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Kiev Expects Help From Many Directions, Is Anything Coming?

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Kiev Expects Help From Many Directions, Is Anything Coming?

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On April 10th, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Ankara and spoke to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Erdogan provided some empty rhetoric, words of support and that if war between Russia and Ukraine would start, Kiev would be left largely alone.

Erdogan said he supports the Crimean Platform, Kiev’s initiative to involve the international community in solving the peninsula problem.

“We stand for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. We reiterated our principles decision not to recognize Crimea’s annexation. We said we support Ukraine’s initiative of the Crimean Platform geared to consolidate the international community around Crimea. We hope this initiative will yield positive results for all Crimean peoples, including Crimean Tatars, and for Ukraine,” he said.

According to Erdogan, during the meeting with Zelensky, it was decided to start negotiations on strengthening cooperation in the defense industry.

“We have started new consultations in the 2+2 format (talks of the foreign ministers and the Defense Ministry of the two countries),” Erdogan said. “Our cooperation in the defence industry is by no means an initiative against third countries.”

As a result of the talks, Erdogan and Zelesnky issued a joint declaration emphasizing Ukraine’s plans to join NATO.

“It was agreed to express support for the prospect of Ukraine’s membership in NATO, in particular its intention to be accepted in the NATO Membership Action Plan in the near future,” the document reads.

After the talks, Zelensky stressed Kiev and Ankara have similar positions on the security of the Black Sea region, both with regard to the threats and the response to these threats.

According to Zelensky, Turkey’s support for restoring sovereignty and territorial integrity is very important for Ukraine, and he was “happy to hear from President Erdogan that this support will continue.”

Erdogan, though, said he supported the Normandy Four format, as well as that the Minsk agreements needed to be actually implemented by Kiev.

“We hope that the escalation on the ground that we have observed in the most recent period will end soon and that the ceasefire continues,” Erdoğan continued. “We hope that the current conflict will reach a solution based on the Minsk Agreement through dialogue.”

Just one day before his meeting with Zelensky, Erdoğan had a phone call with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. In a readout of the call released by the Kremlin, Putin “emphasised that the 2015 Minsk Package of Measures has no alternative as a foundation for a settlement”. The Russian president placed the blame on Ukraine for failing to adhere to the agreement and accused it of “dangerous provocations”.

On April 12th, press secretary of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Yulia Mendel said that Kiev is not planning an offensive in Eastern Ukraine.

“The fact is that Ukraine simply cannot attack its territory and cannot fight its people,” she said.

According to Mendel, there is a “firm conviction” in Kiev that only negotiations will lead to peace.

“That is why we are seeking the” Normandy format “negotiations and will move towards peace by all possible diplomatic means,” the press secretary added.

Earlier, Zelensky, after visiting the contact line, announced the need for a new ceasefire in Donbass. At the same time, he linked stability in the region with Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

As the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ruslan Khomchak noted, the use of force to “liberate” Donbass is unacceptable for Kiev, as it is fraught with casualties among the civilian population and military personnel.

The head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, said earlier that Ukraine was ready for full-scale hostilities. He noted that the situation now was the worst period on the contact line in Donbass in recent years.

On the part of Donetsk oblast controlled by Kiev, military training of Ukrainian snipers began in a training camp near Mariupol.

According to the press service of the People’s Police Department of the DPR, referring to intelligence data, Ukrainian military personnel are being trained under the direct supervision of NATO instructors.

“Our intelligence continues to receive information about the training of Ukrainian military personnel under the guidance of NATO instructors. In a training camp near Mariupol, training sessions with snipers are taking place,” the DAN agency quotes the text of the message.

According to the data of the Donetsk military, about 15 people of the personnel of the Ukrainian units included in the Operational-Tactical Group (OTG) “Vostok” were involved in the training.

The DPR side believes that the activation of snipers in the enemy camp is associated with the recent delivery to Ukraine of a new batch of American-made large-caliber Barrett rifles.


