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Kiev Forces Cry Foul About Russian Agression After Own Failed Attack In Eastern Ukraine

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Kiev Forces Cry Foul About Russian Agression After Own Failed Attack In Eastern Ukraine

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On February 18th, an escalation took place between the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the Luhansk People’s Republic militia in the area near Zolote.

Zolote is the position where a separation of forces took place on October 29th, 2019, but it apparently is proving ineffective.

According to official information, one Ukrainian serviceman died and four others were wounded.

As a result there are two contrasting positions regarding what actually transpired, that of the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) and that of Kiev.

According to the LPR, the armed forces of Ukraine made another attempt to destabilize the situation along the contact line.

Early in the morning of February 18th, a Ukrainian sabotage group of 10 people advanced in the direction of LPR positions in the area of ​​Golubovsky.

There are is also a video of the clashes:

The militia detected the movements and continued to actively monitor their activities.

“When approaching our positions, the group was blown up in a minefield, as a result of which at least TWO fighters were killed and THREE were wounded.”

In order to evacuate the dead and wounded from the place of the explosion, the command of the 93rd brigade was instructed to deliver a massive artillery attack on the Luhansk settlements.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces inflicted a massive artillery strike using 82- and 120-mm mortars, 122 and 152 artillery in the areas of the settlements of Golubovsky, Sokolniki, Donetsk and Smeloe.

The soldiers of the 93rd brigade of the Armed Forces under the command of Bryzhinsky fired more than fifty shells and mines across the territory of the republic.

“During the shelling period, the enemy noted the active use of unmanned aerial vehicles; our air defense units shot down ONE enemy UAV, correcting fire on settlements of the Republic,” the LPR statement read.

In addition, according to LPR data, the command of the operation of the combined forces involved journalists from Ukrainian TV channels Channel 5, 1 + 1, TSN, and ICTV to shoot video materials in order to prepare videos that accused People’s militia of violating the ceasefire.

“We urge the observers of the OSCE Mission to record the facts of violation by Ukraine of the ceasefire, as well as to influence the Ukrainian armed forces in order to stop the provocations.”

On the side of Kiev, as it has become used to playing the victim, this time was no exception.

The Joint Forces Operation (JFO) issued a statement, claiming that the Ukrainian positions were simply attacked by the “Russian-backed forces.”

“The combat near the settlements of Novotoshkivske, Orikhove, Krymske and Khutir Vilnyi has currently ended. The Joint Forces units have delivered an adequate response to the enemy and maintained full control over the situation. Unfortunately, one of the Ukrainian defenders was killed, and four others sustained light wounds. They are being provided with medical aid. The enemy has one dead and five seriously wounded. The enemy has requested a ceasefire. The positions of the Ukrainian defenders have not been lost,” the report reads.

According to the report, the Luhansk People’s militia attacked with weapons prohibited under the Minsk agreements, such as 120mm mortars, grenade launchers of various types and heavy machine guns.

Kiev Forces Cry Foul About Russian Agression After Own Failed Attack In Eastern Ukraine

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Under this massive support, and counter to any common sense, the “Russian invaders” launched an offensive operation and attempted to advance through the contact line.

“Today, at 05:00, Russian troops attacked Ukrainian strongholds near Zolote. Now, as of 08:00, heavy fighting is ongoing with the use of all weapons, including 152mm artillery, 120mm mortars. The enemy is attacking the combat units of the 72nd and 93rd mechanized brigades near the disengagement area of Zolote-Orikhove-Novotoshkivske. There was a close fight with a Russian assault group at a strongpoint. Our artillery fired back, reserves are being brought up,” Journalist Yuriy Butusov wrote on his Facebook page, which confirms the LPR claims that there were reporters accompanying the subversive group.

The Ukrainian side immediately played the victim, after it carried outs very obvious provocation, and it even lost a soldier (2 according to the LPR).

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made a statement about the aggravation at the front. He called it an enemy provocation aimed at disrupting peace negotiations. He said that he was convening the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine (NSDC) in this regard.

But he noted that the course towards peace remains unchanged.

“The soldiers of the Armed forces of Ukraine gave a worthy rebuff to the aggressor. Unfortunately, there are losses on our part. As of now, the battle is over.

This is not just a cynical provocation, the purpose of which is to dissolve the Debaltsev wound, which will never heal completely. This is an attempt to disrupt the peace process in the Donbass, which began to advance, albeit in small, but uncontrollably steps.

We are gathering a meeting of the NSDC today. We will discuss and make decisions on further steps. Our course towards ending the war and devotion to international agreements remains unchanged – as does our determination to repulse any manifestations of armed aggression against Ukraine,” the statement said.

Despite initial claims that all was in order, Ukraine lost two strongholds during the escalation in the Donbass. This was announced by member of Ukrainian parliament Irina Gerashchenko and demanded that the Minister of Defense be called to parliament so that he would report on the situation at the front.

Incidentally (and of course the escalation happened purely by chance just a day prior), a meeting of the UN Security Council will be held in New York on February 19th, in connection with the fifth anniversary of the Minsk agreements, the convening of which was initiated by Russia.

The meeting will be entirely devoted to the topic of Ukraine.

The OSCE, in its daily reports says that the violations of the ceasefire are happening constantly, and starting from February 15th, there was an increase in hostilities along the contact line near Luhansk, and a reduction in Donetsk. However, it is very apparent that the situation remains tense, with constant fire exchange and little progress.

February 18th, also marked the day that the Maidan shooting began in 2014.


