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JUNE 2023

Kiev Announces It Will No Longer Attend Minsk Trilateral Contact Group

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Kiev Announces It Will No Longer Attend Minsk Trilateral Contact Group

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On April 5th, Kiev said that it would no longer attend the Minsk group meetings.

The Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) will not go to Minsk for negotiations after the end of the quarantine, Vice Prime Minister and Minister for the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov said on the evening of April 5.

According to him, Minsk is not suitable as a negotiating platform because of the “enemy rhetoric of Belarus” regarding Ukraine.

“We decided that when the quarantine is over and it will be proposed to continue negotiations, as before, in Minsk, we will not go there. I think we will have to look for another country and another city,” he explained.

On the air of the “Freedom of speech” program on ICTV, the Ukrainian minister added that at the moment Belarus is under the influence of Moscow, so Kiev “cannot trust this country.”

The current aggravation of the Donbas conflict is not accidental and it stems from the desperate situation that has developed in the region since 2014, according to Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST), in an article for the Vedomosti newspaper.

Back in 2008, after what transpired between Georgia and Russia, through the mediation of Europe, Tbilisi was imposed a moderate, but Moscow-friendly compromise with the cessation of hostilities and a de facto guarantee of an independent status for Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

There was an attempt to repeat this in the Minsk Agreements, but Kiev refused to follow this approach.

The defeat in the Debaltsevo area in early 2015 forced Kiev to radically reduce their intensity and re-sign the Minsk agreements.

However, these agreements, imposed on Ukraine by force of arms, are unacceptable to Ukraine. If they are implemented, the status of the pro-Russian republics will be legalized and they will guarantee themselves a blocking influence on the policy of Ukraine. Which, by the way, is the goal of the Russian side.

Therefore, the main task of Ukraine and its Western partners is to dismantle the agreements. The goal is to eliminate not only the DPR and LPR, but also any Russian influence in Ukraine, which will open up the opportunity for Kiev to join NATO. Ukraine’s entry into NATO, in turn, is a strategic goal for the United States, since it will enable the deployment of American military groups and weapons (including nuclear) in the immediate vicinity of Moscow.

At the same time, provoking an aggravation of the situation in Donbass, Kiev is trying to act as the “tail wagging the dog”: it wants to force the new US administration to become more closely involved in the conflict. Probably, this factor is generally the main one in the current crisis, since Ukraine is objectively interested in the internationalization of the conflict. It is possible that the Ukrainians will try to play a rather primitive combination – the aggravation of the conflict, and then appeal to the United States for “mediation”, which will allow Kiev to bury the Normandy format of negotiations, which is inconvenient for it.

This whole alignment clearly demonstrates the importance of the military factor in Russian policy. It is Moscow’s readiness and determination to use armed force to protect its interests that are the main lever of influence on Ukraine and the main means of forcing Kiev to peace.


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Ashok Varma

Sadly, the US warmongers and the Jews are now targeting Russia via this corrupt Ukrainian vassal failed state. NATO is pushing into Russian regions of influence and seeking a conflict. Russia faces an existential threat and needs unity and a firm defence.


Russia doesn’t face an existential threat neither from NATO, nor anybody else on this planet. You are just another Russophobe, dressed as savior of Russia when it suits you.

India needs much more toilets, and less people living in total misery and filth. To justify her ambitions of becoming relevant global power in the future…

Just Me

You are not a Russian toad boy but a third worlder infatuated with Russia.


Unlike you (emigrant to EU) I am born here in EUrope.

I don’t spend my time like your bunch spitting on Putin and Russia and than pretend to be on their side.

Mark Paul

waste of time reply


No. I was talking more to the others, than to him. So, that they can see his hypocrisy, double talk.

Jihadi Colin

Ignore this HiaNd, he’s a brainless intellectual pigmy. Not worth your time.

johnny rotten

The failure of Ukraina state is a fact, and it is irreversible, even the Nazi project of the coup of Maidan has failed, playing war drums will not be able to change political and economic facts, the day that will end the financial flows to Ukraine support is always closer and represents one of the fundamental problems of the current crisis, Ukraine is hurt but also his western godparents are not very good.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Apparently Kiev has proclaimed to be at a state of war with Russia, so Russia is now reacting.


It may be just posturing after all… Ukrainian economy is in “state of war” condition, ever since Russia have decided to cut her subsidies (mainly through Russian gas), to the Ukrainian russophobe criminal regime.

Kiev can proclaim anything and everything and nobody will really care, as long as they don’t decide to escalate frozen conflict in Donbass. Situation like this can not last forever. Even IMF can’t borrow more money forever, to totally bankrupt country, that can’t pay any more her debts. Throwing more money in bottomless pit will not resolve the problem. Ukraine is failed state in every meaning of that word.

