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Kiev, Again, Sabotaged Disengagement Of Troops In Eastern Ukraine

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Kiev, Again, Sabotaged Disengagement Of Troops In Eastern Ukraine

Disengagement line in Petrovskoye. Click to see full-size image

On October 9th, Ukraine sabotaged the disengagement of forces in Eastern Ukraine that was supposed to take place in the Petrovskoye and Zolotoye areas.

The DPR representative at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) Ruslan Yakubov said that the Ukrainian side sabotaged the plans.

“Today, October 9, Ukrainian armed formations derailed the plan on the renewal of disengagement of forces in the Petrovskoye area endorsed by the Contact Group. Ukraine has failed to send a notification the OSCE SMM on its readiness to disengage forces and hardware,” he said.

He noted that Kiev had not sent a notification of readiness for disengagement to the OSCE mission.

According to him, on October 9, the withdrawal of forces in the Petrovsky area was to begin, representatives of the republic launched a signal rocket several times, notifying that the DPR was ready to begin the process, but there was no response from the Ukrainian security forces.

“Accordingly, through the fault of the Ukrainian side, the process to eliminate the violations recorded by the OSCE SMM did not begin. Tomorrow a second attempt will be made to resume the challenge,” the representative of the department added.

Ukraine ignored several DPR signals on the readiness to embark on the process, Yakubov said.

Earlier in the day, Deputy Chief Monitor of the OSCE SMM Mark Etherington arrived to Petrovskoye to monitor the renewal of disengagement.

Ukrainian Nationalists protested in Kiev against the disengagement, which on October 7th was also sabotaged, because Ukraine alleged that the DPR and LPR had breached the ceasefire and there was a 7-day period of calm before a disengagement could happen. There is no such period agreed.

The Contact Group endorsed a plan to eliminate violations in Petrovskoye (DPR) and Zolotoye (LPR) on October 1st, the process is to take 30 days and to begin on October 7th.

The head of the press service of the LPR People’s Militia, Yakov Osadchiy, told RIA Novosti that the authorities of the People’s Republic called on international organizations to influence Kiev in order to stop provocations near the power-separation station.

He recalled that the first reports of shelling of the territory of the LPR came around 21:35 local time on October 8th, when the 72nd brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine opened fire from BMP-1 and small arms at the Zolotoe- 5 checkpoint.

“We also do not exclude that the organizers of such a provocation could have been nationalists who arrived the day before in the checkpoint of Zolotoe-4“ the LPR People’s Militia press service said.

The nationalists in question are Azov battalion members, who went there to have a protest and impede the disengagement.

In turn, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine explained the delay was due to three mortar shelling on the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Zolotoye area, which occurred on October 9th around 10.25 local time.

The situation on the demarcation line was commented on by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov.

“Let’s wait, whether or not the disengagement of forces will happen today. The presidents and not just the president of Russia will personally decide on the Normandy Format meeting,” the head of the press service said.

On October 10th, both the DPR and LPR have shot their signal rockets showing that they are prepared for the disengagement to begin, with nothing yet from the Ukrainian side.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the “veterans” from the Nazi-infested volunteer battalions need to be talked to and asked to peacefully leave so the disengagement could happen.

“Even a fool can do it by force. You see, this is the wrong approach. You need to talk with the veterans, explain your position, explain the president’s position, explain your public position, a position just like a person,” Zelensky said during a press conference.

At the same time, he said that he considered the presence of armed ‘vetersans’ [in fact members of illegal armed  groups] in Zolotoye wrong.

“Let’s be honest, if there are veterans there, I respect them, but if they arrived armed, then this is wrong,” he added.

Essentially, it showed that the Ukrainian government has no political willpower to carry out its part of the agreements it put its signature on.


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AM Hants

The Nazi ‘Azov’ Battalion, was set up by the Head of the European Jewish Community, Igor Kolomoisky, who also happens to be one of Zelensky’s mentors. Will Zelensky got against his mentor, with regards not supporting the Nazi ‘Azov’ Battalion?

Not long before Russia cuts out the gas as the clock carries on ticking.

AM Hants

Off topic, but, a story to watch.

Netherlands Has Started Talks With Ukraine Regarding Investigation of Kiev’s Role in MH17 Crash… https://sputniknews.com/europe/201910101077008580-netherlands-has-started-talks-with-ukraine-regarding-investigation-of-kievs-role-in-mh17-crash/


Over the course of the past 5+ years Vladimir Putin’s brainchild, Sputnik News, has fed you countless narratives regarding a Ukrainian Su-25 downing MH-17. You ingested that nonsense whole and regurgitated it all over the internet.

