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Kiev Continues On The War Path, Emboldened By False Promises. (Map Update)

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Kiev Continues On The War Path, Emboldened By False Promises. (Map Update)

The Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics are again facing renewed Ukrainian aggression.

The regime of silence, which the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky was so proud of, existed exactly until the local elections ended in the country. Since then, tensions on the demarcation line have grown, and the rhetoric of Ukrainian officials has become increasingly harsh.

Ultimately, the National Security Council of Ukraine allowed the military to fire at peaceful settlements in the LPR and DPR, and the shelling became more frequent and intense. The Ukrainian Armed Forces continuously use heavy artillery, and the day before, a child died as a result of a dastardly attack.

It appears to strongly resemble the situation in South Ossetia, when Georgia attempted its hostile actions back in 2008.

The difference here is that, thanks to mass certification, hundreds of thousands of residents of the LPR and DPR have become full citizens of the Russian Federation. If Ukraine decides to go on the offensive, Russia will have an extremely justified reason to stop this act of aggression.

If this happens, and no help comes to Ukraine, it will be forced into accepting peace and likely rather quickly.

The Ukrainian expert community also agrees with this point of view. Mikhail Pogrebinsky, director of the Kiev Center for Political Research and Conflictology, claimed that the scenario of forcing Ukraine to peace was discussed by Russian leader Vladimir Putin with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron

“If the idea belongs to Putin, then, I believe, he wanted to convey to Merkel and Macron clear and clearly formulated red lines and the likely consequences of what will happen if Ukraine crosses these lines,” the analyst explained.

However, the rhetoric of European leaders indicates that Berlin and Paris agree to such a scenario if Ukraine chooses to attempt to resolve the issue by force.

Meanwhile, US outlet National Interest outlined the reasons why Ukraine would lose any war against Russia.

Russia has a clear superiority thanks to the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems. Systems deployed in Crimea with a radius of 400 kilometers pose a serious threat to Ukrainian military facilities, and not only in Donbass.

The second point of the article are the Su-35S fighter jets with air-to-ground missiles and guided bombs. Ukraine’s obsolete aviation has no chance against this aircraft.

For confrontation on land, the Russian army has the BMP-3M. Lightweight and maneuverable vehicles that are perfect for military operations in the urban conditions of Donbass.

In a tank battle, the T-90M battle tank can make its contribution. At the same time, the American publication reminds that Russia is the world leader in terms of the number of tanks in service. And although the Ukrainian Armed Forces have at their disposal the T-84 “Oplot”, there are too few of them for a successful confrontation.

In conclusion, the National Interest pointed to the Russian 2S19 Msta-S self-propelled howitzers, capable of firing up to 8 rounds per minute.

Ukraine is likely feeling emboldened, after Ukrainian President Zelensky spoke with US President Joe Biden on the phone, and assistance against “Russian aggression” was promised.

But this does not mean that the Pentagon will send its own troops to help Ukraine, complains Mikhail Zabrodsky, Lieutenant General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“This does not mean that in the event of an open Russian invasion or an attempt to move deeper into Ukraine, tomorrow some US division will appear here and will fight for us,” he said.

The situation on the demarcation line in Eastern Ukraine is also worrisome, as the numbers of the Nazi-infested volunteer battalions are also increasing.

The number of volunteers wishing to defend Donbass has increased in recent days against the background of the aggravation of the situation in the region, said the head of the DPR Denis Pushilin.

He said that, however, there were supportive voices from Russian parliament, and that they pledged support and told them that they are not alone, which lifted people’s morale.

Still, the Security Council of the Russian Federation considers the possibility of clashes between the armed forces of Ukraine and Russia during the escalation of the conflict in Donbass as very likely.

Below are videos shared on social media showing the situation on both sides of the demarcation lines.


