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Kiev Regime Preparing Another ‘Russian War Crime’ False Flag In Kharkov

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Kiev Regime Preparing Another 'Russian War Crime' False Flag In Kharkov

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The Neo-Nazi junta’s special services are taking photos and videos of the deceased Ukrainians, while feigning the work of “forensic medical experts” in the presence of staged witnesses, all in an attempt of fabricating “evidence” of supposed “Russian war crimes”.

Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

Faced with mounting losses, particularly in the contested areas of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the Kiev regime is desperate to divert domestic and international attention away from the virtually inevitable defeat in the southeast. The usual anti-Russian propaganda doesn’t seem to be working as expected, meaning that the Neo-Nazi junta and its puppet masters from the political West need something much more headline-grabbing.

Somewhat expectedly, the “Russian war crimes” narrative is the go-to recurring theme that the Kiev regime hopes to exploit endlessly in its futile attempts to portray Moscow as the “embodiment of all evil.” The last time the Neo-Nazi junta tried (ab)using the Bucha-like narrative in the Kharkov oblast (region) failed to produce the desired propaganda effect. However, with the lack of better options for similar false flags, the Kiev regime doesn’t want to miss out on its best chance of an infowar win.

According to the Interdepartmental Coordination Center for Humanitarian Response in Ukraine, the Neo-Nazi junta is preparing yet another false flag operation to accuse the Russian military of alleged war crimes in the Kharkov oblast. “Ukraine’s special services have prepared a new large-scale anti-Russia provocation aimed at discrediting the Russian armed forces and accusing the Russian military of allegedly committing military crimes,” the Center’s January 8 statement reads, further adding that “on [Julian calendar] Christmas Eve, the representatives of the Kiev regime’s State Bureau of Investigation and the Security Service opened up graves at cemeteries in the settlements of KazachyaLopan, VelikyBurluk, Shipovatoye and Khatnoye in the Kharkov oblast, in which citizens that died of natural causes from February 24 to September 6, 2022, were buried.”

“After the exhumation, the bodies of Ukrainian citizens were additionally deformed and thrown into specially readied pits on the outskirts of the mentioned settlements for creating a false evidence base, alleged tortures and execution of civilians by the Russian military,” representatives of the Interdepartmental Coordination Center said in an official statement. According to the Center, the operatives of the Neo-Nazi junta’s special services are taking photos and videos of the bodies of the deceased Ukrainians, while feigning the work of “forensic medical experts” and “procedural actions” in the presence of staged witnesses, all in an attempt of fabricating “evidence” of supposed “Russian war crimes”.

“The Kiev regime is attempting to use those anti-human means amid the lack of any success on the battlefield to hold the attention to it of the Western audience and convince its foreign partners of the necessity to keep supporting it,” the Interdepartmental Coordination Center concluded.

In late March/early April, the “Bucha massacre” false flag was initiated with precisely this goal in mind. Since it failed, with no official confirmation by any party or international organization neutral to the conflict, the Neo-Nazi junta and its Western backers never allowed an actual investigation, as it would inevitably expose them. The mainstream media swiftly suppressed any claims contrary to the official narrative and if anyone dared to question it, they would immediately be labeled “conspiracy theorists”, “genocide deniers” or “Russian apologists”. The pattern is extremely likely to be the same in the case of a new false flag. In mere days, Western and Kiev regime’s supposed “investigators” will find “undeniable evidence” that the “Russian invaders killed thousands of innocent civilians.”

Brussels is also directly involved in the propaganda war against Russia. Back in October, the European Union and Eurojust, the bloc’s joint judicial arm, started working on the legal framework for these false flag operations to legitimize the “Russian war crimes” narrative. The EU bureaucrats stated they would be relying on “carefully vetted local sources to objectively investigate war crimes.” There wasn’t a clear definition of who those “local sources” might be, although it’s implied that this would include only those approved by the Kiev regime. And just how reliable the accounts of those appointed by the Neo-Nazi junta are is best illustrated by the example of Lyudmila Denisova, former Ukrainian Ombudsman for Human Rights, who was fired for spreading disturbing fake reports about perverted sex crimes against children, allegedly committed by Russian troops.