Now, five years on, Sputnik has dropped that narrative altogether and, finally, is openly discussing what the rest of the world has been talking about over that same course of time. There never was a Ukrainian fighter anywhere near the vicinity of the ill-fated airliner. In short; The five D’s you’ve been religiously practicing has been effective only among a small, highly gullible, few

When will you learn?

AM Hants

Sputnik News? How often do I reference Sputnik?

Why did Kolomoisky, apologise for taking down the wrong aircraft on 17 July 2014? Kolomoisky, the Head of the European Jewish Community in Ukraine, who was the founder of the Azov, Nazi Battalion. Didn’t he give a job to Boy Biden and Step-Boy Kerry aka Heinz? Well he was the owner of Privat Group and they did take over Burisma, who strangely has close relations to the NATO Think Tank, Atlantic Council and so many of the Dems, over in the US. Plus, he was the oligarch in control of Ukrain aviation, was he not, at the time? Why was their no forensic analysis on the shrapnel fragments in the entry and exit holes? Which would have provided substantiated evidence, with regards whether an ‘air to air’ missile, ‘ground to air’ missile or comvination of both took the MH17 down. Why was their no public autopsy on the pilot and co-pilots of the MH17? Why did the air traffic control officer, responsible for the MH17 go on holiday, the following day and never to return? Why did nobody interview her, before she set off on her travels? Why did Australia, Denmark and Ukraine decide to keep everything related to the case classified and excluded non-NATO and non-5 eyes member Malaysia, which owned the aircraft? Why did Ukraine and NATO demand the black boxes from the Malaysian official? Why did the Ukraine military jet, return to base, with air to air missiles missing? Why did the pilot of the Ukraine military jet state that he took the wrong plane down? Why did the DSB and JIT ignore the evidence that was presented in a court of law, from the manufacturers of the BUK system, provided to the Soviet Union, Ukraine and Russia? They did the DSB and JIT, use a Lewis Carrol script, in order to blame Russia, before the aircraft even crashed?

“Let the jury consider their verdict,” the King said, for about the twentieth time that day. “No, no!” said the Queen. “Sentence first–verdict afterward.” “Stuff and nonsense!” said Alice loudly. “The idea of having the sentence first!” “Hold your tongue!” said the Queen, turning purple. “I won’t!” said Alice. “Off with her head!” the Queen shouted at the top of her voice. Nobody moved. “Who cares for you?” said Alice. (She had grown to her full size by this time.) “You’re nothing but a pack of cards!”

Alice In Wonderland – Lewis Carrol.


I doubt you read Sputnik for 5+ years (i certainly don’t), you just repeat some copy/paste russophobic garbage from Breitbart, Huff, Vice, WaPost, NYT or some other brainwashing crap you worship so much like a good little slave, always obsessed with Sputnik/RT and their ‘malign magical russian influence!’ ….just try to use you own logic and brain (I doubt you have one tho). Cui bono is always the best first question, there is no reason for pro-russian forces to shot down a civilian airliner, except if they believed it was an ukrainian combat plane (used in the same area a few days, and weeks before the incident) . So ukrainian air traffic control deliberately, intentionally sent a foreign civilian airliner in combat zone perfectly knowing that it will be targeted by hostile AD (possibly with Su25 hiding behind to simulate two “attacking aircrafts”); or they just shot it down themselves to blame the rebels (they even have their own Buk’s, slightly different version). 100% Ukraine is culpable in both cases. Ukrainian fault and their fault only (while their US masters orchestrated this hysterical campaign, repeating the same propaganda pattern as Reagan in 1983). “The rest of the world” = StateDept, NATO, CNN and all other MSM who feed you braindead zombies with endless russophobic crap, and you swallow and swallow all their shite, and then obediently repeat their moronic mantras. You’ll never learn. Lost cause.

p.s. Su- 25 is not a “fighter” you clueless imbecile…

AM Hants

Well said.

Bruno Giordano

You’d better get your facts straight.

To begin with your “p.s.”: if you want to be picky, an SU-25 is indeed officially not a fighter jet, but a ground attack weapon. The Russian MoD however, in their press conference of July 21st, 2014, presented it as a fighter jet as they suggested that such a jet (for some reason they explicitly mentioned an SU-25) might have played a role in the MH17 downing. That was based on some radar blips near the airliner that were later identified as falling debris..