Kiev Continues On The War Path, Emboldened By False Promises. (Map Update)

Click to see full-size image

  • On April 4, the UAF attacked areas near Nikolaevka wounding one civilian
  • 594 ceasefire violations, including 453 explosions were reported in Donetsk region, according to the OSCE
  • 427 ceasefire violations, including 58 explosions were reported in Luhansk region, according to the OSCE
  • On April 4, the UAF is concentrating military equipment in the village of Shchastya
  • On April 4, artillery of the DPR forces targeted UAF positions near Pisky
  • On April 4, artillery of the DPR forces targeted UAF positions near Vodyane
  • On April 4, artillery of the DPR forces targeted UAF positions near Avdyivka
  • On April 4, 1 Ukrainian serviceman was killed by a mine blast near Shumy


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The US has rightly concluded that Russia is ripe for defeat based on the prevalence of the strong Jew 5th column. Russia post USSR lost the majority of its best fighters, the Caucasians and Muslim Stan’s, the Slavic Russians are divided and were even defeated squarely by the CIA and Pakistanis in the 80’s Afghanistan,so Bill Burns and Blinken think that they will roll over Russia as Putin has proved a weak appeaser.


US had its chance to Balkanize Russia under that corrupt drunk Yeltsin & with more time may have been successful. There is no chance now as Russia is much stronger than the 90s & early 2000s

Supreme Blyat

Indeed, China needs a stable region to buy not a war thorn one.

Just Me

Chinese also value strong principled allies. Their language against Ameriswine is getting tougher and for the first time FM Yi said China respects Iran as it does not change its position after one phone call. A slight rebuke to EU weakling poodles and Pakistani beggar failed state that China is slowly abandoning.

Supreme Blyat

The dog that barks doesn’t bait.


nah they could not even if they had had a life long period to work with – russia won’t be conquered by europe or the imbecilles in the white house or the ukinazis. just won’t happen – rest assured.


I personally prefer to call the Bandera thugs ‘US backed Christian ISIS’ , rather than Nazi’s.

Concrete Mike

Hogwash, all of it!

Dick Von Dast'Ard

I though Russia had already conquered the U.S. through election interference? Lets look at the facts… A country tearing itself to pieces politically, more debt than it’s taxpayers can ever pay back and about to go through hyperinflation. Looks like Russia won.

peter mcloughlin

Unfortunately they are emboldened by the delusion that the present crisis cannot escalate into full-scale war – two world wars and still nothing has been learned from history. https://www.ghostsofhistory.wordpress.com/


Exactly, Russian policy of appeasement has truly emboldened the deep state Zionists who covet Russian resources to square off against China. Bloomberg Jew media has openly advocated western control over a fraying Russia.

Jihadi Colin

This “restraint” has gone beyond useless and now verges on treason.

Concrete Mike

No it doesnt, dont give nato the war it wants.

Screw nato, if russia can hold on.long enough, NATO will eat itself.

Dont view it as restraint,.view it.more as cockblocking nato warmongers.


Just Me

Uki hohol a$$holes are strutting on Zionist and NATOfaggots delusions.

Assad must stay

I cant wait for the nazi state to fall


Ukraine equipment looks like stuff that just got taken out of the cupboard after decades of storage half-dusted. The Ukraine leadership is a bigger fool for believing any word of the dementia ridden ‘green-screen’ occupant of the white house.

Just Me

There are several thousand NATOFAGGOTS in Ukraine who are planning the war against Russia and arming the Ukis. The double dealing Turkeys are also helping the hohols.

Assad must stay

will be so awesome seeing them get wiped out from all of eternity and existence lol


Little do the Ukie Nazis know that Biden’s support amounts to “thoughts and prayers”. They will be lucky to have his Twitter account profile pic overlayed with the blue and yellow flag.

Just Me

Biden is a senile deep state Jew shill and his drug addict son has taken millions in bribes and scamming the dumbass Ukis, so he will say anything to please his Jew masters. Now people will realize that Trump was far better for the US sh1thole.

Jihadi Colin

I’m interested to see if Zuckerberg introduces a Ukraine flag filter on Fakebook.

Just Me

NATOFAGGOTS see Ukraine as a staging area to attack Russia by proxy. The US sh1thead losers want to use Ukraine as a means of showing how weak Russia is and assert global “leadership “. Russia is facing a real threat as it is perceived as a soft target with CIA funded “opposition ” and Jew parasites sabotaging from the inside.


“Russia will have an extremely justified reason to stop this act of aggression…..rhetoric of European leaders indicates that Berlin and Paris agree to such a scenario if Ukraine chooses to attempt to resolve the issue by force.”

It is more than clear how all this going to end up, with total defeat of Ukraine ( if they choose escalation of the conflict ). Only extreme retards and Putin haters, can’t see something, that is so obvious. I will not say their names, but I am sure that they will recognize themselves….

