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Kiev Government Kicks Off ‘Reality Show’ To Promote Service In Its Military (Videos)


In November, Ukrainian military TV started airing a second season of its “РЕКРУТ.UA” series. The so-called ‘reality show’ is backed by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry and is designed show an alleged “reality” of the service with the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces (UAAF).

The UAAF was created from the Ukrainian Airmobile Forces (more commonly referred as VDV) in November 2017 as a part of the general effort of the current Kiev regime to abandon Russian and Soviet terms to show its independence from Moscow.

“РЕКРУТ.UA” videos are interesting because even this stiffly censored content created in order to inspire Ukrainian citizens to service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) allows to see the real level of combat training, the quality of weapon inventory and the morale of UAF troops.

An interesting fact is that most of professional servicemen in these videos actively use Russian language and use term VDV instead of the UAAF. The sad open secret is that most of motivated, well-trained and combat-experienced servicemen of the UAF are ethnic Russians or Russian-speaking Ukrainians. At the same time, Ukrainian nationalists mostly serve in retreat-blocking “volunteer battalions”, which are a part of the Ukrainian National Guard and provide police and political pressure “services” in the Kiev-controlled part of the combat zone in eastern Ukraine.

Thus, ethnic Russian and Russian speaking servicemen of the UAF are in fact fighting against other ethnic Russians and Russian speaking population leaving in eastern Ukraine. This situation is an apparent success of Washington strategists.



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  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    Fake army!..we have seen how they fled from Crimea, Donbass, Kerch strait!..I am sure that if Russia launch an offensive inside east Ukraine….the Ukrop army collapse in few days and defected to Russian army!

    • viktor ziv

      “Revolution” eats its children (Danton, Marat and Robespierre). Its better to wait for hunger to come.

      • Jens Holm

        There was enough cake.

    • occupybacon

      That’s how any country under 25 years of Russian hegemony would look like.

      • Barba_Papa

        Belarus and Kazakhstan seem fairly well run. So clearly Russia doesn’t mind how the locals run their countries, as long as they are loyal to Russia. And Ukraine has only gotten worse since it left the Russian sphere of influence and joined the American one. Whatever is at the root of Ukraine’s abysmal performance is not because of Russia but because of the Ukraine itself.

        • occupybacon

          If you compare Belarus with neighboring countries, like Poland and the Baltic states, they are not doing too well. Kazakhstan has some oil and is not a country you want to live, I’d still chose Ukraine over them. All the Communist block performed worse after the fall of communism, for two decades, because nobody can fix a corrupt system and a corrupt mentality of an entire generation in few years. Ukraine will do better in 10-15 years.

          • AM Hants

            Poland who lost so many of it’s population to wealthier EU nations.
            Poland the larges debtor nation in the EU.
            Poland who specialises in playing the ‘professional victim’.

            Ukraine, where the oligarchs get fatter whilst the people starve and freeze.

          • occupybacon

            Polish expats send almost 20 billion Euros per year at home, also the rest of the Eastern countries from Europe receive many billions each year from their expats. Also EU finance 10-40% of the credits for successful small-medium businesses in this countries, though it’s a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy…

            All the countries suffer from brains drain to the US and Western EU, including Russia. There are articles in the Russian media covering this subject.

            Regarding your last phrase, it’s the same situation in Russia, there are people which got their wages cut by 20% and some even delayed with months while the Putin’s oligarchs organize orgies on luxury yachts far away from cold and poverty from home.

            I didn’t get the ‘professional victim’ but since it worked so well for other nations, yeah, why not if the most adaptable race survive? :)

          • AM Hants

            UK child benefit goes back to the Eastern European debtor nations, without them even setting foot in the UK. Which of course, thrills the UK tax payer.

            Russia 2,000 was bankrupt, when President Putin first came to power, so what did he do?

            Sorted out the oligarchs, those who wished to pzy their 13% universal tax payments, be good Russian citizens and stay out of politics.
            He also took back control of Russia’s natural resources, so instead of the people of Russia only getting 20 cents back from their natural resources, with the US getting the rest, the Russian Government got the revenues coming straight back into the Russian Government, to be spent on the people of Russia. Which enabled Russia to pay off the $45 billion Soviet Union debt, including from the time the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Government. They also paid off the $16.5 billion, Russian Federation debt, plus, the compensation the Soviet Union owed the Baltic States.

            How else did the people of Russia benefit from President Putin? Including the people of Crimea post 2014? Besides the investment in infrastructure, on both the mainland and the Islands?

            Well, they have had their life expectancy extended by an average of 10 years, together with free healthcare, plus, free education, upto University level, which so encourages the acclaimed engineers and scientists, Russia is known for. Then you have the fact that Russia is a creditor nation with minimal debt, healthy gold and currency reserves.

            Where did Yeltsin’s oligarchs go and where do they moor their yachts? How many of the old ‘Yeltsin oligarchs’ are still screaming and shrieking, because they can no longer pillage Russia.

            You might not get ‘professional victim’ status for Poland, but, darling they have not stopped whinging, whining and moaning, since they lost the independence, which they only held onto for 20 years, back in 1939. Funny how they never let go of the begging bowl though.