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Kenny Jones ™


Assad must stay


Kathryn Frank

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Jens Holm


Kenny Jones ™

What even is this

Jens Holm

Its Putin handling Nordstrem 2. The background is the danish island named Bernholm and a big ruin there.

Kenny Jones ™

So you have doubts that NS2 will be finished in June?

cechas vodobenikov

can’t spell your own language jens?..since most in bonholm prefer Swedish, not surprising from night pony linguist on LSD Nordstrom being completed in dane sea currently—predicted to finish in 6 months

Jihadi Colin

So when will the Ottoman Empire recognise the sovereignty of Syria, Cyprus, etc etc?

Thom Kinoshta

there is no ottoman empire

Jihadi Colin

Does Sultan Erdoğan know that?

Lone Ranger

Lies, speed and an unlimited supply of bodybags. Glorious banderistan….

johnny rotten

The fox that had failed to take the grapes he said that he didn’t care anyway, the grapes were unripe.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Russia will certainly help them in saving themselves.

Assad must stay

So basically kiev is gonna try to get away with sniping and shelling and sabotage and god knows what else because it “cannot fight its own people” lmao


Yes. But US has another plan for them. US (and NATO) want to transform (escalate) that conflict in full blown proxy war against Russia. Because it suits their interests to push Ukraine in the suicide war. Either way that conflict ends (even with total defeat of Ukraine ) US will use it for their war propaganda and full NATO mobilization against Russia

Jens Holm

You are barking mad. There is not a single line for that.

If some Uraine President will attack, there will only be a defence against a counterattack.


US will push their stooges, puppets from Ukraine into aggression against Donbass to provoke Russian reaction (in defending Russian citizens there). While US will try to present that in MSM (in the same time) as the Russian not provoked unilateral aggression and invasion of Ukraine. US are ready to fight that proxy to the last Ukrainian ( they couldn’t care less about Ukrainians )

Thom Kinoshta

correct, when Ukraine loses, the US will just add more severe sanction on Russia. I think that was the plan from the beginning.

Jens Holm

Thats not think.

USA as well as EU already has sanctions and dont need anything like that at all for changes.

You are barking mad too.

cechas vodobenikov

sanctions worthless—Russian counter sanctions drove EU to negative growth—IMF predicts GDP +3.1% in 2021 dane cheese grows moldy…amerikans want monkey cheese

John Brown

Yes Russiais now sanctions immune and China can now veto any USSA sanctions anywhere anytime, by giving the sanctioned country a free trade dealwith China and access to the digital Yuan.

Look at Iran. USSA sanctions now make China grow and become more powerful faster. They are good news for China and bad news for the rapidly declining USSA, as USSA sanctions mean the USSA is giving markets and profits to China for free.

As Napolean said when your enemy is busy destroying themselves, don’t interrupt them

John Brown

Russia is now sanctions immune and China can now veto any USSA sanctions anywhere anytime, by giving the sanctioned country a free trade deal with China and access to the digital Yuan.

Look at Iran. USSA sanctions now make China grow and become more powerful faster. They are good news for China and bad news for the rapidly declining USSA, as USSA sanctions mean the USSA is giving markets and profits to China for free.

Jens Holm


John Brown

No the JUSSA is not ready to fight that proxy war to the last Ukrainian as that is not what will happen.

If it is large scale war unleashed by the racist supremacist global Jewish Satanic slavae empire dictatorship all NATO bases within 1000 km of Russia will be destroyed by conventional Iskandar missiles etc.(so everything in Europe) NATO ships sunk especially defenceless and useless JUSSA Air craft Carriers most likely 75% plus of NATO air force will be destroyed and Russia will take all of Eastern and Southern and Eastern Ukraine.

