists behaviour, the other is Ukraine.
As I said yesterday, in those two countries fascism is welcomed and greeted, only rhetorically criticized, while same those people that propagate this lunatic bloodthirsty behaviour of those two countries, claiming that french president candidate Marion LePen is a Nazi collaborate, so instead of that French voted for a clown, named after main bad guy in Quake IV game. Same thing is in UK, labours party president Corbyn was declared a Antisemitic. That is why Johnson become a prime minister. People voyed in favor of LePen, and in Corbyn’s favour, but who cares? They’ve just replaced the bags with votes and declared those two punks as preaident or prime minister.
That is when America chose those who doesn’t oppose them.

Colleen Crouse

Ok…fine…it just so happens that the President of Honduras today is accused of being involved with a drug dealer who offered a $250,000 bribe…that drug dealer has a “nomenclatura” problem much like this man mentioned herein:


If you can find it you should read through the “evidence” that they collated INSTEAD of providing a secure evidence submission process in the U.S. for actual convictions of narcoterrorists IN GOVERNMENT. This unfortunately does not bode well…it is NOT just disinformation about disinformation…it is something else and the gleanings of what it is are apparent when you read through the evidence referred to in this article.

Both Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras and Volodymyr Zelensky were diagnosed with COVID-19 at strategic points in relation to each other…it is important that Zelensky was diagnosed shortly after he called out a major judicial member, which unfortunately harkens to the situation prior to the 2009 coup in Honduras when Mel Zelaya was repudiating actions of the Supreme Court which allegedly were what motivated the attempt of Miquel Facusse and his security forces at the coup…

The other implications of this…are for another time. It is not prudent to post it here.

Colleen Crouse

“López Obrador acknowledged that many Mexicans have confidence in the U.S. justice system, seeing them as “the good judges, flawless, those don’t make mistakes, those are honest.””

This is a citation from ANOTHER article…

I know…he’s just drawn like that.

Lone Ranger

Ukropnazis are mistaken, nobody is reading their delusions.
Even soros funded “Ukropnazis Today” went belly up.
Sad story really…

Rodney Loder

Ukraine isn’t really on any side, it represents a defunct strategy that worked in the Ukraine and looks like failed in Belarus, colour revolutions are like that it’s all or nothing, thank Allah (swt) for the Donetsk Republic and Lugansk Republic, so the “all” never happened.

The anti USSR strategy of peripheral States to Russia ended up the Jew maggots in complete control due to the fact that they had at their disposal the Holy Ghost donated to then by the homosexual Sid Loder.

Actually the more Biden ramps up US Nationalistic agenda creating a bipolar World the better it is for the people of the Ukraine to shrug off the Jew maggot leftover strategies now redundant, because the IMF/World Bank are totally dependant on the USD controlling SWIFT payment system through which the US is able to apply economic sanctions and the IMF needs to be a part of the Chinese , Russian future where the major economic activity will be.

The IMF and cohorts wants to embrace China and Russia in order to get back to the 1990’s when the had influence in the Euroasian economic theatre, but this time without using my name Jesus Christ, even though they still got control of the Holy Ghost (mind control), how else could Biden’s US Nationalistic agenda be so deficient in logic.

The whole world wants the homosexual Sid Loder as their Jesus Christ I can’t do anything about that, the world is crazy.

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