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JUNE 2023

Ukraine Expands Its Artillery Group near Mariupol & Intensifies Shelling of Yasinovataya

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Kiev continues to intensify its artillery groups near the contact line with Donbass and fire territories of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).

Ukraine Expands Its Artillery Group near Mariupol & Intensifies Shelling of Yasinovataya

Kiev has intensified its artillery group near Mariupol and Yasinovataya with tanks, howitzers and self-propelled guns, Deputy Commander of the Operational Command of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Eduard Basurin, said at a briefing on Tuesday.

“Our intelligence continues to reveal facts of presence of prohibited weapons of the Ukrainian Armed Forces along the contact line,” Basurin said.

According to the Deputy Commander, three self-propelled guns, two tanks and two trucks with ammunition were discovered in the village of Granitnoye near Telmanovo, half a kilometer from the front. Moving of the nine Giatsint-B field guns was spotted near Yasinovataya, on the Yasnobrodovsky landfill.

“In addition, our intelligence spotted supply of ammunition to the settlements of Novognatovka, Nikolaevka, Marinka, Zarya and Rybinskoye,” Basurin added.

According to Basurin, over the past day, the Ukrainian Armed Forces fired frontline territories of the DPR 46 times. The villages of Zaytsevo near Gorlovka, Aleksandrovka and Trudovskiye to the west of the capital, Novolaspa in the area of Telmanovskiy, the territory of Dokuchaevsk, suburbs of Yasinovataya and the Mayorsk checkpoint near Zaytsevo were under the enemy fire.

“Nineteen 82 mm and 120 mm shells were fired from prohibited weapons by the enemy. In addition, fire was opened from grenade launchers and light weapons,” Basurin pointed out.

Later on Tuesday, it was reported that Spartak village on the northern outskirts of Donetsk was fired by Ukrainian military, who used heavy mortars.

According to the DAN news agency, citing a source in power-wielding agencies of the DPR, the Ukrainian side used 82 mm and 120 mm mortars, as well as a heavy machine gun. The source also added that two hours before to start the shelling, surroundings of the industrial zone near Yasinovataya were fired with a tank by units of the Ukrainian Army.

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Brad Isherwood

Some time back…read that several big industrialist/Oligarchs/gangsters. ….Had enterprise in Mariupol which had them trapped in future uncertainty. If Donestk Republic could ensure their ( cough)…Business Security. …Mariupol might be won Back at far less cost. Kiev does not have the money to keep all its Oligarchs/ Regions content. Power is slipping away on Kiev….the IMF loan was like pulling teeth.

Kiev/ Ukraines Gangster Oligarchs have a better future with East Ukraine Republics aligned to Russia…left alone. All that Silk Road loot could pass thru Ukraine on its way to Europe.

US Sanctions on Russia have backfired. Europe is a mess…Deutches Bank is close to Derivative implode. Saudi Banks needed Billions injection for liquidity with rumor it will not bridge the gap. Saudi Banks in trouble…

As Aleppo Falls….so does Empires financial racket. … With pissed off Gangster/ Oligarchs on the periphery

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