Then the JEU and the JUSSA will go into a super depression, Euro and Zio USSA dollar collapse, 80% plus unemployment, hyperinflation famine massive civil unrest and the Chinese digital Yuan will become the new global reserve currency


” all NATO bases within 1000 km of Russia will be destroyed ” Nonsense. NATO will not oppose Russia at all. Because Russia will not attack before Ukrainian attack on Donbass While NATO will just helplessly watch and complain when Russia starts to respond by force.

Go easy on addictive substances…good bye !



cechas vodobenikov

fake gems are cheap like fake jens…ukraine stupid enough to invade, more territory permanently integrated into Russia after Ukraine soldiers defect to Russian side…then amerikan nazis catch more fleas, double recruitment LGBT soldiers and attack US ghettos wit pink dildos

John Brown

The JEU and the JUSSA are bankrput


The big difference is that : 1) EU debt is still smaller than U.S. debt. 2) Industrial base – production capacity and know how, RD, in EU is preserved. (Specially in Germany that is still the locomotive of the EU growth 3) EU gold reserves are significant (while US gold reserves didn’t have audit for more than 50 years – nobody knows if they still exist)

John Brown

The big difference is that : 1 ) EU debt is still smaller than U.S. debt. Wrong!

2) Industrial base – production capacity and know how, RD, in EU is preserved. Wrong!

(Specially in Germany that is still the locomotive of the EU growth Wrong again!

Not once Nord Stream 2 is cancelled.

3) EU gold reserves are significant What does that mean? Enough to support their currencies. No! So wrong again!

(while US gold reserves didn’t have audit for more than 50 years – nobody knows if they still exist) Yes.

This is the only one you got right.

If there is any gold left in the territory of the JEU or the JUSSA it will be owned and in the vaults of private Jewish owned banks like the Federal Reserve and the Judeo – Nazi Bank of International Settlements again owned by Jews.


“Wrong!” ??! Can’t be bothered to give me a proper argument?!!? OK I can’t be bothered to ready your comments. This is not conversation and those ‘re not arguments.

Good bye !


US-NATO plan escalating proportionally, both conflict and propaganda. In the same time accusing Russia for being “guilty” for escalating conflict, while only they will be the one to escalate it (through their Ukraine stooges) ! Thus making that conflict and Ukrainian total defeat inevitable ! The “Cold war 2.0” will follow. End of the NS2 also (Germany will be the biggest loser – they will have to compensate Russia for not fulfilling contract, while that Russian gas will go to China most probably) US – Western heavy sanctions will start. By among other things, removing Russia from Swift payment system. Being equal to the declaration of war, that will bring world on the brink of the WW3. If the WW3 will start or not, I do not know.

Jens Holm

Again biased barking madness.

Im sure most countries never would accept armed civilians trying to take over a part of it.

Thats how they see in Kiev according to MInsk.

Your version for gas going to China is madness too. You seemes to forget the distances in Russia as well as China. Russia will get gas friom Russia but from sources nearby China.

West as Europe might collapse with no gas too. The the whoile point for Danes being gainst or at lest vewry sceptic to just building that pipeline in the Baltic sea.

Here EU already has a plan for using less gas, fuel and coal. Our worries are, those agreements will not be kept.

But by that we can lower our lack of energy very much and become more independent.

We are not agaínst gas. We use a lot Ourself.

cechas vodobenikov

Jens brain made in Hollywood…many purchase gas from Russia, china the most…danes dependent for everything except cheese…USA also EU has plan for Covid fascism–most covid deaths per capita all nations, along w UK, USA…EU planning, like NATO–“braindead” as Macron observed

Jens Holm

We see and listen to You having made the microphones and teleskopes as the at the new Marslander. You are in 11 minutes delay, which is much better then the many other delays You make. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/06f893f79681c7e59b5ebb0abb9728020ba588bc62c55050a077570ca6aa2edb.jpg.

Farming for many years only has been a small part of Our production.

John Brown

I think you need to undergo gender reassignment.