“Cui bono”. There isn’t a “bono” for anybody in this case. It suggests an intention. Nobody had the intention to down a civilian airliner. On July 14th 2014, a Ukrainian military AN-26 transport plane had been downed. On July 17th the “rebels” claimed that they had downed another one. News reports for this are still on line. When they found the wreckage, that appeared to be an airliner.. MH17. Then immediately bragging turned into denying. and finger pointing.

“… ukrainian air traffic control deliberately, intentionally sent a foreign civilian airliner in combat zone …”. That is a myth. If you compare Malaysia Airlines’ flight plan for that day with the actual route, or rather the fatal end of that, you’ll see that the airliner followed its planned route. When the recorders stopped, the plane was just 6.7 kilometers (4 miles) from the center line of the planned airway. It had just made a minor deviation. That (planned route vs actual route) is already a strong indication that the airliner was not “sent” to where it was flying. Also, there is not a single word in the ATC communication until the fatal moment that the plane was “deliberately sent”. Also it is well known that a Singapore Airlines plane was 30 kilometers (~20 miles, or two minutes) behind MH17, approaching that same point where MH17 disappeared. And from the East an Air India plane approached that very same point. Sent there by Russian ATC?

From Russian radar that was released in Fall 2016 it is known that there were no fighter jets (or whatever you want to call them) near MH17. Forget your conspiracy theories, like “hiding behind” a.s.o…They are debunked from all sides. It took a long time, but now also Russia admits that MH17 was downed by a BUK https://sputniknews.com/world/201909271076907098-jit-trying-to-match-mh17-crash-probe-with-answer-prepared-beforehand—source/?utm_source=https://t.co/oHDN5IqwRU&utm_medium=short_url&utm_content=9SRA&utm_campaign=URL_shortening Obviously they still try to blame Ukraine, because they, or their friends, never make mistakes …


Let’s see your “facts” (bunch of worthless logical fallacies to be honest) “an SU-25 is indeed officially not a fighter jet,” it’s not a fighter jet at all, officially or not. No sane person claims it is. “presented it as a fighter jet as they suggested that such a jet…” no they didn’t, it is you who wrongly conclude that a ground attack/close air support aircraft cannot attack an airliner, one way or another (for example, I’m not saying this particular case, it can use its powerful cannons). You can shot down an airliner with an assault helicopter, it doesn’t mean it’s a fighter jet. “for some reason they explicitly mentioned an SU-25” If russian MoD lied, why didn’t they say ukrainian mig-29 or something? Any other jet but Su25? I explained why, very likely a Su25 followed MH17 to simulate there were two planes (they usually fly/attack in pairs). Again, as I already said, I doubt they used SU25 to shot down MH17 tho; I don’t know, and I don’t care, why Russians presented that scenario (if they did, you and your IDF buddy here closely follow Sputnik).

“If you compare Malaysia Airlines’ flight plan for that day with the actual route, or rather the fatal end of that, you’ll see that the airliner followed its planned route.” So you are seriously suggesting that Ukrainain AC just completely ignored a civilian airliner flying directly into a combat zone, without even warning them? It is literally impossible that MH17 had no contact with Uk.AC. Who is responsible for flight paths anyway? Who is responsible to change, adjust them for various reason (f.e. other airplanes, storms, WAR). So, it was their obligation to actually change not just that particular flight path, but to divert ALL civilian air traffic from that area. Downed AN-26 is just another proof how dangerous that entire area was. If you know something is dangerous, and you send someone there, or let someone goes there saying anything, you are perfectly innocent? Really? Sending children to lions den, then blaming lions for eating them. It’s even worse: it was their job and sole responsibility to ensure safety of all civilian air traffic in Ukraine. Absolutely their fault, no matter what pathetic excuses you are trying to find.

Radar images? Russian radar images showed the missile could not have come from rebel-held areas. So you trust them now? Did Ukraine released their own radar images? “They are debunked from all sides.” Bullshit. ‘debunked’ only by BellignCrap, garbage propagandists from UK sickly obsessed with Russia, specialized in publishing antirussian lies (they recently ‘discovered’ that SF is a russian military operation owned by some greek dude, but their lies are already debunked lol they’re so full of shit). They’re probably funded by MI6, some shitty imitation of Wikileaks. Yes, this is a con. theory. But fook them anyway.