Concrete Mike

Narcissists will never recognize themselves.


If Ukraine attacks, take Mariupol along with a land corridor all the way to the Crimean causeway. Europe will not send its sons to die for Ukraine. Once Ukraine loses, we will have another color revolution in Kiev. Maybe we can have a poll to guess what color will the CIA will use for that one. My bet is unicorn fusha, to make it inclusive for CNN and BBC.

Jihadi Colin

Bidet will promise support so the Ukranazis attack the Donbass. Russia will intervene, Bidet will use that to force Merkel to drop NordStream II, and then let the Ukranazis sink or swim.

As a friend of mine from America said, anyone who believes a US promise needs a lobotomy.

From my strip:



No worries…Ukraine will not make any moves. Russia warned them….that’s the end of it.


The UKIES will have to make one move and that will be a complete return to barracks rae away from the line of partition, along with equipment.


As you are British this may be of interest : https://bigbrotherwatch.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Access-Denied-Big-Brother-Watch.pdf


Thanks for that. There was a short precis of the report in the Daily Telegraph today.

Essentially, in Orwellian terms, the bought and paid for politicians will gerrymander with the ‘numbers’ in order to get results that their masters and mistresses desire :)

I will not take part in the mass jabbing. Anything I am verboten to do without the correct ‘papers’ would be of no enjoyment anyway :) I am fortunate to have had the best years of the British ‘Empire’. No conscription, no vindictive laws and freedom of movement at home.


Born in 1951 I’ve enjoyed the same freedom & privileges. No jab for me also. “My body is a temple your honour”.




I agree with all that he says.

For over a year we have all been bombarded with ‘Covid numbers that are designed to create fear, and fear is the greatest driver of animal behaviour. Human’s area also animals.

However the latest Astra Zeneca vaccine bloodclot furore has been described by UK Government as an easy to understand ‘ Three in one million chance of dying from a bloodclot caused by the vaccine.


7:27 ‘People want the news to reflect their views’ (rather than educate them). https://youtu.be/Ji7PMwbXIec


That has always been so, BUT those with an independent mind are not zealots who seek to control the minds of the unthinking cattle.


An independent mind is a mind completely freed from the delusions of materialism, idolatry & the worship of mammon.


I agree.

Lone Ranger

Bring it on… Ukropnazis will cry and rage 🤗

Icarus Tanović

You better run with your little fascist gun, because I got a bigger one.


Have they lost the ability to learn ? Sakashvili’s Georgia happened RIGHT NEXT DOOR, followed the exact same pattern of empty promises and outright betrayal and abandonment by the very same organization re-enacting that scenario today, yet they STILL seem hell-bent on rushing to a similar downfall along the same timeline.

Furthermore, territory they once called theirs was already partially taken from them with their foolish attitude back in the Maidan days, and they seem be to be more irreconcilable than ever today with even basic notions of pragmatism.

I wonder if they realize the impossible balance of power lying ahead should they go hot with their forward battalions ? that NATO will never put a toe in Russia’s turf to “save it” should it go alone in confrontation and that its leaders are simply interested in wrestling a desperate and ruined Ukraine totally under its firm control ONLY after Russia responds and annihilates their forces East ? Gosh, amateurism seems the current norm for would-be vassals of the Western empire… or what’s left of it.

If they’re so obsessed with hurting themselves anew, I say let them. And give future generation a chance at being less irrational and ludicrously suicidal in their decision-making, and possibly stop confusing their personal fantasies and ideals with the actual strategic picture of the world around them. Toddler leadership has to stop and crybaby politics as well. For the sake of their people.

Tommy Jensen

US back all its Allies with new military equipment, usury loans, training and advises. We already gave Ukraine green light to any defence of sovereign Ukrainian land for its freedom against aggressive occupation forces. America and its Allies are behind a free Ukraine! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d0f13eb3078f5f034e550b5f0d6f8289f2da2952145ff6a631c0c028bf892186.jpg

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

“Russia has a clear superiority thanks to the S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems. Systems deployed in Crimea with a radius of 400 kilometers pose a serious threat to Ukrainian military facilities, and not only in Donbass.” How, exactly, S-400 pose threat to facilities? It is an AA system. Or, term “facility” is used here in wider sense than usual?

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