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Kiev: Russia Sent 260 Convoys of Armored Vehicles in Donbass

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According to a former head of the Ukrainian Security Service, Yevgeny Marchuk, 260 incidents of sending Russian armored vehicles in Donbass have been detected by Ukraine since the beginning of 2016.

Kiev: Russia Sent 260 Convoys of Armored Vehicles in Donbass

Photo: csglobe.com

Since the beginning of 2016, Ukraine have detected 260 incidents of sending armored vehicles from Russia to Donbass, a former head of the Ukrainian Security Service, Yevgeny Marchuk, representing Ukraine at the negotiations in Minsk, wrote in his blog. According to Marchuk, armored vehicles were sent by rail or road.

The ex-head of the Ukrainian Security Service noted that 19 such incidents were detected in January, 36 – in February, 32 – in March, 33 – in April, 41 – in May, 25 – in June, 37 – in July, and 37 – in August.

“Only from 1 to 25 August this year, 59 tanks and self-propelled artillery platforms, 24 armored fighting vehicles, 4 multiple rocket launcher systems, 104 units of vehicles, more than 96 fuel tanks and more than 95 wagons of ammunition were delivered to illegal armed groups from the territory of Russia,” Marchuk lamented.

According to the Ukrainian negotiator, the main supplies of cargos carried on the railway stations of Ilovaisk, Krasnodon, Rovenki, Kashino and Donetsk.

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Aleksandar Tomić

That pic, it looks an awful lot like Georgia….

Pave Way IV

South Ossetia, Aug 2008comment image

Giovanni Netto

la stupidità degli ukronazi è come l’universo: INFINITA.

chris chuba

It’s funny how the Ukrainians report this, it gets reported in the western MSM (btw I KNOW that this is not the western MSM) as fact but for some reason they seldom mention that the only source is from Kiev. Washington, as corrupt as it is, never seems to detect these convoys with all of our fancy satellite equipment.

The western MSM never requires information from Kiev to be ‘corroborated by independent sources’ but ALWAYS puts this onus on any Russian reports.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Kiev ‘intelligence’? There’s an oxymoron for you.

They are not illegal groups. They are fighting for their independence just like Russia helped Americans fight for their Independence from the UK-Empire.
The American President John Quincy Adams was first the Ambassador to Russia during the Revolution.
Russia helped more then France ever did.
The people of Donbass have the right to Self Determination freed from any Zionist whatsoever.
That is their Human Right.

Lubov Kadirova

ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!

Lubov Kadirova

octobre 2013

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