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Kiev Assault: The Capital Besieged (Videos)

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Kiev Assault: The Capital Besieged (Videos)

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The Defense Ministry has claimed that the main forces of the airborne troops of the Russian Federation joined the units that had landed in Gostomel o February. Thus, Kiev is now blocked in the West. 

Tank columns of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation broke through to the near approaches to Kiev and reached the airfield.

On February 24th, the Russian landing in the area of the Gostomel airfield near Kiev ensured the suppression of the Ukrainian air defense, isolated the combat area from the air. Russian paratroopers have been holding the airfield for more than a day, repelling attacks of the UAF.

More than 200 Russian helicopters and paratroopers were involved in the operation, added the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The Russian Armed Forces suffered no losses during the seizure of the airfield.

The footage shared online proved that the airfield is under control of Russian forces and heavy cargo aircraft with military equipment and military personnel are now landing there.


The Kiev- Zhytomyr highway is occupied by Russian troops. Clashes were reported near the town of Ivankovo. The UAF blew up a bridge near Vyshgorod, northers suburbs of the Kapital, trying to stop the advance of the Russian troops. However, this was not enough.

According to the Ukrainian media, Russian tanks are also going to Kiev, through the Chernobyl exclusion zone.

The column of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed in the city of Bucha in the north-western Kiev region.

Kiev Assault: The Capital Besieged (Videos)

Click tos ee full-size image

Kiev Assault: The Capital Besieged (Videos)

Click tos ee full-size image

A column of airborne forces were spotted heading towards Kiev from various directions:

Kiev Assault: The Capital Besieged (Videos)

Click tos ee full-size image

Kiev Assault: The Capital Besieged (Videos)

Click tos ee full-size image

Kiev Assault: The Capital Besieged (Videos)

Click tos ee full-size image


Hours before, the UAF began the deployment of heavy equipment in Kiev, on the streets, in residential areas, in the center of the capital.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation claimed that intelligence data showed multiple rocket launchers “Grad” deployed on the Shevchenko Square in the center of the city.

The Russian Defense Ministry appealed to Ukrainian citizens:

“They want to use you as a human shield. The Russian armed forces will not strike any residential areas of the Ukrainian capital”

Kiev Assault: The Capital Besieged (Videos)

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Meanwhile, firearms are distributed to civilians. The military distributes weapons directly from KAMAZ trucks, without asking for any documents. Video from the Obolon region, Kiev.


The first victims were not long to wait. Armed formations of the Ukrainian “national resistance” shot a car with civilians in the Obolonsky district in Kiev.


As Kiev was sieged from the West, Zelensky called for negotiations, claiming the Kiev’s readiness to discuss the neutral status of the country.

Putin is ready to send a Russian delegation to Minsk for talks with the Ukrainian representatives, spokesperson for the Russian President said .

According to him, the Russian delegation will include representatives of the Ministry of Defense, the Foreign Ministry and the Kremlin administration.

“Zelensky declared his readiness to discuss the neutral status of Ukraine. Initially, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the purpose of the operation was to help the LPR and the DPR, including through the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine. And this, in fact, is an integral component of the neutral status,” he explained.

Minsk was chosen as a platform for the negotiations.


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Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Russia shouldn’t negotiate with terrorists.


FFS – where are all these select fire rifles being freely handed out going to end up in just a few years time? Wait and see. Black market. Shipped into EU and used by organized crime. Ukrainian Army – thinking ahead about as much as usual here.

As for issue of an irregular armed civilian militia it will be next to useless. How will they be resupplied with ammunition, how will they communicate, what is their actual strategic plan? It is a public relations ploy for western sympathy and media attention.

Bigg Chungus

Exactly. Where do you think these Javelins and Stingers that America sent by the planeload are going to end up? I have a hunch that the Kurds, Al-Qaeda, and ISIS will all mysteriously purchase these missiles from Ukrainian arms dealers by the summer…


I fully expect that they will try the insurgent approach, as there are a whole lot of nasty weapons floating around there now. They will try for a Syria 2.0. Likely they will try to bog Russia down there. It’s what they always do when they lose. Sort of scorched earth…If we can’t have it…nobody can. I’m just surprised the white helmets have yet to show up.

Vlad the Impaler

It took one day to break Ukronazistan, lol.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

New World Record. Georgia took 5days in 2008.

the end

Americans can now attack Mexico or Canada and make a better record if only in less than 24 hours. Grenada doesn’t count, too much resistance in too little space.


Canada yes. They are also very polite. Mexico would be a harder nut to crack. Even their drug cartels are equipped like Russian or Chinese motorized infantry units. Plus they aren’t afraid to sustain casualties either.