Thom Kinoshta

problem is Russia gets less money from China for gas. The money maker is selling gas to Europe.

cechas vodobenikov

1/2 trillion $ contract for China to buy Russian gas via new pipeline also Turkstream, etc

John Brown

Wrong you are in 2014 not 2021 2021 China is now the number one economy, China is the number one trade partner of EU, Russia, Turkey etc. etc.The empires decline accellerates every day. In 5 years China will be twice the size of the rapidly declining USA economy and Russia will pull even further ahead in military technology.

The United States already fails to meet a number criteria imperative for the status of superpower, among which a military one is crucial. If some American military “strategists” still exercised a suicidal idea of fighting Russia conventionally in Ukraine in 2014, today in 2021 such an idea is downright mad, because the United States cannot win conventional war in Russia’s vicinity and any US force will be annihilated. This leaves the United States only two options:

1. Indeed, believing its own propaganda, try to unleash mayhem in Ukraine, provoke Russia into a direct military operation and then introduce whatever the force US and NATO will muster into the theater of operations. Any such plan is bound to fail miserably because not only such a force will be annihilated but participating NATO nations will face the possibility of their military installations destroyed by stand-off weapons. That raises the possibility of US escalating to nuclear threshold which means that the United States may cease to exists as a country. This is an undesirable plan and majority of US policy makers, bar some severe cases of psychological Russophobic disorders which are numerous in the current Administration and America’s elites, understand what it means. So, while not completely impossible, a probability for such a plan being implemented is fairly low. Not to mention the fact that for the US to fight conventionally around Russia will require assembly of the force which will dwarf whatever was assembled for the First Gulf War. There, the United States had almost 6 months to do so.

2. So, what’s left realistically is to push Ukraine into the suicidal campaign with Russia being designated aggressor before even the first shots are fired. What the United States does not recognize is the fact that this unties Russia’s hands who already has an overwhelming escalation dominance not only over Ukraine, but whatever might be attempted in terms of “support” for irrational regime in Kiev. Russia has many options, the United States has one—it needs war in Donbass, which, Washington’s thinking goes, will allow to drive Europeans into submission, which allegedly should allow the United States to save her hegemonic status. It will not even if Europe is driven into submission.United States today has the only one resource left which allows it to stay relevant—virtual reality of both money “printing” press and of the media propaganda which is increasingly ineffective. One could hide America’s decrepit cities, mass riots, destruction of the education system, incompetence of political and military top echelons, suicidal social practices and breakdown of law and order, aggravated by huge lines to food banks for only so long. Now it is in the open and even subjugation of Europe and, allegedly, opening Europe’s markets to those few items the United States can still provide for its clients there, does not change the fact that the United States as it exists today has no future with or without Europe and that it still has to recon with China’s immense manufacturing capacity and Russia’s advanced military might which drive unification of the Eurasian market whether the United States unleashes war in Ukraine or not. Even without EU this market dwarfs whatever the United States will be able to “salvage” in order to avoid relegation to a lower league. It cannot stop a process which was ongoing for years now, once Russia, after, the bloody coup in Ukraine, understood that there is nobody to talk too in the combined West which apart from losing its military and economic power, started to disintegrate from the inside due to Western societies becoming increasingly totalitarian and unable to face the reality that we still live in the highly industrialized world which needs energy, industrial plant and weapons which will defend them. Both China and Russia seem to accumulate all that and with it the fate of the United States is sealed. Bill Clinton may have thought that he “charted the new course for a new economy” in 2000, too bad for him, and the US, the “new economy” turned out to be an old one. What? You didn’t think that jeans, smartphones and rocket engines grow on the trees, did you?

3. Europe is not anymore a crucial trade partner for Russia and mutual trade plummeted in the last few years. The trend will continue and it is not only due to America’s pressure, albeit that too, on EU but is a result of Russia steady change of both economic model and her reorientation towards Asia which is now largely complete. Russia simply doesn’t need anymore many goods she used to buy in the EU. The policy of import substitution on average is a success and Russia economically insulating herself from the West will continue.