“”Cui bono”. There isn’t a “bono” for anybody in this case. It suggests an intention. ” Are you serious? Of course it is. Yes, I do suggest an intention, and nothing else. How can you just fail to notice a war conflict in your own country?! I cannot believe that ukrainian air traffic control was completely unaware how dangerous that areas was/still is. But even if they were so unbelievably unprofessional/completely retarded/ it’s again their fault. No. They did it on purpose (or deliberately did not do their job). It was a huge propaganda ‘victory’ for Ukraine (and its western masters). A perfect excuse for hysterical western media to pressure their governments to do something against ‘evil ruskie aggression’ (and they did, sanctions for example). They probably hoped for more, weapons etc. It was absolutely in Kiev’s favor, especially because the western media and governments never actually questioned ukrainian responsibility. “the evil empire did it! Agian!” Mh17 tragedy is still used as some ‘ultimate argument’ against not just DPR, but against Russia itself, even by internet antirussian crusaders like you two. Maidanazi putschists have a long history of false attacks ‘against them’, from fake kidnapping, to fake police snipers… and so do their american masters, from the USS Maine to the Gulf of Tonkin, iraqi WMD etc… all ‘conspiracy theories’ I guess…

“because they, or their friends, never make mistakes …” Oh, so it was a MISTAKE? That’s exactly what I said, one of two possible scenarios (the other one is Ukrainians just shot it down themselves, quite possible and absolutely NOT debunked). If the rebels did it, they did it by mistake, believing that they shot at an enemy combat plane (something logical to assume when you are indeed attacked and bombed every day, right). Is defending yourself wrong, forbidden? They didn’t know it was a civilian plane. But Ukrainians perfectly knew that area was dangerous, with active hostile SAMs. And they did nothing to stop civilian airplanes going there, or they even intentionally sent it there. Yet, no one in the west blames Ukraine, not even partially. It’s all russian fault. After all “BuK is made in Russia” argument (made in USSR but who cares).

Bruno Giordano

90% of the articles on the web speak of a fighter jet, rude person. But of course these writers are all insane. From your judgement. Did I cite a three years old Sputnik article. Not aware of that. You probably mean he Russian MoD? That was five years ago. Well, they lied anyway. Flight path? No flight plan. The air line is responsible for the flightplan, rude person. That is what the pilots get from their planners before departure. ATC’s can decide to reroute a plane for various reasons. They didn’t in this case. Were they aware of the dangers for civilian air traffic? Probably not. Airspace below 32,000 ft was closed. Everybody assumed that was sufficient. That was indeed so until your friends received a more powerful toy. That was the night before. And nobody who knew warned for the new risks. Who knew? Your friends. Ah… I see you you’re so full of hatred for Ukraine and the West that you simply ignore Russia’s role. Why did they still allow civilian air trafficgoing into that war zone? Why did they – their ATC – not reroute flights? Remember flight AI113, rude person? If it hadn’t been so clouded, they probably could have seen the dramatic scene on the ground below them. “Russian radar images showed the missile could not have come from rebel-held areas.” No, that is not what the radar images showed. The Russians just claimed that they did not see a missile coming from “rebel-held area”. They simply ignore all factors that could cause it to be missed by the radar and then “conclude” that the missile (note “the”, they were already convinced about that) must have come from government controlled area – though a missile from that direction wasn’t detected by the radar either.


Dumb person, read your boyfriend’s @אהרון comment ‘Sputnik countless narratives regarding a Ukrainian Su-25 blah, blah’, you are defending his idiocy. I never said that Su-25 downed MH-17 so why the fck you waste my time with your nonsense? “90% of the articles on the web speak of a fighter jet” dumb person, you just pulled that statistics directly from your butt (or @אהרון butt), total rubbish and nothing else.

“Flight path?”

Airway or flight path Main article: Flight path Airway routing occurs along pre-defined pathways called flight paths. Airways can be thought of as three-dimensional highways for aircraft. In most land areas of the world, aircraft are required to fly airways between the departure and destination airports[citation needed]. The rules governing airway routing cover altitude, airspeed, and requirements for entering and leaving the airway (see SIDs and STARs). Most airways are eight nautical miles (14 kilometers) wide, and the airway flight levels keep aircraft separated by at least 1000 vertical feet from aircraft on the flight level above and below.