On the other hand, ample information on the Kiev regime death squads operating in Kharkov, Zaporozhye, Kherson and Donbass is being intentionally suppressed, even though the Neo-Nazi junta henchmen are openly boasting about killing “traitors”. Numerous Telegram channels have been banned in the EU for publishing gruesome videos of death squads killing civilians and then throwing them into mass graves. In doing so, at least two goals are accomplished – “noncompliant” or “pro-Russian” civilians are killed and the Russian military is blamed for their deaths. Western mainstream propaganda machine then spreads the Russophobic narrative, while bureaucratic institutions such as Eurojust cement it from a judicial perspective. What reason is there to believe it would be any different with the upcoming false flag?


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USA is a shithole, EU is becoming one

NATO infected media claims Abrams is far more mobile and have a stronger gun than Russia tanks; so in NATO states, people are supposed to believe 200 is higher than 550, and 120 is more than 125, and 80t is easier than 50t, for example. Western Establishment is insulting all of us, daily basis.

Such infectious scourge of the Earth can pretend that Russia is doing an ethnic cleanse while Ukronazis fight for freedom, peace and the right of everyone to pursuit happyness…

Last edited 27 days ago by USA is a shithole, EU is becoming one
Jens Holm

Non e says something like tht at all. It can be added Abrams als are in generations.

Facts are for several years was the best tank in the whole world. Reasons: By using gasturbnes they were not trembling. By that it make sense to put more accurate gund on them. Added to that is exelent gyroskopes.

So by that the Abrams was and still are much better then the Russian ones.

Our medias are not infected by Nato. They are infecte dby practical use and many knds of real experts, semiexperts and bork borks like You.

Jens Holm

And its the same as for the Bradleys. Number one Your kind compared with tanks, which it is not. Next it according to You are so bad it makes no sense to send any to anywhere. Your kind even use very old data from the first made Bradleays as if its them, whcih are being send.

By that You only lie for Your own people and keep them in even more dark. Hardly none write any of Your funny strange assumptions and take them as insinuations as well, where we live. By tha You only lie for Mr & Mrs Babuska in Daccastan.

Only the T90, which is a simpelt upgrade of T90 are in the top 10 and in the bottom. The Armata is there. But as we see it makes no sense to rank it, when the Russiana cant even efford to make and use them.

I quote to the “military-today”. Other sitea has same kind of ranking. The T80/90 anytime is lower in rank then modern or a little older upgraded Abrams but not the old Abrams.

EU must not be USA slave

Abrams closes 80t. Are they more mobile than 45, 50, 55t ones?

Operational range for Abrams M1A2, road: 265 mi (426 km) Cross country: 93–124 mi (150–200 km).

Operational range for T-90 is 550 km (340 mi) (without fuel drums). In fact, Soviet tanks from Stalin era onwards were at 600km operational range.

Which is more mobile, an 80t behemoth able to go 426km on good road only or a 45t vehicle traveling at least 550km?

Bradley is an IFV, generally speaking. We should compare it with IFV of the same generation. Of course its better than no IFV but that does not mean it’s the best on the market…

Captain Hohol

It is the opposite, Kiev is trying to ethnically cleanse Russians from eastern Ukraine because they know that the ethnic Russian population will never accept EU rulership.

Domantas Simenas (NOR) 4746393551

Stupid retarded Russian propaganda and people are so god damn patheticly retarded. I hope you all die and go burn in hell like the makiivka newyears party attendees. kys


yeah, u r so right.


Cry us a river

Captain Hohol

The best thing any Ukrainian man who has been duped into service can do now is run.

Run, even if you have to lie to your fellow soldiers so they don’t shoot you in front of a ditch. Zelensky wants to force them on a path to hell and the honorable man would desert the AFU, no shame and no dishonor in refusing to fight for maniacs.

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