4. A much-discussed pipeline of Nord Stream 2 is, actually, not a crucial economic project for Russia anymore. Russia can absorb losses if the project eventually sabotaged by the United States and its European poodles such as Poland, but for Germany, and EU in general, this sabotage will result in catastrophe, due to European greens’ suicidal energy policies which make European goods costs extremely energy-dependent. In realty, America’s attempts to sabotage Nord Stream 2 are primarily directed against EU in general, and Germany in particular, not against Russia per se.

5. The United States and its masters the racist supremacist global Jewish slave empire dictatorship lost the arms race. America’s weapons acquisition process and military doctrine-mongering cannot be viewed anymore as a normal, that is logical and justified, process. While still being able to produce some state-of-the-art platforms and enablers, such as signal processing, combat computer and communications networks, recon assets, in terms of actual weapons the United States begins to lag behind Russia not just in years but in generations. As recent, February 2021, Congressional Budget Office report on missile defense admitted, the United States is defenseless against salvo of combination of new Russia’s cruise missiles and that there is nothing to stop them. There isn’t. US air defense systems lag behind Russian ones dramatically and the gap only grows with Russia’s S-500 getting into serial production and the latest S-350 already being deployed into the first line units.

6. The United States and its masters the racist supremacist global Jewish slave empire dictatorship simply cannot develop modern supersonic anti-shipping missile and the US Navy is forced, incomprehensibly, to buy Norwegian Kongsberg Naval Strike Missile—an underwhelming subsonic missile which is no match for modern high supersonic and hypersonic strike weapons Russia deploys, and is not survivable in modern air defense and ECM environment.

7. Lastly, the intellectual level and the level of awareness of modern the Zio American elites and its masters the racist supremacist global Jewish slave empire dictatorship is in a precipitous decline, which inevitably resulted in the embarrassment of America’s last elections, especially scandalous debate between two geriatric candidates in 2020, which paraded the US as Springeresque tawdry TV show. Resultant loss of a legitimacy and yet another confirmation of the America’s position as a non-agreement capable entity hardly serve as boosters for America’s already tarnished reputation as a big-mouth bully and its elites being uncultured and uneducated.

Jens Holm

Much is that is highly incorrect.

cechas vodobenikov

night porter cannot distinguish assertion from argument

Jens Holm

Yes I can.

John Brown

You are deluded like when the stupid totally corrupt Persians decided to attack the Mongols.

Jens Holm

Not at all Mr and Mrs Brownie.

So what did the Persians and Mongols fight about – Baktrian camels or what. You are far out to try to compare like that.

John Brown

You need to be forced to become homosexual or sent to prison for life in your Zio woke paradise.

Russia and China are becons of freedom and morality compared to life under the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship.

As people dip their toes into the dating pool they’re told they must find all other races and ages equally sexy, even if they’re not a person’s particular type, otherwise risk being denounced as racist and ageist.Things have got so ludicrous that straight men who refuse to sleep with gay men may be deemed homophobic, while – as the Advocate recently implied – lesbians who won’t date trans women may be flirting with fascism.

In the Zio empire where you live,if you don’t take it in the ass you are a white supremacist or psychogically a white supremacist, so take it balls deep every day and say thank you may I have another..

Life in your occupied country kind of reminds me of a movie I have seen. See you tube below

As people dip their toes into the dating pool they’re told they must find all other races and ages equally sexy, even if they’re not a person’s particular type, otherwise risk being denounced as racist and ageist.

Things have got so ludicrous that straight men who refuse to sleep with gay men may be deemed homophobic, while – as the Advocate recently implied – lesbians who won’t date trans women may be flirting with fascism.


or start at 251


Where are the men that came to your house this night? Bring them out to us that we may know them.


READ MORE Denmark poised to ban ‘sugar dating’, which some call a gateway to prostitution.

Think about it: the totalitarian nature of cancel culture has meant that people are self-censoring on everything from politics to pop music.

This is particularly true of sex and relationships, which – for many – is probably the biggest ‘woke’ minefield of all.

