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Kiev Attacks Nuclear Power Plant In False Flag Operation Against Russia

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Kiev Attacks Nuclear Power Plant In False Flag Operation Against Russia

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Evidence shows that Kiev attacked Zaporozhye and tried to blame Russian forces.

Written by Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant.

Apparently, Ukrainian forces launched a rocket attack against the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant and tried to blame the Russians for the operation. The attack reportedly took place on the night of August 5, when Uragan rockets were sent against the region, with shrapnel hitting an area just 400 meters from the military station’s operational power unit. The case is just another example of the fears about the possibility of a nuclear accident as a consequence of the conflict.

Since the beginning of the special military operation, Russian troops in Ukraine have acted extremely cautiously in regions where nuclear power plants are located. Obviously, neither side would benefit from a nuclear accident, the consequences of which would directly affect the lives of civilians. However, Kiev’s forces seem to want to cause such an accident in order to try to blame the Russians and generate international pressure against Moscow.

On August 5, explosions were reported at the Zaporozhye nuclear power complex, one of the largest in the entire Europe, raising once again fears of a possible disaster. Moscow and Kiev immediately accused each other of bombing the plant, which was taken over by Russian forces in early March, along with the city of Enerhodar, where the complex is located. Recent evidence, however, points out that the Russian narrative appears to be the correct one.



Local authorities in Zaporozhye witnessed the incident and pointed out that Ukrainian troops were responsible. The missiles would have departed from a region occupied by the Ukrainian Army, considering the direction of the bombing and the affected places. Local administration spokespeople made it clear that Russian forces were not involved in the operation, as the attacks were carried out by the Ukrainian military.

“Last night, the Ukrainian armed forces carried out a strike using a 220 millimeter Uragan rocket launcher (…) The area of the dry storage facility for processed nuclear fuel and the automated control post of the radiation situation appeared to be in the strike zone. Administrative buildings and the adjacent territory of the storage facility were damaged by the cluster munitions. It is important to note that the fallen shrapnel warheads and the rocket engine itself fell no more than 400 meters from the active power unit”, a local administration’s spokesperson said during a recent statement.

The Western media, as expected, has portrayed the case as a kind of “Russian crime”, ignoring the witnesses who actually saw what happened in Zaporozhye. The Russian Embassy in the US made a statement repudiating the way in which the Western media has referred to the topic, considering the attitude of American journalists as Russophobic. It was also requested by Russian diplomacy that international organizations that regulate nuclear energy take a position on the case and condemn the Ukrainian attitude.

“We call on the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] to condemn Kiev’s criminal acts and take urgent measures to prevent provocations at radiation hazardous facilities in Ukraine. As for American journalists – stop bawling russophobic fabrications”, an Embassy’s spokesperson said.

It is curious to note how unsubstantiated Western rhetoric is. No journalist has so far been able to argue the alleged reasons for Moscow to attack Zaporozhye. The region has been under occupation by Russian forces since March, with vast protection for the local population guaranteed by the soldiers involved in the operation. It is a virtually pacified territory that just continues to suffer the consequences of the conflict because the Ukrainian troops insist on bombing the region. Any interest in attacking this place would logically come from forces outside it and not from those already occupying it. But even so the Western media insists that the Russians would be responsible for the attack.

Furthermore, it must be noted that this would not be the first time that Kiev has attacked regions where nuclear power plants are located. Since the beginning of the Russian intervention, the priority of Moscow’s forces has been to occupy these areas in order to avoid collateral damage from bombings. And Kiev has reacted by attacking irresponsibly, launching rockets near the reactors, and raising concerns about possible accidents. In March, Russian intelligence even claimed in a report that Ukrainian forces were deliberately trying to provoke a nuclear disaster to blame the Russians and move international public opinion against Moscow.

What appears to be happening is just another episode of irresponsible and anti-humanitarian conduct on the part of Kiev’s forces. Faced with the obvious military defeat, the Ukrainian government should simply accept the peace conditions rather than trying to worsen the catastrophe.

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Jean de Peyrelongue

As I cannot imagine that Kiev is shooting at the nuclear plant near Zaporozhye without Pentagon’s approval, it means that Washington would like to trigger another Tchernobyl like accident in Europe.

Last edited 7 months ago by Jean de Peyrelongue

And I hope the radioactive wind will blow towards Berlin, after all, the BRD delivered the same bombs used to destroy the plant.


99% of the time wind blows from the east to the west, so… no problem for Moscow…


Biden Zelensky Macron Boris Trudeau all fake liar and actor.

