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Kiev Is Only Giving The Appearance Of Wanting To Settle The Crisis In Eastern Ukraine: Russian Foreign Ministry

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Kiev Is Only Giving The Appearance Of Wanting To Settle The Crisis In Eastern Ukraine: Russian Foreign Ministry

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The Ukrainian leadership is giving the appearance that it is working in the Contact Group on settling the crisis in eastern Ukraine, but instead is doing nothing tangible at all, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on November 10th.

“The semblance of work in the Contact Group is being created [by the Kiev leadership]. I stress, not work, but the semblance of work. The meetings of the Contact Group’s specialist subgroups that took place yesterday yielded no results. <…> We do not hold out much hope for today’s plenary meeting either,” she said.

Zakharova also pointed to the statement by the new Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister on reintegration in terms of the Minsk agreements.

“Once Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Ukraine for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories Irina Vereshchuk began to perform her duties in the Contact Group, she already indicated that the Minsk agreements for Ukraine are not a road map for settling the conflict in Donbass,” the diplomat said.

On November 9th, the meetings of subgroups took place on security, humanitarian and economic issues.

According to representatives of the republics of Eastern Ukraine, the meetings ended with no substantial results due to Kiev’s unwillingness to discuss problems.

The work of the subgroup on political issues was postponed to November 10th for organizational reasons. As the LPR delegation to the Minsk talks noted in its Telegram channel, the results of the work of the subgroups “leave little hope for the manifestation of constructiveness from the Ukrainian side in the upcoming negotiations.”.

Meanwhile, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said that US and NATO’s attempts to “test” the Russian military were a waste of time and resources.

“We are concerned that today’s meeting in Washington has taken place against the background of a sharp escalation in the Black Sea region. NATO’s naval and air forces are testing our army and fleet. This is a waste of time and effort,” he pointed out, according to the Russian embassy’s Facebook page.

According to the US-Ukraine Charter on Strategic Partnership, the US plans to boost cooperation with Ukraine “in areas such as Black Sea security, cyber defense, and intelligence sharing.” The charter also says that Washington and Kiev will work to deepen “Ukraine’s integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions,” and highlights the United States’ commitment ” to the energy security of Ukraine.”

Antonov emphasized that the charter, full of catchwords, was aimed at escalating tensions.

Separately, Antonov said that any ambitions to see Kiev becoming a NATO member are unacceptable for Moscow and US plans to supply weapons to Kiev will only worsen the situation in southeastern Ukraine.

“Any ambitions to see Kiev becoming a member of NATO are unacceptable. Plans to deliver weapons to the Kiev regime will only worsen the situation in the southeast of Ukraine. In our opinion, another opportunity to make Kiev stop the war has been lost,” the envoy said, according to the embassy’s Facebook page. “I would like to stress that only full implementation of the Minsk, implying, inter alia, a special status of the peoples’ republics can calm things in the southeast of Ukraine and help revitalize regional and global security,” Antonov added.


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Lone Ranger

Ukraine is on a good way to end itself as a sovereign country.
Oh my bad, it already happened.
Correction…is on a good way to end itself as a tard CIA colony.
The Russian flag will fly high on top of the Rada within 12months.
Mark my words.

AM Hants

Don’t think Russia would want it.

Jim Allen

Russia doesn’t want it. But then Russia isn’t in love with having the West parked on it’s border, practicing genocide on the population in general, and Russian citizen’s living there specifically. US/NATO is a threat to National Security for Russia, and surrounding countries. As well as world peace.


Who would want to colonize Ukraine it’s already a failed state with nothing to offer but only problems. The only thing they can offer to the Nato terrorist is bodies to be sacrificed to Russia for their goals

Jim Allen

Perhaps a look from the geopolitical view would clear thing’s up for you.

AM Hants

What I do not understand, is the fact that Ukraine could not join NATO, back in 1997, owing to never ratifying their borders with Belarus and Russia, since the fall of the Soviet Union, back in 1991. They are only recognised, whilst all three are part of the CIS.

That was recognised by Ban Ki Moon, the General Secretary of the UN, back in 2014, when he was being interviewed by a UK Government Funded, media news channel. Nothing has changed since then and where were the borders of Russia and Ukraine, prior to 1917? The City of London created Bolsheviks and remind me who was Lenin related to by marriage? Well, they overthrew the Russian Empire, back in 1917 when Eastern Ukraine was part of Russia and known as Novorussia. Lenin took Novorussia from Russia and gave it to Ukraine. Move on, Lenin dies and the Georgian Stalin, another City of London created Bolshevik Comrade, takes over. He takes advantage of the territorial changes, following WWI and takes Lyev from Galicia and gives it to Ukraine. Move onto 1954 and the Ukrainian Krushchev, during a 15 minute lunch meeting, with 13 out of 27 Senators, decides to thank the people of Ukraine for their vote, making him the leader of the City of London led Bolshevik Communist Party. He takes Crimea from Russia and gives it to Ukraine, no questions asked and in violation of policy at the time. 1991, the Bolshevik Communist Soviet Union falls. The same crowd try to take everything from Russia, and almost succeeded in the 90s, but, the Millenium Miracle, Dr Vladirmir Putin, arrived just in the nick of time.

So going back to my query, surely if the borders of Ukraine, (not the European borders) should revert back to 1917 times. Meaning that Eastern Ukraine, returns home to Russia and Crimea, well that is sorted either way. If it was not for the 80+% of the electorate, voting and 93% of them, wishing to return to Russia, would it not be back in Russia, owing to where the borders were, prior to the City of London led, Bolshevik overthrow of the Russian Empire, back in 1917?


Russia will take back Ukraine, China will take back Taiwan and Iran will take back Azerbaijan.

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