As people dip their toes into the dating pool they’re told they must find all other races and ages equally sexy, even if they’re not a person’s particular type, otherwise risk being denounced as racist and ageist.

Things have got so ludicrous that straight men who refuse to sleep with gay men may be deemed homophobic, while – as the Advocate recently implied – lesbians who won’t date trans women may be flirting with fascism. ALSO ON RT.COMA new statue depicting Medusa holding a man’s severed head symbolises what’s bad about #MeToo – and why it’s backfired on women

Ergo, it’s no surprise that singletons are particularly scared of saying anything that may be misconstrued as bigoted. Even by the inner voice in their own head. And, ultimately, that’s the sad thing about wokeness:

it forces people to discard truth for what’s politically expedient.

John Brown

Same as today power.

The Mongol conquest of Khwarezmia, or the Mongol invasion of Iran (Persia) (Persian: حمله مغول به ایران‎), was the invasion of the Khwarazmian Empire by the Mongol Empire under Genghis Khan. The comprehensive defeat and destruction of the Muslim Empire at the hands of the Mongols marked the beginning of their conquest of Central Asia and the Islamic world.

The chain of events that led to the Mongol invasion started when the Shah of Khwarazm, Shah Muhammad II, broke a peace treaty that he had agreed with Genghis Khan. On the Shah’s orders, the governor of the city of Otrar arrested and put to death all the members of a Mongol trade caravan; when the Khan, trying to avoid open war, sent three ambassadors to the Shah at Urgench, one was beheaded and the others were publicly humiliated. Outraged by this affront, Genghis left the wars he was fighting in China, and prepared to attack Khwarazm.

In the ensuing conflict, which lasted less than two years, the Shah’s empire was annihilated by the Mongol armies. Genghis, leading a force of around 100,000 men, exploited existing weaknesses and conflicts in the Khwarazmian Empire to isolate and massacre his enemies. The three leading Eastern Kwarazmian cities (Bukhara, Samarkand, and Urgench) were successfully besieged and plundered; the citizens of the western cities of Merv and Nishapur were put to the sword in one of the bloodiest wars in human history. Shah Muhammed died on an island in the Caspian Sea, exhausted by the loss of his kingdom, which was absorbed into the Mongol Empire.

The subjugation of the Khwarazmian heartlands in central Asia provided a springboard for the Mongols’ later assaults on the Caucasus and the Abbasid Empire. When the Empire later fractured into four separate khanates, most the Khwarazmian lands taken by Genghis would be ruled by the powerful Ilkhanate, with some of the northern lands ruled by the Chagatai Khanate. It would be from these northern lands that Timur would launch his large-scale campaigns on the rest of Asia.

John Brown

China is investing hundreds of billions of dollars in the Russian economy.

John Brown

Yes without Nord Stream 2 the JEU economy wiil collapse 80% plus unemployment, then the the Jewish Zio dollar will collapse It will be the end of the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship so lets hope George Soros and Rothchild order Shabbas Goy Joe Stalin Biden to do it.Looks like a repeat of 1219 -1221 when the totally corrupt Persian empire were actually stupid enough to pick a fight with the efficient merit based Mongols

John Brown

If the USSA is ordered by its racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship masters to attack Russia through Ukraine and kick Russia out of SWIFT, Russia will take what parts of Ukraine they need to secure their borders, and if the USSA think they have problems occupying Syria, iraq, Afghanistan etc.now just wait. it will be open season on all 1000 plus USSA bases everywhere by proxi-forces.

Same for the USSA Zio dollar the USSA economy, hacking, they will see real hacking of USSA / EU domestic infrastructure etc. not the false flag CIA, NSA, Mossad hacking, and SWIFT may go offline permanently.

Also expect tough Chinese sanctions to cripple the USSA military industrial complex and the USSA economy. leading to total atl USSA and EU Zio empire collapse.