Rhodium 10

Ukraine as well as Baltic states need the “Russia enemy”..to justify their corrupt and inoperant governments as “the protectors of Sovereignty”….

Just Me

Unfortunately not too many Russians comment here so we get the wanna be comments from third world types. I think Putin is getting very unpopular in Russia and the US can smell blood. Let’s hear from any Russians?


Putin’s aproval rating is still more or less the same as it was about 2 years ago at 67%.


He is anti Putin retard… according to him you have no right to say that since you are not Russian


That seems quite illogical of him to say since that data is public and on the internet in more then 1 language.


well that’s at least what they (few of them) keep repeating to me…that I should be Russian to speak about Russia…while bottom line is that they all hate Putin.

Lone Ranger

Putins approval rating is 63% according to western polls. I wouldn’t worry.

Polopa Weki

Russians are happy and self-sustaining. Unless their homeless, failing infrastructure and unemployment rate were as bad as the US/EU…then expect them to talk…Putin still up there in ratings.


Buddy …. you’re listening to US media, long gone are the day where Russians craved coca-cola, rock and roll and muscle cars. The NYT or Fox News aren’t going to tell you just how unpopular the USA or western style government / economy is in Russia today.


Putins United Russia is currently polling at 54%. Second is the CPRF (communist party) at 13% followed closely by the LDPR Social Democrats) also at 13%.

Alexei Navalny’s Russia of the future party didn’t even make the cut to be listed at less than 5%.

Alexei Navalny’s approval ratings https://www.statista.com/statistics/1201958/attitude-toward-activity-of-alexei-navalny-by-age-russia/

Putin’s approval ratings https://www.statista.com/statistics/896181/putin-approval-rating-russia/

Russians trusted the USA and got fucked over in the 1990’s … they’re not stupid.


I wish Ukraine were smarter than this, they really are in a no-win situation here. Russia would rather start a world war than let Ukraine join NATO. They allow to be used by Washington like the stooges in Brussels

Lone Ranger

Well Ukropisstan joining NATO would be the start of a World War, Ukronazis would stage a “Gleiwitz” incident the next day blaming Russia invoking Article 5. So why should Russia wait for them to deliver the first blow?

Jim Allen

There’s no way in Hell Ukraine is ever going to join NATO. That’s just CIA smooth-talk lies to get Ukraine to do what The City of London wants it to. Which is be cannon fodder for Russia, The Zionist Khazars want the land, but not the people, particularly not the Russians. The objective here is to restore Khazaria to it’s original borders, destroy Russia, Russians, and whatever non-Khazarian’s still within the borders. Unfortunately Putin, being quicker than they thought (again) snatched Crimea away when Crimean’s handed Russia the opportunity, and to secure Russia’s only warm water port, and the military base. That Crimean’s are Russian due to Crimea having been Russian since Katherine the Great, and adamant it was joining the Federation, what else could he do ? Legally, analy so, Putin must be the most law-abiding criminal in world history. (so much for Western allegations) Crimea was Rothschild’s real prize, and it was part of Khazaria, until Khazaria wasn’t. This, and the Kerch Bridge is like a hard slap to Rothschild’s face. I think Putin held out on the Donbass region in the hope Ukraine would smarten up, as most of Ukraine natural resources are in the Donbass. That’s not going to happen. So Ukraine loses it’s raw materials and self-sufficiency. EU wants nothing to do with Ukraine, making it’s chances of joining NATO less than a snowballs chance in Hell. The Globalist’s will not succeed in restoring Khazaria, destroying Russia, or Iran. They had their chance to do that, but their arrogance, and penchant for blunder allowed both Russia, and Iran to become too strong again. Russia generally doesn’t step on the same rake twice, and the Zionist Khazar pretenders are destroying their protection, and don’t appear to have a replacement. They’re too far into their UN Agenda 21/2030 Sustainability Development Guidelines world de-population plans to back out, or even alter course. The Globalist’s are going to kill a lot of people with this agenda, but can’t succeed. They’re arrogant lunatic’s, and may opt to destroy the world, and themselves with it, if they can’t have their way.

Jihadi Colin

At least the Ukranazis have given up the pretence of following the Minsk accords. This frees Putin’s hands, assuming he wants freedom of action at all.

Lone Ranger

Ukropnazis are crying and raging… Whats new. Russia should send them a few truckloads of Tamopx, they are bleeding all over the place…

Lone Ranger

That’s rich coming from an ukropnazi after they worked hand in hand with the cia and Poletards to stage a coup in Belarus. But they failed…

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