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Kiev Sends Trains Full Of Heavy Military Equipment To Donbass (Video)

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While all the independent media are claiming a military reinforcement in Eastern Ukraine, trying to draw the attention of the international community to the upcoming escalation, Ukrainian cargo trains full of tanks are calmly moving towards the front line.

In recent days, a number of videos showing Ukrainian military equipment moving towards the Donbass front lines emerged online. Cargo trains are delivering military trucks, tanks as well as ambulance cars.

The following train was reportedly spotted moving from Militopil towards Volnovaha village, south of Donetsk:

According to the observers of the LPR representative office in the JCCC, in contradiction to the additional measures to the ceasefire agreement, Kiev continues deployment of weapons and military equipment in villages that are under Ukrainian control on a daily basis.

Kiev Sends Trains Full Of Heavy Military Equipment To Donbass (Video)

Facebook / pressjfo.news

Moreover, according to the UAF press center, on March 7th, British military instructors visited Donbass territories under Kiev control. They visited the Joint Center for Civil-Military Cooperation in Kramatorsk and the checkpoint “Mayorskoye”. British military instructors checked the situation in the region as well as the effectiveness of training the UAF in the framework of Operation ORBITAL. This is the UK’s military training mission in Ukraine started in 2015.

The visit of British military instructors ended with a meeting with representatives of the UN Coordination Office for Humanitarian Assistance.

What a coincidence that NATO instructors are coming to the Donbass at a time when Kiev is actively preparing for a new round of escalation. What is even more interesting is how international organizations and monitoring groups tacitly support the ongoing military reinforcement on the front lines.


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Laurent Parodi

Ukraine killing itself even more with nato help.

Kenny Jones ™

Imagine having a negative birth rate lmao


What country has USA & UK ever improved by its interference?

Supreme Blyat

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger


That was weak of you.

Supreme Blyat

I feel so weak I don’t wanna live anymore.


As long as you can resist that interference of course.

Raptar Driver

This was all very predictable for a long time. When you let the cancer metastasize of course it will spread until stopped.

johnny rotten

The Republics fight for their freedom and for their survival, the Ukrainian conscripts do so only because they are obliged, but when they find themselves in the chaos of the battle they will run away, as before, leaving their heavy vehicles in the availability of separatists.


Like I’ve been saying since Biden was sworn in, they’re going to attack. Russia better get ready, because they’re about to get hit, hard, in both Syria and Ukraine at the same time.

Kay Os

This is my increasing concern right now. Both will be co-ordinated, probably with an Israeli attack on Iran


Israeli attack on Iran is an oxymoron, Israel cannot do anything by itself to an enemy over 1000kms away……while Iran threatened to raze Tel Aviv. Iran’s threat is realistic, while the Jewish threat is air pollution.


Israel won’t attack Iran because Israel would cease to exist.


Don’t underestimate Israeli arrogance. They believe themselves to be supreme and that Iran is just a backwards state incapable of hitting them back.


Russia is ready to hand NATO another round of humiliation in Ukraine and Eastern Syria.


It’s good that they’re moving lots of ambulance cars. They’re going to need them if they do something stupid, as dictated by the criminal sad sacks located in the capital of that failed state called Ukraine.


Just go for it Ukrainian c*nts! Give Russia good excuse to liberate Novorossiya (New Russia). https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/4d/New_Russia_on_territory_of_Ukraine.png


I like the look of that map,next time don’t let the Nato Bitches escape.

Kenny Jones ™

I’d pick that over Kh*zaria any day

КПТ. Александра Ростиславна

Map would look better with Russia written there instead of Ukraine.

cechas vodobenikov

CRIPistan&BLOODistan mafia whore-acracy accepting the anglo dildo begging for lube

Lone Ranger

They will lose as usual. Hope they brought enough bodybags for themselves…

Assad must stay

russia should try to surround and enclose ukraine, cut off nato reinforcements if kiev tries to pull off a full scale maneuver,end this shit once and for all

Neo Onh

“Ukraine” is not a country it is a nazi-occupied territory. All of Novorossiya and all lands east of the Dnepr river will be liberated from the Kiev nazi regime.

WW Conkright

Come and liberate DC when you’re done with Ukraine

Robert Ferrin

Let them come Russia will be more than glad to send those tanks back in dump cars as scrap, the Ukraine has never been to bright always taking the hard road home and crying that the bear is after them, its time Russia simply let the two break always join the Russian Federation and put an end to the whole mess.!!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Odessa should be part of the Russian speaking commonwealth.

КПТ. Александра Ростиславна

This is not a good move to de-escalate. If Russia supports DNR/LNR to counter Ukrnazis and Azov, NATO-backed propaganda will talk shit. If Russia sends reinforcements from Moscow, NATO will sick the dogs and claim “invasion” and sanction away. The only “help” they get is if Russians volunteer to fight alongside their allies, but numbers are miniscule it is negligible to say that there is any Russian support whatsoever.

Either way, DNR & LNR are left to fend for themselves, and things are only going to get bloodier with the summer.

Assad must stay

why is it unlikely to happen?

КПТ. Александра Ростиславна

Russia’s hands are tied because NATO dogs will join the offensive.

Assad must stay

Like who? You seriously think nato can defeat russia? Get out of here, just recently there was a report saying they would get creamed, russia would win


Dangerous gay invasion Russians must protect themselves only from behind ! When Russians chase them away, they will not stop running till they arrive in Paris !

КПТ. Александра Ростиславна

I never said that. Russia would like to avoid larger conflict. Period.

Arch Bungle

All that equipment is either going to be destroyed or end up in the hands of the secessionist government.

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