“The air line is responsible for the flightplan”

Flight plans are documents filed by a pilot or flight dispatcher with the local Civil Aviation Authority (e.g. the FAA in the United States) prior to departure which indicate the plane’s planned route or flight path.

Learn something, no need to thank me. I throw pearls before swine tho…

“ATC’s can decide to reroute a plane for various reasons. They didn’t in this case. Were they aware of the dangers for civilian air traffic? Probably not.” HAHAHA They were not aware of war? Sorry, you are not just dumb, you are completely retarded. Oh sorry again, that was rude. But true. How can Russia close air traffic over Donetsk, you complete imbecile? Ukrainian ATC is the only one who can/must decide if their airspace is safe or not.

Air traffic control (ATC) is a service provided by ground-based air traffic controllers who direct aircraft on the ground and through controlled airspace

“they probably could have seen the dramatic scene on the ground below them.” or they could have seen the aliens :D …moot point. Worthless like everything you say. “Everybody assumed that was sufficient.” more pathetic lies, An-26 was shot down by a surface-to-air missile while flying at 6,500 metres (way over 20.000ft), the Ukrainian defence minister claimed that the altitude is far from the reach of a shoulder-launched missile. “Everybody” except their defence minister apparently. “They simply ignore all factors that could make it to be missed by the radar” what factors? More dumb excuses. You simply ignore all logic and keep repeating worthless garbage…

“Ah… I see you you’re so full of hatred for Ukraine and the West” Ah… I see you are so full of shit. I don’t hate Ukraine, i pity that ruined and occupied country, destroyed by maidanazi terrorists (your boyfriends) and their masters from NATO (and your masters). Owned by criminals and tycoons like Kolomoisky, neonazi bandits from AzowSS, clowns and Joe Bieden’s son…. I certainly don’t hate the west, I live in the west, unlike you dumb ukro, romanian cretin or whatever you are. But I do hate NATO, it’s a criminal organization, who can love them? Slaves like you, I guess. Just look at your avatar – how sick it is – then talk about ‘hate’. Are you perversely obsessed with tragedy, or just probably paid to repeat the same crap all over Disqus; your bullshit is exposed and utterly destroyed.

All your nonsense and you are not even able to answer a simple question (do you blame the storm?). Well, that is the best answer.

Bruno Giordano

Learning decency was apparently not part of your education. But well, I’m glad I found someone who finds the fighter jets narratives irt MH17 nonsense. Pfooo… finally. Even better, herds of conspiracy nuts claim that MH17 was intentionally diverted from its planned path to send it into the war zone, but you claim it was – be it with bad intentions – not diverted, so, as planned, it would fly over that war zone. “What a dumb plan these Malaysians filed, but let them go, hopefully their plane gets hit”, is that the reasoning, Mr Rude? Back to flight IA113. Did I say that Russia should “close air traffic over Donetsk”? No, I did not. I asked why they [the Russians] still allowed civilian air traffic going into that war zone. Why didn’t they – Russian ATC – send that flight (and it just an example) further south, or north, before it would cross the border?

An An-26 was shot down by a surface-to-air missile while flying at 6,500 metres, the Ukrainian defence minister claimed that the altitude is far from the reach of a shoulder-launched missile. Yes, he claimed that, but it is still far below 10 kilometers. More importantly, is there any evidence that a BUK was used in this case?

Another thing that you apparently missed in your education, Mr Rude, is that when you cite, you normally mention the sources. You literally cited from a.o. Wikipedia and (probably) Flightliteracy.

Ralph London

And the AMERICAN PNAC and the original AMERICAN neocon jew wolfowitz – calling for Russia to be kept in its place and using ukraine against it, like the YANK Maidan ‘color revolution’ – are ALSO Putin’s brainchild, right, you SHIT for brains totally fucked up moron?

Toronto Tonto

JUST get the Russian terrorists out of Ukraine that putin sent then alls good .

AM Hants

Don’t you mean NATO?

Remember, the OSCE and also the Ukraine’s alleged top General, Viktor Muzhenko’, both stated that there were no official Russian Forces in Ukraine. Why are NATO forces in Ukraine, when Ukraine is a non-NATO nation?

cechas vodobenikov

When the USA funded nazis r removed peace will ensue—the USA driven lies about everything from MH 17—debunked by the Malaysian president, the US created 2014 coup and the pretense that they have a democracy…demonstrates the collective stupidity of the murikan “mind”

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