I would also expect Russia and China to place hypersonic nuclear missiles and very advanced air defence systems to defend them in Cuba and Venezuela.


This is a dangerous game. What’s the upside for NATO countries to defend The Ukraine. I can understand some of the belligerent locals like Poland who could see a limited conflict weakening both Ukraine and Russia … maybe Lviv becomes Lvov or Lemburg again as a bonus and the USA will have ammo to stop Nord Stream 2 …. but is France really willing to risk the destruction of Paris over the repatration of Donetsk?

The problem with brinksmanship is once scrambled you can’t unscramble an egg. These situations once unleashed take on a life of their own and there is nothing but regret and sorrow if your grand strategy turn out to be a grand blunder.


1.) NOBODY will step in to defend Ukraine (except doing some lip service!)

“who could see a limited conflict weakening both Ukraine and Russia” I don’t see how could a “limited conflict” with Ukraine possibly “weaken” Russia?!???

“is France really willing to risk the destruction of Paris ” Russia is above all not interested to start WW3 over Ukraine and US even much less.. While EU “warriors” are hardly worth mentioning in that context, at all… The biggest loser of that war will be Ukraine, than Germany and to the small extent only Russia (since Russia will take back Russian territory (given by Lenin to Ukraine)).


“I don’t see how could a “limited conflict” with Ukraine possibly “weaken” Russia?!???”

Russia currently has an advantage in that NATO / USA have never seen the full modern Russian military in action. Those US destroyers in the Black Sea aren’t a serious military threat to the Russians but they are very good intelligence gathering platforms.

You’ll notice that the USA isn’t offering the Ukraine and sort of air defences or missile defences … even on loan like they do with SA …. which is where the Ukraine is most vunerable. Could it be that watching the Ukraine get a beat down is more valuable to the USA than the Ukraine winning anything?

“Russia is above all not interested to start WW3 over Ukraine and US even much less..”

No one wants WW3 but never the less the risk is still there. This isn’t the USA and Russia fighting over Vietnam …. this is on Russia’s border. Unlike Napoleon, WW1 and WW2 Russia can’t retreat it’s way to gain space. No part of Russia is out of range of modern weapons.

Thom Kinoshta

sanctions hurt Russia. The West could cut Russia from SWIFT. Russia might see the end coming and just annex the entire UKraine coast. https://www.rt.com/business/475089-russia-swift-ban-war/

Oliver Eitel

U all are so funny, no idead how weak and instabil world economy is, not to mention US which has non…nor Europe…….Russia real netto GDP was 2020 higher than the one of Germany….Russia and China already have their own SWIFT system….you all living in the West make a very big mistake when you believe you still will be able to buy all things if war breaks out, very soon you learn that nothing is produced in the West, nor do they have resources!!! Financial capitalism is an empty shell my friends and you will learn that soon!!!! Thats why China and Russia that has become more and more self suficient will win the long term….besides how is the US getting to ISS? The Ultimative world power is China….and they will roast Americans and Europeans…but not Russians…why well it were Europeans that tried to enslave the Chinese and turning them into yellow niggers….but didn’t work out that way…..and now US-UK are crying a river….

John Brown

Yes you get but but there is no west only the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship which conquered what use to the West before world war 1


I wonder who would be hurt more in the long run though.

cechas vodobenikov

swift needed most by whom?—this would create world depression— US oligarchy not this stupid

John Brown

No part of the USSA is out of range of modern weapons.

Proud Hindu

If the rumour of China helping Russia is true in this invasion , may the Russians suffer a humiliating defeat.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

As it’s only the rumours from trannys in the Beltway that you rely on, you’ve got no hope.

Another girly daydream of yours.

Thom Kinoshta

Russia does not attack first. Russia counters. Either Ukraine attacks first or the American Empire acts first.

Thom Kinoshta

besides China is better than india. I think india is 15% muslim now.

cechas vodobenikov

IF village Dalit find toilet paper not need special perfume for left hand


Joe Biden’s Ukraine Policy: A Repeat of George W. Bush In Georgia?