USA LGBT pink beret Forces vs Mexican ultra violent Cartels. Hmmm.

Yamil Perez

Scooby why is the collective west abondaning our genocidal nazi pedophile empire? The cockroaches are closing in into my position! Daddy Joe? Hunter? Bandera’s ghost? Where are you?

Marcelo Rodriguez

Ahora que la UAF está emplazando equipo pesado en Kiev y sus alrededores convirtiendo a los residentes locales en escudos humanos, es conveniente que las fuerzas Rusas utilicen con gran intensidad drones de ataque y municiones merodeadores para poder eliminar con mayor presicion y rapidez a las fuerzas ucranianas que se atrincheran en los apartamentos de los edificios y en los tejados, así como poder eliminar los sistemas de armas pesadas como los Grad. Para ello Rusia cuenta con las municiones merodeadores Zala2 y 3 y otras versiones, así también con los drones de ataque Orión, también se deberían utilizar equipos de francotiradores podrían eliminar los puntos de resistencia más fuertes en las zonas residenciales.

Marcelo Rodriguez

Destruir y eliminar a los nacionalistas y pronazis es prioridad del ejército Ruso, eliminando a la dirigencia y los grupos ultranacionalistas de Ucrania hará que la guerra sea más corta y rápida ya que la mayoría de los ucranianos está en contra de la guerra, solo fueron llevados a esta situación por esta dirigencia corrupta y prooccidental. Otra de las posibilidades de Rusia es extender la toma de territorio de Ucrania anexando el puerto de Odessa que es por dónde llegaría cualquier tipo de ayuda occidental. Otra de las posibilidades es crear una especie de paralelo 38 como en Corea del Norte donde se instalen las fuerzas Rusas con la ayuda de las milicias del Donbass con ello Ucrania quedaría dividida y sin posibilidades de ingresar a la Otan, ya que se instalaría infraestructura Rusa y se podría de esta manera alejar el peligro de que la UAF concentre armas pesadas en la frontera con Rusia dando así una seguridad extra para Rusia ya que no tendría a las fuerzas de la Otan cerca de sus fronteras y lo podría utilizar como medio de negociación para obtener concesiones de parte de Ucrania y la Otan.


DESTROY any estonian weapons shipment as soon as it gets on the tarmac. BOMB any NATO weapons shipment to UKROP nazis.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Ukropistan is cut off. Every airport is either destroyed or controlled by Russia.


Expect to see the first photos and film footage of captured US and lapdog supplied Javelin anti-tank missiles and Stinger MANPADs. (On a side note: I read in a US propaganda mouthpiece magazine for the commercial/military aviation and space industries – Aviation Week & Space Technology – I don’t recall the issue date, that the Sukhoi Su-35 can detect selected fighter aircraft. The data is very interesting. For the F-22: 36 km. F-35: 56 km. F-18E/F, F-16, Typhoon, Su-35: 300-400 km. F-15, Su-27/30, Tornado: 540-600 km. I am sure non-believing Einsteins at the Pentagon and in Brussels are aware of this. Very interesting indeed).

Lazy Gamer

Russian blitz is very effective. The US and Nato must be studying it at this moment. lol Russia took advantage of Soviet armor by marking their units. It also attacked in numerous angles that on the first day, there was really no contact line and attacks went deep and in most regions. The Russians were willing to take casualties by air dropping and amphibious landing their troops on the first morning. Border guards morale were low so there was little resistance. Did the Afghanistan rout influence Russian planning? Contrast it to Nato attacks which lean more on bombardment then moving in days later. Now, i fear for Zelensky’s fate. The Ukrainian mob might do a repeat of Gaddafi if he hasnt escaped already.


They already done such attack before like in Syria some years ago with shitty effect, lot of their tomahawk miss their target and airfield already back online 2 hours after attack which is really bad for them to do sùch attack similiar to what Russian did today


You ought to read all the western complete bullshit as to the ‘Z’ marked on Russian equipment. My first thought was to prevent friendly-fire, as both militaries use basically the same equipment. But in the west, it has to do with everything from their target, to ideological BS and everything in between. In other words, they have the usual 10 excuses and accusations for anything and everything.


I find it depressing that the western media consistently lies about everything and just blames Putin.


Ukraine? There is no such country. Artificialy created by the bolshevik in1918. All land is russian. All people are russian. I support the cleaning of the fashists elements there and hope that all crimes of the Biden crime family in Ukraine will be exposed.

Brother Ma

Not impressed at all ! I cant tell who are the Russians and who are the Ukros. We cant all tell the diff between ukro and russian language you know, AND they both have same uniforms and equip!!

Maybe have some informative captions to all vids and photos. UKro channels are better so -far because at least they say these dead or those tanks are Russian. So we know what is what.

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