Bal- baleg

It’s an escalatory move by Kiev ordered by its masters just like the explosions that just now have taken place in Crimea near a military airfield.

RF should now fight a real war and stop toying with the enemies by leveling the decision makers in Kiev, neutralising the pawns and bishops will never achieve the stated objectives of denazification & demilitarization unless the head of the comedian’s been chopped off.

azov bunch of emo rejects

This needed to be addressed ASAP at an emergency meeting with the UN.

Zelensky crossed the Red Line, bring your cartoon so they understand.

hunter bidé lab pork !

Un is ocupied f the world and its agendas of lgtbs parazites in climate change !! and a virus in the anus of guttorrres !!!


This action by the nazi-people of Ukraine must be punished. The nazi-fascist Zelensky is treating the World by ordering to attack a nuclear plant. Zelensky must be stopped at all cost.


They hit the reactor room or cooling towers and self imposed punishment will be forthcoming. Certainly is one valid way to denazify ukroptia is give it a half life of a 1000 yrs.

Last edited 7 months ago by BanderiteLivesDontMatter

Biden Zelensky Macron Boris Trudeau all fake liar and actor


Have we taken Kherson yet? How goes the glorious Ukrainian August assault? How much land has been reclaimed thus far?

azov bunch of emo rejects

I thought it was the June counter-offensive?? Well I supposed it will be the september offensive.

We've Taken a Castle!

I find most everything about Ukraine offensive.

We've Taken a Castle!

I think they managed to recapture an abandoned White Castle, lapped up some old grease from the fryer and declared a major victory.

Last edited 7 months ago by We've Taken a Castle!

The Ukies do not regard the inhabitants of the south and east of the Ukraine to be ‘their’ people and evidently those areas are destined to be part of the RF sphere of influence. They (and the US/UK axis of evil) would like nothing better than to see the whole Zaporozhye region turned into a nuclear wasteland simply to spite the inhabitants and the RF. The obvious and absurd allegation that the Russians would attack a nuclear power plant which they themselves occupy will never be challenged in the western press. Sadly the inhabitants of the west now have such poorly functioning critical faculties that most will likely accept the insane accusations at face value.

Southfront resident nigha

There is nothing special about the behavior of bottom feeder xoxols. They are spiteful parazytes. Parazytes only care about immediate surroundings and the resentment is people they have immediate contact with. They hate each other.

Florian Geyer

The UK governments Daily Telegraph propaganda service today stated that Russia shelled the Russian protected and controlled nuclear plant.

The Telegraph also accuses Russia of spreading Soviet era anti-personnel Butterfly Mines on the city of Donetsk where the Russian supporters live and work.

The Daily Telegraph is a complete disgrace to its readers for this absurd UK propaganda.

These mines are outlawed. The originator of the mines was the USA in the 1960’s I think and the Soviets copied the mines that are usually spread from aircraft.

Slava Rossiya.

We've Taken a Castle!

Brits are bonzo bonckers. They had to invade countries and establish an empire centuries ago because no one voluntarily would have anything to do with them.


Why is the Kremlin obsessed with Western public opinion? Maybe the Kremlin needs to start worrying about Russian public opinion. So sick of seeing the Kremlin put Western opinion before Russian lives.


The AFU doesn’t wipe their arseholes without the US knowing about it.


And instead of a strong military response all Russia does is whines to Western globalist organizations. The facts of the matter are the Russian State invaded Ukraine. In response the Ukrainian State is trying to drive the Russians out by any means necessary. The Russians act like this war is some kind of humanitarian operation that has rules when in fact the outcome of this war will determine if Ukraine or Russia will still exist as independent Nation States. If the Russians don’t start taking this WAR seriously it won’t turn out well for the Russians or the civilians that put trust in them (eg. like what happened in Northern Ukraine).


I would ask Putin to construct a massive big wheel giant fan next to the nuclear plant, should they successfully cause it to explode, then activate the fan to blow in the direction of Kiev, Poland, Germany, France, UK. There, problem solved.


This isn’t about a nuclear accident, at best it’s a nuclear incident. There is a difference. At worst it’s an act of nuclear terrorism. It’s the type of act that warrants a missle attack near a nuclear power facility in the UK, Germany or even a missle strike near a nuclear facility near a US military 🪖 in Europe.

It’s not like dirty bombs don’t make superior, area denial weapons. It only takes one. Barrel bomb full of spent fuel rods in Kiev to turn Kiev into a radioactive coffin for 100s of years.

We've Taken a Castle!

Kiev was turned into a radioactive coffin populated by zombie mutants 8 years ago already.

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