The Biden administration is in grave danger of replicating George W. Bush’s disastrous policy of encouraging Georgia’s president, Mikheil Saakashvili, to believe that his country was a valued U.S. ally and that the United States and NATO would come to Georgia’s rescue if it became embroiled in an armed conflict with Russia. Saakashvili had every reason to conclude that he had Washington’s unwavering support. The Bush administration had provided millions of dollars in weaponry to Tbilisi, and even trained Georgian troops.

Bush and other officials were effusive in their praise of Saakashvili and Georgia’s democratic revolution. In a May 2005 speech in Tbilisi, Bush hailed Georgia as “a beacon of liberty” https://anti-empire.com/joe-bidens-ukraine-policy-a-repeat-of-george-w-bush-in-georgia/

Jens Holm

We all know that part and the Russian enclaves there too.

Poor countries cllaåsed by Russia are not allowed to be helped ny the workers USSR united NO MATTER WHAT.

cechas vodobenikov

linguist from denmark with poor LSD

Jens Holm

If You and other wrote less crap, I would have time for improvements.

John Brown

It will be the end of the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship so lets hope George Soros and Rothchild order Shabbas Goy Joe Stalin Biden to do it

Jens Holm



U.S. General Hodges: deployment of Russian troops to Donbas is only a distraction, the Kremlin is preparing a different attack

“The Kremlin is interested in establishing full control over the Black Sea coast, including Mariupol, Odessa and Berdyansk. https://www.uawire.org/u-s-general-hodges-deployment-of-russian-troops-to-donbas-is-only-a-distraction-the-kremlin-is-preparing-a-different-attack

Thom Kinoshta

Kherson is the most likely addition to Russia, but Russia would pay dearly. Might as well annex Odesa too. Russia will be isolated from the West.

cechas vodobenikov

CIA knows isolation from truth

Jens Holm

Several sources says about USWIRE, they are wiréd like this:

Overall, we rate the UAWire left-center biased and mixed for factual reporting based on poor sourcing and lack of publisher information.

cechas vodobenikov

jens rates night porter position below drug addict in arhaus, 1 cowrie shell equal to dane kroner, LSD delusions=20/20 vision

John Brown

Yes, Russia will counter attack from Crimea and Belorussia.


Probably. But direct land attacks will be used as false attacks only. The main attack will be in depth behind enemy lines. Coming from the sea and the air . Black sea fleet will sink Ukrainian fleet and invade Ukrainian coast (Odessa?)Marines will join paratroopers already there. In few days all Black sea coast, all the way to the Romania will be under Russian control.

Peter Moy

Where the hell is the mighty British Empire and the French Empire in all of this????? Uncle Shmuel and his idiots are on another sight seeing excursion with two destroyers and some C-130s, why not BOJO’s boys and girls or Macron’s midgets? This should be shaping up as another Crimean War with 21st century versions of Lord Raglan, Cardigan and Lucan leading a most glorious onslaught against the enemies of empire, righteousness, Britishness, God, country and her majesty the Queen!

Thom Kinoshta

so Erdogan should get out of Syria and Cyprus.

cechas vodobenikov

new ISIS brigade formed as azov support forces…new recruits include jens, tratz, freemon, foggy,blyat, cornhole, hindoo, Homer Simpson, peter griffen, kim Kardashian gives bonus perfume to LGBT volunteers

thomas malthaus


In other news, it’s been reported that at least five countries have lined up to purchase Russia’s S-400 missile defense system. India is specifically mentioned here.

Perhaps a regional plan is afoot to de-dollarize. Since Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation’s MC-21 is priced at at nearly $22-25 million dollars below Boeing’s 737 MAX and the Airbus’ equivalent, one might expect regional carriers with competitive and survival instincts to express an interest in at least short-term leasing agreements to gauge the quality control.

Jens Holm

Splutnik is 100% Russaian propaganda.

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