          • Barba_Papa

            Belarus is far less of a mess then Ukraine is. Granted it has a dictator, but he manages to keeps the trains running in time and the pensions getting paid. That’s more then Yeltsin was able to do in Russia at the time. If you think Ukraine is a better place to live you’re delusional. Ukrainians will think you mad if you did so. Only three types of Westerners come to Ukraine, those who are looking for an Ukrainian wife, those who are looking to get laid with Ukrainian women, and those who come to plunder the country. All you will be to them is a walking wallet, a meal ticket on legs.

            And if you think the country will improve, think again. It’s a failed state. It’s a paint over culture. There’s a problem, give it a nice makeover, problem gone. It has an everybody for himself mentality with extreme myopia for what can I get in the short term. There is no long term focus. You give them a big bag of aid money, they will think, okay, crazy foreigner is giving us money, I’ll take it.

            As for the former communist block doing better, it took massive amounts of cash from the EU to transform those countries, and many of them, basically the Balkan block is still a mess. And it also caused a massive exodus to Western Europe that is still reeling from this wave of immigration. It played a HUGE part in the UK’s Brexit vote, all those East Europeans coming to the UK year after year after year. And the moment the Ukraine joins the EU, or is allowed visa free travel that country will empty. Like a dam breaking. You can’t fix that kind of culture of corruption with a few billions of aid money, this will be a massive reconstruction from the ground up that will make the absorption of East Germany by West Germany look like a picnic. And that almost broke the German camel’s back.

          • occupybacon

            From my modest experience I learned to not call people names unless I have read their comments carefully. I was saying I would chose Ukraine over Kazakhstan. And I compared Belarus with the neighboring countries like Poland and the Baltics.

            Regarding the mass migration, I’d still chose migrants from Ukraine over the Muslim extremists that hate the Western culture and behave like invaders, but Ukraine will not totally integrate. all started with a commercial accord between EU and Ukraine which Russia wanted to forbid.

            Those people couldn’t take any more humiliation, kidnapping, torture and assassinations of the pro-Russian government, then they made it worse by banning all protests, like in Putin’s Russia. They couldn’t stay just like that. Just for that I respect them, they had more balls than the Russians.

            I don’t know if you were in Balkans but is not the same place it used to be, there is hope for Ukraine, they have from agriculture to human resources, there is a potential, the internal struggle is though but please just don’t fall in the Russian rhetoric that it’s already a failed state. If it was, Russia would have already occupied it.

      • Bob

        Four odd years of US hegemony – or more accurately, imperialism – have produced a failed state in Ukraine. To achieve that result in such a short time-frame is no accident – rather the strategic policy intent.

        • occupybacon

          I’ll be honest, there is a chance that to be true, but I hope not, USA can’t jump with the money because it’s a private system, the investors feel the need of security, Russia is doing a good job by preventing the security westerner investors need.

  • Jens Holm

    Thats normal fare for propaganda and is done for 1000 years apart from using videos and TV.

    Why should it be Americans. Even here we see and read how good Russians are and almost always in the front with everything i warfare as well as peace and politics being 100% right and always fair.

    And You buy it against all facts, which also are avaiable in the Russian/Ukrainian mismanegements by realistic updated pictures and videos in stead of consrtructed ones for entertainment. .

  • Jens Holm

    And what do you expect ??? The Ukrainians in war should ask Russians and Russian-Ukrainians to support Putin as father milder then Stalin to the Ukrainians.

    Our whips are not barbed wire as You are told, he says. Its american propaganda…

  • AM Hants

    No doubt the EU fully approved the release of the videos.

    This, from Sputnik, had me choking on my coffee. Ironic, how the EU support, fund and train the Ukraine Nazis.

    ‘Mogherini: EU Fears ‘Rule of Jungle’ May Win Over Rule of Law in Int’l Relations…

    ‘…’We have seen in these very weeks that we share the same interest in addressing Russia’s violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity: only together can Europe and America face the challenges that Russia poses on European soil, but also elsewhere… And the current events in the Sea of Azov are somehow — I would not say the inevitable consequence, because things like that should always be avoidable but — the direct consequence of a clear violation of the basic rules of peaceful co-existence on European territory’, Mogherini said…’ https://sputniknews.com/world/201812041070366866-eu-us-russia-relations-mogherini/

    Remember, what the EU were saying, before ‘The Maidan’, when they were desperate to get the ‘Gas Princess’ Julia ‘Nuke the 8 million Russian speaking people, in Ukraine’ Tymoshenko, out of prison? What are EU principles, with regards the rules of ‘their’ jungle?

    Speech 11/898
    José Manuel Durão Barroso, President of the European Commission. Statement by President Barroso following the EU-Ukraine Summit
    I also had the opportunity to convey to President Yanukovych our concern regarding recent cases of what is perceived as selective justice in Ukraine against members of previous administrations, notably Mrs. Tymoshenko. And we also have discussed reforms, including in the constitutional and judicial spheres. It is precisely at a moment when we are striving to build strong and lasting relations that Ukraine needs to show its commitment to democratic principles, the rule of law, good governance, human rights and fundamental freedoms.http://europa.eu/rapid/press-r