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Damien C

English subs for the video would have helped in understanding the video better

Harry Smith

Nothing interesting in the conversation. There are mother and her son. He’s is recording the video while commenting like “here is another one”. His mother in the beginning says like “oh the horror” and then tries to convince her son “Danya” (Daniel) to hide.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Kiev clearly requires psychiatric help… Not only have they sold Ukraine’s very soul away to parasitic globalist banksters, they delude themselves about it.


And Ukraine is where the West Launders its money! Foreign aid tends to go through Ukraine first then back into shell companies or Swiss banks for the very politicians who voted to give such foreign aid! Are logs kept in Kolomoisky’s PrivatBank? Lol, hell no! Thats how he gets rich, he gets a cut! To keep himself safe, he insists the children of those western politicians live in Ukraine with big salaries! Easy for him to hold as a ransom in case the West decide to blame and back stab him! Hence the reason why the children of John Kerry, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Mitt Romney all work in Ukraine as Directors of energy companies! :)


sounds like so israeli.. must have US trainers…


If this was not a planned event, why would all the media be there?

Harry Smith

By coincidence, of course! Do you try to say it was planned? How dare you! Everybody knows that Ukrops’ mass media is the most trustworthy media in the world since MH17 downing.


Sorry, I was out of control. :P

John Wallace

Where are the media. The video was obviously taken on a cell phone by a local in their home and the media reports various officials making statements from the comfort of safety miles away from the front line.No media there at all. As for the OSCE doing their job. ‘ There are constant violations everyday ” . A bit like the UN Security Council who all diplomatically say ” We urge all participants in this to use restraint.” both of which achieve nothing and say nothing.


Hello John. The LPR was stating that the media was imbedded with Ukrainian forces. It’s at about the middle of the article. They cite which ones were there.

John Wallace

Oh sorry , I skipped that bit as it was all waffle about he said / she said so I jumped down . Pity some of them didn’t film their last days . My apologies. Thought you were refering to the official statements which accuse each other and the mum and son filming the event . I guess the OSCE don’t want to say the Ukrainians started it in case the next night they become collateral damage.


Once again, Ukraine attacks first and then plays the victim card. It’s getting old, Ukraine! If Ukraine were honest, they would simply make sure that no soldier of military equipment would be even near the

People’s Republic borders. If they are there, it is for a reason and it is not peace. They send soldiers in, they get blown up by a landmine and then claims that the People’s Republic attacked first.


the illegal settlement called israel has advisors in jemen advising clown prince mohammed bin salman (not of much value if truth be told) and I wouldn’t be surprised if the jews are advising zelensky on how to win the eastern ukraine conflict (without Putin being told)


When they hire incest spawn orthodox haters to try to blame russia for everything,not only does this reaffirm the disease associated in lieu of such spwaned incentive,but reaffirms they whom try to fool the fools into some new wave of reassurances which will only end up costing ukraine as a whole everything,
for example credentials,seens the world has awaken and there are more intellects than not is it not so?

Is the few extra shekels worth the champagne invested via the blood money from the master of incest?

I think it’s high tide to repent and respect the will of soviet peoples (not luciferians) in the end divine authority ain’t gonna ask what they say nor saved but rather what the gave,lies definetaly rewards hell!
my few euros worth:

Zionism = EVIL

The hypocritical “west” owes its pathetic existence to the sacrifices of Soviet/Russian people and 26 million gave the ultimate sacrifice defeating the Nazis. Not a single Americunt arsehole died on the eastern front which is the war was.

cechas vodobenikov

some amerikan aligned nazis were dispatched to Hell…..

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, Jew scum are more active in Ukraine top down.

cechas vodobenikov

another backward racist packuda

Zionism = EVIL

Ukraine is a historical part of Russia and needs to be integrated back into the motherland.

Well, let’s take a historical perspective; Ukraine is an integral part of Russia
since the advent of Orthodoxy around a millennium ago. It was named Kievan-Rus
for a reason as all important events of Russian religion and politics originate
from Russian Ukraine. The Zionist infested so-called West must understand that, to Russia, Ukraine can never be just a foreign country. Russian history began in what was called Kievan-Rus. The
Russian religion spread from there. Ukraine has been part of Russia for centuries, and their histories were intertwined before then. Some of the most important battles for Russian freedom, starting with the Battle of Poltava in 1709 , were fought on Ukrainian soil. The Black Sea Fleet — Russia’s means of projecting power in the Mediterranean — is based in Sevastopol, in Crimea since it was won over from
the defeated Ottomans. Even such famed dissidents as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and
Joseph Brodsky insisted that Ukraine was an integral part of Russian history and, indeed, of Russia.

Ukrainians are the fake element of Hollywood created Jew version of history like the
Zionist occupation of Arab Palestine. They live in a country with a complex history and a polyglot composition, Crimea, 80 percent of whose population is Russian, became part of Ukraine only in 1954 , when Nikita Khrushchev, a Ukrainian by birth, awarded it as part of the 300th-year celebration of a Russian agreement with the Cossacks. The west is nominally Catholic; the east staunchly Russian Orthodox. The west speaks Ukrainian a corrupted dialect of Russian; the east speaks mostly Russian. Any attempt the Talmudic destabilizers in Ukraine to destroy Russian Orthodox culture —as has been the pattern — would lead eventually to a total civil war or break up. To treat Ukraine as part of the Jew instigated an East-West confrontation would scuttle for decades any prospect of peace in Europe or the world. The Talmudic evil must be stopped in Ukraine like its Nazi predecessors

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